Why are you looking to make money online?

  • Were you impacted by COVID-19?
  • Bored in your career and looking for something new?
  • Unsettled by the uncertainty of this world and looking for multiple streams of income?

Whatever you’re reasoning, COVID-19 has presented incredible opportunities for people to make money online in Europe.

How Can Europeans Start Making Money Online?

Between 2007 and 2018, 48 of Europe’s cities generated 43% of Europe’s GDP, 35% of its job growth, and 40% of its population growth. These cities are home to 20% of Europe’s population. This geocentric trend was put to a sharp halt by COVID-19. Suddenly, being in a city was more dangerous than being in smaller villages. 

And working remotely allowed for alternative opportunities.

In the COVID-19 era and a post pandemic world, the European job market will face continued remote working to revitalize shrinking labor markets. These are smaller villages and Eastern European countries. But beyond this geocentric tendency creating shrinking labor markets in outlying areas, there’s also an increase in automation and artificial intelligence (AI), which is putting humans out of skills. Thus, those in the job market will need to shift into applicable skill sets to compete with computers.

So we’ve compiled a list of the 9 best ways to make money online in Europe. You can start building these skills today and work them as a side hustle or make a career shift. 

business people moving in the virtual space as they make money online

1. Copywriting

Dan Lok began his first truly successful career with a copywriting business, so we’re big proponents of copywriting as a career choice or side hustle.

What is copywriting? Basically, it’s a closing in writing. Copywriters specialize in writing in a way that sells a product or service. They’re masters at speaking to a specific audience, hitting their pain points, and selling a solution in an irresistible way. They write ads, articles, landing pages, emails, video scripts, website copy, and more.

The future of copywriting is definitely bright. As media consumption has doubled in 2020, companies need to take advantage of people’s screentime. They should be running ads, putting out content, launching courses, and crafting special offers. Copywriters help make all that happen.

So the demand for copywriters will only increase. And AI will not replace a human writer anytime soon.

Since their services usually directly generate revenue for a business, they can charge enough to make a 6 figure income. Which, of course, makes it a fantastic way to earn money online.

What do you need to get started? We recommend a good copywriting training and a laptop.

2. High Ticket Closing

Copywriting is closing en masse. Every email, article, and ad is put in front of hundreds or thousands of people. But is there a one-on-one option? That’s a High Ticket Closer.

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Don’t mistake High Ticket Closers for salesmen. When you picture a salesperson, what do you imagine? Someone selling snake oils and spreading lies? That’s the opposite of a closer.

Closers work with a company to sell their high ticket product and take a percentage of the selling price. Or they sell their own product or service. They find qualified prospects all over the world and make sure their offering is a solution to the prospect’s problem.

Since they seek to genuinely and ethically provide a solution to the prospect’s problem, they aren’t slimy. They are trustworthy and helpful.

This is a valuable skill to have in any business as it’s the key to generating revenue. So even if you decide to pursue another business model, we recommend a High Ticket Closer training. The students in this program are making money doing this right now.

3. Technology Support Services

Can you think of a business that has moved online or improved their online presence because of COVID-19? Odds are, a number of local businesses have moved online. And that’s not going to change in the future.

A Topline survey revealed that 22% of business owners plan to keep remote operations in place even as businesses open back up.

But do all these businesses know how to make the most of their technology? Do these business owners know the ins and outs of the technology they’re being forced into?

Probably not. Because 31% of small and medium business owners said they probably would never have implemented the technology they had to during COVID-19.

What does this number mean? It means that ⅓ of business owners are technology averse. Unless pressed, they wouldn’t have turned to technology. So they most likely don’t want to learn about it and aren’t fully capitalizing on it.

Offering tech support services would be invaluable to these companies. If they are going to implement technology, they should do it right and make the most of it. You could do that for them.

The future of this business is bright because automation will never replace a human teaching another human how to navigate technology.

That’s why this is one of the best ways to earn money online in the COVID-19 era and the years to come.

So how can you start? Brush up on recent technology trends and how to implement them in businesses. Find some businesses you can work with to implement your ideas and use them as case studies to find other clients.

4. Web Design

Will computers be able to design websites in place of humans? Not anytime soon. While some pieces of this can be automated, humans offer unique design that computers cannot.

In this era of businesses moving online, they need real, functioning websites. They need more than an “under construction” page that’s been there since 2006. 

Thus, web design is quickly going to become one of the best ways to earn money online for Europeans.

How can you get started? You can learn how to use a website builder, like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. Once you become an expert in these platforms, you can advertise yourself as so. 

Want to go the extra mile? You can actually learn to write HTML code. Although this is unnecessary for many websites (website builders do fine), it is required for more complex sites. Having a working knowledge of code is also a great tool when using a website builder.

hand using digital marketing tools to make money online in europe

5. Digital Marketing

Have you noticed a trend yet? Businesses are moving online and bolstering their presence.

As consumers also spend more time online, businesses need to capitalize on that. Which means they need digital marketers.

This is a skillset that Europeans will need in the new job market. The creation, creativity, and strategizing behind digital marketing cannot be automated – and it’s a job that can be done remotely with ease. 

So what is digital marketing? It includes content creation, social media management, ad management, and more. 

We recommend choosing a route that drives revenue. While content creation and social media are necessary for a business, they don’t directly generate revenue. If you can show what your service is providing to the business in cash flow, they’ll be willing to pay more. 

So we recommend ad management as a place to start.

How do you begin? Get certified in a popular ad host. The Google Ads Certification and Microsoft Advertising Certification are bother free. The Facebook Blueprint certification does have an associated cost, but the courses are free.

6. Consulting

Do you have something you are an expert in? Start consulting for local businesses.

This could include management practices, marketing, finances, and more. It’s an industry that cannot be automated, as a machine cannot replace human intuition.

And businesses need that. More than ever now.

Managers can no longer use traditional motivation tactics. Do you have a key insight into how to motivate remote employees? Implement best practices in an online workspace? You can turn that into a consulting business.

If you’re working a traditional job and offering consulting services in the same field, make sure to check your contract for any Do Not Compete clause. You don’t want to violate any contracts.

So how do you get started? Determine what you’re an expert in and what you’d like to teach business owners. Compile the list and reach out to some local businesses to see if they’d be willing to implement your ideas. Use these as case studies to find real clients.

7. Telemedicine

While telehealth was around before COVID-19, the pandemic drastically increased European’s awareness of this option. In France, telehealth appointments hit 1,000,000 in April, versus 60,000 from the year before.

Now, medical providers are planning a future with telemedicine.

That’s why the telemedicine field is one of the best ways to make money online in Europe.

And now you might be thinking, “I’m not a doctor or nurse. How is this field for me?”

There are other ways to be involved in telehealth. There’s a lot of technology support behind the scenes, as well as insurance coding. 

Additionally, while it’s not a new industry, it’s now a booming industry. Which means there’s room for improvement. It might be something you evaluate and figure out how you can get involved. A way to help the industry. You could work as a consultant to optimize telehealth companies.

So how do you get started? Look into telehealth options in your area and determine how the system could be better. Devise solutions. Learn insurance coding. Then, get started.

a woman online tutoring a young boy

8. Online Tutoring

Are schools meeting in-person near you? Even if classrooms are open, the environment has been impacted. Across the world, classrooms look different – sometimes empty.

As parents return to work, they cannot homeschool their kids. But they may feel like they aren’t getting the education they need from the education system.

That’s where you come in.

You can work as an online tutor – for people in your area and across the world. This is especially true if you can offer tutoring services in a second language.

Depending on what you’re trying to teach, it might be best to have a college degree or teaching certificate. 

Is there a future for this industry? 

Fluctuations in household income might hurt the industry slightly this year, but the industry is expected to grow over 15% by the year 2025. Additionally, tutors are not going to be replaced by computers in the coming years. This is a soft skill that’s needed.

9. Online Business Coaching

Did you know that in 2018, almost half of small businesses said they did not have an online presence? But 2020 changed that completely.

Those businesses need help functioning online. They need a coach to come alongside them and offer advice on best practices for an online workspace, motivating employees, maximizing productivity, and utilizing the benefits of being online to the fullest.

As aforementioned, businesses plan to remain remote in coming years, so there is a demand for business coaches. Especially coaches who specialize in optimizing online businesses.

So how can you get started? Investigate trends and learn what maximizes a business online. Put together a curriculum and find businesses willing to implement it. Use these businesses as case studies to secure clients.

10. Voice Over Work

Have you considered voice over work? People all around the world love to listen to audiobooks, infomercials, and more when they are read by people with different accents. European accents are categorically lovely – and people want to hear you talk.

This may just be a way to make extra money on your time, but it could be the start of a whole new career.

To get started, you can check out job boards looking for voice actors.

woman holding the world in her hand

What Do You Need To Know About Making Money Online By Working Globally?

You are most likely going to end up working with a business in a different country, and why wouldn’t you? All these business options allow for international work and a ton of growth.

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So are there different considerations? Absolutely. But you can make it work for you – and make it work well!

(If you’re in a European Union country and working only with other EU countries, these are still important.)

Currency Conversion

When making money online, you’ll most likely be working with online money transfers. If your currency is Euros and the other countries you’re working with also use Euros, this might not be an immediate issue.

But what happens if you want to work with an Australian, American, Canadian, or Korean country? Or any other country that doesn’t use Euros?

You absolutely can do this. We just recommend a few things.

  1. Establish in your contract what currency you are going to be paid in.
  2. Establish who is responsible for conversion fees. 

If you are responsible for conversion fees, you might need to adjust your rates. We also recommend using an online payment service. It’s convenient, trusted, and can convert the currencies for you.

So what’s out there?

PayPal is a common option for many small businesses and freelancers. It’s a well-known name and trusted payment method. It’ll automatically convert currencies for you at the most recent exchange rate. It will charge a fee for the amount exchanged, but that is industry standard.

You might also use Stripe – another popular payment method for freelancers and small businesses. It integrates with many invoice services, so payment is a breeze. It will exchange currencies for a fee, too.

If you find yourself working with a lot of businesses in one other specific country, it might be worth opening a bank account in that currency. There will most likely still be a conversion fee when you withdraw cash, but you can choose the process for exchanging currencies.

Ultimately, remember this in your negotiations with people in other countries. Factor this into your pricing, but remember to know what you’re charging in their currency. And most importantly, who is paying the exchange rate?

lips with various letters coming out of it


Even if you are working with other EU countries to make money online, you’re going to, of course, encounter countries that speak a language that is different from your own.

When writing out your initial contract, make sure to specify which language you will be working in. And if you’re communicating in a language other than their first language, make sure to use clear language in your negotiations and contracts. Don’t be condescending, but be clear.

Be sure you also use the spelling of words that matches that of the country the audience is in. It makes it easier on editors and business owners if you cut that aspect of the job out for them.

What else can you do with languages? Are you fluent in multiple languages? 

You can use this to your advantage and offer translation services. Or you can offer your services in multiple languages.

Time Zone

Making money online internationally comes with working across time zones. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing – you can make it work to your advantage. 

Teams that work across multiple time zones can get a ton done because there’s someone working 24/7. You might need to wait for a response sometimes, but there’s someone working at all times to further the business.

Just make sure that you know what time zone everyone else is working in. You also need to let them know your time zone, so when you schedule meetings, you’re not getting on Zoom at 2 am. You’re not necessarily at your best in the wee hours of the morning.

You can also work time zones in your favor. If you’re working a normal 9 to 5 job, it could be smart to work exclusively with people outside of your time zone. You could schedule meetings before or after you get off work – depending on which time zone they are in.

Sure, you might need to get up early or stay up late, but working across time zones comes with plenty of opportunities. Just be clear about what time it is for you.

Cultural Differences

What is the most important thing to recognize when working with people from other countries? Cultural differences. Even neighboring countries can have major cultural differences. 

Not only does this impact the work you do, it affects how you communicate with your clients.

Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions is a good guide on how cultures compare and differ from one another.

Whether you completely identify with your country’s culture or not, it does impact how you communicate with others. So it’s important to explore your culture and recognize how it might impact your interactions with others. For example, in some cultures, not making eye contact is disrespectful. But in others, making eye contact is considered aggressive and rude.

Hofstede’s cultural dimensions are:

  • Power distance
    • How does this culture interact with its hierarchy and distribution of power?
    • A high score shows a culture that accepts their hierarchy. The people in the culture “know their place” and recognize the unequal distribution of power, but are okay with it.
  • Individualism vs collectivism
    • How does a culture view their own needs versus the collective needs of their culture and family?
    • A high score shows a culture with a heavier emphasis on an individualistic approach. They feel responsible for themselves. But a low score shows a culture with a more collectivist attitude that does assume responsibility for others.
  • Masculinity vs femininity
    • How does a culture interact with traditional gender roles? 
    • A high score shows a culture that is more masculine with differentiated gender roles. A culture with a low score would be more feminine and relationship-oriented. 
  • Uncertainty avoidance
    • How does a culture handle anxiety?
    • A high score shows a culture with a risk-averse population. Whereas a low score belongs to cultures with more risk-takers.
  • Long term orientation vs short term orientation
    • How does a culture handle the future?
    • A high score shows a culture with a long-term oriented attitude. People are more pragmatic. But a short term oriented culture places an emphasis on morals and convictions. Usually, they are religious. 
  • Indulgence vs restraint
    • How does a culture interpret gratification?
    • A high score shows a culture where people are focused on personal gratification, emotions, and drive. A culture with a low score shows a more restrained culture with stricter cultural norms and regulated behavior.

You might not resonate with your culture completely, but it has impacted you to some degree. So it’s important to recognize your culture – and the culture of your clients. 

For instance, let’s look at the United Kingdom and France. France is, in comparison to the UK, is a very risk-averse culture. So a Brit might jump into a conversation with an attitude about taking a chance as an entrepreneur, but the Frenchman could be turned off by that. They would prefer more stability and predictability. So instead, they should be offered guarantees and assurances.

For instance, social media ads have a pretty stable Return On Investment (ROI) for many businesses – and many marketers who use social media marketing feel some level of confidence in guaranteeing a certain ROI. But new forms of marketing (like the viral and sometimes controversial app TikTok) has proven to make a mockery of some brands, but worked really well for others. For instance, the American fast-food chain, Arbys, recently engaged in a viral stunt with a creator on the app and launched a new meal around the stunt.

A Brit might encourage a company to engage in this new form of marketing. Take a chance on something new and big – but with no guarantee of ROI. But if they are dealing with someone from a risk-averse culture, they might be better off with a tactic that has a more guaranteed ROI, like social media ads.

Not everyone is going to be a picture of their culture, but it’s important to have a general idea of someone’s culture. Additionally, make sure you research if there are offensive words or gestures you should avoid. A thumbs-up means something different all over the world.

business person at the starting line of making money online

How Can You Get Started Making Money Online In Europe?

We can break it down to 5 simple steps. And then you’ll be on your way to making money online in Europe – and beyond!

  1. What business do you want to start? Do you want a career change or a side hustle?
  2. Are you violating any contracts or Do Not Compete clauses?
  3. Have you begun training for your business?
  4. Did you speak to an expert on starting businesses in your area?
  5. Have you found your first client?

All that’s left is to get started making money online.