The act of learning is an art – it’s every bit as important as what you learn. If you’re reading this article, I’m going to share 10 skills that are hard to learn but will pay off forever. I’m very sure you’ve heard this before: Go to school… Get good grades… Get a degree or a diploma – you’ll be guaranteed success in life. But the truth is – the best things in life may be free but without time, sweat, and perseverance – you won’t see results. 

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You probably already recognize this too – things have changed in this 21st century. Having a degree, a certification, or even a grad school diploma won’t get you to where you want to be in life. Let’s suppose, you got a good job with your degree – a high-income job. How much of that income do you actually enjoy and use and how much goes to so many loans you have to pay off?

So many successful students get degrees and leave schools burdened by debt. How are young people supposed to build anything and have a stable life with huge loans and a constant increase in the costs of living? Do you also feel like you just work to pay off your student loans? You wonder – am I ever going to achieve my goals and get where I want to be in life with this kind of burden? 

You spent years studying and learning, and once you graduate – you’re struggling. Some would even take up more than two jobs just to live a comfortable life and keep up with their loans. 

In my recent article, I spoke about jobs that make a lot of money and I shared that only 19% of Americans are comfortable with the money they earn – 60% of them said they needed a raise of at least $6,000 a year to live comfortably. Now, what does this have to do with you? You just want to know the 10 skills that are hard to learn but will pay off forever? Stay with me…

The World’s Shifting From Job Economy to Skill Economy.

It’s not the degree that pays the bills – it’s the skill that pays the bill. I truly believe we’ve shifted from the job economy to the skill economy. And if you’re one of the Americans that are comfortable with the money you make, I want you to ask yourself these questions: 

  • Am I where I want to be today?
  • Am I really comfortable with the money I make?
  • Is my job a skill that I can bring anywhere I go?

You see, there’s a huge difference when it comes to jobs vs skills. especially if you’re thinking about a high-income job vs high-income skillWhen it comes to learning important life skills – it’s really hard. But I will share with you in a minute which talent or skill is worth the investment. 

First, I want to share with you a little about mindset shift. This is important because, in everything you do, whether to accomplish a goal or to learn a new skill – staying positive is the key. 

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I always tell my mentees this:  How you do anything is how you do everything. A mindset shift is a challenge mostly consisting of passing all the hurdles to fulfill your desired income. You see, with the right mindset, anything is possible. A successful mindset goes way beyond just “being positive”. It’s a way of thinking about yourself, your goals, your future, and your daily actions.

To do this,  sometimes, you have to trick your brain into doing all the hard things. 

Time Management

Your time is finite, and you should dedicate yourself to learning skills that yield the greatest benefit. It will make your life exponentially easier – effective time management is one of the highest valued skillsThere’s no right or wrong way to do time-management. A strategy that works well with others may not work well with you. So, it’s important to find a system that works best for you and stick with it – be consistent. 

Think about it…When was the last time you actually planned something and fully executed it? Do you remember your epic to-do-list? For some people, it’s the hardest thing to do but if you’ve found your system and strategy to conquer your time-management, give yourself a pat at the shoulder. 

I’m sure everyone is capable of doing what they need to and thick everything off their to-do-list. At the end of the day, it’s your own responsibility to complete all tasks given. Hence the saying – How you do anything is how you do everything. The point of this saying, as I see it, is that it not only reflects who you are, your value set for your own time, and your ability to complete all tasks that are set by yourself. 

You see, nobody asked you to do those tasks – it’s you who decides to accomplish them. And that’s one of the most important habits of a millionaire. This is the key to shifting your mindest – value your time more than you value your money.

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Now that I’ve provoked your thoughts – you might start to search for skills to develop… Maybe you searched for “the one” skill that you could acquire to develop in the shortest period of time? Or perhaps you look for ways to make some extra cash on the side?  This means you’re ready to commit – to see a better version of yourself.

If you’ve watched the video about the 9 new skills that are hard to learn, today I’m going to add an additional skill that will also pay off forever. 

Skill #1 – Copywriting 

I call this Persuasion in Print. Copywriting skills involve writing emails, landing pages, order pages or description pages, eCommerce platforms, websites, Facebook ads and many more. Basically, it’s the ability to use your written words to persuade and influence somebody to buy. 

Now, why is this a valuable skill to develop? Because all the companies out there – anyone that’s shifting their marketing online or selling anything – need a copywriter. 

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A copywriter will always be in high demand. If you’ve mastered the skill of copywriting, you also need to have the ability to understand people – to understand human psychology. I personally hand-picked this video for you. In just over 7 minutes, you will learn the most powerful 5 persuasive words that control minds. 

Understanding human psychology and language is essential when you acquire this skill because you will understand how you can get people to take action, inspired by your written words.  

But perhaps you still aren’t clear on these questions: What exactly does a copywriter do? And who hires a copywriter? Again, copywriting is persuasion in print. As I said in the beginning, it involves written words – influencing somebody to buy. I’m not talking about the kind of writing you learn in school, but real writing that actually moves people to change something in their lives. 

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Copywriting t is one of the 10 skills that are hard to learn but will pay off handsomely. How you go about learning this is a bonus point I will be sharing with you at the end of this article…so stay with me until the end.

Skill #2 – Closing Skills 

Closing is the ability to convince or persuade someone in person or on the phone to buy from you – it’s very simple. However, the challenge is that most people have a negative feeling associated with “sales.” 

When they hear or think of closing, they might say Ohhh, it’s a sales job and decide that it’s not for them. But the truth is, closing is so much more than that. It’s about perfecting your communication skills always and in every situation. There is no place where closing skills aren’t going to be useful. In life, if you don’t know how to communicate or articulate your own value, it’s going to be very difficult to get anything done or to get ahead in life. And closing is something that you definitely won’t learn in school. 

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When it comes to closing, don’t just focus on low-ticket offers like $200 or $300 – focus on high-ticket offers. If you want to find success in closing, find something that’s thousands of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars and sell that instead. The commission is greater compared to the low-ticket item. 

When you’ve mastered this high-ticket closing skill, you can generate income from your smartphone – perhaps you can even generate a 6-figure income.

Skill #3 – Consulting Skill 

Because of the complexity – there are so many changes in the business world. Companies need help and guidance from a consultant all the time.  They need a specialist or an expert to guide them through new processes, updates, tactics, techniques so that they can develop a strong strategy for their business process.  

Companies always need experts for: 

  • Social Media
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Technology

When you think about any of these areas that a business needs a consultant for, you will always be in demand.  The greatest part about this is – it doesn’t require a lot of money to learn this type of skill and start implementing it. By charging a retainer, meaning you’re charging a monthly fee to consult a client, and if you focusing on high ticket clients, you will only need a couple of clients to make a solid 6-figure income. 

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So, acquiring consulting skills is definitely very valuable. But to see success with your consulting skills, you must know about the consulting business. Only then you’ll be beyond valuable to a company and they will be willing to pay you big money for your proficiency.

Skill #4 – Coding or Software Skill 

Now, with so many Tech Companies and software apps in the marketplace, the market is “hungry” for good coders and software developers. I’m talking about the people with genuinely good coding skills – not someone with just the basic knowledge of coding or software development.  I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on coders and software developers for my company and we’re always looking for more skillful people. 

When it comes to coding, it’s better to start early (at a young age). The reason being, it’ll be easier for someone young to learn and master this skill to ensure success in the future. It’s just not as easy when you are older. But it’s not impossible. If you have an interest in it – go for it! It’s a skill that will always be in demand. 

As the world leans towards the digital landscape, more and more companies will need to make that shift in order to keep up with the trend. Hence for the high demand in coding and software skills. Generating a 6-figure income as a Software Developer is easy when you’ve mastered the skill completely. Here’s a quick fact from the U.S. Bureau of Labor – the median pay for software developers is $105,590. 

Skill #5 – Funnel Building Skill 

I’m not talking about building a typical website, I’m talking about sales funnel – webinar funnel, landing pages, lead magnet funnel. There’s a huge market out there for people looking at “funnel building”. This means they look for where to take that attention and traffic and then convert that traffic into sales. 

Watch this video on the 4-step High-Ticket Sales Funnel for selling Services.

If you’re someone with that particular skill set, you could help companies to generate more revenue. Now, when you do this, you could earn a lot of money and can be very successful easily. Companies are constantly looking for sales and if you have the ability to provide this service – funnel building is a very valuable skill. 

But with funnel building skills, there are some requirements you need to think about. You need to have some copywriting skills or some designing skills to build a good funnel. If you go for this particular skill – you will have to adapt “skill within a skill” system and combine a few of them to be successful funnel builders. But this can bring another benefit – multiple streams of income. Now you could build a funnel, and also work as a copywriter. 

Skill #6 – Public Speaking 

I’m fortunate that at a young age, I went to toastmasters which are a nonprofit speaking club to hone and develop my public speaking skills. And it has truly developed my confidence too. You see,  most people are afraid to present to a crowd –  they are afraid to speak to groups and that’s what makes public speaking so valuable. Companies and organizations are always looking for speakers and willing to pay a good premium price for good presenters. 

Look at some of the great leaders out there – such as Tony Robbins, Warren Buffet or Steve Jobs – almost all of them are great speakers. Public speaking is a skill I acquired at a young age and it has changed my life.

Now, why is this skill so hard to learn? Because of fear. Fear of rejection… of public embarrassment… But this is all easy to overcome, only if you dedicate yourself to developing this skill. If you commit to it, public speaking will allow you to become extremely valuable to companies. 

Skill #7 – ChatBot Marketing 

What is a ChatBotLet’s say, you’re on a website and you opt-in into something – you provide your email address because you want to get more information about that particular product or service. And, in a period of time, you will get this automated message from the vendor of the business. Now,  chatbot is the exact same thing but in a more private chat or messaging system. It’s an auto-response in a private chat mode.

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to interview the founder CEO for ManyChat. This is a software that’s being used to create all the automatic responses. This powerful marketing function enables you to pre-write questions and answers as well as objections handling in a more human touch. 

Now, this marketing function is in huge demand. Why? Because, in this 21st century, as I said in the beginning, things have changed. Not only from job-economy to skill-economy but within our digital landscape as well. As a matter of fact, everything is shifting to mobile now and because it’s all mobile – companies and corporations need Chatbot marketing expertise. 

We Live In A Mobile World Since 2015

Mobile traffic surpassed desktop for the first time in late 2015 and since then we’ve been living in the mobile world.  Consumers spend more than five hours a day on their smartphones and a survey by AdWeek found 88% growth year over year in time spent watching videos on a smartphone. 

According to an article by Blue Corona – 70 web traffic happens on a mobile device and 57% of all U.S online traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets. Do you see what I mean by a huge demand for chatbots? 

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Even now I only have one person just to focus on chatbot marketing in my organization. So, this is a skill that’s in demand and most people don’t even know that this skill actually exists. Now, to be a good chatbot marketer you need some kind of copywriting skills as well as some basic organizational technical skills. With that said, it’s not complicated – definitely learnable if you commit to it. 

Skill #8 – Systems Building 

Because technology is changing our business works – companies need a lot of expertise in systems building. They need someone to help organize different things in different aspects, maintain work culture, and to smoothen the process of their workflow. They even need someone to focus on organizing and running individual projects.

So, systems building skills are valuable because a company will pay top dollars for someone with this particular skill set and it’ll always be in high demand. Recently, I’ve employed someone to help us with the business system and paid a lot of money just to help me organize different aspects of my business, to improve communication and transparency. 

Skill #9 – Digital Marketing 

I’m talking about Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Social Media, eCommerce. All these platforms need experts who know how to use them. In order to have the ability to close and get those clients, especially the ones that are willing to pay you on a monthly basis, you have to develop negotiation skills and show that you also possess strong copywriting skills. Here’s what you need to be a good digital marketer: 

  • Copywriting
  • Designing
  • Coding
  • Communications

If you focus on developing these skills, you will never have to find another job. They will allow you to focus on projects and clients you love working with and your income will increase almost effortlessly.

Skill #10 – Communications 

When you can communicate effectively, you can accomplish anything you set your mind on. There are 3 ways you can improve your communication skills:


The most widely used form of communication is speaking. And you can improve through the use of tonality, pronunciation and the pitch of your voice when you speak. You can take public speaking classes, a storytelling group or listen to good speakers online and practice presenting your own ideas to friends, family, and colleagues. 

Good speakers are able to influence and build trust due to their ability to communicate concisely and clearly. If you take your speaking skills to the highest level – you might be a public speaker at large events and seminars.


Writing will always be in demand, especially as we transform into the digital business world each day. You could be writing a business blog, cover letters, resumes and emails for a corporation. Knowing how to use compelling words to write and persuade your clients is very beneficial for you and for them and their business. 

Copywriting was the first high-income skill I learned. It was the skill that allowed me to earn my first money and  I believe it is the best skill for those who like to work from the comfort of their own home. Writing is the next best alternative to speaking. 


And the last form of communication and possibly the most important is listening. Being a good listener is a skill itself and most people can’t be good listeners. 

“The art of conversation lies in listening – Forbes”

People are always talking over one another and trying to get their opinions heard. But a good listener is always well-liked by their peers. They have the ability to make people feel understood. If you combine listening with asking the right questions – you’ve discovered the “High-Income Skill” of closing. 

Which One Of These 10 Skills Is the Most Critical One?

With the very many changes occurring in the world right now, you have to know that skills are the future. As you focus on building your plans for the future, consider seriously each one of the skills listed above and which one to pursue, notice that there is one skill that connects them all – a skill of closing.

A degree no longer pays the bills…and neither does your job. Jour high-income skills and your ability to get clients is what will keep you going. 


Once you decide that you’re ready to transform your life and grow both in business and as a person, you will know what skills makes the most sense for you. But whatever you choose to do, you will need to know how to communicate clearly and perfect your art of persuasion.

If you want to learn one of the most valuable high-income skills out there, click here to enroll in my High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program. Closing is one of the most lucrative high-income skills you can master, and my program is the best way to master it.