Producing images that make people want to buy from you requires strategy and creativity.

While this might seem overwhelming,  the importance of images simply cannot be overstated. Statistics show that marketers consistently outperform their competition when they use powerful social images to sell their products and services.

The benefits of using powerful social images extend far beyond the scope of increasing sales. They raise awareness about a topic and improve their social proof.

What Is Social Proof?

Social proof is a professional way of saying that consumers will adapt their behaviors in accordance with what other people do. This makes sense, right?

When you see a long line of customers waiting to order food at a restaurant, or a professional athlete endorsing a sports product, you feel more comfortable investing your time and money with them. 

Take Nike for example. In 2003, they released a new soccer cleat called the Nike Mercurial. Due to their competitors which include Adidas, Reebok, and Puma, they could not get much traction in the market.

Halfway through the year, Nike signed a lifelong contract with the professional soccer player Christiano Ronaldo. With this partnership, Nike was able to upload a picture on the internet with him endorsing their new soccer cleats. 

This is an example of one of many powerful social images that make people want to buy from you. 

Many aspiring athletes who look up to Ronaldo as a role model had no problem trusting his endorsement. In a matter of seconds, the cleats started flying off the shelves. 

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The story of Ronaldo endorsing Nike is a great example of social proof. Brands like Nike are using persuasive techniques in their marketing to encourage us to take action and buy. 

With the right help, you too can create a substantial impact on your customers and make them buy from you. In this article, we will cover 20 powerful social images that make people want to buy.

1. Expert’s Stamp Of Approval 

An expert’s stamp of approval is an easy way to convince your audience that your product or service works. An expert can be anyone who has extensive knowledge in an industry based on many years of research, experience, or education. 

For example, Pronamel is a toothpaste brand that helps protect your teeth against the effects of acid erosion. The brand earned its reputation by being backed by millions of Dentists around the world. 

According to Statistica, Sensodyne Pronamel had sales of around 196.7 U.S. dollars in 2019.

Because Pronamel’s products are backed by experts in the dental industry, it adds trust to their brand. For this reason, their customers are not hesitant to spend their time and money with them. 

2. Before And After Images 


A before and after image is an easy way to display the differences between two pictures.

The reason why it’s one of many social images that make people want to buy from you is because of how easily it conveys its message.

Take Proactive for example. Proactive is a Canadian brand of skin-care products designed to help fight acne. They often post before and after pictures of their customer’s faces to show how effective their product is.

This is so powerful because humans naturally respond to visual information a lot better than any other type of data. Studies show that the human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text. 

For this reason, before and after images are used by many brands around the world.

3. This Or That Images


Similarly to the previous example, a this or that image portrays a comparison between two different products or services.

For example, have you ever seen an advertisement on Facebook by Coca-Cola? You probably saw them comparing their brand to Pepsi. This friendly competition encourages customers to take a side and show loyalty to the brand. 

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When a customer builds an emotional connection with a brand, they will likely share their positive thoughts with their peers on social media. This will lead to a trending spiral effect, resulting in many more people viewing your images and encouraging them to buy from you.

Simply put, no business should ever undervalue the influence a this or that image can have on their brand.

4. Data Visualization

Data Visualization is a powerful tool used to create images that make people want to buy from you. 

Businesses gather data, segregate it into different categories, and display it in an image that is easy to understand. An example of this is a social image published by Brita. 

According to Brita, Americans send over 38 billion water bottles a year to landfills, that’s enough bottles to travel from the Earth to the Moon and back 10 times. 

In a recent post, Brita portrayed what this looks like by showing an image of the plastic bottles spanning from the Earth to the Moon and back. This powerful message encouraged customers to do their part in reducing the amount of plastic in landfills and to purchase a Brita Filter. 

This is an example of how Brita transformed data into powerful images that make people want to buy. 

5. Celebrity Endorsement 


Celebrity endorsement takes the form of a celebrity using promoting a product or service through their words.This form of endorsement is especially meaningful because many people look up to these public figures as mentors, idols, and role models. 

Have you ever seen an advertisement by Wix? The website builders use Heidi Klum as celebrity social proof to demonstrate that anyone can build a website.

Heidi also started a social trend by adding #ItsThatEasy to all of her posts on social media about Wix.

While you might not have ever heard of Wix before, you most likely have heard of Heidi Klum. Because Heidi recognizes that Wix is a reputable brand, customers who look up to her will not hesitate to invest in Wix services.

6. Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are another example of social images that make people want to buy from you. 

There is a reason why businesses create case studies and success stories around their customers. It creates a sense of confidence and trust in the product’s value.

Take Fitbit for example. They have traveled all over the world gathering customer testimonials from millions of people. In a recent advertisement, Fitbit displayed an image of over 100 of their best testimonials.

Scott Cook said, “Instead of focusing on the competition, focus on the customer”.

This powerful social image demonstrates that people from all across the world believe in the value and quality of Fitbit’s products. With this information, it quickly becomes a no brainer that you should pick up your credit card and purchase one of their products today. 

7. Trending Topics

Brands are always looking for a new way to go viral on social media and get their name out there. However, this can be very difficult to do. Instead of trying to create your own viral movement, why not jump on something that is already trending? 

When looking for social images that make people want to buy from you, think about what problems people are looking to solve.

Have you ever come across a brand called Dollar Shave Club? They are an American company that delivers razors and other personal grooming products to customers by mail on a monthly basis. 

The social image they released of a high-quality razor for only a dollar grabbed the attention of millions of people all across the world. Dollar shave club took a real-world problem and transformed it into a brand that speaks authentically to their customers.

8. Controversial Topics

Similar to trending topics, controversial topics are another way brands can go viral on social media. 

A controversial topic is something that can create a difference in opinions between customers. Recently, Burger King released an image on social media of one of their burgers molding after being out for 28 days.

In this powerful social image, Burger King said, “The beauty of no artificial preservatives”.

Burger King’s sales drastically increased following the release of this advertisement. Why? The answer is simple. This image shows that unlike many other restaurants, Burger King does not use chemicals and artificial preservatives in their products.

Used correctly, controversial topics can easily create social images that make people want to buy from you. 

9. World Issues

A world issue can create a powerful image that is designed to emotionally connect with its target audience. It highlights a global problem that is adversely affecting communities, environments, or economies.

For example, Woodchucks is an American company that has the vision to make the world more connected to nature. In one of their recent advertisements, they uploaded an image explaining to us that we are depleting our natural resources across the world.

With this information, Woodchucks decided to start a movement where they will plant one tree for every product you purchase from their website. Woodchuck says, “You buy one, we plant one. It’s that simple.”

Studies show that customers respond better to brands that display corporate social responsibility. 

It goes without saying that customers want to be a part of something big. By purchasing a product off Woodchucks’ website, they are contributing to their mission and starting a global movement. 

10. Emotional Images


Humans are emotional creatures. Our brains become more engaged when we see images we can connect with which helps to drive action within us.This is why an emotional image is one of the many powerful social images that make people want to buy from you. 

There are a variety of different emotions that brands try to portray to help educate their audience. Some examples include:

  • Joy
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Anger

Maybe you have experienced some or all of these emotions before when viewing a social image. 

UNICEF creates sadness with their images by portraying what the quality of life is like in a third world country. At the bottom of the image, they offer a payment plan for less than a dollar a day to help a child in need.

When you experience strong emotions, logic is thrown out the window. In a matter of seconds, it’s now your obligation to contribute to this cause. 

11. Fear Of Missing Out 

Fear of missing out marketing is an effective way to make your customers feel a sense of urgency in their purchasing decisions. However, if not used correctly, it can come off as being manipulative. 

According to Skyword, 56% of people are scared of missing something such as events, news, and important updates.

Forbes is a business magazine that specializes in marketing, leadership and entrepreneurship. Aspiring business leaders from all over the world read their content to stay up to date with business trends. 

Faced by discomfort and anxiety, business influences feel like they have no choice but to purchase their monthly subscription or they risk the possibility of falling behind the curve.


12. Storytelling 

Storytelling is another one of many powerful social images that make people want to buy from you.  

Have you heard the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words

Storytelling is a powerful tool that allows brands to personalize their interactions with their customers. When you tell a good story through an image, customers won’t even realize they are being sold.

For example, Bell Let’s Talk is a wide-reaching program that is designed to break the silence around mental health. Every year, they sell products with their logo and in return donate a large portion of it to mental health organizations. 

In one of their recent posts they said, “When it comes to mental health, every action counts.”

Whether you are personally facing mental health issues, or know someone who is, you can make a difference by simply purchasing their products. Through storytelling, Bell Let’s Talk has encouraged its customers to take action and join the movement. 

13. Bullet Points

Bullet points are a simple way to provide your audience with information that is easily digestible. In this competitive space, you can never say too many good things about your product or service. 

For example, Samsung recently released an image of its new folding phone called the Galaxy Z. The image portrays a detailed picture of the phone tied with five simple bullet points that highlight its features.

This is a great example of one of many social images that make people want to buy from you. It provides an eye-capturing image, stresses the benefits of the product, and encourages your customers to take action. 

Dan Lok always says, “Sell the benefit of the benefit”.

Using bullet points, Samsung was able to get their message out quickly while retaining its audience’s attention. 

14. Confusing Images

Confusing images are powerful because they force a person to stop and think critically about what’s going on.

Home Depot recently posted an image of a frustrated construction worker standing in the middle of a demolished house. 

At first glance, you might be confused as to what happened. After further inspection, you’ll quickly realize that the house collapsed because the construction worker did not use quality wood. 

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Confusing images is one of many social images that makes people want to buy from you. It goes without saying that they force you to think outside the box and really analyze what’s going on.

15. Educational Images

An educational image is one that is directed towards informing your audience about an important subject or matter. 

Take Udemy for example. Udemy is an American online learning platform that was developed to help people of all ages advance their careers. Udemy released an info-graphic explaining how you can learn literally anything on their platform through expert instruction.

According to Udemy, The platform has more than 50 million students and 57,000 instructors who teach courses in over 65 languages. 

It goes without saying that educational images encourage people to try new things and think outside of their comfort zone. Udemy has done an excellent job with this and in return has earned an impressive reputation.

16. Behind The Scenes Image

A behind the scenes image is one of many social images that make people want to buy from you. It gives your audience a sneak peek of something special to come.

Audi Motors recently gave us a sneak peek of their newest line up on Ingram. The photo shows the front end of a concept car called the Audi E-tron.

Audi said, “The theory is simple. The process is hard. Do more than everyone else”. 

At the bottom right of the image, Audi presents the opportunity to pre-order your own E-Tron. This powerful image creates a feeling of excitement for all car enthusiasts and Audi fans around the world. 

17. The Action Shot

An action shot is a method of capturing a product in action and displaying it in a single image. 

Canada Goose did an excellent job of doing this by showing off how durable their jackets really are. The image shows Ray Zehad breaking a world record by trekking through the South Pole on foot in the fastest time ever.

An action shot is one of many social images that make people want to buy from you because of its ability to drive someone’s creativity. The reader can look at the image and then close their eyes and visualize how that scene should play out. 

This creates a rewarding experience for the reader and encourages them to learn more about the brand.

18. Collages

A collage is a collection of pictures and images used to relay a brand’s message.

Starbucks recently released a powerful collage showing hundreds of their customers smiling from all across the world. This image creates a welcoming feeling and makes the reader want to be a part of this group.

Starbucks said, “People around the world want the authentic Starbucks experience”.

This collage gives the reader the idea that Starbucks’ message is real and thriving. This genuine feeling connects them to the brand and encourages them to go and buy their products.

19. Shout out Images

A shout out image is when a reputable brand acknowledges another brand’s product or service. It’s one of many powerful social images that make people want to buy from you. 

For example, the Harvard Business Review is a global leader in business publications. The brand recently gave a shout out to Workday, an American financial management software. 

This shouts out significantly increased Workday’s credibility and authority. Why? The answer is simple. People are skeptical about who they trust their money with. With so many different scam artists out there, how is Workday any different?

By being endorsed by a well known University name, Workday earned the trust of their customers and built a reputable network.

20. Free Images

Images that contain the word free are both exciting and eye-catching to the reader. After all, who doesn’t love getting something for free?

Have you ever seen a brand give away one of their products for free, you just have to pay for the shipping? With this kind of offer, it’s a no brainer that you should order one for yourself. 

You might be wondering, why would anyone give anything for free?

Most of the time, it’s to encourage their customers to visit their website. From there, they may see another product they like and purchase it. This is why free images are one of the many social images that make people want to buy.


How Do You Create Powerful Social Images That Make People Want To Buy?

Imagine that you’re trying to create your own powerful social image. You define your target audience, do your research, identify your goals, and create a strong call to action. 

With many hours of research out of the way, you sit down in front of a blank computer screen and start brainstorming ideas for the image you want to create. After a couple of days of hard work, you have what you think is going to be the next big viral image.

After a week of releasing the image, you realize that it isn’t doing very well. In fact, the image was a complete failure. Embarrassed by this, you take the image down and start all over.

You think to yourself,  there has to be a faster way to create powerful social images.

This is why Dan Lok created Instant Scripts.

Instant Scripts

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In this article, we covered 20 powerful social images that make people want to buy from you. Instant Scripts contains an additional 101 more social images for you to use at your disposal. 

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