When it comes to writing a killer headline, it’s all about knowing your audience.

A good killer headline creates curiosity, tempts people to want to know more, injects scarcity and value, and gives the reader an offer they can’t refuse – all in just a few sentences.

But these days, there are many ads and headlines being thrown around carelessly on the internet, social media and even on billboards like benches or buses. If you have a message you want to get out, you’ve got to make sure the first thing that people are going to come across, entices them to want to keep reading.

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Here are 3 New Steps To Writing A KILLER Headline:

1. Big Hook

The first step you need to think about when writing a killer headline is the big hook, or big idea. This is the main idea that your entire headline is going to be based on. For example. If you’ve got a book for sale and you’re pricing it at $1,000, first ask yourself why is the book worth that much money? 

Once you’ve established that question as your big hook, now you come up with ideas and reasons to justify that price. As an example, our “Closing Black Book” is worth over a $1,000 because of a variety of reasons:


You cannot get this book anywhere else. You can’t find it on Amazon, in any bookstores or even at your local pawn shop. 

Collectors around the world understand the principle of exclusivity, and how powerful it is in measuring the value of an item. They collect and search for items such as coins, trading cards, jewelry, photographs and antiques such as old cars, clocks and watches. These items may not have any practical use in modern day society, but due to their rarity or discontinued production, are wanted by certain people who take an interest in them.

When something is high in demand, it automatically becomes more valuable. Something that you can easily access or buy off the street is not going to be something that people value. However, if it is difficult to produce, or there are only a few number of those products in the world, it’s value and the money people will pay to have it will skyrocket exponentially.


Only people who have attended our high ticket closing seminars and events, and are part of our exclusive high level inner circle mastermind get to have this book. The price of the training our members have been through have already amounted to over $10,000.

In order to even have access to this book, that person must have committed a large amount of money to even have the option to access it. This is also known as a paywall, which means that in order to access a certain product or location, you need to pay money in order to gain access. A good example of this is Costco, which charges its members a monthly fee in order for them to even enter the premises and shop for items. By having this paywall in place, it allows its customers feel important – they are no longer like any other general customer, they have paid for their right to access the store.

Proof And Potential Value

The information, techniques and lessons in this book have generated over $34.5 billion in sales across various industries.

If you have case studies, testimonials and proven results that further confirm your value, you can use those in a headline to draw readers in. An example is our high ticket closing program, which has collectively generated $34.5 billion in various industries. 

The information in our “Closing Black Book”, reveals all the techniques and secrets that are used to generate that $34.5 billion. As a result, the book is not the same as any other kind of book out there – in the right hands, the information inside it is priceless.

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By bringing awareness to a product’s potential value, you can justify the reasoning behind why it is a certain price, or limited to only certain people to have access to it.

Price Separator

It’s expensive for a reason.

Take fashion and designer items for example – what separates a Louis Vuitton black leather handbag from any other kind of bag you could find for a fraction of the price?

It could be better made, the quality could be higher, or there are only a few of them that exist. But in reality, if you’re looking for something to carry everyday items in, a 10 cent white plastic bag will do the trick. So why are people willing to blow absurd amounts of money on these products?

It’s because of the price of the item. It’s another form of paywall that separates them from everyone else, making them feel exclusive and important. As not many people can afford to spend so much on luxury items, those that do have the money to afford it feel as though they are of a higher status or income class.

Use these reasons as a way to justify your product or service, making it be perceived as a high value product that outshines the competition. Once you’ve got these ideas solidified into your big hook, the next step is to look at your unique mechanism.

2. Unique Mechanism

Your product’s unique mechanism revolves around how it is different from every other product out there. Ask yourself, what makes it special from the competition?


As an example, our “Closing Black Book” is unique because it goes against everything you are usually taught about sales. A majority of sales techniques all teach the same methods and ways to approach a prospect, whereas our black book advises you to not only take another path, but to do the exact opposite.

And the reason it goes against normal, conventional sales methods is because it is able to produce over $34.5 billion in sales. It’s a way of using results driven proof, to justify our unique mechanism and how it is different from every other book out there. What other book out there on sales has generated that much money?

Having a unique mechanism that is counter intuitive to what everyone usually does can be a great advantage. This creates controversy, and controversy can be used to create attention. A very good example of how someone can successfully use controversy to their benefit is Donald Trump.

While running for President, Donald Trump made absurd statements and claims that got the attention of the media and anyone who followed the election. His unique mechanism that is known worldwide today, was that he would “Build a wall, and make Mexico pay for it”.

That statement may not have been fulfilled, but because of his absurd claims, he was able to generate a lot of media attention and get people to focus on him. And when you have a lot of attention on yourself – regardless if it’s positive or negative, you are now a celebrity and can leverage that attention to your own needs.


Using credibility is another way to separate how your product is different from any other competitor. For example, if you are in the financial or business industry and have credibility working with big name companies like Scotiabank or Bank of Montreal, it positions your product on a higher level and makes readers associate your brand and it’s quality with those big name brands.

In our example with the “Closing Black Book”, our competition is all the books out there that teach people how to do sales. In order to distance ourselves from everyone else, we use credibility to show that we are serious players. Our high ticket closing principles have been used to close for companies and brands like Tony Robbins, Acura and IKEA, so we can use those names as credibility statements in our headline.


When it comes to writing a killer headline, avoid jargon or industry specific words. For example, if you are writing a headline on our “Closing Black Book”, using the word ‘closing’ would confuse many people who do not have an in-depth knowledge about sales or who do not follow my work.

To a cold audience, they have no idea what it means or what it stands for, compared to a high ticket closer or experienced salesperson. You want to make sure to use simple language that anyone can understand, in order to reach a larger audience. 

The headline is meant to create attention and interest. If your reader feels confused at any point while reading it, you have lost them. Remember that people do not buy what they cannot understand.

(However, for the sub headline it is okay to use a few specific keywords, which we go into detail in the next step)

3. Tie It Altogether

The third and last step to creating a killer headline, is tying it all together.

In simple terms, it means what’s in it for your prospects? Go over the benefits and immediate results it can produce for them, and how they can achieve similar results.

The best way to do this is to write a sub-headline, that reinforces the benefits and beliefs of your product or service to the reader. To do this, ask questions such as: 

  • What does your prospect get out of buying your product or service
  • How can your prospect apply it to achieve the same results
  • Where can your prospect use this product
  • Who can your prospect impact by using this product
  • What industries or niche can your product be applied to

To put everything together and to see all 3 steps in action, my team and I came up with the headline found below:

To break down the headline into sections so you can see a clear example of what we used as our big idea, unique mechanism and how we tie it all together:

Big Idea: $34.5 Billion Generated Across Various Industries 


Unique Mechanism: “Counterintuitive” Selling Secrets


Tie It All Together: And How You Can Use The Same Secrets To Close Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere For Any Products Or Services You Offer


Put everything together, and that’s how to write a killer headline.


When it comes to writing a killer headline, there are 3 main steps to take into consideration:

The big idea is what’s going to make your reader interested in reading and learning more. Use aspects such as exclusivity, paywalls, commitment and price to make the big idea stand out. 

Your unique mechanism is how you differentiate yourself from the competition. What makes your product unique from everyone else? Why should your reader choose you over something cheaper? What’s unique about your product that your readers won’t be able to get from anywhere else?

Use controversy as a means to get attention, and turn that attention into interest.

Lastly, tie it all together with a sub-headline that appeals to the interests and desires of your readers. Ask questions such as how it benefits them, and in what industries it can be applied to. Tying it all together reinforces the idea of why the reader should continue reading, and what they’ll get out of doing so.

If you found this breakdown of how to write a killer headline valuable, and you want to learn more about how to write killer sales copy that converts and gets results, I’ve put together a free 3 day training series on the best techniques and you can use in copy to get people to trust you and turn them into raving customers. If you’re ready to learn how to write kick ass copy, watch the video here.