Feeling overwhelmed and stuck when thinking about your business? You are not alone. Many entrepreneurs feel as if they’re hitting the glass ceiling.

The glass ceiling is an invisible growth barrier that stands in the way when everything seems uncertain. Many need to change business models entirely to survive. So how do you break through (and shatter) that glass ceiling? 

Anyone conducting business online knows that growth barriers are unavoidable. Maybe you’ve experienced that feeling of being stuck before? Perhaps you work a lot but feel like you’re not getting anywhere? Hitting a glass ceiling is a real growth issue. 

If your business is based online, there’s a lot more competition to break through. Reaching your ideal clients and gaining customers is more challenging now than ever. You have to find a way to stand out. 

To help you break the glass ceiling, we will share our key strategies for overcoming growth barriers. 

Why is Growth So Difficult? 

Before diving deeper into these strategies, let’s first consider growth. Why is it so difficult for some entrepreneurs and businesses to break the glass ceiling? 

Key characteristics of every business revolve around business and economic models, leadership, demand, and capital. You may have mastered these core elements for the successful smaller company you were a few years ago. But growth requires core changes. Each new stage of your business calls for a new approach. 

This requires setting a goal and mapping your way there. You must take action to access your current business model. You will need to redefine each of the key components of your company and your model at the same time. Map out the steps you need to take to the next level. 

An issue for many is that their business models are not scalable. This is especially true for people advertising their business and services online. Often, the CEO of the company is the primary salesman who has a relationship with many of the customers. These leaders are stretched too thin, so their business cannot grow. Perhaps you’re in a similar situation? 

If you want to build a successful business, it has to be scalable. No matter what level you’re at, the following steps will help you break your glass ceiling. 

1. Invest in Yourself 

Breaking the glass ceiling requires your full commitment. If you want to scale your business, you have to be willing to invest. Going to the next level with your business and work means going through a massive change. 

To know where the right place to invest is, you need to analyze your business. What prevents you from breaking the glass ceiling? Where are the limits: you, your team, your business model? If you analyze your business well, you can identify the weak spots. 

When you identify where the type of improvements needed, invest. If you’re a professional or a business owner online, hitting the glass ceiling might mean that you need to invest in marketing. 

Finding new and better ways to get your message across could be the key to success, but it requires investment. This might be an investment in a coach, a new platform, a copywriter, or a whole new marketing strategy. - Dan Lok Click To Tweet

Sometimes, you might need to invest in yourself. Perhaps you need a new mentor? Dan Lok credits his mentors will all big breakthroughs he has had. He started his copywriting when he met his first mentor Alan Jacques. His other mentor, Dan Pena, pushed him to the next level, inspiring him to expand his business. 

Whether you’re a new or well-established entrepreneur, learning from others will help you. Dan Lok’s programs have students who are beginners and well-established entrepreneurs. Even the High Ticket Closer® Certification Program brings novices and experienced closers together. They inspire and push each other to succeed. They hold each other accountable and in the right mindset. 

If you stop learning, your business will become stagnant. - Dan Lok Click To Tweet

Dan always says that investment in yourself is an investment in growth. Only by evolving and growing will you break the glass ceiling. 

2. Expand Your Network 

Having the right connections can open new possibilities. This is often the key to breaking the glass ceiling too. 

Build relationships with influential people in your industry. Make an effort to connect in meaningful ways. Perhaps you can collaborate on a project? Or host each other on your social media platforms? Whatever you decide to do, joining efforts will double your audience. 

You can also find groups of entrepreneurs of communities influential in your area. Explore brand based groups or groups formed around your product or service. Do you see potential partnerships you could form there? 

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Dan Lok always recognizes the power of groups, which is why he formed Dragon 100™ – the world’s most exclusive advisory group. Under his guidance, elite entrepreneurs grow their businesses into scalable global organizations. Imagine how much you could do with a group like that? 

With this and other programs, Dan Lok offers people an opportunity to connect with others. Each program comes with a vibrant online community. They encourage each other to grow and move forward. Having the right people around you is another key to success. 

3. Ask Questions to Break the Glass Ceiling 

When you need to break the glass ceiling, you know it’s time for something new. Perhaps you need to offer a new service? Or you need to improve your offer to meet the ever-changing needs of your clients?

The best way to find out what direction to take and how to break the glass ceiling is by asking questions. Reach out to your clients and partners to ask them for feedback on your business and your offer. You can do this through email, surveys, in-person meetings, phone calls, or through social media. Crowdsource your solutions. 

Engage Your Audience and Clients 

If you’re selling a product or service through your website, include customer reviews. They will draw attention and engage new customers. Asking for and responding to comments will inform of your clients’ needs and any market changes. 

Focusing on leading from a place of curiosity, shifts your perspective and possibilities. If you ask questions, you will also get a chance to directly engage with your audience and to gain their trust. This might allow you to collect fresh ideas if you feel stuck. Talk to everyone and ask them what they want or need related to your product and service. 

Always be on a search for the next best step forward for your business. 

4. Be Consistent 

Now, we rarely get anything in life by expressing interest only once. Most things worth having require consistent inquiry and effort. If you are consistent with your message and the way you show up for your clients, they will rely on you more.

Consistency builds trust. It allows you to become recognizable for your message and service. Use all your communication and online marketing tools to show up consistently. Streamline your message and repeat it often. 

Consistency allows you to show your value, too. Find ways to identify and solve previously unsolved problems. Improve an existing service by finding a way to make it more efficient. Finding ways to increase your value consistently will help you break the glass ceiling. 

Leverage Social Media 

The best way to be consistent in online business today is to leverage all your social media. Be active and share content and value daily. This will allow you to build a consistent presence in your clients’ minds and to break the glass ceiling. 

Make sure you’re engaging with your followers, especially via comments. You will build meaningful relationships and remain attuned to the market’s needs. 

5. Learn From Competitors 

Ever watched a basketball game? Then you know that rivaling teams assess and analyze each other before the game. It is not enough to train on your own to achieve victory; you also must understand your opponent’s strategy. Knowing your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses will allow you to improve and to win. 

Analyzing your competition can be the best learning experience. Think about what level your opponent is at and how they got there. Did they hit a glass ceiling? How did they break it? Understand and respect your competitor’s business model. Use it to develop your strategy for success. 

Researching your competitors may also lead you to discover opportunities in your sector. When you look into their business model, you will also learn more about your operating field. Are there opportunities you didn’t notice or consider before? 

This research can give you valuable insight into what’s happening with your industry as a whole. Do you see anything different with your target audience and customer market? 

6. Show Off 

Showing off at a time when you’re trying to break the glass ceiling might seem counterintuitive. When you feel stuck in your business, you rarely want to show off — this is normal. But there is absolutely no need to step back. Now is always the best time to show off what you have accomplished. 

When trying to break the glass ceiling, people often consider the negatives only. They look at what is not working in their business and focus on what’s missing. This is likely to get you stuck in a downward spiral of noticing only the bad and seeing no good in your work. 

But what if you shifted the strategy? Looking at what you do well is equally as important. If you are very good at something, that might be the place where you want to expand and grow. What are your advantages? Is there one part of your business that gives you the most joy? What about you or your work do clients appreciate the most?

Assess your business for its strengths, and you will discover a new set of opportunities. When you become more aware of your advantages,  use social media to show off. 

Breaking the glass ceiling is easier if you celebrate your success and share it with others. - Dan Lok Click To Tweet

Share your past successes, and give glimpses of your upcoming developments and improvements. Maximize your online presence to get your business to work for you as much as it does for your clients. 

Final Thoughts on How to Break the Glass Ceiling 

Figuring out how to break the glass ceiling is like being good at chess. It is a game of strategy, and it takes a lot of thought and energy to do it right. It takes practice, too. Investing in yourself is the best way to learn from others. Learning from others’ workflow and business model can help you scale your business significantly. 

If you want to break the glass ceiling, it is also important to reach out to others. You won’t be able to figure it all out by yourself. Asking your ideal clients and customers for feedback is one way to gather ideas and momentum. Another is reaching out to competition and others in your field to learn from and grow with. 

The best way to ensure that you never hit the glass ceiling again is to surround yourself with good mentors and advisors. This is why Dan Lok created the High Ticket Influencer™ Program. 

In High Ticket Influencer™ Program Dan Lok shares the method he used to scale his coaching business from zero to $1,000,000/mo in less than 8 months.

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