Have you been practicing your writing skills, and now you can’t wait to get your first few freelance writing jobs? It’s exciting when you learn a new skill, especially when it’s a skill that allows you to work remotely and be your own boss. You probably can’t wait to start being paid to use this skill of freelance writing. But how will you get your first few clients? 

You’ll need to know how to pitch yourself. If you’re a freelance copywriter, look for business owners who need help increasing their sales. If you’re a freelance writer who specializes in writing blog posts, look for companies that are missing a blog on their website. You’re probably wondering, however, where exactly you should you look for freelance writing jobs. You might also be wondering how to get writing jobs with no experience.

If you want to make a side-income with freelance writing jobs, or you want to be a full-time freelancer, you’re probably wondering how to get enough freelance writing jobs to survive. With today’s competitive gig economy full of freelance writers, it might seem difficult. It’s much easier if you learn a specific type of writing that’s in demand, such as copywriting.

Are you worried about how to get freelance writing jobs with no experience? Don’t be. You can get freelance writing jobs with no experience, as long as you have learned high-demand writing skills, and you understand the needs of your target market. If you’re skilled in a niche area, it might be easier to find work.

You can always offer to write a trial article or a trial piece of copy, to show hesitant prospects that you’re good at what you do. People don’t just look for experience. They look for professionalism, initiative, a positive attitude, confidence, and skill. Today, I’m going to explain some ways to get your first freelance writing jobs.

1. Go to Online Platforms for Freelance Writing Jobs 

Start building your portfolio by getting odd jobs on various online freelancer platforms, or freelancer websites. Start applying for freelance jobs online, and start getting some experience. 

No matter what your experience level is, if you have writing skills, you’re a commodity when you go onto these freelancer sites such as Upwork. You won’t always make a great income on these sites, but you’ll build experience. You’ll learn as you get more work experience, and you’ll get better. So for now, just get in the game. The more freelance writing jobs you apply for online, the more likely you are to get hired by someone.

To be honest, though, this is not how I got my copywriting career started. These sites were not available when I started. I didn’t have many options to find freelance writing jobs online. Many of these freelancer platforms didn’t exist yet.

What I did, was I found a mentor to apprentice for, and he helped me get my first few freelance writing jobs, which leads me to my next tip.

Freelance writer with mentor

2. Shadow Under a Successful Copywriter

Shadow under a successful freelance writer or copywriter, and you’ll find out how to succeed in this competitive industry. I shadowed under my copywriting mentor Alan Jacques, and learned a lot from him. He would critique my work, and give me honest feedback. 

A lot of people were hiring Alan to write copy. So, Alan would get me to write some of it, and he trusted me with his overflow.

Alan had tons of clients who wanted to hire him. But Alan had a very high price tag on his copywriting services, because he was such a skilled copywriter. Not everyone could afford his services. Normally, he’d turn them away if they couldn’t afford his price. But since he had me as an apprentice, he actually was able to take these clients on, and give their work to me. 

Why did this work out so well? It wasn’t worth Alan’s time for that price, but it was worth my time, because I wanted the experience. I needed clients to gain experience and get better. I got my clients with his endorsement and supervision.

My mentor Alan taught me a lot. He would never draft a sales letter unless he thought what he wrote would produce at least one million dollars. Can you imagine that? He would not write it unless he truly believed the copy he was writing was something that could generate one million dollars or more. Alan taught me how powerful the written word can be, and how persuasive a piece of written copy can be.

Freelancer at networking event

3. Use Your Elevator Pitch at Networking Events

At networking events, many of the business owners and executives attending might be open to hiring a freelance writer. Many freelance writing jobs can be found by attending networking events, especially if you speak to a lot of decision-makers. Memorize a short elevator pitch that explains your freelance writing services, and why someone should consider hiring you to write copy. Your elevator pitch should be short, clear, and persuasive. You should be able to clearly communicate the value of the type of writing you provide. 

You’ll find that some business owners and entrepreneurs have never hired a writer before. They’ve always written their own copy. You, however, could convince them to hire a professional writer for the first time. Your elevator pitch could convince them to try out professional writing services. The benefits of professional writing services is that their website copy, email sales letters, and blog posts will have good grammar, be SEO-friendly, and be more persuasive.

Freelance writer on sales call

4. Find Company Websites with Bad Copy

If you want to find freelance writing jobs, look for company websites that have poorly-written web copy that you know you can improve, or websites that don’t have blogs. If you know of a company that has a nicely designed website, but no blog on their website, you have a great opportunity here. Why? Because blogs are a very beneficial addition to a company’s website.

Blog posts lead to more search engine visibility. Someone might search for something on Google, and end up finding a blog post that was published on a company’s blog. Many companies are unaware of how great blog posts are for their website traffic. If you can explain the benefits, and offer to be in charge of their blog, you might get the job of writing their blog posts. Many freelance writing jobs start with educating your prospect on the benefits of such services.

5. Seek Out Influential Companies and Entrepreneurs

It’s genius to seek out influential and powerful companies and pitch them. Most freelance writers and copywriters who are just starting out, don’t have a portfolio. So, they are hesitant to do this. Why are they hesitant or afraid to reach out to big companies or influential entrepreneurs? Because they don’t have a good reputation or a good track record. They don’t have experience. Sometimes, they cold-call companies, offering to write copy. But they choose to call smaller companies because they know they’re asking these prospects to take a big risk, since they don’t have much experience. They think they’ll be seen as a risky hire, and they don’t think they have a way of proving themselves.

If this sounds like you, know that all you have to do is reverse the risk. 

If you show them your talent in advance. Provide value in advance. Before any money is exchanged, and before any project is assigned, show the influential entrepreneur or well-known company what you can do. 

I was getting jobs pretty easily as a new copywriter, partly because I was getting my mentor Alan’s overflow. I was getting referrals from Alan since he had so many clients, and he was approached all the time with interested potential clients. 

But I also selectively went after certain companies and certain entrepreneurs who I knew were influential. Why did I do this? Because I had a feeling one of them might actually hire me, if I proved my value in advance. But how exactly do you do this? I’m going to explain this in more detail below.

Freelance writing jobs search

6. Provide Value in Advance

I’m going to give you an example of a time I provided value in advance and proved myself to an influential figure, and explain how it paid off for me. 

Have you heard of Jay Conrad Levinson, the godfather of guerilla marketing? He’s written famous books such as …. for small business owners. He’s sold millions of books. At the time, he had a membership site called Guerilla Marketing Association.

So here’s what I did: I followed his work, I read his books, I studied his market, I rewrote his entire sales pitch, and I sent it to him. I said, “Jay, I’m a huge fan of your work. I’ve read all of your books. I really admire what you’ve done, and I saw your membership page on your Guerilla Marketing Association website. I thought of a few ways I could make the copy better. Obviously you’re the expert. You’re the master.  I’m just a young, new copywriter. But here’s something I wrote that I thought might help you.” 

Jay Conrad Levinson didn’t ask me to send him anything. I was proactive and I provided value to him without being asked. I rewrote his sales copy in advance of any kind of payment.

In fact, at the end, I said, “PS. You don’t have to pay me.”

I thought maybe, just maybe, he might reply and say “Hey, thanks, Dan. This is great. I’m going to run with it.” I figured if he switched his copy out for mine, he would pay me. And guess what? That’s exactly what happened.

He took my new, revised copy of his landing page. He used the copy I wrote and uploaded it to his website. And guess what? The revised copy – my copy – tripled his conversion. That means that the same web page of his, with the same amount of traffic as before, was now generating three times more revenue than before. Three times more sales than he had before. My confidence paid off.

7. Get Testimonials 

Jay Conrad Levinson was so happy when my copy tripled his conversion. He was so grateful for what I did. He started referring me to other business owners, and he even wrote a testimonial for me. That testimonial was great for my career as a copywriter. Now, I was endorsed by a highly respected, powerful influencer. I was suddenly getting lots of work, and my portfolio and client base grew like crazy, because I was being referred by a powerful businessman. My strategy worked, and I was now being recommended by the godfather of guerilla marketing.

I was a new copywriter in my 20s with barely any experience. But because I had the confidence to go after high-ticket clients like Jay Conrad Levinson, I was quickly growing my client base. Testimonials from influential people really helped, too. Why? Because people will feel more confident hiring you if they’ve read that you did a good job for someone else, and helped someone else’s business grow.

Why is Providing Value in Advance so Effective?

Why is it so effective to offer some value upfront, before you ask for anything in return? Let me explain it to you this way: Many companies and business owners get pitches in their email inboxes from freelance writers and copywriters. They get sent resumes and they’re sent cover letters that try to sell them on why they should hire this person. But they don’t get to see an actual example of what you can do for them. Believe me, it’s hard to ignore someone who is showing you a specific example of how they can improve your copy. But most people don’t do that. Most people don’t provide value in advance. 

So, don’t be like most people. Rewrite a page of your prospect’s copy, for free. Show them how much better your copy it is than what they have right now. Tell them that if they don’t use it, they don’t have to pay you. Chances are if they like what they see, they’ll use it – and they will pay you.

Use this strategy when you can selectively, strategically select someone who you want to work with. Someone who you’d love to get a testimonial from. Someone you respect. 

Some people might take advantage of you, but if you get that one, two, or three great clients from this strategy, it’s worth it. You may think you’re working for free, but think of it this way: Someone might decide to replace their copy with yours. And if they do that, they’ll likely offer to pay you. 

By the way, if someone doesn’t give you a testimonial, you’re still gaining experience. Or maybe you’ll even get hired by a long-term, high-paying client, all because you showed them what you could do by writing one page for free, in advance. If what you show them is really good, they might hire you for lots of projects.

Productive entrepreneur

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