Dan Lok

Never Overlook THIS In Your Biz..

I’m about to share with you something so many coaches, experts, consultants, and trainers greatly overlook…

It’s something so important your business can’t survive without it.

Now you may think I’m talking about sales, and as important as sales are…

I’m referring to marketing.

One of the big reasons my YouTube channel has over 4.5 million subscribers and counting…

Is because I use proven marketing principles in my videos and copywriting for the channel.

Whether you want to grow your business faster, speak on stage, appear on podcasts or TV shows, your marketing will help you do that.

So in this week’s newsletter you’ll discover what I believe are some of the most important things your marketing should have to cut through a noisey marketplace.

Why Marketing Is So Important

You already know without marketing, you’ll never get your name out there.

But what’s the actual point of marketing?

Well, as Peter Drucker says “The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.”

Not only do you want the selling of your product or service to become unnecessary…

But you also want people to be sold on you with little convincing.

You should be creating marketing pieces often, on multiple platforms, so the longer you’re in business, the easier it becomes.

If you look at my content, I’ve got TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a website blog that continues to grow.

Now, there’s now way I can create all that content myself, I’m blessed to have a big enough team to help me.

But you want the decision to work with you to be a “no-brainer”.

Simply put, marketing is selling at scale.

Put out one piece of content and an unlimited number of people can see it.

My online content is a perfect example of this.

At any moment, thousands of people are consuming my content and discovering me for the first time, or getting to know me, my brand, and what I do on a deeper level.

Why Your Message Is The Most Important Piece Of Your Marketing

If you look at anyone who’s successful in business, they’ll have a strong message.

They’re not vanilla.

You’ll either like them or you don’t, and that’s what you must portray in your marketing.

You want to be for somebody, NOT for everybody.

My mentor Dan Peña is a perfect example of that.

If you’re familiar with him, you’ll know that like me, he’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Your marketing should attract the right people and repel everyone else.

And the best way to do this is to be authentic.

Speak from the heart without filtering what you’re saying or being obnoxious.

The more REAL you are, the easier you’ll find it to attract the right people to your business.

Back when I taught HTC™, one of my messages was “Develop a high income skill”.

I still believe that today, but another one of my messages is “Go high ticket”.

So, what’s your message?

Take some time to think about it and weave it into your marketing.

If you’d like some help creating your marketing message, then watch this video >>

Why You Must Stand For Something

I’m certain you got into business because you want to make change in the world.

You stand for something specific and that’s why you do what you do.

Before we switched to our current niche, I stood for impacting people with financial education.

I didn’t, and still don’t believe traditional education gets the job done.

I do believe that if you want to become a Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, etc then you must go to college.

But if you want to become financially successful, there are ways of doing it without going to college, and getting into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

And I made sure this message often in my marketing and YouTube videos.

For that reason, my message can be seen as polarizing.

Because some will resonate with it, while others won’t.

And you should be OK with that.

If you’re afraid of being polarizing, then it’s possible you’re a people pleaser, and if so, that is something to work on.

I understand when you put yourself out there you may care what others think of you, your business, or your content…

But you’ll never please everyone, and you shouldn’t care what the people who disagree with you think.

If you worry about what others think, then click here to watch this short video >>

In Closing…

Alway remember.

You’re known for what you believe, not just what you know.

Everything we’ve spoken about is part of what makes up your brand.

One of the first newsletters I wrote was all about branding, so I recommend you look out for an email with the title “Your Ultimate Guide To Personal Branding”… or “5 killer personal branding secrets”.

It will help you craft a deliberate personal brand you can be proud of.

Until next time… go high ticket,

Dan Lok

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7 Sales Tips To Multiply Your Sales

If you’re like most business owners, chances are you either dislike or hate selling…

Because it leaves you feeling sleazy, pushy, and inauthentic…

And if you’re sitting there nodding your head, then I think you’ll find this week’s newsletter a breath of fresh air.

Because today I’ll share different selling strategies, tips, and techniques, not just from my personal experience, but also pulled from other resources online…

In the hope they help you sell without selling.

Even if you’re great at sales, you may like to stick around, because I can almost guarantee you’ll find something that will help you elevate your business.

Why Sales Is A Dirty Word

Almost everyone has experienced a sleazy salesperson or two in their lifetime.

You know the ones.

They’re pushy and always trying to “get” you to buy whatever they’re selling.

Everyone hates to be sold, BUT they love to buy.

So it’s easy to see why most have a negative association with sales.

But as you may know, sales isn’t about getting anything.

It’s about helping your prospect solve their problems or achieve their goals.

Why No One Understands What You’re Selling

Before we get into the tactics etc, as you’re a coach, consultant, expert, trainer, or service professional, I feel this is important.

You’re selling a service which is tangible.

Your prospect can’t see or touch your service.

So it’s your job to communicate the value of what you’re selling so they become your client. 

This is what I call “selling the invisible value”.

And the best way to do this is by using the 3 P’s I talk about in the video below.

In short they are Positioning, Psychology, and Price, and you can get a full explanation of each here >>

How To Turn Your Prospect Into The Salesperson

An important technique I teach my clients and mentees is that you must turn your prospect into the salesperson.

The key difference between a typical salesperson and a closer or sales pro, is the questions they ask.

In fact, typical salespeople ask very few questions, they merely talk at the prospect and rattle off a list of features and benefits and reasons why the prospect should buy.

A sales pro, asks the prospect discovery questions to find out why the two of them are even speaking in the first place.

The sales pro finds out their motivations for booking the call, what their problems and pains are, what their goals and aspirations are…

And once they’ve diagnosed the problem, if they think they can help, and they feel there’s a good fit, they’ll close them on their service.

Now there are countless questions you could ask your prospect, and if you need help in this area, you’re welcome to take one of my trainings on the Dan Lok Shop…

But I want to give you 5 very powerful questions I like to ask my prospects that give me vital info to use later in the call >>

When you ask the right questions the prospect automatically opens up and the more they talk, the more they realize why they need your product or service.

Then they practically sell themselves on taking action to solve their problem with your help.

How To Redefine The Word S.A.L.E.S.

I saw a video on YouTube recently where the creator created an acronym for the word sales.

The words he used were Serve, Ask, Listen, Empathize, and Summarize, and it’s very true, [Name].

Your job is always to serve your prospects, and you can’t do that unless you ask the right questions, listen to the answers, empathize with them, and summarize their situation and repeat it back to them.

This shows you truly understand them and when they can tell you understand them, they’re far more likely to choose you as a solution to their problem.

KEY POINT: They won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Click here if you’d like to see the full video of how to sell WITHOUT being salesy >>

I think you’ll find it very helpful.

3 Sales Tips To Help You Sell Covertly and Multiply Your Sales

If you’re someone who runs regular trainings, you may get people who attend more than one training, even if the trainings are very similar.

Whether this is the case or not, you may feel a little uncomfortable pitching at the end of your free training week in week out.

And if so, I want to share a powerful method my friend Sharran Shrivatsaa uses in his business so he can sell after every training he gives each week without feeling like he’s selling.

If you haven’t heard of Sharran, he took his real estate company Teles Properties from $300 Million to $3.4 Billion in 5 years before exiting.

He has multiple other noteworthy achievements under his belt and he often speaks at my events…

And in this video, he shares his unique strategies for selling without selling and getting a constant flow of referrals.

Click here to discover Sharran’s strategies and implement them into your business today >>

Alex Hormozi’s Unusual Selling Method

Have you ever felt like if only you were more dishonest you’d make more sales…

But you know that you’d never be able to live with yourself if you felt like you lied or weren’t completely honest with your prospects?

Well, fear not my friend because you’re about to discover a stupidly simple persuasion technique that helps you sell far more than you’ve ever sold before…

But also allows you to be completely upfront and honest with your prospect.

It’s the best of both worlds, and I can think of no one better to teach it to you than Alex Hormozi, author of $100 Million Offers.

So if you want to know how to increase your conversions WITHOUT lying to your prospects, click here >>

A Counter-intuitive Method For Detaching From The Sale

I mentioned this in a previous newsletter…

But detaching from the sale is one of the best strategies to increase your sales.

The problem is, it’s much easier said than done, especially when your business is supposed to make money, and at times, making a sale feels like make or break.

So, I found a video that breaks it down for you very simply.

Skip to the 8 minute mark to discover this counter-intuitive but highly effective strategy >>

In Closing…

There are so many great sales strategies and techniques out there that will completely change the game for you.

But if you just implement some of the strategies in this newsletter you’ll see great results over time and sometimes even very quickly.

Until next time…

Go high ticket,

Dan Lok

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3 Ways To WIN In Life

I know you…

I know you joined my email list because you want and deserve a life of abundance, freedom, and fulfillment.

So, today I’m going to share with you exactly how to take your life to brand new heights.

We’ll discuss taking 100% personal responsibility for your results…

And the 3 areas you must work on, and of course, exactly how to do it.

So, let’s go.

How To Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life

You may have heard me say this before…

“If my business sucks, it’s my fault”…

“If I’m not making the money I want, it’s my fault”…

“If I don’t have the impact I want, it’s my fault”…

Now, not everything that happens to you in life may be your fault.

But, if it affects you directly and makes your life worse…

It’s 100% your responsibility to fix it.

When my dad’s business partner betrayed him and left him with millions in debt, that wasn’t my fault.

But after seeing the look of hopelessness on my mom’s face…

I took 100% responsibility for the situation and made damn sure that I would NEVER have to see that look ever again.

Taking 100% responsibility for your life is really doing away with the ‘victim mentality.’

If you’re someone who always looks for someone or something else to blame, you’re acting like a victim.

But if you take 100% responsibility, you immediately become POWERFUL beyond belief.

Because, now your results are in YOUR hands.

Here’s a quick video I shot about the power of taking personal responsibility >>

Once you’ve taken 100% responsibility, you can then begin to work on the 3 areas that will take your life to the next and many levels above where it is today.

The Counter-intuitive Area Of Life You Must Take Control Of

When I was younger, all I did was focus on money.

My goal was to make as much money as possible and didn’t care about the consequences.

And if you look at my YouTube videos, even from just 3-5 years ago, you’ll notice I wasn’t as healthy as I am today.

As you may have seen in a previous newsletter, I now prioritized my health.

I make sure I eat a healthy diet, which means limiting my sugar intake.

I also exercise almost every day first thing after doing the attitude of gratitude.

As a result I’m very happy with what I’ve achieved so far.

So, if daily exercise isn’t something you do, make a start today even if it’s just a 10 minute walk.

Then build it up over time.

Why Must Develop Top Notch Relationship Skills

All business and life success is built on relationships.

Whether you’re looking for a significant other…

A business partner…

Or a client.

Being able to build great relationships will make your life far easier.

Here’s a quick video about how to build great relationships so you can make more money >>

In the video I mention how self-made millionaires are very well connected.

They have big networks of like-minded, and successful people, they can call upon.

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “your network is your net worth.”

Well, it’s very true.

This combined with an ability to build great relationships is a recipe for success.

Imagine being able to walk into a room of strangers and connect with them instantly.

Well, in this video, you’ll get 3 powerful networking secrets of highly influential people >>

So over time, this becomes your reality.

Why EQ Eats IQ For Breakfast

There are many things you could work on to improve your people skills…

But if you’re going to work on ONE thing only, make it your emotional intelligence.

Do this and so much will fall into place for you.

I wasn’t always the most emotionally intelligent person, but over the years I’ve worked on it, and you can too.

In this video you’ll get 7 characteristics of high emotional intelligence >>

Make a note of which ones you possess and which ones you could work on, and work on them daily.

And if you’re still convinced, and think that your IQ is more important than your EQ, watch this video here >>

Why A High Income Skills are The KEY to Abundance and Freedom

Let me ask you something…

What do you desire out of life?

Do you want to live anywhere you want?

Do you want to work part time and make a full time income?

Do you want to work full time and make 3 times or more what you currently earn?

No matter what you want, a high income skill makes it possible.

But, if you haven’t started developing a high income skill, your challenge is finding a skill that suits your personality.

I’ve already released a high income skills newsletter and a 2023 update, so if you haven’t read those, check your inbox.

But in short, if you’re introverted, a skill like copywriting, coding, or digital marketing may suit you well.

If you’re more extroverted, then you’ll love closing.

Each skill has its pros and cons but all skills will pay you handsomely when you get good enough.

And if you’re wondering what’s the difference between high income skills and a high income job, then you’ll want to watch this video >>

In closing…

The 3 areas of health, wealth, and relationships, are KEY to an extraordinary life.

Of course it takes time to build these up, but don’t do what I did and only work on money at the expense of your health.

The healthier you are, the more productive you are.

The better relationships you have, the more money you’ll make.

I hope this has helped you in some way.

To your success,

Dan Lok

P.S. If you’re ready to develop your copy skills, click here to check out our range of copywriting trainings >>

If you’re ready to become a high ticket closer, then click here to pick out a closing product that catches your eye >>

Post-Launch Strategies: Growing and Scaling Your Course

Congratulations on successfully launching your Kajabi course! 

Now that your course is live and students are embarking on their learning journey, it’s time to shift your focus to post-launch strategies that will enable you to grow and scale your course effectively. 

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through proven strategies to promote continued enrollment growth, maintain course quality, and explore opportunities for expansion.

Strategy 1: Leveraging Testimonials and Success Stories 

One of the most powerful ways to attract new students post-launch is through testimonials and success stories from your existing students. 

Reach out to your satisfied students and request their feedback on the course’s impact. 

Use these testimonials on your sales page, social media, and marketing materials to build trust and credibility with potential students.

Strategy 2: Implementing Referral Programs 

Word-of-mouth marketing can be a game-changer for your course’s growth. Create a referral program that incentivizes your current students to invite their friends and colleagues to enroll in your course. 

Offer discounts, bonuses, or exclusive content as rewards for successful referrals.

Strategy 3: Engaging with Your Audience 

Stay actively engaged with your students through various communication channels. 

Host live Q&A sessions, webinars, or virtual meetups to address their questions and provide additional value. A thriving and interactive community fosters loyalty and encourages students to continue their learning journey with you.

Strategy 4: Ongoing Content Updates 

Keep your course content fresh and relevant by regularly updating it with new insights, case studies, or industry developments. Continuous improvement enhances the value of your course and encourages students to return for additional learning opportunities.

Strategy 5: Upselling and Cross-selling 

Once your students have completed your core course, offer them advanced or specialized modules as upsells. Cross-selling complementary courses or resources can also add value to their learning experience. The goal is to retain existing students by providing them with additional learning opportunities.

Strategy 6: Webinars and Workshops 

Webinars and workshops are powerful tools for post-launch promotion. Host free webinars on related topics to attract new leads and showcase your expertise. Offer limited-time discounts or bonuses to attendees to drive enrollments.

Strategy 7: Analyzing Data and Metrics 

Track and analyze data on student engagement, completion rates, and feedback to gain insights into the effectiveness of your course. 

Use this data to identify areas for improvement and tailor your content to meet your students’ needs better.

Strategy 8: Creating Evergreen Funnels 

While the initial launch may be live, consider setting up evergreen funnels to continue enrolling students automatically. 

Evergreen funnels allow you to attract new students and make sales even after the launch phase has ended.

Strategy 9: Diversifying Offerings 

Explore opportunities to expand your course offerings or create additional courses in related niches. 

Diversifying your offerings can attract a broader audience and increase your revenue streams.

An example of this is www.danlokshop.com  

Strategy 10: Partnering and Collaborations 

Consider partnering with other course creators or industry experts for collaborations. Joint ventures can expand your reach to new audiences and introduce your course to potential students who may not have discovered it otherwise.

As you implement these post-launch strategies, remember to stay attentive to your students’ needs and continuously seek opportunities for improvement. 

By combining effective marketing tactics with a commitment to delivering exceptional learning experiences, you’ll position yourself for continued growth and success in the world of online education.

To your unstoppable success,

Dan Lok

P.s. If you haven’t already…

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Launch Day! Unveiling Your Successful Kajabi Course

Hello, course creator!

Today marks an exhilarating day – the long-awaited launch of your Kajabi course. Congratulations on reaching this milestone! 

As we embark on this momentous journey together, I want to ensure that your launch day is nothing short of remarkable. 

In this guide, I’ll provide you with a step-by-step approach to unveil your successful Kajabi course with confidence, excitement, and poise.

Step 1: Celebrate Your Accomplishment 

Take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate your hard work, dedication, and creativity that went into creating your course! You’ve poured your heart and soul into this project, and it’s time to revel in your achievement. 

Treat yourself to something special and enjoy the sense of fulfillment that comes with sharing your knowledge with the world.

Step 2: Welcoming New Students 

As the course doors swing open, warmly greet your new students. Send out personalized welcome messages or emails to express your gratitude for their enrollment. 

Let them know how excited you are to have them on board and how your course will transform their learning experience.

Step 3: Managing Course Enrollments 

With the influx of new students, ensure that your course enrollment process is seamless. Double-check that your payment gateways are functioning correctly, and troubleshoot any potential issues in advance. 

A smooth enrollment process sets the stage for a positive learning journey.

Step 4: Guiding Student Access 

Once enrolled, guide your students on how to access the course materials. Provide clear instructions on navigating the course platform and accessing individual modules or lessons. 

If you have any assessments or quizzes, explain how they can interact with these valuable learning tools.

Step 5: Encourage Engagement and Interaction 

Foster a sense of community and engagement among your students right from the start. 

Encourage them to participate in discussions, ask questions, and share their thoughts. 

You can create a dedicated forum or community within your course platform where students can interact and learn from each other.

Step 6: Launch Day Specials 

To make your launch day even more enticing, consider offering limited-time specials or bonuses. 

These exclusive offers can create a sense of urgency, motivating potential students to enroll before the opportunity expires.

Step 7: Capture Feedback 

As your course begins, be open to receiving feedback from your students. Their insights can be invaluable in fine-tuning your course and enhancing the overall learning experience. 

Encourage them to provide feedback through surveys or direct messages.

If this is your first course, I recommend you get on the phone and call them! Let them know how much you appreciate their support and valuable feedback.

Step 8: Addressing Early Concerns 

During the launch phase, some students may have questions or concerns. Be prompt in addressing these queries and offering assistance.

Providing exceptional customer support demonstrates your commitment to their success.

Step 9: Social Media Buzz 

Leverage the power of social media to amplify your course launch.

Jump on lives, share updates, testimonials, and exciting snippets from your course content to build anticipation among your followers.

Step 10: Stay Committed 

Your launch day is just the beginning of an incredible journey.. 

Stay committed to nurturing your course, engaging with your students, and continuously improving your content. Your dedication to excellence will be reflected in the success of your students.

Remember, this is your moment to shine, and I have full confidence in your ability to deliver an exceptional learning experience. 

Celebrate the launch, embrace the opportunities ahead, and witness the impact of your knowledge and expertise on the lives of your students.

To your unstoppable success,

Dan Lok

P.s. If you haven’t already…

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Not Paid What You’re Worth?

Coaching can be one of the most rewarding and lucrative businesses you could start…

But, as you may know, you can’t just be a coach, consultant, expert, or trainer, and make a lot of money.

Your business must be a HIGH TICKET business.

One HUGE problem I see many coaches and consultants face is they don’t know their worth.

As such, they give away free strategy or clarity calls…

And don’t charge enough.

So, in this week’s newsletter you’ll discover how to charge what you’re worth, so you can make more money, and give yourself and your family the lifestyle they deserve.

Why Free Strategy Session Don’t Work

I know a lot of the “gurus” out there swear by giving away free sessions…

And on the surface it makes sense.

If you give away a full session and coach someone to help them achieve part of their goals, they’d be crazy not to work with you long term and pay for your time, right?


In my experience, a high percentage of people who take you up on a free session do so because it’s free.

And if you want to hear a funny story of when I first started out doing marketing consulting for free, you’ll love this video >>

So what’s the best way to close new clients?

I shot you a quick video where you’ll discover:

  • Why free strategy sessions are BAD for positioning
  • Why it’s hard to balance how much value to give in each call
  • How to set up a filter to ensure you only speak with qualified prospects
  • My 4 step qualification process that makes the above filter work, and more!

Click here to check out the video >>

So you now know why free coaching or consulting is a bad idea, but that’s only half the battle.

Your next problem could be charging too little for your time.

So let’s talk about that.

3 Reasons Why Undercharging Hurts Your Coaching Business

In my opinion, high ticket pricing is the only way to run a business.


Because low ticket prices create all kinds of issues.

One HUGE problem is your ability to spend money on marketing and advertising.

If your fees are low, there’s no way you can outspend your competitors for clients.

And this is just the beginning.

Here are 3 other reasons why undercharging hurts your coaching business.

  1. A new client doesn’t add much to your bottom line.

    If you’re going after cheap clients with a low cost offer, you’ll likely see a big client turnover as they aren’t very committed.

    You’re constantly having to hunt for new clients but if your margins are low, one client doesn’t make much difference to your business.

    Versus, high ticket clients which could mean an extra few thousand to your business.
  2. Naturally, if one client doesn’t make a huge difference to your business, you need far more clients to make 6 figures.

    Rather than 20 $5K clients to make $100K, you’ll need 200, $500 clients.

    Remember, Business is a game of margins not volume.
  3. The less they pay, the less committed they are, as I mentioned above, but they also value you and your expertise less.

    Versus, high ticket clients who are committed and truly value your time, expertise, and what you have to offer.

    They know real results take time, and they’re not afraid to put in the work to get what they want.

For 2 more reasons why undercharging hurts your business, click here >>

How To Calculate What Your Time Is Worth

No matter how much you want to make per year, your time has a specific value.

If you don’t know what that number is, you’ll likely invest your valuable time into tasks that won’t take you closer to your goals.

Put another way, if you invest your time into a task so you can save $50 an hour, but your time must be worth $200 an hour…

Then you haven’t saved $50. You’ve lost $150, because you could have earned $200 and outsourced the task for $50.

So, if you want to calculate how much your time must be worth in order to hit your income goals…

Click here for a very powerful video on the value of time and charging what you’re worth >>

In the above video, you’ll also discover WHY you may not be charging what you’re worth and more.

How To Know Your Worth and Ask For It

As you saw in the last video, your goal should be to ask for as much as the market is willing to pay.

If your clients are getting value and a good return on investment, then they’ll have no problem paying you what you’re worth.

Price is only a problem in the absence of value.

That’s how I’ve been able to go from charging $5K an hour, to $10K, and now to $25K per hour.

Because they’re not paying for my time, they’re paying for the value I bring to the hour.

Here’s a short clip from High Ticket Mastery™  where I talk about charging what you’re worth and the two common reactions people have when you tell them your price >>

In Closing…

Stay away from free sessions…

Don’t undercharge…

Know what your time must be worth…

And always charge as high as the market is willing to pay

Until next time… go high ticket,

Dan Lok

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Where over 3 mindblowing days, you’ll get the exact blueprint I’ve used to sell over $100 million in coaching and consulting in just a few short years.

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Everytime we run the challenge we step it up a notch, and if the last challenge is anything to go by, then this one will be a force to be reckoned with.

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