Dan Lok

Secret Currency Pays You Over And Over?

You may have heard the line “attention is the new currency”

Well, it’s very true.

You can’t expect anyone to pay you if they don’t first pay you attention.

And with so many coaches, consultants, and experts out there, you must have a way of winning attention, and converting that attention into sales.

So in this week’s newsletter, you’ll discover.

How to start and build a thriving community that supports each other and takes action on your offers.

When we ran our High Ticket Closer Certification™ as a business opportunity, we built an amazing community in our private Facebook group.

People loved being there, and although the intention of the group was more for student development than to make sales, the members were engaged and very supportive of each other.

We kicked anyone out who we deemed “bad apples” who didn’t follow our guidelines, but I digress.

Let’s start with…

5 Benefits Of Building A Thriving Community

This list is not exhaustive, but if you can build a thriving community, you’re automatically more in touch with your members.

You’ll gain valuable feedback to help make the community the best it can be.

You can create a safe place for your prospects to share their learnings and takeaways, where they feel understood and can relate to one another.

You can build amazing relationships with your prospects, which in turn creates high levels of loyalty and retention when they finally become clients.

The Difference Between an Audience and A Community

There are pros and cons of each of the above, and here are some of them.

With an audience your pros are your ability to reach more people.

People can share your content… and you can connect with people on platforms that they’re familiar with.

Some cons include, you could fall victim to algorithm changes, you’re competing for your audiences’ attention, and you have no control over the platform.

If you say something the platform doesn’t like, you could be removed forever.

With a community, you have people’s full attention, you can create a private space for your members free from ridicule from non-members, and you have a higher level of control of the platform.

Some cons may include, it’s more difficult to be discovered, your content is only sharable amongst your members, and your members may not spend much time on the platform, which can make things difficult for them.

Overall however, your community should be more about the people than the platform.

The Most Two Important Questions You Must Know The Answer To

Whether your community is free or paid, you must be able to answer these questions.

Why would anyone want to join your community, and why would they stay?

Your goal for your community should be to give immense value no one else in your niche is offering.

You’re creating a community people would pay to be a member of, even if it’s free.

Help them solve problems… level up in their life… share their wins, and many other things.

But don’t give them access to your best stuff.

If you help them level up, eventually they’ll run into more problems, and to solve those problems, they’ll need to invest in themselves at a higher level.

And who do you think they’ll want to help them? You, or someone they’re not familiar with?

The answer is obvious.

What Platforms Are Best For Your Community?

You wouldn’t be running this type of community, but gamers would prefer platforms like Twitch or Discord, because that’s where they spend most of their time.

You want the platform you choose to be as easy to access as possible for your community members.

Some popular choices are Facebook, Discord, Telegram, Slack, plus a host of others.

Initially we used Facebook for our S.M.A.R.T. Challenges, business events, and Dan on Demand etc…

But in recent years we’ve switched to Telegram.


Because the reach in Facebook groups isn’t what it used to be…

And most people use Telegram on their phone, which means they’re far more likely to see the messages and interact with the group.

So, do some research on the platform you think would be best for your members.

How To Grow Your Community

There are many ways to grow your community.

You can promote on your social platforms or podcasts to your current audience.

To ensure you get the best prospects inside your group, you may want them to hit certain criteria before they’re approved to enter, because you don’t want a community of tyre kickers.

You can set up paid ads to reach a wider audience, and you can also set up chatbots on your IG or FB pages to funnel people into your group.

There are many other ways to promote it, but these are just a few examples.

How to Never Run Out Of Content To Post

As you’re building a community around your products and services, you should already have a solid idea about who your ideal prospect is.

With that in mind, you want to think of as many things as possible that are important to them.

What are their goals and aspirations?

What are the common roadblocks, obstacles, and problems they’d like to avoid?

Then you want to brainstorm how your products and services help them either reach their goals or avoid common roadblocks.

Then you can pick one and create content around it and relate it back to your products and services every now and then so when they’re ready to achieve more, they know where to go.

You want a high value to pitch ratio, so 1 pitch for every 4 value posts is a good place to start.

That’s not to say your pitch posts won’t contain any value at all, you can mix the two together.

In closing…

Building a community is a great way of setting yourself aside from your competition and building trust, which translates into greater impact and of course more sales.

Until next time, go high ticket,

Dan Lok

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Want To Survive The Next Recession? (Do This)

Back in 2020 when the pandemic threw the world economy into a tailspin…

Everyone thought we were in for a world recession…

And while there we did experience some economic turmoil…

Experts are saying that was nothing compared to what’s around the corner.

They say a depression is a very high possibility.

Because recessions tend to happen every 7 years, we’re long overdue for one…

As the last one was the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.

So in this week’s newsletter, I’ll share ways you can prepare and survive the next recession…

And if you’re savvy, make money and expand your business while others contract theirs.

Why Your Mindset is KEY In a Recession

To kick this off, click here to watch this YouTube shorts video to get into the right mindset going into a recession >>

You see, preparing for a recession is all about how you view it.

Most people see a recession as the end of the world, but there’s a small percentage of people who thrive and make more money in a recession.

How To Recession Proof Your Income and Business

In my career, I’ve been through many economic downturns.

And if you look throughout history, recessions actually get shorter and we bounce back faster.

There’s no telling how long the next recession will last, so here are 3 things you can do to prepare for it >>

I truly believe everyone can survive a recession if they’re well prepared.

But you must start as soon as possible.

Recessions affect everyone in different ways, and most people don’t think a recession will affect them, but they’re wrong.

It’s those people who panic when the recession hits, because they weren’t prepared.

They try to fix their situation, but it’s too late.

So let’s assume, you’ve done the things I mention in the video above.

You’ve got one or more skills you can use to make money…

You continue to stack cash and keep it on hand…

And you have a recession proof business.

Another thing you’ll want to do is pay off any outstanding debt.

As interest rates around the world continue to climb, any debt costs you more to service.

Doing these 4 things puts you in a great position to make money during a recession.

As Warren Buffett says “Bad news is an investor’s best friend”…

So, let’s dive into some ways you can take advantage of the upcoming recession and set yourself up for financial success.

How To Make Millions In The Next Recession

The more skills you have, the better chance your business has of surviving.

With the success of your business, ensure you stack as much cash as possible

They say “cash is trash” and normally I’d agree, but in a recession, cash is KING.

You always need cash in case of emergencies.

But when the time comes, you’ll need cash to invest in investments of your choice.

Most people make money from stocks and real estate in a recession.

Why those investments?

Because as people sell to get out of the market to salvage their net worth or pay back debt…

This is the best time to get a bargain.

DISCLAIMER: In no way is this financial advice. You must always do your due diligence before making any type of investment decision and never invest in anything you don’t understand.

Mark Tilbury is someone who’s lived through a few recessions and been very successful at profiting from them.

You may like to check out this video where he discusses his strategies for recession profits >> 

There are so many great YouTube videos out there on how to prepare and profit from the coming recession.

Feel free to do your own research if you want to dive deeper into this topic.

I’m going to leave you with a longer video, you may like to watch by Valuetainment.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • A history of the 10 worst American stock market crashes, and how to prepare for the next one…
  • Why a recession is a good time for you to start a business…
  • How to make millions in the next recession…
  • And so much more

Click here to get Patrick Bet David’s market crash strategies >> 

To recap, develop your skills, pay off any debt, and stack cash, for emergencies and invest when the time is right.

Recessions come and go, and although they can be challenging, you’re more than capable of weathering this storm and emerging financially stronger.

Until next time, go high ticket,

Dan Lok

P.S. – Your business is one of your biggest assets in a recession.

I have expanded during these contractionary times, and the businesses that follow suit also go on to have major growth once the recession ends.

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Don’t Believe 6 Figures Can Happen For You?

Quick question…

Do you want to make 6 figures?

If so, then read this email very carefully, because I’m going to break down how to make it not just possible, but probable.

First things first, there’s a lot that goes into hitting your first $10K month…

No matter whether you’re working a job or you have a skill-based business like copywriting or closing.

Why You Must Believe 6 Figures Is Possible

You must first BELIEVE it is possible to make 6 figures in one year.

You must also believe it is possible for YOU.

Seeing others make 6 figures is one thing but if you don’t believe you can, then you never will.

You may have heard me say this before, “You’ll never make $100K with $50K per year habits”...

And it’s very true.

Because if you want to make 6 figures, you’re going to have to cut out all the things that don’t serve you.

TV, video games, partying, and anything else that eats your time but offers little return.

It’s possible you can do those things again after you see some success, but the question is ‘will you still want to?’

You should start viewing yourself as the CEO of your own business, and your business is your life.

Everything in your life should be worked on to be optimized, including your health and relationships, but today, we’ll talk optimizing your wealth.

How To Simplify Your Income Goals

I know $100K+ can seem like a lot of money.

Another part of making 6 figures is believing that it’s easy.

I like to break it down into a daily income goal, which I explain in under 2 minutes here >

If you’re working a job and there’s just no way you could ever get to $10K in that position, then the best option for you is to start a side hustle with a high income skill.

That way you can make money in your free time.

If you want to know what side hustles you could start to make up to $200 per hour, then click here >>

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I believe a high income skill is the best way to make your first 6 figures.

Different Ways You Can Use Your Skills To Make 6 Figures

Depending on your skillset, you’ll need to structure your deals and pricing in a certain way.

If you’re a closer, you’ll likely make 10% per sale, so you’ll want to partner with clients who have high ticket products or services.

If your client’s package is $5K, and you make $500 per sale, you’ll need to close 5 sales per week to make $10K per month.

In this video, I break down some other ways you can use your skill to make 6 figures >>

If your skill is Copywriting, then there are 3 key things you must do to increase your earning potential and hit 6 figures.

The first two are obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many copywriters either overlook them, or ignore them completely.

The third one is less obvious and VERY counter-intuitive.

If you want to know the 3 things you must do to increase your copywriting income, then click here >>

What To Do If You Feel Like You’re Running Out Of Time

Now, you may feel as though you’re getting older faster, and time is of the essence.

If so, how do you master a skill fast?

If that sounds like you, then click here for the fastest way to master a skill >>

The good thing is you don’t need to master a skill to make 6 figures.

In fact, if you mastered any skill, you’d be making far more than 6 figures with it.

All you need to do is get good enough to make 6 figures.

But What If You’re Younger And Feel Lost In Life, What Do You Do Then?

In my opinion, narrow down a number of things you’d like to try and try each one until you find something you love.

If you’d like to know what one of my successful mentees Stephen did when he was in his early twenties and lost, then click here >>

A Final Piece Of Advice Most Never Think of When Striving For 6 Figures

When I was younger people would ask me all the time to do odd jobs for them.

I told them “I’ll pay for someone to come and help you, but I won’t do it.”

My goals were too important, I had to be working, and the same goes for you.

Let’s say you’re mowing the lawn to save money, and it costs you $25 per hour to hire someone, but your hourly rate is $50. 

You’re not saving $25 per hour, you’re losing $25 per hour.

Because in the time you spent saving $25 you could have made $50.

Just some food for thought.

Now, you’re armed with the right strategies to make 6 figures a reality, I wish you all the best and hope you achieve your goals.

To your success

Dan Lok

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High Ticket Conversion: What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Imagine this situation for a moment; you’re seeing a record number of visitors to your website. You’re thrilled until you go to check your conversions.

To your dismay, you see that you’re not receiving any more conversions than you did before the huge influx of traffic. What gives? How can you improve your high ticket conversion rate?

This situation highlights the need for conversion rate optimization. Conversion rate optimization is the practice of testing different components on your website to improve your conversion rate.

Your conversion rate is a calculation. It’s the number of people who visit your website divided by the number of people who perform the desired action.

In the article below, you’ll find a helpful guide that will help you understand more about conversion rate optimization. Continue reading to learn more about how to improve your conversion rate and get more people into your marketing funnel.

Conversion Rate Optimization Starts with a Great CTA

Improving your conversion rate means convincing more people to click on certain links or fill out certain forms on your website. When you’re engaging in team building for your business, be sure to hire someone who can write a great call to action (CTA).

Great CTAs work across many different business models. They work whether you’re trying to bring prospects into your marketing funnel or convince website visitors to make a purchase right away.

Be sure to experiment with different types of CTAs. Also, consider showing one CTA to your organic traffic visitors and a different CTA to your paid traffic visitors.

Experiment with Different Landing Page Layouts

Sometimes, the best page for conversion rate optimization may not be your homepage. See if your conversion rate improves if you send website visitors to a dedicated landing page. This is important to keep in mind when you’re running paid ad campaigns.

Strategic thinking related to landing page optimization will help you find the page that drives the most conversions. Try to send website visitors to a landing page that is related to the ad they clicked on, and see if that helps improve your conversion rate.

Use Social Proof to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Social proof includes things like reviews, ratings, and testimonials. You can use these social impact tools to convince website visitors that your product or service is worth looking into. You can pull reviews from review sites and post them on your page or display any awards or badges that your business has earned.

How to Increase Your High Ticket Conversion Rate

The information in the article above should help you figure out how to think about conversion rate optimization and high ticket conversion.

The key is to test different copy, imagery, and button placement until you find the combination that leads to more conversions. If you’re interested in learning how about conversion rate optimization, be sure to reach out to the team at Dan Lok.

Richest Man In The World’s Success Secrets (Inside)

Today, you’ll get valuable insight into the success secrets of some of the world’s most successful people.

So without further ado, let’s begin.

Why Self-Confidence Is The Key To Your Success

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I believe self-confidence determines your success in all areas of life.

I think back to when I was in high school.

I had such little confidence and was so afraid of life.

I was teased and bullied often.

It wasn’t until I started taking martial arts classes that my confidence improved.

The bullies started to notice and left me alone.

Some of them even became my students at lunch when I taught others what I’d learned.

Self-confidence is one of Tony Starks biggest secrets to success, and in this video, I break down Tony’s 9 secrets, so click here to install them in your mind and become your own Ironman >>

Why Your Race Doesn’t Matter

It’s easy to see your race as a roadblock,

But as a minority who is now very successful, I can tell you your race doesn’t matter.

It may mean you have to work harder to achieve your goals, (I know I did) but if you look, you’ll see successful minorities everywhere.

That goes for anything that could be deemed a disadvantage.

If you look hard enough you’ll find miraculous stories of people who achieved the seemingly impossible.

This is one of Bruce Lee’s secrets to success, and if you’re a Bruce Lee fan like me, or simply want to know how he saw and achieved greatness, then click here >>

Why You Must Take Risks

If you want success, you have to take risks.

No one ever played it safe and achieve their dreams.

I’m sure you’ve heard that your life begins outside of your comfort zone.

It’s very true.

If everything you ever wanted was inside your comfort zone, you’d already have it, wouldn’t you?

Stretching your comfort zone is difficult, which is why you must take baby steps.

Stretch it too fast, and you’ll find you step backward into safety, more often than not.

Richard Branson is one man who’s taken more risks than most.

He’s a serial entrepreneur with 12 billion dollar companies, and I share his secrets to success with you here >>

How To Conquer Your Fears

When you push the edges of your comfort zone, a natural byproduct of this will be conquering your fears.

Everything that scares you is merely an obstacle in the way of your achieving your dreams and the success you desire.

And here’s the thing…

The only two fears you’re born with are the fear of falling backward and the fear of loud noises.

Every other fear has been learned, which means you can unlearn them and overcome them.

Conquering your fears is one of Batman’s rules for success.

There’s so much we can learn from movies and superheroes.

I urge you to click here to discover more of Batman’s rules for success if you desire to have rock-solid confidence and the courage of the caped crusader >>

How To Have a High Pain Tolerance

Just as Batman has a high tolerance for pain, you must also work on yours if you want to achieve wild levels of success.

When talking about starting a business, Elon Musk is quoted as saying “number one is having a high pain threshold”.

One day, my mentor the 50 billion dollar man Dan Peña quizzed me.

He said, “Dan, what do you think makes a business successful?”

I shot all these obvious answers at him.

“A great product…”

“Great pricing…”

“Great marketing…”

All were wrong, he said, “It’s the entrepreneur’s ability to endure pain for long periods of time.”

And Elon Musk shares this view.

If you’d like a deeper dive into the mind of genius entrepreneur Elon Musk and what makes him so successful, then click here >>  

How To Find Opportunity In Times of Crisis

Did you know the Chinese character for ‘Crisis’ is actually made up of two characters? On their own, they read ‘Danger’ and ‘Opportunity’.

The world continues to live through times of crisis, and even though many businesses collapsed over the last few years, there have been other people who saw and capitalized on the opportunity.

Jack Ma is one of my favorite entrepreneurs to study and truly believes there is opportunity everywhere >>

I agree, and it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

Click the link above to discover Jack Ma’s secret to success so you too can see opportunity in times of crisis.

Why It Pays To Be Mission Driven

If you want to build an amazing company eventually or even an amazing life, it’s easy to let your ego get in the way.

When I was younger, I had a big ego.

I didn’t think I needed anyone’s help and I’d do things on my own.

It was my ego that landed me $150K in debt and with 13 failed businesses to my name.

There are in fact 13 different egos that kill your success, and you’ll find all of them here >>

I’ve been guilty of a few of these in the past, and I can almost guarantee you’ll have at least one of these, and that’s OK.

Just know it’s something to work on and grow from.

I’ve also compiled a list of Game of Thrones Jon Snow’s secrets to success, one of which is being mission-driven and not ego-driven.

You can get all of Jon’s secrets here >>

Remember, you’re in complete control.

Success isn’t this elusive thing that only a few are worthy of or meant for.

Sure, it’s only a small percentage who do achieve it.

But if it’s possible for a minority, who moved to Canada without a word of English on his lips to bounce back from $150K of debt, and achieve great success…

Then it’s absolutely possible for you too.

Dan Lok

P.S. –  As self-confidence is the foundation of success in life and business…

I took the liberty of creating a short video course that will help you build rock-solid confidence…

So you feel more focused, and more determined, foster unlimited drive, and go after your goals with gusto and certainty.

If you know you were meant for more but just need a little nudge and boost of self-confidence every now and then, then click here to check it out >>

3 Types Of Systems EVERY Business Needs

I’m about to reveal how to overcome the one thing that trips so many business owners up…

I’m talking about scaling.

Scaling just doesn’t mean making more money or growing your client base.

It means growing fast, being more profitable, and doing so without more effort on your behalf.

Because let’s be honest…

You may be growing but it likely comes at the cost of more of your time.

You find that you’re so busy being busy you don’t have time to work ON the business because all your time is spent IN the business.

And if you want to scale you must have a number of things in place.

So let’s quickly talk about what you need in your business to scale.

The Missing Link To Scaling Your Business Fast

You may have heard me say this before.

“If your business isn’t systems dependent, it’s dependent on you.”

And if that’s the case, you’ll never attain the time freedom you desire.

Isn’t that one of the main reasons you got into business in the first place?

Here’s a question to ask yourself…

Are you creating an asset or buying yourself a job?

If you want to scale, this video explains in detail why you need a business model that is replicable and scalable >>

Now, I’m not saying you need to create the next Apple or Amazon and hire thousands of employees…

But, if you’re not growing you’re dying.

You need to grow and expand if you want wealth and freedom. 

Without growth, you’ll continue to be a slave to your business, instead of it being a vehicle that brings you wealth, time, and freedom.

Now you may be wondering, “when is the right time to focus on systems, and what systems will I need in my business?”

Good question.

Every business is different, but in some ways, they’re also very similar.

This video explains exactly when and why you’d want systems in your business >>

3 Types of Systems Every Business Needs

Hard systems, soft systems, and information systems are the 3 types of systems.

This quick video explains the different systems in detail so you know exactly what systems you may need in your business >>

When you choose and install a system, it’s important to bear in mind that a system should solve your problems forever, not just once.

Systems are there to make your and your employees’ lives easier.

If you don’t have solid systems in place when an employee leaves they’ll take their knowledge with them, and you have to train their replacement.

But if you have a system in place, you can get another team member to train them on how to operate the system. 

That’s why systems are so powerful and essential.

They’re there to do the heavy lifting for you, and you need them to scale.

How to Install Systems In your Business

A lot of people complicate systems, but if you’re stuck on how to use them in your business…

I’ve got you covered.

Click here to discover how to save yourself stress, time, effort, and money with systems >>

Systems allow you to work on your business and not in your business.

Which is what every entrepreneur needs if they want to scale.

Because not working IN your business all day gives you valuable time to strategize the best ways forward >>

The video above will teach exactly how to work ON your business rather than IN it.

How To Scale your Business

Once you have the right systems, you’re almost ready to scale.

But in order to scale you must know the 3 important numbers I teach here >>

BOTTOM LINE: If these numbers aren’t favorable, you’re in no position to scale.

You must have high margins to scale because as you grow your cost of fulfillment increases and the less profitable you’ll become. 

You also need high margins so you can outspend your competitors.

Don’t forget, it’s the person who spends the most to acquire a customer that wins market share.

Here’s a real-life example of how and when it’s a good time to scale your business >>

At any given moment in your business, you want to be able to know how healthy your business is.

Alex Hormozi breaks down his favorite way of getting a quick snapshot of your business >>

Using the method he teaches in the video above you’ll gain 4 pieces of very powerful data quickly and easily…

So you can see what needs to change in order for you to hit your business goals, continue to grow, and so much more.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of High Ticket Weekly.

But before you go…

In just a few weeks, we’ll be running our next S.M.A.R.T. Challenge™.

When you join us, you’ll get my best strategies to SCALE, SYSTEMIZE, and SUSTAIN your business for years to come.

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See you there,

Dan Lok

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