As more and more people shift to working from home, everyone wonders what’s the best way to make money online.

But not everyone is comfortable with the idea of earning income online. 

We’re used to following the traditional route: graduate school, a well-paid job, stability. 

Well, it doesn’t always have to be that way. 

You see, having a well-paid job could mean sacrificing a lot. You may end up spending most of your day commuting in traffic. If that’s the case, then does that count as living your life?

But when you also generate income online, you can have the flexibility and financial stability. 

That means you don’t need to rely on one paycheck to survive. 

When you find ways to make money online, you’ll have income on the side. Or you can also focus on making money online full-time.

In this article, you’ll discover the best way to make money online. Here are some options to can choose from:


If there’s a skill or hobby you’ve always enjoyed, you could learn more about it. Then start building your portfolio and get paid as a freelancer. 

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online. As the internet continues to innovate, it has never been easier for freelancers to start.

According to Fast Company, 35% of the U.S. workforce is now freelancing—10 million more than 5 years ago.

Many platforms offer freelancers and business owners a place to connect and work with each other. You can try websites like,, or

All you need to do is create a profile, set it up for success, and apply for the listings that suit you.

It’s like publishing your resume online for everyone to see and having multiple clients hire you. The best part: you get to determine how much you’d like to get paid. 

If you’re interested in skills like writing, designing, digital marketing, or any tasks that can be done online, then freelancing could be for you.

Social Media Management

It is possible to make a full-time income from managing and strategizing social media accounts.

If you already know how to use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, this can be one best way to make money online.

Many companies and business owners are willing to pay someone to maintain their social media platforms. That’s because they’re too busy to manage multiple accounts every day.

Instead, you can learn what it’s like to strategize and to boost engagement. It’s something we’ve all done on our social media before, except you would get paid by someone to help with their accounts. 

When it comes to social media, a lot of time and energy goes into building each brand. Every account must stay consistent to increase outreach and secure a customer base. 

It is crucial to grab the audience’s attention, be creative, and enhance the brand value.

Website Designing

If you’re tech-savvy and interested in coding and design, you could consider designing websites for companies.

Not all business owners will know design. They prefer to stick with what they’re good at and to hire someone to build a better website than they could.

New businesses are forming every day, and there’s always a demand for website designs. Without a website, how will companies sell their products or services?

There are free website templates available to business owners. However, this is not the same as having a website designer create one for you.

That’s because website designers can turn your vision into a reality. 

They can customize websites the way you want a website, so that it will be unique. If every company used the same template, that would negatively affect how they’re seen. 

Also, every great business owner knows that websites need constant maintenance. There will be updates or bugs to be taken care of so that the website may continue to function. 

According to HubSpot, only 11% of web designers say their clients can update their websites once built.

So it’s not just the design work. If you know how to maintain websites in their best condition, companies will likely want to hire you on an on-going basis to make sure everything keeps running flawlessly.


There are many types of writing you can do. There’s content writing, blogging, copywriting, book writing, and more.

The point is – everyone needs writing to convey their messages online. And most people are willing to pay someone else to help them write for them.

Even social media is about writing. Don’t you need a caption to go with every post? 

The caption can be just as meaningful as the image itself. With the right words, you could get more followers or even new customers. 

You can even write for yourself instead of writing for someone else.

You could focus on copywriting if you have your own offer you’d like to scale. If you create a blog you can start monetizing through ads, product reviews, and more. 

Or…you can write a book. The good thing about publishing and selling your book is that you only have to write it once, and it will continue to sell. That’s a way to make passive income online. 

And if you have what it takes, proofreading could be another opportunity for you to help writers edit their work.

These skills go hand in hand and will always be in demand.

Content Creation

If you don’t like writing and prefer being in front of the camera instead, then content creating could be for you.

Content creating can include modeling and posing for photographs, making new videos, or editing content. Getting paid as a content creator can be a lot of fun. 

For some people, creating content comes naturally. For others, always coming up with new ideas can be frustrating. 

If you think you can create content that most people will like, you can make money doing it. 

Let’s take photographers, for example. 

They have an excellent eye for taking pictures in the right angles and lighting. If they can make unique images, they’ll get a lot of attention.

That’s why companies like to hire professional photographers. If their images attract more customers, they’ll gladly keep paying content creators to create more. 

The same goes for videographers and video editors. 

Anyone can stay in front of the camera and hit the record button, but it’s more exciting to watch something with special effects and music.

Imagine if movies weren’t edited. Do you think the reviews would be the same? Probably not.

Content editors help bring the idea alive and make it better.

If you want to make content for yourself, you can always use social media platforms such as YouTube to monetize your content. 

Keep in mind that people like to watch what’s valuable to them. The more value they can get out of it, the more engagement you’ll have and the more you’ll get paid.


Consulting is essentially selling your expertise to people who need guidance. A consultant may be seen as something of a tutor.

Like a tutor, you’re teaching someone how to get better at something. As a consultant, you can advise business owners on how to grow their businesses. 

You can offer consulting services in whatever it is you are good at. This can include sales, marketing, operations, and more.

When you’re a consultant, you’re seen as the go-to expert for people who need help in your field. With your guidance, they’ll overcome whatever obstacle has been holding them back. 

If you want to maximize your consulting services and charge more in the future, it’s important to keep focusing on that one thing you’re great at. 

It’ll be faster for you to grow and become known to a lot more people by specializing in just one area. 

For example, Dan Lok decided to become a consultant only after years of scaling his businesses. He has seen what has worked and what hasn’t. As his services became popular in the industry, he was able to charge more for his time. 


Coaching is similar to consulting. But instead of working with someone one-on-one, you’re trying to reach a broader audience. 

As an online coach, you’re still selling your expertise. You’re selling what you know to people who need guidance. 

The best way to make money online as a coach is to set up a webinar and drive people to your online course. 

The good thing about online courses is that you can record yourself teaching once, and each new member will be able to play the recordings on their own time.

That means most of the hard work is required in the beginning. The rest of the time, you focus on supporting others as they grow. 

Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their growth. - John Whitmore Click To Tweet

The difficult part about having your own online coaching program is promoting it. It helps if you already have some credibility in the industry so that a cold audience can trust you.

If not, you’ll need to prove you’re the best person to listen to. You can do this by giving out valuable information that people can immediately benefit from. That’s a way to build trust without a whole lot of credibility. 

Remote Salesperson

Salespeople play a crucial role in every company. Without them, there wouldn’t be any new customers. And without customers, how will you keep running your business?

That’s why salespeople are always in demand. 

What’s good is that you can make sales calls while you’re in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re friendly and think you could be persuasive over the phone, this could be your path to success. 

It doesn’t take too much to close deals on the phone either. All you need is a phone that works, and a laptop with a reliable internet connection. 

In fact, closing on the phone is what Dan Lok teaches in one of his online programs. He shows his students how it’s possible to make 6, 7, or 8 figures just by talking on the phone with prospects. 

The truth is, if you can help companies make more money, then you will make more money for yourself too.

That’s why it’s important for anyone to learn how to sell anything. It can be useful to all aspects of life and not just for business. It comes from the power of persuasion.

Online Business

There are many ways you can go about an online business – it all depends on how good your offer is.

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business. - Bill Gates Click To Tweet

You can choose from selling physical products or digital products.

If you sell physical products, you’ll need to do your due diligence in research to create your product. Then you’ll have to plan how to execute it and deliver. This will require you to invest some money into the operations part of the business.

For digital products, it may include an e-book or online course. With these products, you only really have to work hard once and then keep refining them.

You can even sell your services online – such as an agency. 

If you decide to run an online business, you need to think about the ways to promote it. And if you’re the face of your company, you can promote using social media – like sharing value through weekly YouTube videos.

The more people know about your brand, the more prospects you’ll get. But don’t think that, to promote, you have to invest a lot of money into ads.

You can connect with people on LinkedIn and share insights on your Facebook page. You can promote for free: the key is to remain consistent in offering value. 

An online business can be really profitable when done right.

Best Way To Make Money Online For You?

We can keep going on about making money online. With everyone using the internet more than before, it’s never been easier to succeed in this way. 

We’ve gone over these 9 different ways on how to make money online:

  • Freelancing 
  • Social media management
  • Website designing
  • Writing
  • Content creating 
  • Consulting
  • Closing
  • Running an online business

Which one do you think best fits you?

Even if you don’t have enough experience now, you can learn online – for free. 

For example, if you wanted to specialize in running Facebook ads, Facebook offers a free course to familiarize yourself with their platform and compliance.

There’s a free course on anything you want to learn, but you have to look in the right places. If you want to grow even faster, it’s always better to invest in a mentor who can show you the ropes.

With most of these skills, you can start earning a full-time income from home. 

So if you’ve been looking for the best way to make money online, consider one of the options above and start learning. 

As you become better at one thing, you won’t have to rely on job-hopping. Because when you’re seen as the expert, opportunities start opening. 

If you still have a job and are considering the transition to working from home, we suggest you work on your online skill on the side until you get really good at it. 

Once you start to see more clients come your way, it would be safe for you to finally leave your job and fully focus on your online work. 

When you can confidently find the best way to make money online, that’s when you know you have full control of the life you want.