Do you feel like you are going nowhere in life? Does it seem like you’re working all the time, yet you have nothing to show for it, and you haven’t felt fulfilled?

If that’s what you experience you aren’t alone. In fact, it’s a reality for most people living in first world countries.

You know the drill. You get up in the morning, already feeling like you are on autopilot. Get dressed, have a quick breakfast, brush your teeth, and open your laptop to start working, which you don’t even enjoy.

When you finish your work, you probably watch some TV and go to bed. Rinse and repeat. It feels pointless, and it feels like you are going nowhere.

You feel stuck, and perhaps struggle with a feeling of emptiness or unfulfillment. Your energy is low, there is little joy, and even though you work all the time your income reached a glass ceiling. 

Below, you’ll find reasons why you possibly feel like you are going nowhere in life and what you can do about it.


Why You Are Going Nowhere In Life

Most people think it’s enough to work hard. They work extra hours, take on a second job or side hustle, and hustle through their day.

Now, a bit of hustling is necessary at times. But do you know what’s so strange about this? Hustling, pushing, and struggling are not going to guarantee you’ll succeed. Working hard doesn’t automatically mean you get rich.

For example, waiting tables is a hard job, but it doesn’t get you rich. Why? Because it’s a job that can be done by almost everyone. You get replaced easily.

The thing is, how hard you can work has a limit. At some point, you can’t put in more hours. If you are already working 14 hours per day just to sustain yourself, how could you move forward? That’s why you feel like going nowhere in life.

If you already work two jobs – or maybe even three – you can’t take on a fourth job. 

Even if you work extra hours each day in hopes of a promotion, there’s no guarantee that your coworker who puts in less effort than you, gets the promotion.

Here’s the harsh truth: as long as you keep trading time for money, you’ll keep feeling like you are going nowhere in life. Why? Because time isn’t money.

Time isn’t Money

Nearly all of us grew up getting told that time is money. That’s why we think as long as we work more or work harder, we will achieve success.

But that’s a lie. Time isn’t money. 

In fact, time is more valuable than money. You can learn to increase your income. If you know how, you can increase the amount of money you make, you can reach unbelievable heights. But you can never increase the time you have.

By now, maybe you are wondering what else you can do? How can you stop trading time for money?


Trade Money for Skill

If you feel like you’re going nowhere in life despite working all the time, here’s the single best thing you can do. Develop a skill. Preferably a high income skill.

Jobs pay you for your time. Skills pay you for your results. That’s why skills have much more potential to make you a high income.

But let’s start at the top. What is a high-income skill, and how can you develop one? High income skills allow you to make more money without investing more hours. Instead, you get paid higher rates as you get better at your skill. 

Common high-income skills include copywriting, closing deals, programming, and graphic design. For most, you don’t need a traditional education or college degree. All you need is a willingness to learn, and hone in on your skill.

So, if you are going nowhere in life right now, a high-income skill might be what gets you out of the hamster wheel.

How to Develop a High Income Skill

To acquire a high income skill you don’t necessarily need a formal education. Going to university can help in some cases but usually, you can learn a high income skill much faster.

For example, Dan Lok mentors students from all over the world in learning copywriting and closing. Most of them can create results after only 7 weeks of training via online training videos.

Some high income skills are skills you can teach yourself. Or, it’s sufficient to take a short online course.

But if you already feel like going nowhere in life, you probably find it most enjoyable to learn from somebody else. Learn from a mentor who has lots of experience and enjoys what they are doing. Their passion for their skill will be infectious.

What’s more, if your mentor is already successful, then they have figured something out. They found a proven way which can help you a lot if you feel stuck.

When Dan Lok felt like he was going nowhere in life, he met his copywriting mentor Alan, who changed is life. One right mentor turned his life around.


Skillset Without Mindset Results in Upset

So far so good. A high income skill allows you to earn more money without putting in more hours. Yet, we have seen some people who learned a high income skill and still weren’t going anywhere in life. How is that possible? 

The thing is, a high income skill is only one part of the equation. Your skill needs a strong foundation. That foundation is your mindset.

When you are going nowhere in life, a mindset shift can change everything. The problem could be that you currently have self-limiting beliefs.

Look at expressions like, Money doesn’t grow on trees, or, Money is the root of all evil. 

And many people say things like, Success is easy for others but not for me, or, I can’t do it, or, I’m too shy, too introverted, too extrovert, too old, too young…

These are just a few examples of thousands of limiting beliefs you could have. In fact, most people have limiting beliefs because that’s what society feeds us since our earliest days.

Humans create limitations for themselves. And we often do so unconsciously. We just accept the fact that we are going nowhere in life. Many of us don’t understand that we could strive for greatness, instead of being complacent with our current mediocre circumstances.

If you want to develop a high income skill, work on your mindset first. Without the right mindset, you won’t be able to create wealth or achieve success. Even if you make more money and work less, it’s won’t stay. 

Believing Your Own Negative Thoughts Makes You Go Nowhere in Life

What is your mindset? Is it positive or negative? Motivated or discouraged? Your mindset is created by your thoughts. Imagine it like a framework in which your thoughts are contained.

The way you think about things also affects the way you perceive things. That’s why your thoughts create your personal reality.

Here’s what we want you to understand. You are actually not your thoughts. 

Your thoughts – just like your feelings – are information. You are very well able to take a step back, reflect them, and even change them.

If you feel like you are going nowhere in life, then you probably believe all your negative thoughts to be true. You let limiting thoughts limit you.

Your negative thoughts will create a negative mindset. Limiting thoughts will limit you. Click To Tweet

When you work on your mindset, you work on developing new, healthier thoughts for yourself. Those new thoughts make sure you are ready for your new skillset and the success that will come with it. When you train yourself to have more positive thoughts, your life starts heading in a more positive direction.

Tony Robbins says that change can happen in an instant, but I think that statement needs a little tweaking. I think the ability to change can happen in an instant.” – Carrie L. Burns 

As a human being, you have the potential to change anytime. Sometimes change is slow, but it’s definitely achievable. 

So if you are stuck and constantly doing unfulfilling work, you can change and create a better life for yourself by shifting to a more positive mindset.


Develop New Habits

When you embark on your journey of developing a high income skill you’ll realize that some of your habits don’t suit you anymore.

Your thoughts create your actions, which create your habits. Every time you follow your habit you reinforce your thoughts.

You likely feel like going nowhere in life because your negative thoughts and negative mindset leads to bad habits that also get you nowhere.

Think about it. How often do you watch TV, play computer games, drink alcohol, have too much coffee, overeat or under-eat, complain, vent, or shut yourself off from any social contacts?

Not all of those activities are bad per se, but they become dangerous when they become your habits. 

People who feel alive and feel like they are achieving things in life have completely different habits. They read, like to learn, spend time in nature, spend time with loved ones, move their body, and practice gratitude. 

Now, don’t try to change all your habits at once. It will probably make you feel very overwhelmed. Instead, pick one bad habit to change for now.

Choose the one bad habit where you know that if you change that, most areas of your life will improve. 

If you want to develop a high income skill, for example, your best choice could be to replace TV time with learning time. The bad habit of watching TV can be replaced by watching an online course.

Or, if you want more energy, develop a work out routine instead of drinking too much coffee. Exercise gives you mental energy and physical energy.

Why You Haven’t Changed Yet

If you’ve felt like you are going nowhere in life for some time now, then this is probably not the first article you are reading on this topic.

Pretty much all resources tell you to change your habits. In a sense, you know what to do to get un-stuck. But why didn’t you change yet?

Maybe you even changed jobs or moved houses? Started creating something new but the feeling of being stuck came back?

If the permanent change didn’t happen for you get, here’s why. You keep changing your surroundings, and the external things in your life, in hope that that would also change your internal mind. You hope that external changes will change how you feel inside.

While changing your surroundings is a good idea, that alone isn’t enough. For permanent change, you also need to address what’s going inside your head. 

When you change your exterior, what are you really doing? You are taking actions to make yourself feel more secure. “I moved to a new place, now everything will change.”

Sadly, that’s a false sense of security. Feeling safe actually makes you resistant to change. Comfort doesn’t move you.

It’s a bit of a hard pillow to swallow, but you didn’t do anything yet to really change. You took some actions to make you feel better, but they don’t create permanent change.


Going Nowhere in Life is an Identity Issue

Do you know the reason why it’s so hard to change? It’s a question of identity.

What is your identity, really? Basically, it’s your thoughts about yourself. Who and what you are, and what you aren’t. Your role in society, your values, your skills, your hobbies and your interests are all things that make up your identity.

Maybe your identity is that you aren’t good enough. You try to make up for your lack of skill by working extra hard. But because it’s your identity, breaking free from it hard. 

However, it is possible to change your identity. Every time you stick to a new habit you form a new identity. And your new identity makes it even easier to stick to your habit. They positively reinforce each other.

So, for example, developing a high income skill helps you to form new habits which then help you to change your identity. You don’t need to be stuck with hustling anymore because your new identity shows you new ways.

Figure Out What You Are Good At

One of the best ways to deal with going nowhere in life is to find out what you are good at and what you enjoy.

Have you ever done something you were naturally good at? Chances are you were good and enjoyed doing it. 

The best thing you can do is develop a high income skill you’ll enjoy. The more you practice it, the better you get, and the more you enjoy it.

You like what you are doing, and get paid for it without working 14 hours per day. You can finally let go of the feeling of going nowhere in life.

If you naturally like written communication, then your high income skill could be copywriting. If you love to talk and meet new people all the time, chances are you’d be a great salesperson or closer. Or, if you are more visually driven, graphic design might be your thing.

Think back to what you liked to do as a child before you entered the school system. What you did back then is a great indicator of what you naturally like to do.


Find Your Purpose

Going nowhere in life also means you lack purpose. Either you haven’t found your purpose yet or you don’t do enough of what you actually enjoy. 

Here are some ideas of what you can do to connect with yourself again and feel more purposeful:

Create Something

Drawing, writing, cooking, knitting, or whatever it might be, creating something is one of the best ways to reconnect with yourself.

Make sure to focus on the process instead of the outcome though. When you are too focused on creating the perfect outcome then you’ll easily get frustrated.

It also means you aren’t present in the moment as your attention is guided towards a future outcome. So, enjoy the process.

Be Grateful

Gratitude is one of the number one things all happy people have in common. They practice gratitude actively and regularly.

Some like to do it right in the morning. Others like to write down what they are grateful for before going to bed. 

When you are truly grateful, you’ll realize you aren’t as stuck as you thought. It eliminates fear and insecurities. 

Be More Social

Feeling like you aren’t going anywhere can also stem from being alone too often. As humans, we are social creatures and we need connections to others.

If you are drowning in work, you probably don’t take much time to connect with others. That’s perfectly relatable but harmful for yourself.

Start with a 15 minute phone call or a quick chat with a coworker. 

Get Obsessed With What You Are Doing

Do you know what nearly all successful people have in common? They are obsessed with what they are doing.

To them, work doesn’t feel like work anymore because they enjoy every minute of the process. Their work becomes their play.

We have seen copywriters preferring writing a sales letter over playing video games. Simply because it’s more fun for them. Or closers who get so much joy out from having sales conversations, they made it a game to increase their number of calls daily.

When you are obsessed, you follow a bigger goal and you are ruthless about the outcome. Nothing can stop you.

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