Is it lucrative to be a copywriter for product descriptions for Amazon sellers and eBay stores? Copywriting is a high-income skill that can generate a six-figure income, and Amazon has almost 50% of the e-commerce market… and people spend $86,000,000 a day on eBay.

So, what strategies and tactics are required to write copy for these highly successful e-commerce sites, and how much money can you make from this type of writing work?

Table of Contents

  • How To Write a Product Description For Amazon
  • How To Write a Product Description For EBay
  • SEO Optimization and Ranking
  • Strategies To Increase Sales and Double Conversions
  • Keeping An Eye On Competitors
  • What To Expect If You Are Copywriting For Amazon Sellers or eBay Stores
  • Negotiating Your Payment As A Copywriter

Amazon is the leader in online sales, and the skills of copywriters have a role in this success. As a result, copywriting for Amazon and eBay requires tailoring to ensure that you turn a visitor to your e-commerce site into a happy customer. In other words, you want to get a sale using just the written word. 

There are strategies you can use to increase the chances that your ideal prospect will find your product from the thousands of others that are available online.

These strategies for writing descriptions for e-commerce sites have become a specialized skill set. Your pay and ability to find work depend on your mastery of these skills. 

How To Write a Product Description For Amazon

How can you write a product description to give Amazon sellers the biggest competitive advantage? An Amazon listing should ideally follow these five elements. First, start with a compelling product title.

1. Product Title

Your product title should ideally fit within 250 characters and follow this formula: 

Product Brand/Description + Line/Collection + Material/Ingredient + Color/Size + Quantity

For example:

“Laura Ashley Sophia Collection 300 Thread Count Pillowcases (Blue, Queen, set of 2)”

2. High-Quality Professional Images

Amazon is strict about what appears on its site therefore, images must be of professional quality and accurately portray the product being sold. Using an experienced photograph is optimal but if you don’t have access to a professional photographer, the next best option is photo editing software.

When you follow the following criteria your photos will create more clicks:

  • The main image is on a white background as often as possible. If you don’t use a white background, your listing may appear lower down in the search results. 
  • Using secondary images to zoom in on fine details, different angle views, and showing the item in use. The more images you use, the better to help buyers visualize the item.
  • Use images 1000 x 500 pixels or larger for all of your product images. This size triggers the image zoom feature so buyers can get a closer look.

3. Clear and Concise Bullet Points

Most buyers want to quickly scan this list to learn about the key features and benefits of your product. The best way to present these details is written as a bulleted list under Key Product Features. More importantly, utilize all five lines of information with a maximum of 100 characters per line in this section. 

To maximize SEO, you can use target keywords in your copy. Details to cover in this bulleted list can include: 

  • Product name, use, or intent
  • Sizing, dimensions, or fit details
  • Special features or benefits
  • Improvements if a new model or release
  • Materials, colors, contents, or ingredients
  • Guarantees, warranties, etc.

*** Note: keyword cramming will have a negative effect on your ranking.

4. Detailed Product Description

The product description follows the key product features and benefits. Here, you will fully describe your product and answer any questions that you think prospective buyers might have. Once you have answered any objections there greater chance of making a sale.

The detailed description can be up to 2000 characters in length. Which is another reason you want to maximize your SEO keywords (we will cover SEO in another section). If you are familiar with HTML codes, you can use them to create paragraphs, another bulleted list, or bolded font. 

The Art of Copywriting for Amazon Sellers and eBay Stores

5. Compelling Price

What is a compelling price? For Amazon search listings, the lowest price is the most compelling one, and those will lead the search listings. The lowest price is calculated on:

 The Selling Price + Any Shipping Fees

One way to give the perception of the lowest price is listing the product as “ships for free” but inflating the product price to cover costs. Another option is a low product price and a higher shipping cost.

The third option is fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) so products can ship under Amazon Prime for free shipping. 


How To Write a Product Description For EBay

How can you write a product description to give eBay stores the biggest competitive advantage?

Like Amazon selling, your product description should follow a set format to maximize your chances of making a sale. Begin with using effective keywords.

1. Use Keywords In Your Listing.

Before you start to write your product description, make a list of keywords that are commonly used. Look at the categories used on eBay to check that your keywords fit into the categories that eBay uses. Next, use descriptive words as sub-categories.

For example, “strength training equipment”, and then “free weights set” or “dumbbells for sale”. Again, check with eBay’s list of sub-categories to make sure your keywords match the words that buyers use in their searches.

Pro tip: To figure out which keywords to use, check what words competitors are using for similar products, use Google AdWords, or survey past buyers to ask what types of searches are important to them.

  • Check to see what keywords your competitors use in their listings for similar products.
  • Use Google AdWords to figure out what terms your audience searches for.
  • Survey past customers to ask about what’s important to them and incorporate those keywords.

Also, remember to replicate your title in your product listing.

2. List Product Benefits First

The most effective product listing format for eBay has the inverted pyramid structure. By writing the most customer benefits and features first, you grab their attention right away.

Also, people will read more of the information on the top of the listing than on the bottom. Here, include the benefits that are most important to the buyer, as well as any solutions to problems that the buyer is facing.

Furthermore, bolding important words or sections so they stand out when buyers are scanning quickly for information.

Any additional “nice to have information” is written last. You can include this information as bulleted points so they are easy to scan. The return policy is usually here, with the “nice to have” details.

3. Include Images

Ideally, include at least two images of your product with your description. What images you show depends on what you are selling. You can include up to 12 images, so it’s best to include as many as you can.

For example, if your product is a piece of clothing, an image can be a clothing sizing chart or showing the product in different colors and sizes. You can also show images of related products for an upsell.

4. Include Price and Delivery Fees

To increase your chances of success, your pricing should be as competitive as possible. When you don’t have the lowest price, you can have lower or free shipping costs. So, having a buyer-friendly return policy also helps to attract more buyers.

Amazon sellers and eBay stores

SEO Optimization and Ranking

SEO and ranking of your product listings for Amazon sellers or eBay stores depend on a number of factors… 

Ranking on Amazon

How important is your ranking on Amazon?

When your listing is on the second or third page or any page following that, buyers aren’t likely to click on it — you’ll be lucky to make any sales. 

Your ranking is determined by A9 (algorithm 9). Three factors decide your ranking: the chance that a buyer is going to buy your product, the chance that the seller will sell their product, and the chance of Amazon generating revenue from a sale.

When a buyer makes a search query, Amazon looks for a product keyword match. (This keyword match is why it’s important to choose the right keywords when writing your product description.)

Then Amazon looks at the CTR (click-through rate) for the results, and the CR (conversion rate). The more people who click on your product, and the more people who buy (convert) your product, the higher your product will rank.

To optimize your content for the best rankings focus on the SEO for the following:

  • Product title
  • Bullet points a.k.a. Highlights a.k.a. Attributes
  • Product description
  • Additional product information
  • Enhanced Brand Content (Sellers) & A+ Content (Vendors)

Using Amazon-style guides will increase your chances of having your product promoted. While following the “How To” tips from the previous sections of this post will help with the SEO process.

In order to increase sales, you will need to focus on optimizing for visibility, relevance, and conversions. In other words, you want to increase the chances of your product being seen, clicked, and purchased.

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Ranking on EBay

Applying the following strategies will improve the ranking of your product listing on eBay: 

  • Use keywords that people will most likely use when they are looking for what you’re selling. Use these keywords in your listing title and product description. BUT avoid keyword spamming – overloading your description with as many keywords as possible. 
  • Unique identifiers such as Universal Product Codes (UPCs), European Article Numbers (EANs), International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs), and Manufacturer’s Part Number will increase the chances that your listing will be found by eBay and search engines.
  • Write content that describes your item with as much detail as you can within your 200-word limit. Your most important keywords should make up 5% to 7% of the description. 
  • Add links in your description to other product videos and items on your eBay store. Link words should be relevant, such as “Visit my Store” and “See other items.”
  • If you write your own HTML for listings, be sure to include image alt tags, keywords that describe images online. This will help to optimize keywords for the image. 

Strategies To Increase Sales and Double Conversions

Statistics say “Fifty-five percent of all online product searches begin on Amazon and in recent times, the retail giant surpassed $107 billion in total sales! 

So, how can you increase sales and double conversions on e-commerce sites for Amazon sellers and eBay stores?

Amazon Experts shared this advice on how to win on Amazon:

  • Get as many reviews as you can, both on Amazon and other social media platforms. People buy the product with the most positive reviews because they are swayed by the power of social proof. Ask happy customers for testimonials.
  • Use Amazon’s pricing strategy. Offering discounts and daily deals can attract repeat buyers. Also, reward customers post-purchase.
  • Optimize your product descriptions for Amazon SEO. Pay attention to keywords customers use and your competitors use. Include high-quality images.
  • Focus on selling the more unique products first to build up a brand following, if you have a variety of products and some are similar to your competitors.

On the other hand, to  increase your sales on eBay, a few minor changes can make a major difference: 

  • List your items daily. You can hit “Save and Continue” after entering several products for sale and spread out your stock so you are listing something each day.
  • End old listings and relist a couple of weeks later so eBay doesn’t push it down in search results.
  • Use keywords in your listing that your customers use.
  • Use sharp and crisp photos of your product and include details about measurements. Photos can be unintentionally deceiving about how tall or wide a product is. Having these details will decrease product returns.
  • Offer a 60-day return policy. 
  • Ship internationally to increase your customer base.
  • Share your products on social media sites such as Facebook to get more traffic sources.

Keeping An Eye On Competitors

In order to write effective product descriptions for Amazon sellers or eBay stores, you want to keep a close eye on your competition. However, if the first five sellers in a category each have more than 300 reviews, you will be facing a difficult uphill climb.

It is critical to gain the winning edge and do just that by doing your research

Have a look at your competitor’s Amazon store to see what they are selling and keywords they are using in product descriptions.

Next, enter the category and sub-category you are selling in. How long have they been selling these products on Amazon? How many sales have they made? What reviews are they getting? What prices are they charging?

Look closely at their description details. Are you both selling identical products, or products with some variation? Does your product have an advantage, such as better quality, or your brand has better customer response?

Don’t just limit your research to their Amazon listings. Have a look at their social media and subscribe to their email or newsletters. Watch their ad campaigns and what keywords they are using.

Keep track of the similarities and differences between your listings and your competitor’s listings in a spreadsheet.

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What To Expect If You Are Copywriting For Amazon Sellers or eBay Stores

When you are applying for copywriting opportunities with Amazon sellers or eBay stores, be prepared to show that you have experience with writing product descriptions for e-commerce sites.

In addition to preparation, the more items that you are able to complete from the following list, the higher your chances of getting a copywriting gig or job.  

  • Have writing examples to prove that you understand how to write copy that converts into sales on Amazon. Show how product descriptions that you wrote converted into actual sales.
  • Provide examples of direct response copy that you have written. The direct response copy will persuade the prospect to take any action that leads to a sale. For example, an ad that you wrote to sell a product or service on a website. 
  • Prove that you have real-world experience selling FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) products yourself. That means you have used the distribution network of Amazon to fulfill orders for an actual product that you have sold. This experience can include your experience with dropshipping (selling an item from a third party and shipping it directly to the customer so the merchant doesn’t have to handle the product).
  • List one or several of the big-ticket Amazon FBA courses or seminars that you have taken.
  • Show that you are active and/or follow Amazon groups to stay up-to-date on the best practices for selling products on Amazon. Have a list of what you are doing to stay active and how you are participating in these groups.
  • Have a 100% guarantee for your work. At the end of the day, the seller wants a promise that your product description will result in sales.

Negotiating Your Payment As A Copywriter

When negotiating your payment as a copywriter for Amazon sellers or for eBay stores, first, have a range in mind, not an absolute number for what you want to be paid. For each listing, you can make from $25 to $1995, so your negotiation skills will come in useful. 

After you have a price range in mind, build value. Show what you can do for that price range, such as research on SEO for that product, and proof of past success with selling products.

Another tactic is to ask the seller for their budget. Then decide what work you will do for that amount. For example, the product title, product description, bullet points, and backend search items. 

When looking for work, seek out sellers that need writers constantly so you get a steady stream of work. Create a professional profile on platforms where writers can advertise their talent and availability.

You can describe what work you do, and name a basic price, and what work you will do for a more premium price. Other writers create a profile with an hourly rate, a list of completed projects, and testimonials from past clients.


Is it lucrative to write product descriptions for Amazon sellers or eBay stores?

Your success will depend on your familiarity with strategies for writing for Amazon or eBay. Both sites have strict rules on how information about products is presented.

Strong knowledge of SEO optimization and ranking for Amazon or eBay will help you to strategize how to sell on either site.

Certain tactics and small tweaks to the process will also help you to increase product sales and double your conversions. Also, learn from what your competitors are doing for their product listings.

To increase your chances of getting a gig or job as a product listings copywriter, be prepared to show proof of your experience.

Having a professional profile and set rates for your services will help with getting work as a copywriter for Amazon or eBay.