Culture & Core Values

Company culture is a primary focus throughout all Dan Lok Companies.

The 6 Core Values of Team Dan Lok

Extreme Ownership
Client Success
Constant Improvement

Culture is the invisible force that keeps the company together and will
continue to be the ultimate secret weapon of our company.

On Team Dan Lok, we recognize this. That’s why we are all about
maintaining and growing this culture every single day in everything we do.

At the center of our culture are our 6 core values.
These 6 core values are the most important elements to gauge whether or not you are successful in your role.

What did we do to get these core values? We nominated the
top team members we have – the absolute superstars all team
members – old and new – should model.

We then listed out the dozens of positive traits we liked among
these superstars. From there, we distilled their traits down to 6
core values which are the following in order of importance:

The 6 Core Values are in Place to Help Us Achieve Our Mission.


We Entertain And Inspire Through Compelling Content.

In the

We Elevate Financial Confidence Globally By Equipping Individuals with High-Income Skills.

In the

We ElevateHelp Companies Scale Strategically and Sustainably.



As the company grows, each and every one of us has a responsibility to each other, the company and the millions of people we serve around the world.

What loyalty means is doing the right thing when no one is looking. We are dedicated, passionate, energetic, and committed to our mission and vision.

We protect the company, team members and our fans/ students at all times. It means being there to serve – in good times and bad. We put group interest ahead of self interest.



Our people have ambition for shared success. Everyone contributes and everyone is valued. We believe in the strength of people and competencies coming together to achieve something great. The companies in our group can reach far better results together than alone.

When you meet the core of Team Dan Lok, you’ll notice the team has a family vibe. Everyone is looking after each other. Everyone is hanging out.
If you walked into a Team Dan Lok environment, you’ll feel like you’re walking into a group of friends – who are just having fun, and kicking butt together. Everyone is focused on working towards the end goal rather than creating drama.

That’s harmony. Harmony is the ability to get well with others on the team while putting aside personal ego. It’s the opposite of being a lone-wolf and the opposite of what you see in many other companies where everyone is out to fend for themselves.

We do not tolerate people who are willing to step over others and stab each other in the back for personal gain. That’s the opposite of harmony. What an A-player with high harmony would do instead is find ways to create wins for themselves while also finding wins for others.



Extreme Ownership

Extreme ownership is a term coined by a world-famous Navy Seal commander and leadership strategist. What the practice of extreme ownership looks like is owning everything in your world, to an extreme degree.

We take ownership for ALL areas of our life. We are responsible for not just those tasks which we directly control, but for all those that affect whether or not our mission is successful.

Example: If you are involved in a project in any way shape or form, if your objective is not met, you take ownership for it. As you meet members of Team Dan Lok, you’ll notice this. The A-players on the team never B.M.Ws. which stands for: “bitches, moans or whines”. Instead of BMW-ing, the A-players on Team Dan Lok say: “I am responsible for this. I will do whatever it takes to get it done.”

They say this even if it is an unforeseen failure in technology
that caused the delay or they another team member who they’re leading who’s the issue – it does not matter.

An A-player who takes extreme ownership takes responsibility for the overall outcome.



Today’s best performance is tomorrow’s baseline. We act as if there’s no limit to our abilities. We are a restless organization that is never satisfied and continually looks for new and better ways of doing things. High-performance manifests in many ways.

We do high-quality work with speed. It means performing under high-pressure. While constantly expanding your comfort zone and capacity and adapting and solve new problems quickly. We have a whatever-it-takes attitude and are resourceful problem-solvers.

What it does not mean is that you need to get everything done yourself or create drama and/or chaos for others.

We get the right things done that move the vision and mission forward.


Client Success

We go above and beyond to make sure our clients achieve their desired value and outcome from our products and services.

We are not just satisfied with acquiring MORE clients – the relationship does not stop at the point of purchase, it’s a long-term relationship where we focus on transforming them into SUCCESSFUL clients.


Constant Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement of our skills,
supporting and challenging one another to achieve progressively higher standards and greater profitability.

When you talk to any Team Dan Lok member, you’ll notice this. You can walk up to any member of the team and talk to them. Chances are they are taking a course, reading a new book, or finding a new way to improve themselves and the way we do things within the team.

And everyone is doing this out of their own free will – without being told to do so. It is this obsession with growing ourselves and the company constantly.

This is key for keeping us on the cutting-edge and to accelerate the growth of the company. Plus, it makes our journey together a lot more fun.