Are you tired of all those “gurus” telling you how to make money fast online? The moment you turn on your computer, someone new pops up on your screen, offering their methods to make quick money. It’s quite scary, actually. But what if there really was a way to do so? A proven way to make $5,000 a month? In this article, I will teach you a proven method to make $5,000 a month – with the power of your written words. Even if you are an absolute copywriting beginner.

Do you know what most people say when I ask them how they want to make money with writing? They tell me they write articles or plan to write a book. But they have no idea if and how that will actually make them money. Most writers have what I call a “poverty mindset.” They don’t believe you’re supposed to make money as a writer. I disagree.

Some even think that making living as a writer is somehow reserved only for the special ones, for the famous authors. They think you’re supposed to struggle because most writers don’t make a lot of money. And it’s true – most writers actually don’t make a lot of money. But that’s just because they don’t do the kind of writing I want to teach you about.

So, there are many different forms of writing out there. Writing novels, newspaper articles, content writing…But what is the most profitable form of writing? How do you get to that $5,000 a month? Some call it copywriting. Others say business writing. I personally call it high income copywriting.

High Income Copywriting

High income copywriting is one of the most sought after professions in this day and age. It doesn’t require a degree – it’s a skill anyone can learn. It doesn’t require a lot of capital to start out, but it could comfortably earn you a 6-figure income. High income copywriting means writing for businesses and companies.

This type of writing is different because companies don’t pay you for the number of words you produce. They pay you because your writing brings them customers, leads, or more revenue. So, they pay you for what you actually write. How long it took you or how many words you put on paper is irrelevant.

For example, you could write a description of an eCommerce product. It could be a short one and take you only a few hours. That description helps them to sell more of that product. Or you can write emails for a business, and bring them more customers with it. Maybe you write landing pages or sales pages. Whatever it is, your writing produces a certain result.


Let me give you an example. Let’s say you’re charging $100 per article. If you want to make $5,000 a month – what would that mean? It means you have to write 50 articles. That’s quite a number. Now, you could work with 50 different clients and write one article for each. Or you work with ten clients and write 5 articles for each client. That’s totally fine – but it’s still a lot of writing. Especially if your clients are in different industries. That’s a whole lot of work.

Let me give you another example. Only a short while ago I paid my copywriter $5.000 to create a landing page for one of my products. How many clients did this copywriter have to work with to make $5,000? Only one – just me. So, why would I pay him $5,000 to write a page? Very simple – because that page is designed to sell a product. I’m expecting to get 5,10,  or 20 times the return of what I’m investing in.  I’m looking for a return on investment (ROI), and that’s what this writing does for me.

That’s a big difference. If you are able to do that, then companies are willing to pay you a premium price. They don’t pay you for the amount you write. What they are interested in is: is this writing producing leads for me? or does this generate more sales? 

And yes – I know – you think it’s impossible to do that as a copywriting beginner in the game. Well, no beginning is easy. But the truth is – it’s really not that hard. You just have to be smart and do it the right way, not the hard way. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Yes, when I was starting out, I did it the hard way. I didn’t know better. Let me share the story.

The Hard Way – Writing on SPEC

When I first started out as a copywriter, I was cold-calling everyone who I found in the yellow pages (yes those yellow books we used to have with all the phone numbers listed). Then I called all the registered companies in my city and tried to get them to hire me. I asked if they’re looking for a copywriter and if I can write ads for them. I offered myself and my services everywhere and to everyone.

Then I built a portfolio and I would go to networking events. I tried to hand out business cards to as many people as possible. Some would hire me. Some wouldn’t. I was too young and spoke with an accent. It was difficult to get people to trust hat I can do what they need me to do.

Then I tried another strategy as well. I was also doing what I called “work on SPEC.” I would write something and not get paid upfront. I would get paid only if what I wrote makes money. Some of those deals worked, some didn’t pay off at all. Many times I didn’t get paid at all.

I did all that for a long time. For almost nine months. This means nine months of little to no income and working non-stop. I didn’t know that there was actually an easier way. A better way. I had no idea that I could do it and get where I wanted and needed to be much faster. I could shadow a master copywriter.


The Easy Way – Shadow a Master Copywriter

What does that mean?

It means shadowing someone who already has credibility. Someone who is already getting clients and has the track record. As a copywriting beginner, you lack two things: credibility and clients. They have both. So, the best way to start off isn’t to build your own track record –  instead, you borrow someone’s track record.

Here’s how it works:

When you shadow a master copywriter, that copywriter has the name. He or she has an influence in the marketplace. He or she is getting clients all the time. And, they charge a certain price. What you want to do, is to work kinda as their junior. If you work as their junior you can learn from their experience and also help them take on more clients than they could on their own. You get the – as I call it – spill-over clients.

What does that mean?


Earn From Spill Over Clients

Let’s assume the master copywriter is charging $5,000 for a campaign. Some people might not be able to afford that. Usually, the master copywriter has to decline those opportunities. But now that you are there you can offer them something new. How?

Well, maybe their potential clients can’t afford that $5,000 they’re asking for. But you, as the mentee, might charge $2,000. Maybe you are not as good as the master copywriter. Maybe you are only an 8/10. But still, most clients will be more than happy to get help for a bit of a lower price. And with your 8/10 you sure can produce results.

So, let’s say you do this. And perhaps you are paying some $500 to the master copywriter who is mentoring you and connecting you with clients. This still means that you get to keep $1,500. What’s more, you don’t need to wait to build a track-record. You’re making money – you’re earning while you’re learning. The only way to get good at writing is by doing it.

A copywriting beginner will get in a vicious cycle when they’re just starting out. I know it from experience. You can’t get any gigs because you lack experience. But you can’t gain any experience because you have no gigs. With the spill-over clients from your mentor, you are getting gigs and earning credibility. It doesn’t take that much time and you get the ball rolling. And the best part? You need only 2-3 clients to make $5,000 a month.

That’s the fastest way. It’s what I did, after my writing on SPEC phase. I shadowed under my mentor Alan who taught me when I was just a copywriting beginner.

Fastest Way To Make $5,000 As A Complete Copywriting Beginner-Graphic-2

How To Find a Master Copywriter?

The best way to find a master copywriter is to see them as your mentor. Someone you can really learn from. I personally am where I am today because of my mentors. And Alan…he was my first mentor and also the master copywriter that I shadowed.

I found Alan because his sales letters fascinated me. I collected them for months and studied them carefully to learn. And, by chance, I met him later. That’s why I believe you don’t have to find a mentor. Rather, the mentor finds you. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

But, if you want to be proactive about finding a mentor, there are a few guidelines. Never expect that they are entitled to help you. Many people think that if someone is successful. they will automatically help you.  But really, no one is obligated to help you.

Instead, find out how you can add value to them. Give first, before you ask anything in return. If they are already successful, you have to understand they don’t really need you. So think about why they should invest their time and effort into you. How can you be of value to them? Can you offer something they need?

Don’t approach them with an agenda. Most people come to them because they want money or a job. So, don’t go to your mentor expecting either of those two things. They will notice that you’re only here because you want their money or something else from them. This will not get you a foot in the door. It will make them suspicious and you won’t be able to connect and build a relationship.

What you want to do is to come from a perspective where you truly want to learn from them. Learning from a mentor is the fastest way to start making money. You don’t have to figure out everything yourself. It’s easy to learn from their mistakes. Observe. Mimic. Repeat. Listen. Read and write. Integrate.

Avoid Beginner’s Mistakes

Now, even if you’re shadowing under a copywriting master, there are a few things you should think about. You have to be smart about how you do this as well.

First, don’t try to do everything. Don’t be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Instead, find a certain niche to write for. Maybe your master copywriter is already targeting a certain niche – even better. There is so much demand for copywriting, and if you’re really good at something, you will stand out. If your mentor isn’t specialized, then you can be.

If you try to do everything for everyone, clients will get skeptical. How can one copywriter be the best at everything?  Well, perhaps one can, with time…but not a beginner, for sure. So what do you do?

Well – you specialize. Ideally, you write for a sector you are actually interested in. This way you can develop the experience that is specific to your niche. You’ll get a deep understanding of your target market. You can dive into all different aspects of that sector, different actors, conversations, debates, even the language they use…All of that will be very valuable later. Being very specific also allows you to charge more money for your service.

Second, don’t let your ego guide you. This is another mistake a copywriting beginner makes. They let the ego decide for them. I don’t know why, but many copywriters seem to have a big ego, even if they haven’t done a lot yet. That sometimes leads them to set outrageous fees without any track-record. This is one of the fastest ways to burn through your potential opportunities and burry your career before it even started.

What you want to do instead is to make it easy for your clients to say yes. Add value upfront. For example, look at their current campaigns and give advice on how to make them better. This way you show the client that you know what you’re talking about and what you can do. Again, you are here to generate revenue for your clients. Make sure they understand that.

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Now, if you deliver value upfront – before you even get paid – will some clients take advantage of you? Likely yes. But in the bigger picture, you are still gaining experience and knowledge. The worst that can happen is you use what you add what you produced to your portfolio and land your next client.

Master Short-Form Copy First

What you write, should produce a lot of revenue for the company you write for. If you’re just starting out as a copywriting beginner, you might not be able to write one big sales letter that earns you $5,000 instantly.

So, in the beginning, you might want to master writing emails or Facebook ads. Maybe even landing pages. That’s already very valuable for your clients. A well-written facebook ad can already generate massive sales. And a good email is priceless.

While you earn and learn, your projects will gradually become bigger, as you become better. Set your ego aside, and find out what people are willing to pay for your services. Your master copywriter – your mentor – will see your growth and will know when you’re ready to take on bigger projects. Ideally, they’re helping you to grow too.

That’s how you make $5,000 a month, even if you are a copywriting beginner.


Do You Want To Become A High Income Writer?

Now, if you want to generate a stable monthly income fast, I believe copywriting is one of the best ways in today’s time.

If you want to learn more about how to do high income copywriting – if you actually want to become a high income copywriter – join my introductory class. See it for yourself and decide if this is something you want to do. I believe everyone can do it. All you have to do is make up your mind and put your pen where your mouth is.

In my introductory class, I go a little bit more in-depth on how high income copywriting works. I also talk about how you can earn thousands of dollars from home. Even if you are a copywriting beginner, starting from scratch. If I did it as a copywriting beginner and -a non-native English speaker – then so can you.

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