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If you are making below $120,000 a year, focus on developing your High-Income Skill. This will put you in control of your own time, income, and lifestyle. You can learn more about the High-Income Skill programs we have here.

If you are a business looking to scale, our Dragon 100 Advisory Board may be for you.

Time with Dan Lok is not cheap. With that said, entrepreneurs and chief executives who are ready to invest in their business can learn more about Dragon 100 – the world’s most exclusive advisory board.

We serve multiple markets.

For individuals, we offer training programs that help develop their high income skills and elevate their financial confidence – so they can earn an income based on what the marketplace values, not what a single boss or manager values.

For businesses, we offer advice and coaching so they can scale strategically without slowing down or risk having their ROI plummet.

For consumers in the mass market, we entertain and inspire global audiences through compelling content on our social media platforms and blog.


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