In the face of the COVID19 crisis, more and more entrepreneurs attempt to work remotely. Some coaches, for example, offer their services over Videochat. Other entrepreneurs digitize their offer so consumers can access them from their homes. Offering courses online is a very profitable business model. Usually, those programs cost as little as $50 or as much as $5000 or more. They often have a high-profit margin and low overhead cost. 

There is only one flipside to this model, which makes many entrepreneurs struggle. The higher the price of your offer, the more of your customers want to speak with someone in person first. If you want to work remotely and still sell a deal of up to $5000, you need to be able to sell remotely. But what is the best way to do so?

One of the best tools for this is your phone. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are very good at their services, but not in selling them. If you want to become better at selling your services, you need to be aware of one thing: Since consumers are more informed than ever, pushing features and benefits isn’t enough. Why? 

Customers can google any information about your offer. If they need to speak to you, they want to understand on an emotional level why they should buy. They need to feel safe and confident in their decision.

Work Remotely And Sell Your Services At A Premium Price Leveraging Perceived Value

If you want your customers to feel comfortable investing up to $5000 in you, make them understand the offer’s value. But not just any value, perceived value. Perceived value is what your customer feels your offer is worth. This kind of value is beyond judgment by price or the production cost. 

The value judgment of your offer depends on how it makes a customer feel. But how do you go about this? Many different strategies help you to make people see value in a product or service.

Today, you will discover five of those strategies to increase the perceived value of an offer. In this article, you’ll find out what matters to your clients and how to communicate on a deeper level. With these strategies, you can sell premium offers, even without experience in marketing. You also won’t need to be an experienced salesperson or a savvy product designer. If this sounds at all interesting to you, read on.

Perceived Value Booster 1: How To Impact The Clients Life And Work Remotely

If you want to sell high-ticket offers, the clients need to feel that the offer will change their lives. Especially if you are not present in person, it’s crucial to connect with them in a meaningful way. But how can you create such a connection?

Guide your conversation towards their current life situation and how it affects them. Let them think about how your offer can change their life in the long run. If your clients believe your offer will have a significant effect on their life, they value it more. Every area of their life that you can influence with your product or service increases greater this effect. What areas of life can you influence?

Their job 

Maybe they want to quit their job and start their own business. Or someone is aiming for a promotion. People might want to reinvent themselves. Can you offer them support for this goal? If yes, explore their job situation and connect your product or service to it.

A change like the one we described above falls into the category of success and realizing dreams. Now more than ever, if you can create a program that helps people walk a new path in life, they will be curious.

Their relationships

What about issues in their romantic relationships? Do they wish to support their families? Do they want to build a family, have kids or marry? How can you offer to make their life easier, increase their reputation or status? Find out what is important to them and connect the dots. What result does your offer bring to the table for them? How will their family, friends, and loved ones react?

Be careful. People are often afraid of their peers being unsupportive of them. Watch out for the prospects possible concern of what happens when they change. Will they leave people behind? Will they have to neglect relationships to go into your program? If you can rule those issues out upfront, you increase the perceived value as well.

Their finances

If your high-ticket offer can help them make more money than before, you are selling money at a discount. This kind of offer is the easiest to sell because most problems come from a lack of funds. 

Think about it: Can you focus on your dreams if you struggle to pay rent? You see, there is a progression in life that Dan Lok teaches his students. On their journey in business, people go through 4 stages:

Survival: They focus on paying rent and pay their next meal

Security: They are stable but most likely still live on a budget

Success: They “made it,” they have a high income and can afford to have a high living standard

Significance: They have become so successful that it became meaningless. Now they feel the urge to leave a mark and focus on giving back to society.

Most of your clients will come from the security stage and want to make more money. Help them do that, and they will pay you a premium price without complaint.

Perceived Value Booster 2: Work Remotely And Create A High ROI For Your Customers

One of the perks of working from anywhere is saving a lot of time. How long do people commute every day? You can invest those hours working for your clients’ benefit.

Let’s say you are a digital marketer. If you don’t have to drive an hour through traffic in the morning, you can use that hour to manage a campaign for a client. The more time you have, the more you can take time to optimize your work. Optimizing your work leads to better results for your clients and, therefore, a higher perceived value. The faster you can produce an ROI for them, the more they want to invest in your services. How can you create that ROI for your clients? There are several ways to make clients feel that they got their money’s worth back.

First of all, you can help them make their money back and more. If your line of work brings in leads or increases revenue in any way, you can deliver a measurable ROI. You can either increase the speed of revenue generation or increase the amount of revenue generated.

Second, you can create a perceived ROI. Such an improvement is especially relevant for coaches and trainers. If you work in a field without financial results, like self-development, this is important.

Let’s say you are a marriage counselor, and you saved a marriage. Your clients don’t make more money because of you, but their happy relationship can mean the world to them. If you can produce an emotional ROI like that, you also can increase the perceived value.

Perceived Value Booster 3: Leverage The Heaven & Hell Concept

If you work remotely, you will get most of your clients after talking to them on the phone. In such a sales conversation, you need to get prospects emotionally invested. They cannot see or touch or experience your offer in any way. You also can’t tell them how great your offer is and expect them to believe you, can you? Exactly, consumers are more skeptical than ever. To give them a sense of value, you can leverage the concept of heaven and hell.

With this strategy, you explore the best possible outcome and the worst-case scenario of a client. You can deep dive into their most substantial pain and their wildest dreams. If you make this experience intense, you will create a gap. What does this gap do? This gap between their desires and their biggest obstacles increases the perceived value. The bigger difference you can create, the more powerful this effect becomes.

Imagine you have a splitting headache, and nothing could ease your pain until now. If someone would offer you a surefire solution, how much would you pay them? Why do you think that heart surgery costs more than a band-aid? Yes, the surgeon is a professional specialist, but why do people accept his price?

Because they can see what happens if they don’t, think about it, would you ever try to get a discount out of a heart surgeon Create the same effect with your clients, and you can work remotely and sell high-end services.

Perceived Value Booster 4: Pain Vs Gain

If you want to create action in your prospects, you want to understand what motivates them. There are two types of motivation for potential buyers: Pain and gain. Gain-motivated buyers want a better life by improving their status, income, or lifestyle. They are running towards a specific goal and need you to show them how your offer shortcuts that journey.

Pain-motivated buyers are running away from a problem and want the common painkiller. They will pay a premium for your solution if it can solve an urgent issue for them quickly. Prospects with a significant amount of pain also don’t care how you deliver the solution. If you can work remotely and still help them, they will still pay your high-ticket price.

Perceived Value Booster 5: Change Their Identity

One of the most potent ways to increase perceived value is to help the prospect change who they are. Isn’t it true that many people today don’t like who they are? They believe they are too fat, not attractive enough, or don’t deserve success. If you can help clients change this perception of themselves, they will be very grateful to you.

This transformation can be worth a fortune. It is one of the reasons why the information business is a trillion-dollar industry. Courses that promise to change you into your desired self are in high demand. How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as a life-long employee with a 9-5? Or do you see yourself as an independent entrepreneur traveling the world?

Both options might be the right choice for different people. But your self-image needs to fit your lifestyle. What happens if it doesn’t? Look at burnout patients. Most of them report the feeling of little fulfillment in their work. They didn’t get enough energy back from their daily activities. Now, look at very wealthy and happy people. They often say that they worked on themselves tirelessly. They made their outer world fit their inner world. How? By removing the mental blocks that hold them back.

Now imagine you can help clients to remove their mental blocks and make them feel happy in their skin. This kind of transformation can happen for anyone in any stage of life—managers, employees, teens, or students. If you can be the one to get them on their path to a dream life, your offer will provide incredible value.

In a sales conversation, it pays high dividends to find out who they want to be. If you know this, you can make them see how your offer helps them become that.

How To Work Remotely And Sell At A Premium Price: The Breakdown

As an entrepreneur, you get paid to solve problems. You don’t get paid for your time, and nobody cares about how you deliver your solution- as long as it gets the job done. If you want to earn a good income as an entrepreneur, you need to solve big problems for many people. One crucial factor in how much you can ask for those solutions is the perceived value for your offer. As we discussed before, you can achieve this by:

  1. Creating an offer that impacts your clients’ life in as many areas as possible
  2. Make sure that your work pays for itself and gives them more money or perceived value back than they paid you
  3. Paint a clear picture of what the best and the worst scenario might look. Often a prospect needs to feel the consequences of inaction before they pull the trigger.
  4. Understand what motivates your prospect. Do your clients want to move towards a goal or away from pain? Adjust your offer, marketing, and sales process towards that motivation type.
  5. Change the self-image of your clients by improving or expanding it. If you can make them feel better about themselves, prospects will pay you a premium price with joy. Self-esteem is rare today, and people crave it more than ever.

Use this Secret Crisis-Proof Method 

If you want to work remotely as an entrepreneur and at the same time charge a premium fee, now you know what to do. But maybe you are not in a position yet where you can restructure your business like this. Perhaps you are not as experienced in marketing yet to use those strategies. Perhaps you don’t know how to create an offer that powerful, what do you do then?

In this case, you can leverage a very lucrative business model that fills that gap. If you pursue this path, you can use all those strategies and don’t need to have an offer yourself. You don’t have to worry about marketing, product fulfillment, or inventory. You don’t need to pay for the software of any hosting fees for your digital offers.

It’s a business model that hundreds of Dan’s students use to generate income on demand. This method is crisis-proof, applicable in almost any business, and high in demand. What are we talking about?

Work Remotely And Sell High Ticket Deals Without Creating Offers Or Any Marketing

This business model is high-ticket closing. It’s closing deals on the phone for other entrepreneurs on a commission basis. How do you get leads to close? The partner you work with will provide you with leads, so no cold calling required. You only take calls, at the comfort of your own home, at your time on your terms. You only need a phone and an internet connection to get started.

Now, what has this to do with what you have learned in this article? Everything, because those strategies are the tip of the iceberg of high-ticket closing. You see, the advantage is that you not only learn a valuable skill to offer the marketplace right now. Yes, you can earn a good income using it, but what if you are an entrepreneur yourself?

What would it mean to you if you could comfortably close for your own business at two, three, or four times your fees? All because you can guide your prospect’s emotions and make them perceive a higher value.

And remember- you work remotely, wherever and whenever you want. If you are to learn this valuable skill and turn it into a business, you can click here. This will give you access to Dan’s free masterclass on high ticket closing, so you can learn how to use this skill to reach your full potential and take your business to the next level.