Do you ever find yourself wondering how to answer How are you?  This is the classic question you’ll be asked all throughout your life. Unless you lock yourself in a room watching Netflix all day long, you probably get asked the question, “How are you?” or “How’s it going?” multiple times per week, 52 weeks per year.

That’s why it would be clever to come up with a unique idea for how to answer How are you when it is asked going forward.

It’s a question that is asked every single day, millions of times, all over the world. But have you noticed how the default answer to that question is often bland and dull? The most common, universal answer to the question, How are you? is something dull such as, “I’m good” or “I’m fine” or “I’m alright”.

Now, if you pay close attention to the way people respond to that question, here’s what you’ll notice: Most answers are either neutral or, in some cases, negative or pessimistic. 

A lot of times, you’ll hear people respond with, “Not bad, I guess.” What happens when they repeat those words over and over? 

It means they have a not bad life.

Or you might hear people say, “Well, I’m okay, I guess.” It leaves you wondering, Do they actually know how they’re doing?

Or sometimes, even worse, you’ll hear them say, “I am TERRIBLE! Let me tell you!” And then they go into this long-winded story about how horrible their day has been.

The truth is, how to answer How are you is not complex or difficult. It doesn’t require you to exert much effort, nor does it require a lot of time to answer a question like this.

It’s a simple question, but it can be answered in a dull way, or answered in a way that can open new opportunities for you.

When it comes to how to answer How are you? in a way that sparks new opportunities, new thoughts, and new ideas, you just have to get creative. But before you get too excited, it’s crucial you have the right mindset when someone greets you with the question, How are you?

Why People With a Scarcity Mindset Fail to Use Words to Create Their Dream Life

You see, it’s important you understand that your words are incredibly powerful. Your words shape your world. The words you repeat to yourself on a daily basis become your reality. This is actually one of the defining differences that separate the poor from the rich. 

Let me give you a perfect example: People with a poor mindset might say something like, “I can’t afford it.” But think about it. If you say those words enough, you are subconsciously signaling your brain that you can’t afford it. You’re telling your brain to help you think, behave, and act in ways to validate your belief that you can’t afford it.

People who think this way will spend money on things they know they don’t need, or make decisions that dig a hole in their bank account. They might splurge to watch that new movie at the theater or eat out more often than they should. Then what happens next? 

When a good opportunity arises, they have a perfectly sound reason to back up their excuse of, “I can’t afford it.”

So when you ask them, “Well, why can’t you afford it?” They say, Oh it’s because I don’t have enough money.

Do you now see how your words can literally shape your reality? I always find it fascinating how words can manifest themselves in life. But keep in mind this concept is not anything new. 

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How People With an Abundant Mindset Use Words to Create Their Dream Life

Many successful people who have a rich mindset have learned to use words to their advantage for many years. And it comes in the form of repeating daily positive affirmations. 

This is a practice of turning your goals into powerful statements and saying them as if they were true today. In the wise words of Dan Pena, it’s a way of “trick f***ing your brain into thinking you’re already there” or already accomplished your goal.

For example, let’s say your goal is to become the CEO of a multi-million dollar company.

To turn this into an affirmation, you’d say, “I am excited and comfortable to be the CEO of my own multi-million dollar company.”

And you repeat that affirmation twice a day every day with the attitude and belief that it’s already true. So now instead of going about your day with a scarcity mindset. When you practice saying affirmations regularly, you’re reprogramming your brain to think in terms of prosperity and abundance. 

Because remember, the brain is a very pliable instrument. If you feed your brain negative thoughts such as, “I’m not good enough,” or “I never get any opportunities,” or “No one likes to be around me,” all day long on a regular basis, what happens? You will act and behave accordingly, to make those thoughts a reality. 

You should now have a pretty good understanding of how powerful your words affect your life. So next time when someone asks you, “How are you?” Change things up. Have some fun. And use one of the below 15 creative responses I’ve compiled for you below to answer that common question of, How are you?

1. “Absolutely Wonderful!”

This is a simple yet highly effective way to breathe life into a dull and boring response such as, “I’m fine.” Just by injecting a bit of positive energy into your answer when someone asks, “How are you?” You are setting the tone for whatever conversation you’re going to have with the person you’re talking to. 

You will feel good and the person you’re talking to will feel good. If both parties feel good, then you’ll probably have a good conversation you’ll both enjoy. 

When it comes to how to answer How are you, know that enthusiasm in an answer will always make you stand out as a person.

2. “Better Than Good!”

When you say you are, “Better than good” what you’re saying is things are going well, and you’re doing good. It tells people you are doing things to move forward in life. It means you’re striving to be more and become better. 

This answer shows people that you have a positive outlook and that you are ready to take on whatever opportunities come your way. So this is a great reply to have handy in your toolbox. 

3. “I Am Great!”

Now, you might be thinking, “Well if I say that, doesn’t it mean I’m lying to myself? What if I’m not having a good day? Are you saying that I should just pretend like everything is fine? And lie to the people that I’m doing great when I’m actually not?” No. 

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What you’re doing is you’re setting the agenda or setting the expectation. Because positive expectations lead to positive outcomes. The idea here is for you to take direct control of the words you use. And to be consciously aware of how you use it. 

So you’re not lying to yourself or pretending that everything is okay. This is about how you choose to use your words. Because remember your words shape your world. When you’re not careful about what you say and just spit out things like, “Oh you know, it’s not bad.” 

The message you’re sending to the other person is this: My life is not good. When you respond like this, do you know what will probably happen next? 


You’re essentially inviting them to talk about why your life is not good. You’ll end up talking about all the problems, the issues, and the drama you’re experiencing. How many times have you found yourself wasting away all your time only talking about your problems instead of focusing on finding solutions? 

While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with talking about issues you’re experiencing in your life. There is a better way to open this kind of conversation which I will share with you in a moment. And it’ll help you have a more productive and thought-provoking conversation to solve whatever issues you’re experiencing. 

4. “I Recently Learned…”

What if something bad is actually happening in your life? What do you say? First, here’s what you shouldn’t say, “Oh everything is so horrible. You won’t believe what happened to me today!”

Because again, it sets a negative tone. A better way you can respond is by saying, “I recently learned.” And then you can move on to sharing your story.

This approach is very powerful. Because the minute you shift your mindset from “Why is this happening to me?” to “I wonder what I could learn from this.” 

You’re opening your mind up to think about possible solutions and ways you can grow from your challenges. Most people who have a poor mindset are only focused on the problem itself. You’ll find them asking a lot of victim questions like:

  • “Why does this always happen to me?” 
  • “How come nothing ever works out the way I want it to?”
  • “Why doesn’t anyone ever listen to what I have to say?”

But asking those questions doesn’t help you think of solutions. They shut the brain down and stop it from thinking. When you say these victim questions you’re feeding your brain bad, self-limiting beliefs. It prevents you from ever gaining valuable lessons from problems in your life and learning about what you can do to improve your situation. 

5. “I’ve Never Been Better.”

This is another great way to respond to the question, “How are you?” When you say, “I’ve never been better,” sometimes it makes people curious. Because humans are naturally curious creatures. If people can sense something going on, they can’t help fight the urge to know more. 

People might wonder, “Hey, so tell me what’s going on. You seem so happy and so motivated. You look like you’re making things happen. I get this feeling things are going great for you. Tell me about it!” 

You see, when you respond like this people can sense your enthusiasm and it taps into their curiosity to know more. Whoever you’re talking to will be able to feel your positive energy. 

Because enthusiasm is infectious. If you can get people excited and curious about what you’re working on, then you’ll likely have a productive conversation where you might find yourself coming up with new ideas and exchanging those ideas back and forth so you can create better new ideas. 


6. “That’s The Problem With My Life. I Have Nothing To Complain About.”

This reply is one of my personal favorites when people ask me, “How are you?” Because when I say this to people, I often get glowing looks of curiosity. A lot of times, people might chuckle and say, “Oh, That’s a pretty cool answer.” 

The great thing about this particular answer is that it lets people know you’re happy and grateful. Far too often, people are so busy being busy all the time that they forget how to be grateful for everything they have – from the air they breathe into their lungs to all relationships they’ve formed in their life.

Being grateful and having gratitude is a powerful way to attract more abundance and prosperity into your life. So if you can use words to create a more fulfilling life, why not use it more often? 

Next time when someone greets you with, “How are you?” Respond with this answer and see what kind of reaction you get. 

7. “Fantastic!”

Here is one word to get the job done when people ask, “How are you?” You can simply say, “Fantastic.” 

Just like any of the other replies, when it comes to how to answer How are you, this is another response that catches people by surprise. It stops them in their tracks and automatically triggers their mind to wonder, “Wow, what seems to be going on? Why is this person so happy?” 

Similar to the word happy, fantastic is a state of mind and it’s something you can control. Not only are words something you can easily control but you can change your words to have a positive attitude about life. Just by simply saying it, you can feel the positive energy flow throughout your body. 

When someone passes by you and innocently asks, “How are you?” Share this positive state of mind by replying with, “Fantastic!”

8. “I’m Happy and Grateful. And You?”

This is another one of my favorite ways to reply to, “How are you?” I simply say, “I’m happy and grateful, And you?” 

When was the last time you heard someone say, “I’m happy and I’m grateful.” Because let’s face it, most people are not happy and even more are not grateful. So when you respond like this, you are conditioning your brain to focus on all the things that make you happy. Because what you focus on expands. 

You’re training your brain to pay attention to and think about all the lessons you can learn from your daily encounters – the good, the bad, and the ugly. So this is a very powerful way to answer the question, “How are you?”

9. “Positive and Energized.”

Here’s another great and powerful answer. Saying that you are “positive and energized” when someone asks, “How are you?” stops people in their tracks. 

It’s like they’re being struck by lightning. They might jump and think, “What the…what is going on here?” Because again, it makes them curious

Now, be aware. There are some people that may not like or react well to this kind of response. You probably know who I’m talking about. It’s people who are energy drainers. They are the ones that like to pull you down because they’re not happy about their own life. 

It leaves them wondering, “Are you taking some kind of drug? What makes you so happy?” 

But as you know, it’s nothing complicated. When you are “positive and energized,” it just shows that you are happy and grateful in your life. That’s it. Very simple. 

10. “Never Felt Better in a Long Time.”

This is a good answer to use when you’ve just solved some problems or you just overcame a challenge. You can reply like this, “I’ve never felt better in a long time,” when someone asks you, “How are you?” 

When you say that, it creates that spark of curiosity and the desire to know more about it. And then the conversation can go from there. 

11. “Very Well. Thank You.”

Instead of repeating the same boring answer of “I’m fine” or “Pretty good,” you can reply like this: “Very well, thank you.” But keep in mind, your tonality matters. The tone of your voice has to align with your emotions when you’re saying any of these creative replies. 

It’s not a good idea to say, “I’m happy, thank you,” in a sad, depressing tone or voice nor is it good to say it in an annoyed or angry tone of voice. You see, it just won’t sound right and you’ll come off as weird. 

Instead of sending positive energy, you’ll be sending mixed messages. So remember, if your intention is to share your happy state of mind, be sure to express the same emotion by smiling and showing you’re happy to go along with it. 

12. “My Kids are Happy and Healthy, and My Husband is Still Trying to Impress Me.”

Out of all the replies, I’ve listed here. This particular reply is probably the most creative of them all. It’s actually one that I heard once from a lady. Instead of saying she was “fine” or “pretty good,” she replied like this. And I couldn’t help but appreciate her unique answer. 

Simply by sharing the reason she was happy and content with her life. It just gave her answer a special, personal touch, and it made her memorable as a person.

This is definitely a great reply I will have ready with me the next time someone asks me, “So, how are you?” And I highly recommend you to do the same. 

13. “I’m Better Now That You’re With Me.”

Now, let’s have a little bit of fun here and move on into the love department. Let’s say you are talking to someone that you’re interested in dating. Or someone you’d like to flirt with and show interest in.

In the realm of romance, it probably wouldn’t hurt to be a bit more creative when you are answering the question, “How are you?” 

So instead of saying, “I’m fine” or “Pretty good.” You can respond with something heartwarming like this while looking at them in the eyes and smiling, “Well I’m better now that you’re with me.”

14. “Well I’ll Be Better if You Go Out With Me.”

Here’s another one you can use to flirt, but in a more humorous way.

So when they ask, “How are you?” You can say while smiling, “Well I’ll feel better if you go out with me.”


15. “Are You Flirting With Me?”

And finally, for the last creative reply I have on the list. You can have even more fun with this reply.

Question: “Hey, how are you?”

Answer: “Are you flirting with me?”

Well there you have it. These are the 15 creative ways you can reply to the common greeting, “How are you?” 

When it comes to how to answer How are you, you’ll now leave a better impression with the person you’re talking to next time and perhaps spark some interesting conversations. 

Before reading this article, you may have had your doubts. Or maybe you were skeptical, Are there really 15 creative ways for how to answer how are you? If you were skeptical, then I wouldn’t blame you, because most people wouldn’t have any idea where to begin coming up with so many different ways to respond to that common greeting. To me, like many other things in life, this type of creativity is a skill.

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