Are you conducting a lot of sales calls or client calls over Skype or Zoom lately, and wondering how to be more charismatic? It’s a good idea to learn how to be more charismatic over a video call, because it’s a little different than being charismatic in person. Whether it’s a video call for the purpose of sales, consulting, or simply communicating to a client, you want to have charisma and keep their attention.

A video call is a form of public speaking, and many people are nervous the moment they have to do any form of public speaking. If you’re nervous, it can be difficult to be charismatic. Perhaps as a teenager in school, you got nervous giving presentations in front of your classmates. You may have even feared the thought of reading a paragraph out loud for your teacher. Those nerve-racking moments when all attention is on you can be uncomfortable. Sometimes that’s what a Skype or Zoom call feels like, especially if you’re selling, presenting or speaking about something important.

Giving presentations and communicating ideas to an audience is a challenge for many people. Sometimes you lose sleep the day before the presentation because you’re rehearsing your speech, just so you won’t face the embarrassment of failure. As a matter of fact, more than 75% of people face nervousness and panic attacks when it comes to giving a presentation. It’s a common fear that everyone is challenged by, so believe it when we say you are not the only one. 

We live in a timestamp where everything revolves around communication. It could be texting, calling over the phone, or a video chat on your favorite platform. If you take a look at the current COVID-19 pandemic, you can see the world shifting into a new lifestyle where remote working is a necessity. For this to work, companies are requiring their employees to present ideas and give updates on platforms such as Skype or Zoom.

Consultants and salespeople are using Skype and Zoom, too.

When it comes to presenting ideas and effectively communicating your thoughts, it’s important to understand the effect that charisma has on the prospect or peer you’re presenting to. In other words, understanding how to be more charismatic when calling someone on Skype or Zoom. These charisma secrets will help you stay calm during presentations and will remove any fear of nervousness or panic inside you. Our tips will also give you a competitive advantage since you’ll understand how to effectively communicate your words so the other person has a full understanding of your thoughts.

Woman wondering how to be more charismatic

The Definition: How To Be More Charismatic 

The term charismatic comes from the term charisma, which can be defined as the quality of being able to attract, charm and influence those around you. Researchers at the University of Toronto have carried out a study around charisma. They have found that charisma also leads to leadership, approachability and presence. So when you gain the ability to be charismatic, you’ll become more confident and approachable.

Charisma is a sparkle in people that money can’t buy. It’s an invisible energy with visible effects.” – Marianne Williamson

Learning how to use charisma will help you in all aspects of your life. For this article we’re going to focus on how to be more charismatic on Skype or Zoom calls. The basis of what’s discussed here is generalized for other situations such as large auditoriums and stages. Even if your focus is not for a video call, you’ll still have more than enough information here to apply charisma into other areas which you desire. If you’re in the entertainment industry, we have an article here to help fast track your success with similar charisma secrets. 

The Power of Skype and Zoom Calls

The world we live in is slowly shifting into a lifestyle where business is conducted online. And not just sales and marketing, but communication between employees and contractors. If you’re currently working at a job, you may have noticed a sudden shift onto platforms such as Slack, Zoom and Skype. As a matter of fact, Zoom has experienced a 21% increase in users from 2019 compared to 2020. Companies are seeing the power of having their employees work remotely rather than in a physical location. They are shifting into a new way of operation. 

Zoom and Skype are the two best platforms of communications for individuals or groups to communicate over voice or video chat. They can be used for long hours throughout the day and require minimal to no costs for upkeep. The foreseeable future shows a  rising peak in these platforms. So learning how to be more charismatic will be essential for you to stand out or make a great impression during group calls. 

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Preparing for Your Time in the Spotlight

Think about the last time you went for a job interview. Did you spend the night before preparing answers to questions they might ask? And did you iron and hand select the perfect outfit to impress the interviewer? What if the same steps applied to video calling someone? The first step is to learn how to be more charismatic is to prepare prior to the Skype or Zoom call. 

Going into any conversation with a planned script is one of the most important charismatic traits anyone can possess. And no, not a word-for-word script where you read off sentences. But a road map of notes and points to help glide through the conversation. Think about what might happen if you neglect prior preparation to your call. You might pause, stumble on words, or even forget to bring up an important point.

It’s important for you to organize your thoughts and present yourself as someone who’s knowledgeable and insightful in their respected field. It’ll position you as someone of authority and makes your colleagues or peers think of you as a reputable source of information. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.

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Preparation also contributes to a subconscious mindset that eliminates any motive of fear or nervousness prior to your call. It gives you the confidence knowing that you have a plan for whatever is thrown at you during the discussion. And if you ever forget a point or have blank moments, you can rest assured knowing you have notes to refer to when needed. 

Knowledge is Power

Preparing your ideas prior to a session on Zoom or Skype is important for incorporating charisma into your speech. But what good is preparation if you lack the required knowledge for a discussion? One of the best ways to be more charismatic on Skype and Zoom is to familiarize yourself with the topic being discussed, to boost your confidence speaking on that topic. So what’s the difference between being knowledgeable and being prepared?

Woman reading a book in bed

Being prepared means that you’ve planned and thoroughly thought out the conversation prior to the call session. Being knowledgeable means you’re capable of thinking outside the box. You are providing logical solutions to any questions or concerns that are not visible. Because let’s face it, you can’t always predict how a Zoom or Skype session will go 100% of the time. 

Spend an hour or so revising the content of your planned conversation. Get familiar with the terms and look for information online that can help you stand out from everyone else. And if you’re not familiar with the topic, spend time learning and catching up to the same page as everyone else who’ll be attending the meeting. There’s nothing wrong with re-familiarizing yourself with forgotten information. Demonstrating charismatic traits comes from the ability to position yourself as a leader. And the best leaders are the ones knowledgeable enough to help their team conquer any battle. 

A Secret Trick for Skype and Zoom

Working from home has triggered people to forget traditional habits of working in an office or location-centered site. If you’re like most people, you’re probably laying in bed or at a desk using a computer while staying cozy in your favorite pajamas. It’s one of the best feelings knowing your workstation is a few steps away from your bed. But what if there was a lucrative and secret strategy to help you learn how to be more charismatic?

See, the normalized way of doing business calls on Zoom or Skype is from the comfort of your home. You remain relaxed and stay calm throughout the day while bundled up in comfortable clothing. If you want to show charisma and present yourself as someone of leadership and authority, your video calls throughout the day should be conducted in the same clothing and style as if you were traditionally in the office. Meaning you should wear a suit, dress or dress shirt depending on your job. And yes, that means combing your hair, looking presentable, and cleaning up any dishes laying around. As a good tip, try and find a place where the background is a blank wall.  

Think about what would happen if a business prospect or colleague gets on call and see’s you slumped back in your chair with pajamas. What kind of impression would they get from you? Disorganized, messy, lazy, careless? If you show your peers that you’re in formal attire ready to work they get an instant impression that you’re someone they should be in business with. Or in the case of colleagues, they’ll view you as someone who is seriously about what they do. Remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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Be More Approachable

Imagine you’re waiting in line at a store to buy a shirt you’ve always wanted. You walk up to the cashier and gently place the shirt on the counter. The cashier gives you a stern look, points at the price, and asks for your method of payment. You swipe your credit card, wait patiently, and watch as the cashier throws your shirt in a bag. The payment goes through, the cashier looks at you again with a stern look, and calls the next person waiting in line.

Now pretend you were in the same situation, but this time the cashier had a smile on their face. They happily put your clothing in the bag, asks politely for your method of payment, and wishes you well as you walk out of the store. So what made the second situation much more charismatic than the first? 

The cashier who had a smile on her face made your buying process a hundred times better compared to the cashier with a stern look. You feel better knowing the individual is easily approachable, and has a stress-free experience when shopping at the store. So how will this apply for learning how to be more charismatic over a video call?

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Being more approachable is the best way for your colleagues and peers to see you’re someone who can be easily talked to. Showing a simple smile or hint of enthusiasm gives off the impression of being approachable. This is a quality trait that 99% of people look for during a call. Think about it, wouldn’t you have an easier time talking to someone if they give off good vibes? And best of all, it’s a trait that can be used in all aspects of your life. 

Keep it Entertaining and Incorporate Humor

Picture the last time you attended a university lecture or a seminar from someone you’re highly interested in. How many times did the presenter bore you to sleep? Engaging with your audience is one of the most powerful secrets when learning how to be more charismatic. It keeps the audience awake and helps your ideas and thoughts fully process in the minds of each listener. So what differentiating factor helps the presenter stay entertaining and vivid? 

A powerful method of keeping your audience engaged is through the use of active humor. Some of the best speeches and presentations in the world feature plenty of humor. No matter the subject, a guest speaker will use natural charisma, humor and language to convey their points. They’ll also get the crowd excited about their topic.

Woman laughing while on a video call

The topic of adding humor into presentations is in frequent questioning by professionals in the business world. It’s can commonly associate someone with being lazy, unethical, or simply foolish in the workplace. As a general rule of thumb, the type of humor you portray has to be relevant to the topic and is subject to what you are presenting.

Some of the most prestigious individuals in the world have used jokes in their presentations as a form of engagement. In 2014 former President Barack Obama jokingly said “we’re building an iron man” as a form of engaging the audience. In 2011, Morgan Spurlock gave one of the greatest TED talks of all time. And his presentation has small jokes to enlighten the mood. There’s nothing wrong with having fun, and people will see you as someone with a great personality and heart. Just remember to keep the jokes appropriate and as minimal as possible. Because sometimes the bigger picture is lost if the conversation gets broken or if your humor throws everyone off topic. This topic is extremely overlooked, but an important strategy when learning how to be more charismatic.

Speak Eloquently

Going into a video call on Skype or Zoom has a natural effect of making people nervous. When your nerves kick in and your audience looks you in the eyes, you might get a natural tendency to speak quickly and get your part over with. This is completely normal and will happen to everyone at some point when presenting. And when you speak quickly, you tend to stumble over words and lose your audience’s attention very quickly. So the solution, you might ask, is to speak eloquently and take your time getting your thoughts across.

Speaking eloquently allows you to connect your emotions to what you’re communicating, think efficiently with purpose, and present yourself as someone who’s a professional and elegant speaker. You have time to process your thoughts and eliminate the use of words such as “like”, “um”, or “ugh”. You also get the advantage of remaining calm without the constant rush of getting your thoughts across in time. People speak quickly because they think they’ll lose their audience’s attention. But what’s the good is speaking fast if the audience can’t follow you in the first place? 

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There is a professional speech organization known as the McGuire program, that helps people combat their stuttering disability. The program uses an approach of speaking by telling their students to use a few words per breath. This involves frequent pauses in between to take control of their stammering impairment. 

These students are able to take their new way of speaking into Toastmaster events, and receive awards pretentiously for speaking eloquently. The common belief of speaking fast is not necessarily effective for presentations. The ones who speak eloquently with frequent pauses between sentences and good eye contact are the ones who become the most effective speakers. 

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Becoming a Master Presenter

You’ve probably seen Dan Lok’s YouTube channel or his Ted Talk on the Invisible Force. During his presentations, he takes his time, keeps things entertaining, and portrays himself as someone who’s very knowledgeable in his field. But do you think Dan was always a charismatic speaker? He was not always charismatic, not at all. Dan came to Canada without a single word of English and without anyone to show him the ropes. He was the lone wolf fighting against the world in hopes of achieving financial success. After all his years of triumph and failure, he was able to learn powerful skills to help him become an effective speaker. Dan has packed it all together in a course called the High Ticket Consultant Secrets Vault.

This vault is a combination of Sifu Dan’s most successful and prestigious courses on becoming an effective speaker. You’ll learn how to close sales over the phone, handle objections, consult with clients, hook your audience and so much more. Whether you’re in public speaking, consulting or sales. These training sessions will help skyrocket your success in any aspect of your business.

The Vault

Now, we only want you to enroll in this program if you’re willing to put in work. The success you earn is based on the dedication towards following the steps in the program. And what you put in is what you’ll get out. So come prepared with a pen and paper to take notes, and make sure to have a coachable mindset.

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