Do you want to become an absolute productivity master?

People who follow my work often ask me how I get so much done.

I’m posting content all the time – Youtube videos, Facebook posts, blog posts and so much more.

Still, I also run several businesses and also have a private life.

The truth is, the content you see is only a fraction of what I do. You don’t see the meetings or the things happening behind the scenes.

So, the time I put in my videos is only a very small percentage of my life.

For most people, this sounds simply unbelievable. Because most people don’t get that much done.

If you focus on becoming a productivity master now, you accomplish more than most others do in their entire life.

Do You Have Realistic Expectations On Productivity?

Before you become a productivity master you have to understand one thing. You don’t master productivity in one day.

Productivity is more like a muscle. You have to train it and gradually grow it.

I personally like to be very smart about my time. If I give a speech I use it as content later. I’m always repurposing pieces of content for different platforms.

I also have a team to rely on – that’s how things get multiplied.

Now you might just be starting out. What can you do personally?

My advice is to maximize your personal productivity first. Don’t try to be me. I’ve not met anybody who can do what I do – so forget about that. Because in the end, that will only create stress.

Focus on being the best version of yourself.

What most people don’t understand is this. Everything I teach is valuable advice. But you might be on a different level than me. So you have to break down my advice to your current level and start from there.

Let’s assume you are in sales, like a high ticket closer, for example. Then you should focus on your performance. Are you the best in your team? How fast can you close a deal? Are you operating at an optimal level?

In my videos, you might see me talking about closing 5-figure or 6-figure deals. But that doesn’t mean you should go out there and try to only close such immense deals. It means you have to hone your craft, so you can get there gradually.

Every day, try to be a little bit more efficient. Maybe you got your first sale. Now get to the next one and then the next one…

Celebrate your successes but don’t sit on it too long.

Once you get to 50 sales, 100 sales or even 200 sales you will reach a point where closing comes to you naturally. You aren’t trying to do closing anymore. Instead, you’ve become a high ticket closer.

Closing sales is only one example of any skill you have to hone. As you work on it and grow, you become a productivity master.

How To Define Productivity?

I have a very simple definition for productivity: Maximum results in minimum time.

To achieve that, you have to stay very focused.

Many people do a lot of things, but they are never fully sure if what they do is actually useful.

It’s not about having a filled calendar and ticking off to-do lists. Instead, you have to find out which activities are useful for the life you want to create.


Be Absolutely Ruthless About The Outcome

What is it that you are trying to do? What outcome do you want?

You see, most people get very busy. They do a lot of things.

The problem is, the things they do don’t lead to the desired outcome.

That’s why I often say:

“Busyness is a form of laziness.”

Just because you are busy and your calendar is filled doesn’t mean you are productive.

Instead of asking yourself: “What do I need to do?” Get clear on how you can do it better.

Or, for some tasks – why am I even doing this at all?

How will this contribute to my life or my business?

The moment you get ruthless about the outcome you become much more productive.

The 80/20 Rule Always Applies

In terms of productivity, this means only 20% of what you do creates 80% of your results.

So, you want to focus on doing the important 20%. Don’t waste your time with the 80% that don’t even matter that much.

How do you know which of your tasks belong to the important 20%?

First, you want to list all your tasks. Then, you rate them regarding how important they are to you and how urgent they are.

Tasks that are important and urgent are your top priority.

Some tasks might be urgent but not important. Those only get a three in regards to priority.

If something is important but not urgent – those tasks are actually your number two priority.


And finally, some tasks are neither urgent nor are they important. Those can often be eliminated.

While some of those tasks can be fun, the main part of your time shouldn’t be spent here.

Watching a movie, for example, isn’t important or urgent. It’s still okay to watch a movie sometimes – simply be aware of what you are doing.

If most of your time is spent on level 4 tasks, then you have a problem. It’s killing your productivity.

Your main focus should really be on tasks that are a top priority or number 2 priority. If you do this daily, it will become like second nature to you.

Be aware, If you are following this principle there might be a lot of things you have to start to say no to. In the end, saying no is about protecting your time.

Are You Writing It Out On Paper?

While there are many great calendars and scheduling apps I personally prefer paper and notebooks.

Writing down and crossing out tasks will give you a lot of satisfaction.

A highly advise you to use notebooks and as you fill them, keep them. When you look back later you can see how much your tasks evolved. It means you as a person evolved.

You are constantly improving – that’s what being a productivity master is about.


Are You Getting Distracted and Interrupted All the Time?

How could you be productive during your day if you always get interrupted?

Even some CEOs and business owners have an “open-door policy” and they invite people to come to talk to them anytime.

But this means they get interrupted again and again – every single day.

Every time you get distracted it takes a certain mental energy to get back into work.

When I get productive, I even unplug my phone. I create an environment where people can’t reach me. Even my wife knows she can’t interrupt me during my productive time.

So for you, this means you want to communicate to others that they can’t interrupt you. Explain why it’s important and tell them they have to give you that space. Put yourself in an environment where interruptions and distractions can’t happen.

Are You Giving Yourself a Finish Time?

As I mentioned before, productivity means to get maximum results in minimum time.

Most people would set a task and work on it until they are finished. But this means, they mostly take longer – therefore they don’t get the results in minimum time.

If you set your tasks with a finish time in mind, you train it to get faster.

Imagine you are a copywriter and your task is to write an article. Maybe, in the beginning, you take two hours to write an article. So, you set your finish time after two hours.

As you learn and grow you take less long. Now, one article might take one and a half hours or only on hour.

If you don’t set finish times, your brain doesn’t get trained. You are much more likely to procrastinate if there is no clear deadline. Tasks don’t get finished and you drag them on to the next day.

When you use timeframes, you will see how you actually can get more done in a day than you ever believed.


What Are You Good At?

Are you struggling with your productivity?

If you procrastinate a lot and can’t get enough done, the root of the problem might be somewhere else.

Maybe your current profession doesn’t motivate you anymore?

Or they pay is so small, you have to work over hours and take on extra projects to make ends meet?

If you want to break free from the struggle and finally build a life you enjoy – I have one piece of advice.

Don’t get a new job or start a business.

First, focus on developing your high-income skill.

High-income skills are skills, that potentially earn you 6-figure income.

My team and I  developed a free quiz where you can find out which high-income skill you were born to do.

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