Closing deals for business is still considered a close or a sale. Increasing your b2b close rates is an important aspect to your business growth. One of the key aspects to business growth is lead generation and every entrepreneur agrees to that – whether they’re big or small. And this is crucial to a company’s success. 

No matter how good your product and services are, you simply won’t succeed with knowing a good sales technique. With that said, to get higher b2b close rates requires an entirely unique approach. Although it isn’t entirely different, knowing the right approach is important to develop a sales process that works for you to reach your goals. 

B2b often have high ticket values compared to selling to consumers – B2C. And it can be extremely lucrative and highly rewarding with proper training. What’s the point of having a whole lot of leads but your offer is not converting well, right? People will not be convinced by your product and services. Therefore, there is no sales being made. When there’s no sales, there won’t be any money coming in.


So, increasing your b2b close rates is the most important factor in any business. 

Now, what training am I talking about? How exactly this training will help get higher b2b close rates?

High Ticket Closing Vs Regular Sales – What’s The Difference?

In a nutshell – generally, a salesperson is encouraged and trained to do whatever it takes to close a deal. They are trained to sell a particular product aggressively. Forced and resorting to being pushy, just to meet their monthly or quarterly quota. With such aggression, instead of creating and maintaining a good relationship with customers – it ends up as an annoyance. This can break the trust and ruin relationships with customers. 

Whereas, for High Ticket Closing training is hone your sales techniques. You don’t need to have much knowledge about your product to increase your b2b close rates. In fact, you don’t need to worry about not being the best salesperson in your company or the most gifted communicator. 

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High ticket closing training is all about influence and persuasion, not slimy sales techniques. Instead of approaching with aggression, you share how good your product is with your customers and let them make their own decisions on why they should buy your product instead of your competition. 

Because you’re not being aggressive or forceful, their perception towards you will change and they’ll start to have the trust. And with that trust, you are now in a position to influence your customer to see your point of view. And trust is a very valuable thing to have in business. 

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Now, let’s get into the specificity of it. 

Regular Sales Training 

You’re an entrepreneur or a business owner making an attempt selling your high-ticket products trying to upscale your B2B close rates. You’re still using traditional selling methods and still attending regular sales training. Hoping to gain some extra sales skills to close your desired high-ticket clients. 

A sales training or a degree in business can easily be acquired. A business-related occupation, such as Marketing & Sales Manager, Chief executives, and financial manager could earn you a six-figure salary. But imagine the time and cost to earn those qualifications – 2-year school: $3520 and 4-year in-state school: $9650.


However, it is not impossible to train for a sales-related career in a short period of time. Let’s take life insurance sales as an example. A top agent can easily earn a six figure income in twelve months after investing a few thousand on a course. There are also free sales training programs that’s available to help salespeople learn and improve their selling skills. 

After you’ve gained your certification and qualifications, but they will still need to commute from point A to point B. On top of that, it’s your responsibility to nurture, follow up and maintain your relationship with the client. 

Times have changed, although persistency is the key element for sales. How will that really help you grow your B2B close rates? Generally, people don’t like to be chased and pushed deep into purchasing a product. Most of the regular sales training are still based on traditional selling methods. They’re all about pasturing your customers into buying your product or services the old school tactics – without finding out the needs of your customers. 

With little regard to customers’ needs, that’s why buyers often find salespeople slimy. If you find difficulties in increasing your B2B close rates and selling your product or service. It could be because your techniques are not attractive enough, you’re using the wrong strategy, your sales team might be lacking product knowledge or being too pushy.

However, to get higher B2B close rates by these regular sales training methods, your sales team need to know exactly what they’re selling. Regardless you’re B2B or B2C. The team needs to know their product at their back of the head. This means, they need to be like a walking dictionary of their product or service – that includes features, advantages and disadvantages as well as competitor’s knowledge. 

High Ticket Closer Training

Making a change financially is what many high-ticket closers dream of. They decide on their freedom of juggling their own working hours and being able to work remotely or at the comfort of their own home. On top of that, they’re being their own boss by making a high income. 

For entrepreneurs and business owners, High Ticket Closing is one skill that you need if you want to take your business to the next level and also to get higher B2B close rates. You can dramatically increase your business revenue with this skill. 


You can be the best at what you do in business, but if you don’t know how to close, retain and maintain the relationship between you and your customers – regardless of your capabilities. It’ll be limited to how far you can see success without a proper training. 

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Closing is a skill you could definitely benefit from. In actual fact, some people can be great at closing even without proper training. 

So, how can high ticket closing help you grow higher B2B close rates?

Using Finessed And Sophisticated Approach

There are two possible scenarios for High Ticket Closers: business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). For each closed deal, they are paid a commission. 

Closers with little to no business experience, B2C is the most common choice. It’s easier to relate to the prospect’s situation because the closer has bought a program or course before. They work with an influencer generating prospects on coaching programs or other high ticket offers. 

These prospects are mostly familiar with the influencer – from attending workshops or watched their masterclass online. The prospects might be a follower of the influencer across their social media platform.

They can be in any industry: health, fitness, education, technology, business and many more. With already generated steady stream of leads by the influencer, and people are booking appointments regularly to learn more about their offer – and if it’s a premium priced product – the influencer, then, could use the expertise of a closer to convert leads into clients. 

However, business accounts require a unique approach. To get higher B2B close rates requires a different level of expertise. If a closer that’s without a business background learns about business jargon, then yes, they can close for business accounts. Terms such as SaaS, deliverables, first quarter and onboarding – otherwise it will be a struggle for a closer. 

B2B closing involves more than closing one person. When you get a call with a prospect on the phone, they may or may not be the main decision maker. 

For deals that involve millions and the company’s future direction, the business deal may take more than one phone call.


Mindset Mastery

What’s the difference between “dreaming of making a high income” and actually “making that high income”? – let’s imagine a six figure – if you’ve never had that before. 

If you’re used to getting a regular pay cheque, a mental shift might need to happen. High Ticket Closers are paid based on commission, this means, no sales – no pay. But, if a high-ticket product is closed, that’ll be a big commission with only a few hours of work. 

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Becoming a successful closer is much focused on training and mastering a closer mindset.  

  • The purpose for a closer is helping your prospect transform their life. Believing in the product you’re selling is important – otherwise, you will struggle in closing a sale. 
  • You won’t be rich if you don’t like being around rich people. Believe that you deserve to improve your life or those that you love by having money. 
  • Some days are hard – some days are easy. You could close a few prospects in a row and some days you fail to close even one prospect a day. It’s like a roller coaster journey, as you earn your commission or nothing. And as you improve your skill, you’ll be more stable. 
  • Not giving up and stay focus even when your friends and family do not support your career choice. 

Build a foundation of a strong mindset. Master oneself from a closer training before you are taught other skills. How often does someone come along with a clear goal and a realistic picture of “how to get there”? 

High Ticket closer trains mindset mastery and it’s a long-term progression in mind – not only “how to sell more”.

Closing It’s All About Communication

As a closer, you will learn some of the most powerful communication skills, such as, to sustain a good conversation, influencing and persuading the prospects. 

As a High Ticket Closer, you become professional at closing with finessed. This powerful skill is a great and unique approach to grow higher B2B close rates. Because you become an expert, your prospect will come to see you to find a solution to their problem. 

May it be for your business, or their business, or even personal. Since you’ve built the trust and you’re in a position to influence your prospect, believe me, they will be the one that come to you. 

You’ll learn the importance and how the tone of your voice can affect the outcome of your conversation. This is because 90% percent of time you’re most likely to be closing on the phone, therefore, your voice is key. 

I believe communication is 55% body language, 38% tonality, and 7% words. And more importantly, that 38% used to build rapport with your prospect – so they can be open enough to trust you. If they don’t trust you, you won’t be able to close them. 

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Learning to influence and persuade your prospects is also key for sales skills. You wouldn’t want to persuade your prospect in buying an offer when they are not a good fit. Even if you do, they might cancel in the future. And that affects your close ratio and commission. That’s because they’ll be most likely to cancel in the future. 

As a closer, you use your power of persuasion in prospects that has a high level of self-doubt. These are prospects that may be an ideal fit but fearful they will fail again – therefore, they need you to persuade them that the outcome this time will be different. 

That one final push to the finish line, and when they purchase or sign up for your product or program – they’ll thank you. 


Why You Should Sell High-Ticket Offers

Many ways to make $1 million dollars, you can sell $1 to a million people or you can sell $10 to 100 thousand people and so forth. But a high-ticket technique is about selling less for more. Business owners are conditioned to increase sales, gain higher revenue, grow market share, etc. 

However, by getting more B2B close rates is not necessarily better. You can achieve your income goal by charging higher price with lesser volume. Think about the reason for wanting more, whether it’s for your own life or business. What drives you to have your desired lifestyle – And if it’s for your business, what drives you to grow higher close rates. 

What if you can hit your income goal and live the life you’ve always dreamed of – that freedom – with lesser clients. 

 In B2B business, the lead pool size is a major differentiator compared to B2C. Instead of the increased by the millions, it shrinks – unless you can convince them.


This is why “less is more” when you sell high ticket offers:

More profit, less hassle – You make higher profit margins when you sell high-ticket items. Most people don’t feel comfortable selling at a high price – or don’t know how to sell. Although there are many successful companies that have sold low margin products, it isn’t a long-term business model.  With that said, it’s not profitable forever because low priced products don’t have a sustainable advantage.

Implementing the right training and strategy to get higher B2B close rates is crucial. Like I mentioned in the beginning, it requires an entirely unique approach. 

What’s the most important element in sales? – prospecting. In a recent study by HubSpot, 40% of salespeople say, prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process. 72% of companies with less than 50 new opps per month didn’t achieve their revenue goals. And 6 in 10 buyers want to discuss pricing on the first call. 

In the long run, with the right training and by keeping a “lean, mean and simple” business strategy that focuses on your B2B close rates – you can reach your financial goal and serve lesser customers. 

  • Big ticket things – From Fancy Lego bricks to techy stuff. Technology and telecom have dominated the world in this 21st century with their launches for digital products. The numbers they generated are between $500,000 to $1 million within 24 hours to 1 week. Clearly that these businesses never sell low-ticket offers. Most of their launches are selling more than 700 units for $1,000 – $5,000 each. It’s obvious, you can’t reach up to those numbers by selling a product or service at $50 each. 
  • Dominating the marketplace – By leveraging your high-ticket offer, you can afford to pay out higher commissions to your promoters, salespeople or affiliates. When you’ve increased your profit margin, you can be more generous and that will automatically make you more appealing towards your competitors. Making a $1,200 commission from $2,000 product sales compared to only $10 from a $20 product. 

Instead of focusing on quantity of clients to increase your B2B close rates, keep your business flexible to achieve your revenue goals confidently and securely. 

How to close high ticket items 

If you have second thoughts about buying high-end products, then the chances of you asking more money from your customer is slim. What are the chances of your customers buying your high-end products? You won’t be able to grow your B2B close rates with this mindset.

Here’s the problem…

They can sense it when you have a conversation with them. If you cringe and mumble when you tell them how much your product cost, it tells them – “even you wouldn’t pay that much, so why should I?” – And you want your customer to pay $3500 a month for your service. 

So, by wanting to charge more and ask for what you deserve, you have to change your mindset about money

Here are three of my secret on how to ask your customers to pay what you ask for:

  • Practice Asking for high-ticket prices

You have a great product and you deserve to charge higher because of its value. And you also know that when you charge a higher price, which means you’re attracting different quality of customers. 

To retain this type of quality customer, you have to be confident in your own pricing. To prepare for that moment – practice in front of the mirror asking for the price you want. Invest in an audio recorder and record yourself – listen to the tone of your voice, observe the expression on your face and your body language. 

  • Immerse yourself in luxury environment 

Let’s first imagine yourself in a luxury environment, you feel comfortable and you see yourself being part of that lifestyle. Then, go to your luxury environment and immerse yourself in it – build up your confidence in that environment where luxury if a common thing for you. 

You can also create, build and surround yourself in luxury environment by having wealth triggers in your office or home. You can create your very own wall of fame by hanging up photos of people who inspire you or get that expensive pen you’ve always wanted. 

Believe in yourself that you will be successful one day and start getting comfortable in an environment of success. 

  • Speak the language of affluence 

Increase your confidence by learning to speak the language of wealth. Let me give you an example. 

A magazine description of The Taliesin 1 regarding an armchair that’s first designed in 1949. This is the updated version: “The reissue itself evinces an advance in manufacturing, having been folded and pressed using the latest in wood-processing technologies. The armchair retails for $5,500.”

If you notice the type of language used and how they casually named the price. This is a typical style of the online magazine – Robb Report. This magazine will make you become more comfortable with the affluent lifestyle. And I highly recommend subscribing to it. 

If you don’t know this, people who read Fortune magazine is with an average of $400,000 net worth. And the people who read Robb Report is $4 million. So, when speaking about wealth, reading this magazine will help expand your comfort zone.


HTC Training Develops Proficient Business Owner And Leader

What separates a successful business from failing? Money is the most important factor in any business. The amount of money a business has to sustain their operation will separates a successful business from failing. If there’s no deals being closed, there won’t be any sales made and if there’s no sales made, there is no money coming in. 

One of the top reasons businesses fail is experiencing cash flow problems. – 82% have this problem. 50% of it survived the five-year mark. And only one in three businesses get to the ten-year mark. However, if you have a bunch of cash to throw around – you can stay in business for a longer time. 

High Ticket Closing allows you to tackle your prospect’s objections and finding out what is making them say no. For instance, let’s say you’re talking with a prospect, they ask you some questions, trying to find out more about your product. They sound interesting, but the moment you tell them your price, they go… “Oh…” and stays in silence. Then you’ll know its price sensitive. 

In this case, you can still close your prospect by offering other options to them – but before you blindly offer your options – ask them what’s on their mind. That’s one way to confirmed why they go in silence. Once you get your answer, only then you share your options. 

If it’s too expensive, you can always offer a monthly payment plan. It’s a win-win situation and there’s always ways to make everyone happy. High ticket closing allows you the ability to get to the core of your prospects. It’s extremely useful when it comes to business negotiations, B2B and B2C sales and more. 

Being able to sense the situation and read your prospect’s mind is greatly beneficial to grow B2B close rates. Those that have developed their business acumen well enough, they are more likely to close more deals, influence people and build trust and relationship.

Is High Ticket Closing Right For Me?

Given these points, High ticket closing is not for everyone. Although this skill can greatly benefit your business by increasing your B2B close rates. A certain level of resourcefulness and self-transformation is required. High ticket closing teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to master B2B sales processes, inbound and outbound techniques and much more especially your business acumen.

But, for people who have these following traits, High ticket closing won’t cut out for them. 

  • Impatient with success and have low tolerance to failure
  • Believe that success comes automatically without putting any effort to do the work
  • Spender attitude on luxury items without hesitation and do not invest in themselves.

Our goal is to cultivate successful people to be even more successful. They are not just learning “how to sell more”, they’ll have more confidence, transformation to a better version of themselves, and mindset mastery – it has a long-term progression in mind. 


Are You Ready To Increase Your Business Closing Rates?

Your future’s business growth relies on your ability to close. If you’re looking at ways to get higher B2B close rates, you should be motivated in developing this high-ticket closing skills. High ticket closing is very challenging and powerful weapon. Mastering the art of closing is part of your business strategy and that holds the potential to diminish your competition.

With the philosophies aligned, high ticket closing is responsible for creating success. The HTC community focused on creating elite, high performers and leaders who are hungry to achieve success. In addition to that, HTC connects closer to the highest caliber coaches to raise their performance.

HTC program is also evolving, therefore, it’s not an easy peasy process to master high ticket closing. If it was, everyone would be a master in closing. High ticket closing is extremely challenging and expensive. 

Not everyone has the resilience and capabilities to master the art of closing. But, for those that have all it takes, they’ll gain the knowledge and these little-known skills over their competition.

Are you ready to immerse in this powerful high-ticket closing journey and be that one in three businesses to get to the 10-year mark? 

You won’t be alone in this journey. In our community, you’ll gain access to any personal coaching you need to take your business to the next level. You can achieve your desired results on both your business and personal life.  

So, do you think you’re ready to be that one in three businesses to get to the 10-year mark? If you are, click here to apply now to see how you and your business can benefit from high ticket closing techniques.