Have you ever wondered how some people get paid for writing social media posts all day? It might seem irritating to get paid for showing people your breakfast, right? Well, it’s a little more than that, but the effort might be just as low. How would you like to get paid for something you’re doing daily anyway?

Read on to find out exactly how you can get paid for writing on social media…

Is It Possible To Get Paid For Writing On Social Media?

Let’s start with the conditions to make a comfortable living on writing such posts.

  • First, you need something to sell, either your own product or someone else’s.
  • Second, you need users on the platform you can sell to.
  • Third, those users need to want to engage with you.
  • Fourth, you need a very specific writing skill to inspire readers to take action explained further down below.

The application of said writing skill differs in each medium. On LinkedIn, for example, you will need more sophisticated writing. Facebook can be more casual, and Instagram will be more focused on visual content. But what should you do with this knowledge?

This article has two parts. In part one, we’ll go over each of those four elements. After reading, you’ll know exactly what to look out for when trying to get paid for writing on social media. You’ll know what skill to develop and how to leverage social media most naturally. In part two, we’ll give you a powerful strategy to get started with writing on social media and how to get paid for it. The best part: it won’t require you to spend any extra time on social media than you already do.

In the end, you’ll get the chance to take a look at a way to speed up your learning curve greatly. Let’s get started:

Presently 3.08 billion people are using social media every day for about 157 minutes per day.

Do you think that amongst those people, you will find your prospects? Now, just them being there doesn’t mean they are willing to buy. It doesn’t even mean they will listen to your advertising message.

So let’s check what impact social media has on sales. Two years ago, Forbes said social media plays an important role in sales. Today, now that social media usage is more than ever, Forbes’ findings ring true more as well. Why is that?

You see, in today’s marketplace, there is a lot of noise. Consumers see thousands of ads and messages every day, all battling for attention. Personal engagement gives your potential prospects a better experience. Instead of a faceless company, you can become part of their daily lives. If you’re present on several platforms, becoming a part of their day is easier.

As you can see, on social media, you can find and engage buyers to sell to them. With this, we checked off condition two: Finding someone to sell to. With huge numbers of 3.08 billion people, it’s likely to find customers no matter what you sell, don’t you agree? Let’s move on.

Get Paid For Writing On Social Media: What To Sell

One of the easiest ways to get paid for writing posts on social media is by selling your own products or services. You are at the source material for content. This way, you can post updates on your products, success stories, launches and more. If you have nothing to sell by yourself, you can partner up with influencers and businesses. More and more companies want to go on social media right now than ever before.

Some might even have accounts already but might not know how to use them. What do you think it is worth to them if you can create compelling posts to grow their online brand? This is a popular strategy for affiliate marketers, too. Their income greatly depends on their skill to send people to products using content. Be it blog posts or social media posts, today’s marketplace pays big money for traffic. Attention is more valuable than money, and if your written words can get attention- you’re set. But what if you don’t have your own products and didn’t get a gig to write for someone else yet?

In this case, you can still get paid for writing, just in a more indirect way: By becoming an influencer. Imagine your content engages thousands or even millions of people. Why wouldn’t companies approach you for brand deals worth thousands of dollars?

With this, we checked condition 1: Having something to sell. No matter if you have a business or work with a company or not, you can find ways to get paid to write on social media.

Get Paid For Writing On Social Media: Get FREE Advertising With Viral Posts

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to advertise to millions of people without paying even a single cent? Imagine the advantage you would have over your competition. They would have to spend thousands of dollars and might only get a fraction of your reach, which you pay nothing to get. Is this even possible?

Yes, it is possible with the power of viral posts.

But what is a viral post, and how do you create one?

Going viral means that your content is so valuable, thousands of people want to share it again and again. This effect multiplies, and after a while, your content has millions of views. So how do you go about it? First of all, there is no surefire formula for creating viral content. Yet some indicators increase your chance of going viral with your content.

Make it emotional

In a study on virality, scientists found that readers like sharing emotional content. So ask yourself how you can make your content more emotional. Do you have any stories related to it which you can add?

Make it positive

The same study found that positive content has a high chance of going viral. But be careful as the type of emotion matters. Positive emotions have a higher chance of sharing than negative ones. Amongst the negative emotions, there are so-called activating emotions, like anger, which have a higher chance of getting shared. There also are deactivating emotions to watch out for like sadness, which reduce shares. Plan ahead which reaction you want to elicit in the viewer and choose the right type accordingly.

Make it practical and useful

If readers can apply what they learn in your content right away, they will likely share it with their peers. Aim to show your readers helpful, valuable content. It’s best if they can immediately use it because this way you’ll get more engagement.

For Images: Use The Element Of Surprise

Images have a natural tendency to induce emotion. Leverage their ability to elicit action in viewers.

There are more of these influencing elements, but the ones mentioned are the most important ones. This completes condition number 3, engaged users. Now the last missing component you need is to get paid for writing on social media is your writing skill.

Get Paid For Writing: Where Your Writing Skill Matters

One of the most common misconceptions people have is that all writing is created equal. If this were true, English professors would make millions just as copywriters do. Yet somehow, this isn’t the case. Why? Take a look at academic texts: do they excite you? Their style is professional and correct, yet most people fall asleep reading them. They are sometimes practical and useful, are they not? Yet they don’t make people go crazy over them.

How about novels? Stephen King’s books sell millions. His stories are engaging, emotional, and captivating. They are very creative. But, has King ever written an ad? If he has, nobody ever heard of it. So following this logic, it’s not enough to write with creativity or little mistakes. If that’s true, which writing skill do you need to succeed? Which writing skill gets you paid?

The answer is simple.


Copywriting is the ability to move people into action with the power of your written words. It doesn’t have to be perfect or an award-winning novel. If you didn’t have good grades in writing and don’t feel very creative, you are likely to succeed even faster. Why?

Because copywriting works best if it sounds like a conversation with a close friend. We sometimes make mistakes and don’t polish it too much. That’s why it works so well, we can communicate without worry, don’t you agree?

The best part about copywriting is that it is one hundred percent learnable. As we said, no need for writing talent. Copywriting has nothing to do with creativity. Instead, this skill focuses on using what works. Use proven psychological strategies and emotional words. Do in-depth research on your audience, and you most likely will hit home.

Conclusion of Part 1: What You Need To Get Paid For Writing On Social Media

In conclusion, to get paid for writing on social media, you want

1. To sell something or work with people who do

2. To find lots of viewers on the appropriate platforms

3. To make those viewers engage with the content.

4. To build up a very specialized writing skill that moves people to action: copywriting

Once you have this skill, you can work towards getting paid for writing, whatever content it may be. Here’s how:

How To Get Paid For Writing Content On Social Media: An Easy, 3-Step, Self-Working-Formula

You know now that it is possible to get paid for writing on social media and how profitable it can be. Yet if no one hires you, all this is for nothing, right? In part two of this article, you’ll learn a 3-step strategy you can immediately use to get your first paying client. Ready?

Let’s get going:

1. Analyze successful ads

While ads might be a nuisance to most people, they are a potential goldmine for a proficient copywriter. Remember, copywriting isn’t about creativity but rather successful mechanics. Imagine you see two ads selling a particular product. One of those ads has hundreds of clicks, comments and shares. The other one has thousands. What makes them different?

Analyze the wording, structure, flow. Is it telling a story? Which emotions does the ad elicit? Which platform was the ad on, and how did it speak to the audience? Imagine you want to sell a similar product. If you use some aspects of the more successful ad, wouldn’t you likely get similar results?

By collecting such a swipe file, you’ll have the edge over the competition who doesn’t do this critical work. Imagine getting a client who is struggling to make an ad more effective. If you have seen and analyzed hundreds or even thousands of ads- won’t you spot the issue immediately?

You’ll seem like a genius while only doing what you always do: watching an ad and analyzing it. That’s right- you can gain this incredible ability by just being online on social media. Instead of blocking ads, you check them out and learn from the most successful ones. How’s that for turning a previously unprofitable past-time activity into cash?

2. Rewrite less successful posts and ads

This is a great practice. We can’t stress it enough: You are online daily anyways. You will see ads anyways. You might as well learn from them and practice to improve them. With step one, you build a massive library of successful ads and posts. In phase two, you’re training your copywriting muscle to spot weaknesses in ads. As a consequence, you can improve them. Rewrite them, and you will have a portfolio. Be careful, though, to never claim that you wrote those new versions for a client. Be honest and show them as an example of your writing skill.

3. Use your knowledge on behalf of businesses who don’t do it right yet

On your ad-exploring adventure, you will find posts and ads that are not optimal. What do you think happens if you rewrite them and send them to the business that runs them? Imagine they use your version and multiply their results- how likely is it that they’ll hire you? That’s the power of giving value first. Especially if you don’t have a portfolio yet, giving a client results before they paid you gives you an edge.

Yes, this means you can finally put an end to people questioning your experience. Instead, you can point to their results with confidence. It’s hard to mistrust your skills if your posts get three times as many clicks as their previous versions, is it?

Plus- this is still in the realm of what you would do every day anyway. Every day you are on social media, learning from ads and posts. Every day you dissect and analyze ads. And every day you practice to improve them. What effort is it to send them to a business since you improved the ads already anyways? Now, this doesn’t mean you’ll get work like this guaranteed. But it’s increasing your chances by a big chunk.

Summary Of Part Two: Get Paid For Writing Every Day

While many people use social media for pleasure, you can use it for profit. By checking every ad you get, you gain knowledge and a better understanding of what works. Put it into practice and rewrite less successful posts to get a better feel for this kind of job. Once you get the hang of it, you can send businesses the results of your practice. You were doing it anyway, and this way you can provide value to them. This increases your chance of getting their business. The next step is to get paid for writing for their social media.

Get Paid For Writing Faster With A Supercharged Skill

As you know, all of this can rise and fall with your skill level. You can do it by yourself, teach yourself, and become successful with this strategy. Yet this might take a while. Trial and error is a tedious process, and not everyone has the stamina to do so. Also, you don’t know what you don’t know. You most likely won’t be able to spot the secret sauce behind great ads right away. How would you if you don’t know what you’re looking for?

Yes, you might be able to get the gist of successful ads. You might even get them enough to improve bad ones and create good ones. Yet this might take you at least a few months of doing this. But what if you could become even better? What if you would be so good that a company pays you $10,000 or more per month for your services? This requires exceptional skill, which can take years to develop.

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