Currently, millions of people across the globe are wondering how to make money from home while they’re stuck at in their residences during mandatory self-isolation or quarantine. The coronavirus pandemic is in full swing, leaving many of you unemployed. Those without work are wondering if finding remote jobs during quarantine is possible. 

Those of you wondering how to make money from home have the right mindset. If you’re thinking about how to find a remote job to make money while you’re stuck at home, it means that you’re not viewing your current circumstances as a ‘staycation’. You’re not viewing quarantine as an excuse to watch Netflix all day, sleep all day, or play video games all day. Instead, you’re wondering how you can be productive during this time at home, and make money instead of losing money. With this mindset, you’re already on the right track.

Due to the novel coronavirus, millions of people have been laid off, and are currently unemployed and bored at home. Those currently laid off include flight attendants, pilots, hotel concierges, and many others who work in the hospitality industry. Bartenders, servers, hair stylists, massage therapists, and retail sales associates are also being laid off, as well as employees of small businesses that can’t survive this crisis. 

The surge in unemployment due to the coronavirus pandemic is causing many people to start thinking about remote work.

While financial assistance from the government is helpful, for many of you it’s barely enough to cover your basic living expenses. With no income coming in other than the bare-minimum government assistance that is immediately spoken for due to basic living costs, it’s no wonder why so many people are trying to find remote work.

remote work statistics infographic

Is it Possible to Find Remote Jobs Right Now?

Even during this global crisis, it is still possible to find remote work. Some online businesses are still thriving. According to Global Workplace Analytics’ 2020 report, the number of people who work from home has increased by 173% since 2005.

Lucky for all of you stuck at home, we are currently in a gig economy where remote work is everywhere.

According to the Owl Labs 2020 Remote Work Statistics Report, 16% of companies exclusively hire remote workers. 

People are still online shopping, for example, and online retailers still need copywriters to write product descriptions. Similarly, online magazines still need freelance writers as they’re still publishing content.

remote jobs statistics infographic
Amazon recently announced that they are hiring upwards of 100,000 new employees as the company sees a spike in demand from consumers who can now only shop online. Many of these employees will be remote workers.

You can also find remote work as a consultant, a customer service representative, a sales representative, a web developer, a tutor, a social media manager, a digital marketer, and more.

Industries Currently Hiring Remote Workers:

  • IT Companies
  • E-Commerce Stores
  • Media Publications and Online Magazines
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • SEO Agencies
  • Web Development Companies
  • Consulting Companies
  • Online Dating Companies
  • And many other small and large businesses

You absolutely can find a remote job that pays well online, such as a high-paid freelancing gig. All it takes is consistent effort, determination, knowing where to look for remote jobs, and understanding how to make your application stand out

Securing remote work will alleviate some of your stress during this difficult time. Remote work can bring in enough money to avoid you suffering a financial crisis. Even if you’re getting paid time off, why not be using your time off to make some extra money? You can make money from home to put towards a future dream vacation, rather than wasting time watching TV all day. 

Adding extra funds to your savings account or emergency fund is always a good idea. It’s especially smart during periods where the state of the economy is relatively uncertain. 

Even those without experience can still find remote jobs. Below, I’ll go over some of the best ways to make money remotely during your quarantine or self-isolation.

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How to Find a Remote Job That Suits Your Skills

In order to find a remote job, you’ll need to write down a list of your skills. What are you good at? Do you have a natural talent for writing? Do you know how to design websites? Are you great at selling over the phone?

Earlier, I listed some businesses that are flourishing despite the current state of affairs. Which markets are protected even in an uncertain economy? Do your skills meet the needs of any of those industries? Hone in on the skills that are the most marketable or valuable during the pandemic. 

Deciphering which remote jobs suit your skillset helps provide you with some direction before you go searching online for remote work. It’s good to figure out who’s hiring remote workers right now, and which industries align best with your skills and talents.

Don’t forget that even during this pandemic, e-commerce stores still need freelance copywriters to write their web copy and product descriptions. Many websites still need content created for their blog or email newsletter. Freelance writers are therefore still being hired on a consistent basis. You can definitely make money from home as a freelance writer.

Let’s not discount the fact that many people finally have extra time on their hands to pursue their passion projects, and could be looking to hire a consultant, a digital marketer, a creative director or a web developer. These are all examples of remote jobs.

Once you’ve figured out which remote jobs suit your skillset, consider brushing up on your skills. There are tons of online courses available to upgrade or enhance your skills. There are also plenty of YouTube videos that teach these valuable skills as well. 

By being proactive and fine-tuning your skills, you’re able to increase your odds of landing a high-paid freelancing gig.

Make Money From Home: Where Can You Find a Remote Job?

Once you’ve figured out the type of remote job that suits you best, you’ll want to start searching online for remote work. You can use traditional job boards and filter them by remote work.

There are also a number of online platforms for job-seekers, geared specifically to those working from home. Upwork and Freelancer, for example, are online job boards that are geared to remote workers. Below are some examples of places where you can find remote work right now:

  • Upwork
  • FlexJobs
  • Fiverr
  • Toptal
  • Remotive
  • Freelancer
  • Craigslist
  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • We Work Remotely
  • Remote Jobs Club

The key is to apply for several jobs per day. Think of it this way: The more you put yourself out there, and the more jobs you apply for, the higher your chances are of scoring a great remote job. This requires effort, but it will pay off. And you must understand how to apply in a way that catches an employer’s eye. I’ll share some tips and tricks for ensuring that your application stands out.

How to Apply for a Remote Job

For the best results, make sure you’re editing your cover letter and resume each time you apply for a different remote job. Why? Because you will stand out if you tailor your cover letter and resume for each individual company you’re applying to work remotely for. 

It’s obvious when someone has just copy-and-pasted their cover letter, using a general template that isn’t customized to the company receiving it. When this seems to be the case, it’s a turn-off for employers. Similarly, each time you apply for a remote job, edit your resume to emphasize the work experience most relevant to that job.

It takes effort to customize your cover letter and resume for each individual application. However, this is the kind of extra effort that pays off. If you want to make money from home, know that applying the right way can help you land the higher-paying gigs.

Remember, remote work comes without the opportunity to make an in-person impression. It’s therefore vital that you take every opportunity you can to stand out amongst the influx of applicants. Your email subject line and cover letter can help you stand out.

You should also use your professional connections to your advantage. Reach out to your professional connections on LinkedIn, and ask them if they can recommend you or introduce you to a business owner hiring remote employees. Being referred by someone is another job application trick that works.

It’s also a good idea to start building up a portfolio of samples of your work, on any freelance websites you can find like Upwork or Toptal. You never know who might be looking for remote workers with your skillset, and you could even get approached with a job offer if you have an online portfolio like this, without even applying.

Other Ways to Stand Out Without an In-Person Interview 

Since you don’t have the opportunity to make an in-person impression, you’ll need to come up with unique ways to stand out while applying for work online. I’d suggest attaching a short video clip to send out along with your resume and cover letter.

Record yourself in professional attire, talking about your skillset, your passion for this type of work, your availability, and a brief history of your professional and educational background. Smile into the camera and explain why you would be a valuable asset to the employer. 

From an employer’s perspective, they’ll watch the video and get a comforting sense of who you are. This builds trust. It will also be clear that you’re willing to put in extra effort. Impressions start immediately from the first point of contact, so approach your applications with the same reverence of an in-person interview. 

Now, what if your application does stand out, and you’re contacted for a telephone interview? In case this happens on short notice, don’t forget to be prepared. You can prepare yourself by doing research on the company itself before even applying. Not only should your cover letter and resume be customized to the company itself, but you should also have knowledge of the brand and business model in order to stand out during a telephone interview.

Sometimes, you can’t land a remote job until you complete a couple of telephone interviews or consultations. A phone call is often required to discuss the scope of work and your skills. Use these opportunities to show off your professionalism. You can make a great impression over the phone if you’re professional, enthusiastic, and prepared. 

Woman on telephone interview

Proving Your Value

Proving your value is important once you’ve landed a remote job in order to keep it. This involves providing high-quality work, being on time, and being reliable even though nobody is looking over your shoulder. 

However, it’s also a smart idea to prove your value in advance – before you even get the job. Why? Because providing value in advance helps you get the job.

So how can you stand out by providing value in advance? Well, in your initial proposal, you could offer to do your first project for free. This lets the business owner see first-hand how great your work is. Think of this as a testament to the quality of your work. You know you’ll secure a job if you prove your value. 

If you’re not comfortable with that, you could come up with an agreement where you’ll do the first project for free, in advance of being paid, and they only have to pay you if they are satisfied. For example, if you apply for a freelance writing job and you write a trial article for a company’s blog, they only have to pay you if they like what you wrote and plan on publishing it. This way, you’re still providing value in advance, but you’re also making sure you get paid if you meet the company’s standards. 

Yet another way of proving your value upfront is to simply provide samples of your work, and provide reference letters, in advance of being asked. This way, you’re ahead of other applicants who didn’t think to do that. Many applicants don’t think to provide reference letters or samples of their work along with their resume and cover letter. This helps you gain an edge against your competitors.

Building an Impressive Portfolio Helps You Get More Work

Once you’ve scored your first few remote gigs or freelance jobs, you’re able to start building an impressive online portfolio, or add to your existing portfolio. If you have the availability for more work, make sure you’re still listed as available on online job boards and freelancing sites. 

Short-term freelance projects can easily lead to long-term remote work. Whether it’s because your short-term client decides they’d like to secure your services long-term, or because your short-term client is willing to provide a reference and improve your track record. Every time you end a contract, ask your client for a review, testimonial, or reference letter.

Client testimonials are an important factor in building an impressive portfolio. Nothing speaks louder than client testimonials, so try your best to ensure that you leave a favorable impression.

Consider reaching out to your past employers to leave a testimonial on your profile. Even if it wasn’t remote work, perhaps they can attest to your skills that are relevant for remote jobs. 

Online portfolios should also contain samples of your best work. If you’re a graphic designer looking for remote jobs, your portfolio should include several samples of your work. If you have copywriting experience, provide samples. Similarly, include links to your published articles on your portfolio if you’re applying for freelance writing jobs.

Building an impressive portfolio helps you build bridges that lead to success. In other words, you may find that your past clients will send referral client work, and word-of-mouth referrals increase. This creates a sort of domino effect, all because you knew how to position yourself as an expert online with a professional portfolio. 

Treat each and every client interaction as if it were vital  to your success because, in some ways, it is. Often, your online reputation is your largest asset when it comes to scoring regular remote work that pays well.

Types of Remote Jobs That You Can Get Quickly

There is lots of remote work that doesn’t pay that well, but is at least easy to get. Certain types of remote work can be obtained quickly, and can be done while you continue looking for something better. For example, usability testing is a remote job that’s easy to get. Companies like to test pilot their software before launching.

You can sign up for these user tests online, and they usually pay around $20 per test. While that may not be a lot on its own, the tests are simple and quick to complete. If you complete many per day, it could add up to some decent money from your couch.

You can even complete these tests while waiting to hear back from higher-earning remote job prospects. All you have to do is make sure you take careful notes of what could be improved on their mobile app, software or website. This way, you can provide helpful feedback that improves their product.

Another way to make money from home quickly and easily, is by completing online surveys. Online surveys are easy to sign up for, and you’ll typically get paid a flat rate per survey completed. It’s up to you how many surveys you complete each day. Sometimes, you’re simply providing your opinion on different products and services, supplying companies with much-needed consumer data.

If you have any experience in sales, telemarketing, or in customer service, you can look for remote call center jobs. There’s still a demand for this sort of work during a time where so many of us demand remote support. 

These all might be good options to keep in mind to increase your earning avenues and streams of income, but what if you want to make good money from home?

If you’re more interested in remote jobs that pay well, and you want high-paying freelance gigs, read on.

Types of Remote Jobs That Pay Well 

Even during a global pandemic, there are still remote jobs out there that pay well. Below are some examples of freelance gigs or remote work that are typically higher pay:

Social Media Management

There is currently an ongoing demand for people who can manage social media accounts for high-profile influencers or businesses. And, e-commerce stores who want to keep their online sales going strong want to keep online shoppers interested will want help with social media right now. This type of consumer interest requires well-managed social media accounts.

You don’t need an extensive training program or much experience to get a remote job in social media management. If you are familiar with the brand hiring, and you know how to use social media (which you probably do, since you likely have your own social media accounts) that’s often enough to get the job.

You don’t even have to solely check for job postings in social media management. You can pitch companies and influencers directly, offering your services. Take the time to craft a compelling pitch, send it out to a bunch of people, and see what happens.

Copywriting and Freelance Writing

Copywriting and freelance writing are similar, yet different. Both are remote jobs that can pay extremely well. While freelance writing often involves writing articles for media outlets or writing informative blog posts, copywriting is sales in print. Copywriting is persuasive writing, meant to persuade the reader into buying a product or service. 

Since copywriting is revenue-generating in nature, it tends to pay well. And, it can all be done from home on your laptop. Other forms of copywriting that businesses are still in need of even during COVID-19 include writing website copy, promotional emails, and writing Facebook ad copy.


Since many entrepreneurs and individuals have a lot more extra time on their hands right now, many of them have started thinking about the dreams they put on hold. They wanted to start their own business, and they had a great idea for a business, but they never started it. That’s just one example of why consulting is a remote job you could get right now. 

If you know a lot about business, marketing, SEO or social media, you could be hired as a consultant and get paid to provide your expert advice. Make money from home just by taking calls and being a paid consultant. Getting paid to share your knowledge is actually quite satisfiying.


If you are great at sales and closing, you could be hired remotely to close business deals over the phone. Many businesses are currently looking for closers to help them survive this global crisis. They need people who are talented sales professionals to work for them remotely. 

Remote Teaching Services

Are you are an expert in a particular field? If so, now might be a great time to try your hand at an online teaching business.

Even if you don’t have the credentials to teach academic subjects, you may be able to monetize on any other cultivated skill sets.

For example, you could teach guitar lessons from home, or tutor students from home, or teach English from home.

Sites like and others allow you to sign up on the platform to connect with students in need of extra help. You can specialize in certain subjects, lessons, or sign up specifically for homework-based aid. Many of these tutoring sites feature regular payment schedules as well, allowing you to proactively set your budget during these uncertain times. 

All in all, this is a great way to make money from home while filling a needed gap in the market and helping people learn while they’re in quarantine. 

Make Money From Home by Freelancing

The above-mentioned remote jobs that pay well are mostly freelance jobs. Yes, freelance work is still thriving even during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2019, freelancing alone contributed $1 trillion dollars to the US economy. And yes, freelance work is remote work most of the time.

Since the rise of the gig economy, it’s indisputable that you can consistently make money from home with regular freelance gigs. One of the best things about freelancing is that you’re effectively starting your own business. 

You have full control over your rates, the hours you’re willing to work, and your schedule. How you execute your work is your choice, too. This makes it easy for you to adjust your business as your skillset develops and changes. As demand for your services increases, your rates can increase, too. 

Freelancing platforms also have a whole host of different job postings requiring freelancers with different skill. This allows you to seamlessly apply your skills where you see fit, and apply for jobs that suit you.

Check out freelance job boards before you decide which remote working solution is right for you. Sites geared towards freelancers like Upwork allow you to view job postings with a free account, so that you can get a sense of what sorts of skills are in demand. It’s helpful to gain an understanding of which skills are in demand, and which industries are hiring remote workers.

How Much Money Can You Make Freelancing From Home?

Some people think they have to settle for lower rates while they’re building up their portfolio. These people assume they can renegotiate their rates as demand grows. However, it’s actually better to start off with higher rates, which is possible, despite popular belief.

Fortunately, there’s no cap as to how much you can make while freelancing. It’s up to you to determine appropriate earnings for specific skill level and quality of work.

If you don’t want to settle for lower rates, and you want to make good money freelancing right from the get-go, I have some secrets to share with you. Have you been wondering, What is the easiest to get into freelancing and score highest paid freelancing gigs? Well, for a limited time, for only $50, you can access my Freelancing Secrets Video Training.

It’s up to you to prove your worth, and do what it takes to secure high-ticket clients who pay their freelancers high prices. This won’t happen with mediocre work, but with quality work from home along with a few other distinguishing factors and my secret tips, you can secure those high-ticket remote clients. This is how you make great money freelancing from home.

Debunking Myths About Remote Work 

Many of you are worried about your ability to land remote work during this pandemic. While your concerns are valid, remote work is easy to find when you know where to look and how to stand out among other applicants.

One of the most common misconceptions about remote work is that you need years of experience before you can start making real money and charging high rates. This simply isn’t true. Many of the in-demand skills such as digital marketing, copywriting, sales, freelance writing and social media management, don’t require years of experience or a college degree.

It’s a myth that you need experience to get these jobs. It’s also a myth that it takes years to start making real money. The truth is that if you are good at what you do, you can charge high rates. It’s not as much about experience as it is about skill, quality of work, and value provided.

Moreover, with freelancing sites, you can monetize skills you already have to score a remote job that you’ll carry out efficiently and effectively. If you have a natural talent for writing, you can apply for freelance writing gigs, and many of them pay well. Similarly, if your friends have commented that you’re great on your own social media, that means you’d probably be good at managing someone else’s social media.

Another common myth is that you won’t be able to make as much profit from online work than you made at your traditional job. The truth is, you have control over your online rates, and you could make way more money than you made at your traditional job.

According to Global Workplace Analytics’ 2020 Report, remote workers earn salaries higher than $100,000/year, 2.2x more frequently than traditional on-site workers.

remote work infographic

You can and should experiment with remote work. It may take some time to figure out your specialty with so many different remote work options available. And, it may take time to find the sweet spot where you are earning high rates and enjoying the type of work you’re doing.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to remote work. So, use these tips to get motivated and get started. Enjoy making money from home while staying safe during your quarantine. Don’t forget to utilize my Freelancing Secrets Video Training to increase your earnings as a freelancer and make more money from home than you thought was possible.