If you’re wondering how to make the most of your time alone during these unanticipated and prolonged periods of self-isolation, your concerns are valid. Figuring out how to make the most of your time alone is crucial, as idle time can be troubling. 

Even before the novel coronavirus forced us to spend a lot of time alone, many people who lived alone were already wondering how they should be spending their time alone. 

Have you ever wondered to yourself, What is the secret to being happy alone? Or asked yourself, How can I spend time alone and not feel lonely? Or, What are some productive things I can do to make the most of my time alone?

These types of questions were probably already floating around in your mind, especially if you live alone or spend plenty of time alone due to being self-employed. However, the self-isolation, mandatory quarantine, and social distancing due to coronavirus have likely brought these questions and concerns about being alone to the forefront of your mind.

Most busy professionals crave alone time. That’s why it’s ironic that so many people are now complaining about having too much alone time. You see, busy professionals have always said they need ‘me’ time or alone time to feel sane. However, what people are currently experiencing is an excess of alone time, which can be very mentally challenging.

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Extra Alone Time is a Gift

Many people believe that this excessive alone time and mandatory social distancing is bad for our mental health. People are saying that all of this solitude could cause severe anxiety, depression, and lead to unhealthy habits. However, knowing how to make the most of your time alone, and accomplishing things during this time instead of wasting it, could keep you from feeling depressed or anxious.

Literary genius Anthony Burgess famously said, “To be left alone is the most precious thing one can ask of the modern world” for a reason. Alone time is a gift, especially if you use this time wisely.

Let’s review some ways that you could make the most of your time alone.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Bored, Lazy, or Stuck in ‘Vacation Mode’

If you’ve been laid off work, don’t think of your current circumstances as a ‘staycation’. Don’t decide that you’re now in vacation mode. 

Avoid doing things like sleeping all day, binge-watching Netflix all afternoon, or sitting around bored and mindlessly scrolling through social media. These types of unproductive behaviors will only make you feel depressed, and will result in self-loathing. 

Even if you’re currently getting some financial assistance from the government, you still shouldn’t consider yourself to be on vacation.

The wrong mindset is, Awesome, I can sleep until noon and then veg out on the couch all day! While the right mindset is, What can I do to make the most of this extra time I’ve been given, and spend this time alone productively?

What you need is a checklist of productive tasks or projects. Whenever you feel bored at home, pick up your checklist and do one of the things on the list. You’ll need more than one checklist, because you need to categorize your goals, and then make checklists of action-items that will help you achieve those goals.

Set Goals: Write Down Your Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Many of you have a lot of extra time right now. That’s why your first agenda should be to put pen to paper, and write down a list of goals. Have a separate list for short-term and long-term goals. 

Your short-term goals can include small household projects and tasks that you need to get done. Many of the things on this list will be things that will only take a few hours to do. For example, one of your short-term goals might be to fill up a few bags of clothing to donate, or to finish reading your book.

Whenever you’re feeling bored or lazy at home alone, or you realize you’ve binge-watched way too many episodes of something on Netflix, pick up the list. Turn off the TV, and do something on that list. Why? Because that list you’ve created will be full of productive tasks and success-oriented projects that will make you feel good after completion. 

Completing a Netflix series, on the other hand, doesn’t make you feel very good about yourself after. You’ll only feel like you’ve wasted a bunch of time that could have been spent doing something meaningful or productive.

Your long-term goals might include things like finally starting to write your business plan for a business idea you’ve had for ages. Or, learning a new skill. Keep this list close by during your self-isolation. Pick it up and decide what you could do to work towards those long term goals. Draft the outline of your business plan. Research online courses you could take to learn a new skill. Use this time alone for self-improvement.

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Make The Most of Your Time Alone by Committing to Self-Improvement

If you make the most of your time in self-isolation with a commitment to self-improvement practices, it’s very unlikely you’ll fall into a depression. Self-improvement makes us feel re-energized, confident, and gives us a sense of accomplishment. 

So, how can you use this excess of alone time to improve yourself? For starters, turn off the TV and read a book instead.

Knowledge is power, and by reading informative and inspiring books, you’re spending your time alone much more wisely than someone binge-watching Netflix is.

Not sure which books you should be reading? Stick to books that have an underlying theme of success secrets, self-improvement tips, or self-help. My book Unlock It is a book about achieving success, wealth, and secrets of discovering what you’re capable of. This book will help you figure out how to unlock your full potential, and transform your life. Order Unlock It here.

Once you’ve bought some books to read that will help you on your path to self-improvement, set up a reading nook or a routine of some sort. Some people like to read in a comfortable chair, with classical music on in the background, and a calming essential oil in their diffuser. Other people like to read in the bath with candles and snacks. Get into a reading routine that works for you.

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Self-Improvement Can Be Achieved From Home in Many Ways

Aside from reading impactful books, what else can you do to commit to self-improvement from home? Think about your goals. You might have fitness goals, which is another form of self-improvement. You could make the most of your time at home by doing home workouts. 

In fact, if you’re going to watch anything on TV, watching a home workout tutorial is much better than watching movies. YouTube has plenty of home workout videos that you can do from home. You don’t need access to a gym to meet your fitness goals. Doing home workouts each day will have you seeing results in no time. And you have plenty of time on your hands to cook, so make sure to cook healthy meals at home.

Another thing easily found on YouTube is meal prep tutorials and healthy cooking tutorials. You can make the most of your time at home by learning to cook healthier meals. Eating better will definitely help you achieve your goals. And, eating healthier often results in better mental clarity, too.

What other forms of self-improvement can be done from home?

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Learn a High-Income Skill From Home

One of the smartest forms of self-improvement that you can do from home is learning a new skill. If you use this extra time to learn a valuable, in-demand, high-income skill, you’re very wise. 

The reason why it’s incredibly wise to use your time alone to learn a high-income skill, is because learning a valuable skill could change your life. If you’re not exactly thrilled with your current income, know that learning a high-income skill could lead to you doubling or even tripling your income. 

Some people who learn a high-income skill end up earning six-figure or even seven-figure incomes afterwards. Other people use their high-income skill to start a side hustle or remote job from home, earning an extra three, five, or ten thousand dollars per month on the side.

The best part is, there are many high-income skills that can be learned from your laptop via short online courses or online training programs. 

For example, Copywriting is a very lucrative skill, and it’s also a learnable skill that can be learned online in less than 8 weeks, without a college degree. And, if you learn this skill, you can make a lot of money. 

Copywriting could be your full time job or your side hustle, as it’s a job that can be done from home, and it’s an in-demand skill. Companies all over the globe are currently looking for freelance copywriters, even during this pandemic. Copywriting is a great way to make extra money on the side, but it can also be a high-income career that you can do full-time. 

My High-Income Copywriter Certification Program is a 7-week online course that you likely have the time to do right now. So why not do it? This is the type of skill that comes in handy in various sectors of your life, and truly enhances your life. It’s also a fun skill to learn, as learning the art of persuasion through written words is exciting and intriguing. Commit just a few hours per day, for 7 weeks, and you’ll have developed an extremely valuable skill. If that’s not spending your time at home productively, I don’t know what is. 

People of all ages should always be looking to learn new skills, upgrade their skills, learn more modern skills, advance their knowledge, and continue their education. Many of you probably have outdated skills that won’t get you as far as modern, high demand skills will. If you agree, then my course is perfect for you.

Spend Alone Time Wisely by Evaluating Business Ideas

Solitude provides you with the gift of thinking time. Now that there aren’t social gatherings, trips abroad or dinners out, we have a lot more time on our hands. When you have extra time on your hands, use it to think. Think about and evaluate business opportunities and ideas. Perhaps you have a business opportunity you need to do research on, or you have a business idea you need to think through. 

Make the most of your time alone by brainstorming, evaluating, and thinking about important opportunities and ideas. 

You can also use thinking time to get creative with new plans and new ideas. As Thomas Edison famously said, “The best thinking has been done in solitude.”

Use Solitude to Spark Creativity

Solitude sparks creativity. It is in the silence, in solitude, that we tend to get inspired and get creative because there’s no noise. Quiet space gives you room to let your mind wander and get creative. 

Perhaps in your solitude, you’ll be inspired to write a book. Maybe you’ll come up with a great idea for a book, and you’ll decide to start writing it. Or maybe, you’ll be inspired to completely redecorate your apartment. You could shop online for new home decor and new furniture. When it’s delivered, enjoy a creative and fun redecorating and home improvement project. 

It’s always healthy to have a creative outlet to explore your creative side. Doing something creative is uplifting. The practice of creativity is good for your mental health and overall mood.

Woman redecorating apartment

Use Alone Time to Increase Productivity

Why does being alone increase productivity? Because of the lack of distractions, of course. When you’re less busy with less distractions, you will quickly run out of excuses to procrastinate. 

Each day will be more productive, because of the extra time on your hands. Pablo Picasso once said, “Without great solitude, no serious work is possible.” 

You’ll find that if you use your extra time each day to accomplish something productive, you’ll feel good about yourself. It’s a great feeling. 

Whether you read a couple chapters of your business-related book, you learn a new skill online, you apply for a remote job, or you finish doing your taxes – be productive. The ironic thing about watching TV all day is that it sort of feels good in the moment, but you end up feeling really bad about yourself at the end of the day. This can cause depression and anxiety. That’s why it’s much better to use your free time to increase productivity.

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Make The Most of Your Time Alone by Getting in Touch With Yourself 

What else should you do during your time at home, alone? Get to know yourself on a deeper level. You need to get in touch with your innermost desires, your dreams, and your greatest hopes. Get to know yourself better, including tapping into your deepest fears and discovering your underlying wishes that you’ve perhaps pushed down because you were so busy with work.

Being alone with your thoughts gives your brain a chance to wander, and it gives you a chance to reflect on the things in your life that you want to change.

maya angelou quote about solitude
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Maya Angelou once said, “In the silence we listen to ourselves. Then we ask questions of ourselves.” I too believe that the best life lessons are learned in silence, while we’re self-reflecting.

Write in your journal to get to know yourself. And, create a vision board to better understand what you want out of life. Then make a plan to achieve those things. You might realize that you’d be happier if you got a business coach to help you start a business, because you’ve always wanted to be a self-made millionaire. Or, perhaps you’ll realize that you need to change your daily routine in order to fill your days with more meaning and more purpose. 

Once you realize that an excess of alone time is a gift to focus on self-improvement, you might start to view your current circumstances as a blessing rather than a curse.

Want to make the most of your time at home during self-isolation? Use this time to learn a valuable skill by enrolling in my High-Income Copywriter Certification Program here.