Do you struggle with money management? Have you wondered how the rich stay rich? Or how they get richer? Today, I am going to tell you how to properly manage your money like the rich.

Some of you might be at that stage in life right now where you are financially comfortable. Or maybe you are just getting started on your first job and have some money coming in.

The question is…

How do you manage it?

Did you know 34% of Americans say they have not spoken to anyone about financial planning?

Here’s one thing I always say:

It’s not how much money you make, it’s how much money you keep.

And it’s not just how much money you keep, it’s how well you invest that money.

Only 30% of Americans prepare a long-term financial plan with investment goals.

You see…

From a psychological point of view…

When you have the cash it attracts more cash.

What I have noticed is when you have money or when you have the habit of accumulating money…

You build up more money. More wealth.

When you don’t have the habit of accumulating money, you always have no money. It doesn’t matter how much money you make.

So if you want to know how to properly manage your money like the rich, first develop the habit…

The Habit Of Managing Money

 When people in the middle class buy assets, they actually buy liabilities.

You have got loans and credit card debts. Own a big house in which you stay.

You see…

It is not an asset it is a liability.


If you do not generate a sizable income from your assets, you are hoarding a liability.

Ask yourself…

Where does your money go every month?

Do you spend it all?

Do you think if you start to earn more, then you will start to save? Maybe invest more?

Let’s say…

You make two or three times more than what you’re making now, where would that money go?

Let me tell you this…

If you want to know how to properly manage your money like the rich, you have to plan.

And if you don’t plan for your money now, you will never plan for it. It’s the habit that’s more important, not the amount.

I see this lack of habit all the time. And I used to lie to myself too.

That’s not how it works. It’s the habit that makes a difference. It doesn’t matter if you’re making minimum wage.

Maybe you have $2000 coming in every month.

And if you are not managing $2k well…

$5K, $10K or even $15K is going to be exactly the same.

You’ll wonder to yourself: “Where did all that money go?”.

And when you have more money you’ll probably have more stuff, you’ll be more in debt.

Maybe higher credit card debt.

Then you would think “Oh let me get to the 20,000, 30,000 then all my problems will go away”.

Well, guess what, they won’t. Nothing is going to change. 

It will get even worse, as long as you don’t change your habits.

Money Has Many Jobs

Most people don’t know that money has many jobs.

I myself didn’t know that earlier.

money has many jobs

Most people think that money has one job, which is to spend. They think “I get money, I spend money”.

Broke people grow up believing money has one job.

People who are smarter know that money has two jobs, one is to spend and the other is to save.

The really smart ones, they know that money has three jobs, to spend, to save, and also to invest.

The very wise people, they know that money has four jobs – to spend, save, invest and donate.

You look at Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. These are the people who really know how to make money work for you.

I learned this from the book “The Richest Man in Babylon”.

If you’re a business person or a corporate professional who is starting out…

The sooner you understand this concept the sooner you will learn how to properly manage your money like the rich.

Because when you’re at mid-life, you don’t have much time. You will have to play catch-up.

However, that is still better than not doing anything about it.

So, at every step, ask yourself…

What are some of the smarter things I can do with the money I’ve got?

I want to keep it very simple because here’s what I have noticed…

If you make your money management system very complicated, you’re not going to use it.

No one’s going to use it.

I want to keep it simple, so I use the bucket money management system. And if you want to learn how to properly manage your money like the rich, you should start using it too.

The Bucket Money Management System

I think I am a pretty disciplined person. Those of you who know me would agree.

Maybe you think you are quite disciplined when it comes to money too.

However, do you find yourself plunging money into emergencies?

Unpredictable situations always happen. It’s hard to maintain that discipline when all these emergencies keep popping up.

So, follow this very simple rule to learn how to properly manage your money like the rich.


Every dollar that comes in will be divided into five buckets.

The Bucket Money Management System - how to properly manage your money like the rich.

1. The Necessity Bucket

The first bucket is what I call your necessities bucket. This is what you use to pay your bills.

I would say 60% of your money. For every dollar that comes in, 60 cents go into this bucket. 

Your necessity bucket would include:

  • Electricity bill
  • Car payment
  • House payment
  • Internet and cellphone bill and so on

So, let’s say…

If you’re making $1k a month, then $600 goes into this bucket.

If you’re making $10k a month, then $6000 goes into this bucket.

2. The Emergency Bucket

The second bucket is what I call your emergency bucket. Emergency money means the money you put away for a rainy day.

Put 10% of your money that comes, into this bucket.

It could be for medical expenses. Or it could be for a family emergency.

You always want to have that money there. These are your emergency funds. You don’t touch this money.

How do you not touch that? Well as for me, I just put it away.

What I do is I go to my banker. I have set up a bank account where every dollar in this category, goes into this account.

It’s like your savings account. You just don’t touch it.

You don’t use this money for vacations. Or use it to buy gold or stocks. You just don’t touch it unless it’s an emergency.

3. The Investment Bucket

The third bucket is the investment bucket. Put 10% of your income into this bucket.

This is for your future. For your retirement.

This is your golden goose. We will get to that later.

4. The Learning Bucket

Then your fourth bucket is what I call your learning bucket.

You stash 10% of income here. This is the money you invest in yourself. Keep it to learn and develop your skills. 

You could use it for:

  • Going to events
  • Getting coaching
  • Attend seminars
  • Doing online courses
  • Buying books etc.

5. The Fun Bucket

The last one. Your last 10% goes into what I call your fun bucket.

That’s your Montblanc pen. Or any luxury you want to spend your money on.

You see…

To know how to properly manage your money like the rich…

You have to maintain control over the money you spend on luxuries.

You can’t be using money from other buckets for the fun related spends. Restrict yourself to 10% of your income for this.

Most people make this mistake. Because you need to develop the mindset for it.

The Money Management Mindset

Isn’t your fun bucket using up more than 10% of your income?

For most people, that bucket might be a little bit big right now.

But, if you want to learn how to properly manage your money like the rich…

Keep it to just 10%.

I will give you my example…

When I buy something fancy like A.P. watch, I use the fun money. I do not touch all the other money. And there’s no guilt.

You see…

If you don’t follow this plan of the bucket system. Or don’t stick to any such system…

Then it’s very easy to splurge on things. Maybe you go for a vacation without a plan in place. 

Suddenly, your learning bucket is gone. Your emergency bucket is next to nothing.

Now you may be thinking…

My investment bucket is very small right now. Or where you live is very expensive.

Or that you need to save for years before you could even make a small investment.

When I advise people to use this bucket system, the first reaction most people have is…

“I can’t live off 60%, there’s no way. That’s not enough.”

If that’s the case, then you should strive to earn more. Upgrade your skills.

But, if you want to learn how to properly manage your money like the rich…

You first need to have these habits set in your mind.

The Money Management Mindset

If you can’t do the 10% investment right now, do 2%. Do something, let it be 1%. Because you need to have the habit in place.


Even if you’re an investing beginner, you have to start somewhere.

If you have zero habits and you think in the future it is going to happen. It’s not going to happen.

How to properly manage your money like the rich - It's the habit that makes the difference.

The Investment Bucket: Your Golden Goose

Now I told you that 10% goes into the investment bucket. But it’s the bare minimum.

Only if you want to be comfortable in 20-30 years.

However, if you want to get there on a fast-track, 10% is too low. And too slow.

The Investment Bucket: Your Golden Goose

If you are making:

  • Less than 50k, 10% is good.
  • 50 to 200k, your investment bucket needs to be at 15%.
  • 200 to 500k, 25% goes in this bucket.
  • A million or more, 35% at least.

One person who can inspire you on how to properly manage your money like the rich is Sir John Templeton. The billionaire founder of Templeton fund.

He inspired me too.

He started off investing 1% of what he earned and spent 99%. This was when he did not have a lot of money.

Before his death, he was only spending 1% of what he earned. 99% of his money went into investments. He reversed his habit by the end of it.

You see…

As I told you before, it’s all about the habit.

It’s important to develop the habit of investment early on in life. The sooner the better.

Let’s say you’re going to retire at 65. You say, “Okay, I have that much time”. But if you don’t put money into it now you will not reap the benefits. 

With age, we can’t go on working for 12-14 hours a day.

What’s a healthy number to get to in your investment bucket before you can even look at investments?

There is no “healthy” number. Just do it. Don’t overthink.

It doesn’t matter how much you invest. It matters that you do. Click To Tweet

Now, you may be wondering…

Where Should You Invest Your Money?

Well, you need to understand that not all investments are equal.

When you want to learn how to properly manage your money like the rich…

You look at:

  • The returns
  • The amount of risk involved

What you want are consistent and high returns.

And high return investments mean 8%-10%, at least.

But, high return doesn’t have to mean high risk.

You see…

When people think of high-return investing, they think there are a lot of risks involved.

You’ve probably heard the following…

“If there’s no risk – there’s no reward.”

But this is not how the wealthy invest.

Look at what happened to Blackberry stock in 2008 and you’ll know exactly what I mean… 

Thousands had their portfolios decimated as Blackberry plunged from $138 dollars all the way down to a measly $7.50.

Yet at the time, no one would have thought twice about their investments.

Talk about risk.

Let me clear some common myths about High-Return Investing:

  • You don’t need a lot of capital (start with just a few hundred dollars).
  • Can be done from anywhere in the world
  • You don’t need to have a good credit record
  • You don’t need to borrow money
  • And you do not (and definitely shouldn’t) be taking on a lot of risks

Does all of this come as a surprise?

I know there is a lot of doubt and speculation regarding where and how people should invest their money.

What I realized…

The information about how to properly manage your money like the rich isn’t taught anywhere.

So, I decided it was up to me to show you how it’s done.

discover all the secrets of how to properly manage your money like the rich

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The rich don’t like leaving things to chance. They go in knowing all the angles.

So ask yourself…

What it would mean to you if you could earn sizeable “high-returns” on your investments without the typical risks?

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In other words, I am going to…

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the secrets of how to properly manage your money like the rich

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Why Are These Wealth-Builders So Well Hidden?

Why they don't want you to know how to properly manage your money like the rich

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And once you know the opportunities out there…

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You see…

Most bankers take the money you give them and use these same strategies to reap the high yield returns.

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