Do you want to discover how to write better copy? Are you struggling to write fast? Perhaps you worry that you won’t do your best work when you work on a tight deadline? Most people believe that the more time it takes you to write copy, the better it will turn out. But, contrary to this belief, you don’t need a lot of time to write good copy that yields results.

A good copywriter will spend a lot of time practicing to get to a certain level. They may spend years going through training programs, and often write countless pages of copy before becoming great copywriters. But, even for them, writing a sales page or even a simple email can still take a long time. This is because so much time goes into revisions and edits to create a perfect product. 

Writing good copy does not take a lot of time. In fact, the faster you can write, the better it will turn out. This is because writing fast means that you do not have time to obsess over small details and mistakes. You do not have time to make countless edits and revisions. The faster you write, the more straightforward and simple your writing will be. When it comes to copywriting, the clearer your message is, the more effective it is.

Knowing how to write better copy faster will improve the quality of your work and the number of gigs you can take on. If you want to learn the secret on how to write better copy faster, read on.

Realize You Only Have So Much Time

Knowing how to write better copy fast is important for your income generation. If you’ve been a copywriter for some time, you realize you write much faster now than you did when you got started. This is because, over the years, your skills improved so much that speed is no longer an issue.

Most copywriters know they can write copy fast. The problem is that most are so detail-oriented that they lose sight of what matters. They took up copywriting as a High Income Skill in order to make a lot of money, but they get lost in details.

The truth is – the more projects they take on, the more they earn. This is why writing fast is one of the most important skills copywriters need to succeed. Writing slow will limit your success. Why? – Because the most valuable asset you have is time.

The longer it takes you to write copy, the more time you will waste. And when it comes to the world of business, time is money. If you want to know how to make more money, then you need to be able to well and write quickly.

Being able to write copy fast means being able to take on many assignments at a time. The more assignments you can take on, the more money you can earn.

This is why, if you want to be wealthy, you need to know how to manage your time well. You can always make more money, but you can never get lost time back.

Writing Fast Means Writing Better

Knowing how to write better copy faster allows you to generate more income, but it also increases the quality of your work. When you are able to write copy fast, you are likely using very simple and direct words. And as you may know, if you’re looking for sales copy that will convert, writing simply produces the best results. 

The easiest and quickest way to know how to write better copy fast is to write the way you talk. Your talking speed is most likely much higher than your typing speed. But if you are able to type as fast so as to meet your talking speed, you will be able to write as fast as you speak. This increases your efficiency, allowing you to take on more gigs.

The faster you write, the better your copy will be. This is because being able to write copy fast comes from being in a state of flow. In this state, words automatically come to you.  You may have experienced this before when working on a difficult assignment? or perhaps you struggled to write copy, only to have all the answers spontaneously revealed during a breakthrough moment? 

Well, we gathered some lessons learned from our experience to share with you below.  When the words flow and everything fits together, you’ll be able to write faster than ever before. This will improve the quality fo your work and help you improve your earning power. 

How Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back From Becoming A Great Copywriter

If you want to be a great copywriter, you need to overcome the belief that good copy takes time to write. In fact, this belief is counter-intuitive and will hold you back.

If you have been doing copywriting for many years, chances are you are much better at writing now than you initially were. This is because during that time, you have accumulated vast amounts of experience and knowledge. You learned new or better ways of doing things, which helped to improve your workflow.

This is why we do not believe great copy takes a lot of time to write. You should have already accumulated enough experience to know how to write good copy fast.

But if you are at the beginning of your career, instead of measuring how long it takes you to write, measure how effective the final product is.

The reality is that many copywriters impose a false time limit on themselves. They have limiting beliefs such as “If it only takes me 30 minutes to write a sales page, it must be lousy.” They equate the time they spend working with the results they will produce.

But the reason you learned a High Income Skill is so that you can o stop trading hours for dollars. If the copy you write can generate results, it should not matter how long it takes you to write. As long as you can produce results, your writing is good. 

To become a great copywriter, you need to overcome this limiting belief. Grat copy doe not take more time to write. If you want to become a 6 or 7 figure copywriter, you need to overcome the limiting beliefs holding you back.

Writing Freely Benefits You

Writing copy should come naturally to the copywriter. This goes against the beliefs most copywriters hold, because they think great ideas take time to form. In reality, some of the best examples of direct response copy were created without much thought.

To know how to write better copy fast, you need to know how to write naturally, without overthinking.

If you find yourself stopping at the end of every sentence to think, you are not writing naturally or freely. These irregular pauses actually make your copy worse because they lead to overthinking. As a result, your words become complicated and difficult to understand.

The 3 Word ‘Brain Hack’ To Writing Good Copy Naturally

To know how to write better copy faster, here’s a good exercise you can try. If I told you to create a story using 3 words, would you be able to do it? For example, if I mentioned the 3 words “Ocean, Beach, and Beer”, would you be able to create some sort of story from that? Wouldn’t you also agree that you’d be able to create hundreds of different versions of these stories? This is what it means to be able to write good copy fast.

The core factor behind good copy is the story behind it. When you create a compelling story that draws the reader in, that is a good quality copy. Stories provoke emotions in the reader, by taking them to a fantasy world where anything is possible.

By tapping into your reader’s imagination, you can make the impossible, possible.

Using storytelling in your copy is a good way to connect with your audience, which will help you influence and persuade minds. Remember that when it comes to influence and persuasion that facts tell, but stories sell. This is because facts are logical and do not provoke emotions, whereas stories are emotional and appeal to the hearts of readers.

The 3 Keys On How To Write Better Copy Faster

There are 3 keys to writing better copy faster. 

Key #1: Time Your Own Copywriting To See Room For Improvement

The first key to writing better copy faster is timing yourself to measure your own writing speed. You need to know the speed that you currently write at and compare it to your ideal speed. The only way you’ll know if your copywriting speed has improved is to know how fast you can write. 

Over a long period of time, you will see areas that can be improved. Timing how long it takes you to write copy will also motivate you to write more often because you can track your own progress. The more time you put into practicing a skill, the better you’ll become.

By timing yourself, you will be able to notice your improvements in certain areas. Certain types of copy might be quicker for you to write about, and other types may take longer. This allows you to see your weaknesses so that you can improve. If there are certain topics you are weak at, you can choose not to take on those gigs in the future. This way, you can save more time for other projects.

Key #2: Write Naturally Without Pause

As any good copywriter knows, perfectionist syndrome can be a huge hindrance to getting work done. The best copywriters in the world always aim to do their best. This means they tend to obsess over every paragraph, sentence, and detail until everything is perfect. The reason for this behavior is the desire to be known as a great copywriter who produces great work. So they invest a lot of time into editing and performing revisions.

Unfortunately, doing so takes up a lot of time. Revising and editing your work, especially if it is a 2,502-word blog, will take up a lot of time. If you’re a perfectionist and tried editing your own work, you will notice that you tend to re-read the same paragraphs over and over. Even if nothing is out of place, you may keep re-reading your work in an attempt to spot errors that do not exist.

If you are a perfectionist, taking the time to read every single sentence you wrote will add to the time it takes for you to write copy.

As a result, this prevents you from being able to write copy quickly. To write copy fast, you will need to overcome this perfectionist behavior. Make it a rule that you are not allowed to edit the copy in ANY WAY until you are completely done writing. Forget grammar mistakes, spelling errors, or invalid indents. Write as fast as the ideas flow into your head, and see what you can come up with.

By doing so, you will be writing copy naturally. Knowing how to write naturally will help you to learn how to write better copy faster.

Key #3: Be Like Water And Go With The Flow

As Bruce Lee once said, you should “be formless, shapeless, like water.” When it comes to writing better copy faster, writing during a flow state will allow you to produce the best work possible.

In fact, research supports that a ‘flow state’ actually exists in a humans’ mind. In these flow states, your performance and focus are immensely improved. If you are a fan of the Dragon Ball series, you may remember some characters in the show being able to “power up” to a stronger version of themselves. Fans of the show will understand this phenomenon as going “Super Saiyan”.

Being able to enter a flow state is like being able to go Super Saiyan. Like the characters in the show, we too have the power to go above and beyond our own self-imposed limits, if we concentrate hard enough.

When it comes to knowing how to write better copy faster, entering a flow state will help you produce high-quality copy fast. Being able to write fast means writing in a natural, straightforward, and direct manner. As a result, the copy you produce will be very effective at communicating your message to the reader.

If you want to learn how to write better copy faster, knowing how to tap into flow states will be of great benefit. By tapping into flow states, you can improve the speed of your copywriting and the quality of your copy. Leverage these moments of intense focus to improve your performance like never before.

Get World-Class Sales Copy In Seconds From This Program

Knowing how to write better copy fast comes down to 3 key things.

  1. Timing. To write a good copy, you need to be able to measure your own improvements. This means noting how long it takes you to complete a project. Some topics may be easier for you to write about. As a result, you can get them done much faster. If you are someone striving to improve yourself every single day, measuring your copywriting speed is an effective method to help you improve. Over time, you will be able to track your progress and be better and more efficient. 
  2. Write naturally. The quicker you can write, the more natural your writing will be as well. The best way to write naturally is to not allow yourself to make any edits or revisions until you have finished. Doing so increases the likelihood of you entering a flow state and performing at your best.
  3. Tapping into flow states. These are high-focus moments humans have from time to time. During these moments, we are able to perform at a peak level and surpass our limits. Good copywriters understand these moments are critical for success and use them to write the best copy they can produce. Because the words flow naturally and quickly, the copy is very simplistic and easy to understand.

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