Good leadership foundations create great leaders. In the world of business, these are the people at the top. They hold titles such as CEO, President, Director or Executive. And they’re the ones people rely on.

Core competencies determine how successful a leader you become. Business leaders who are well rounded are more likely to succeed. This is because they have valuable skills and experience. They know how to resolve conflicts, communicate, and influence people.

leadership foundations

Knowing how to deal with people is important. People look up to business leaders – they rely on their expertise and knowledge. People who lack strong leadership foundations do not get far. When problems arise, they run instead of tackling them head on.  This is because they do not know what to do as they lack core competencies to problem-solve.

A leader needs strong leadership foundations. This is in things such as business acumen and charisma. A leader who is well rounded will have strengths in many areas, and be able to handle any kind of problem that comes up.

A business leader has valuable skills like closing and negotiation. Unless they have skills, they will falter. If they cannot close, they cannot secure deals. As a result, they fail, and so does the entire company.

Business can be stressful and overwhelming. Those who lack leadership foundations learn this the hard way. Many crumble under the pressure. If you want to hone your core competencies and become an effective business leader, read on.

Being A Business Leader Means Being The Face of The Company

As a business leader, you are the face of the company. You are the one making decisions and the one who determines the direction the company is headed in. There is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. If you want to succeed, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses.

How you carry yourself determines how people see your company. A confident CEO influences others and commands trust. When a competent leader is in charge, others are at ease.

A business leader who lacks core competencies reflects badly on the company. Many will attribute these faults and incompetence to the performance of the company.

leadership foundations

This is why having core competencies is important. When you have solid leadership foundations, you make a good leader. A CEO with expertise in many skills is an asset. They are able to reach more people. As well as build valuable relationships that lead to opportunities.

A good leader makes your company look good. People look for traits such as charisma, confidence, and friendliness in a CEO. Having these traits makes a leader more valuable to the company.

Knowing other people’s needs allows you to influence them. It allows you to build trust easily. When people trust you, they are more likely to do business with you. This allows you to create a win-win situation for both parties involved.

A Good Business Leader Leads People

Having core competencies makes you a good business leader. You have the skills to lead people and succeed. A wise, experienced, and passionate leader can lead a larger, stronger team. The better the team, the bigger the problems they can solve. This allows them to achieve great things.

A good business leader knows how to reach many people. They do this using skills such as communication, negotiation, closing, and problem-solving.

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Examples Of Core Competencies Business Leaders Should Have

The more skills a business leader has, the more effective they become. Having many skills allows them to handle many different situations. The more skills they know, the more effective they are as leaders. Here are some examples of core competencies that good business leaders have:

Business Acumen

A business leader who has business acumen can predict the future. They can predict what the economy is going to be like. They know ahead of time what the economy will be like in a few years. This allows them to plan ahead and increases their chances of success.

Developing business acumen is not easy. It is developed through many successes and failures. Great business leaders have the knowledge and experience to back up their decisions. They know how to behave during business meetings. And talk about high-level topics with other business leaders. This earns them respect and admiration from others.

Almost all successful business leaders have strong leadership foundations. People like to talk about Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos. This is because they have done great things. They have strong business acumen. They have had many failures on their journey. Their failures have taught them valuable lessons, which allowed them to prosper. 

High Income Skills

High income skills are skills the marketplace finds valuable. A business leader with high income skills is an asset to the company. They can leverage these skills to gain an advantage. This makes their businesses thrive.

Closing is an example of a high income skill. A business leader who can close can make other people say yes. This can increase sales as well as revenue. Business leaders that close using influence and psychology are especially valuable. They use these skills to overcome objections.

Communication Skills

Knowing how to communicate effectively is important in the world of business. If you cannot communicate, you will look bad. This also reflects badly on the company.

CEO’s and business leaders often take part in interviews. These are usually hosted by news stations and business media outlets. Being able to communicate well means being able to reach a large audience.

A good business leader is confident. They present the best version of themselves wherever they go. This allows them to build a good reputation.

Compare that to a business leader who is camera shy. They may give off a bad impression. This can lead people to wonder if the business has anything to hide. A business leader that is not transparent will be seen as untrustworthy.

You may have heard of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. He created a trustworthy image in the eyes of investors. To lure them in, he promised high returns on investments. As a result, many investors gave him their money, only to realize it was all a scam as he left them empty-handed. Overnight, he made off with the money and stole billions of dollars from investors.

leadership foundations

Negotiation Skills

Knowing how to negotiate is one of many core competencies a good business leader needs. Being good at negotiation allows them to create deals. Knowing how to make deals is important during high stakes acquisitions.

Not all business meetings go smoothly. Good negotiation skills allow business leaders to get out of stressful situations. They know how to turn things around and create win-win scenarios. This is especially important during moments of intense emotions. Knowing how to defuse the situation is an example of good negotiating skills.

Good negotiators also know how to think on their feet. They can make decisions in critical moments. This allows them to take advantage of opportunities. The better they are at negotiating, the faster the deals get made.

Sales/Closing Skills

If you can’t close, you can’t generate revenue. If you can’t generate revenue, your business will collapse. Great business leaders understand that sales are vital. Without sales, a business will not grow. If you’re looking to hone your core competencies, master the art of sales and closing.

Overcoming objections is a key part of building a successful business. Prospects lie all the time, by saying things like “I need to think about it” or “I can’t afford it”. In reality, these objections are ways for them to cover up their true reasons.

Almost every successful business owner knows how to sell. In some cases, the leader is the best salesperson in the company. This is because they are passionate about the business. They know the business better than anyone else. Their passion allows them to convince prospects to buy into their offer.

Realize that as a business leader, you are always selling. When you speak to other people, you are unconsciously trying to influence them in some way. This is why we unconsciously correct our bad behavior in the presence of other people. We want to always give off our best impression – we are trying to influence them with our positive traits.

Sales and closing is about influence. As a business leader, knowing how to influence others will benefit you greatly.


Like closing, marketing is another important skill business leaders have. Marketing showcases how well you can promote your brand. A business leader who has good marketing sense knows what type of ads to run. They will know how to provoke  emotions in their audience to influence them to buy.

Being good at marketing means being in tune with people’s emotions. Business leaders need to understand emotions. This allows them to make use of emotional triggers. This is important because humans are driven by emotions more than logic. Emotions tell a story, which is important for sales success. 

Remember: facts tell, but stories sell. People buy into products because it makes them feel a certain way. This is why rich people will spend thousands of dollars on luxury items. They don’t buy things because they need it, they buy it because owing it makes them feel good.

Execution Intelligence

Execution intelligence is about taking an idea and making it into a business. Unlike planning, which focuses on theory, execution focuses on results. Having execution intelligence is one of many core competencies in great leaders.

A business leader understands planning and theorizing will only get so far. When it comes to business, taking action is the most important factor. It means knowing how and when to execute their strategies.

Here are some examples of execution intelligence:

  • Raising money
  • Putting together a team
  • Creating partnerships with other business leaders

Timing is also part of execution intelligence. A business strategy might be proven to work. But if this strategy is executed at the wrong time, it will fail. This is because there are variables that are out of our control. Some examples of variables include market conditions, weather season, and audience needs.

Opening an ice cream shop in the middle of winter is an example of poor execution intelligence. Even if there is a high demand for ice cream, the winter season plays a part in how many people will want it.

Team Management/Collaboration

To achieve great things, you need a strong team. Great business leaders understand everyone’s personality differs. Having solid team management skills is essential to being a great leader.

Great business leaders understand human dynamics. They know how to talk to many types of people. For example, they understand that introverts and extroverts behave differently. This allows them to shift their communication style to cater to that person.

Great leaders know how to make others feel welcome. Whenever a group of people work together, conflict is likely to arise. Sometimes, it falls on the business leader to make the final decision. A great leader knows how to assert their leadership. Done right, people will not feel offended or challenged.

Strategy & Execution

Strong business leaders are good at both strategy and execution. They are visionaries who can put a plan together, as well as assemble a team of people to help them execute it.

A business leader with strategy and execution skills is like a war general. In business, your company will come under fire from the enemy competition. A great business leader will look at the situation, and come up with a plan of attack. In both business and war, these are both important skills. Understanding how both work is the key to success.

Strategy and execution go hand in hand. A bad plan carried out well will end in disaster. A good plan carried out poorly is also a disaster. Great business leaders have both strategic and execution skills. These are important skills to learn for strong leadership foundations.


Charisma is about how well you can attract other people. Business leaders with charisma know how to inspire others. They can make people do things without sounding bossy. This makes them easy to get along with.

A business leader with charisma will be able to charm others. They are good at creating positive emotions in other people. These are emotions such as excitement, happiness, and passion.

Someone who can evoke positive emotions will be well-liked. People like to spend time around positive people. The more time they spend with you, the more likely you can create a beneficial relationship. As a result, charisma is a key part of developing strong leadership foundations.

A Wide Network

Having a wide network is one of the most powerful assets when it comes to leadership foundations. A wide network implies mastery in many skills. Someone who lacks skills like communication and charisma cannot create a wide network.

The more people you know, the more opportunities you have access to. But, growing a wide network is not a simple task. Creating a wide network of businesspeople takes a lot of time and energy. And this time is mainly spent talking with other people.

Many successful people often spend their time on the golf course. This is why rich people like business owners play golf. They know it is where they can connect with other business leaders. In fact, golf courses are one of the best locations to make deals happen. No one enjoys spending hours in a claustrophobic meeting room. They much prefer to talk outside in nature, where the sun shines and the wind blows.

Joining a sports club or private resort is one method to establishing a large network. It’s where you’re most likely to run into other successful people looking to do the same thing. The more prestigious the club is, the higher status these people will be.

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Master The Art of High Ticket Closing Today

Great business leaders have strong leadership foundations. They have the skills needed to lead a team. They can communicate with a variety of different people. This makes them appear well liked and charismatic.

Many business leaders take the time to invest in themselves. They learn skills that help them succeed. They understand business failures are normal. In fact, they can learn valuable lessons from them. Problems do not hold leaders back from success. They understand that, if they want to achieve great things, they need great people. In order to lead great people, they must develop great skills.

That is why business leaders aim to become the best version of themselves. They know that everything they do shows how others will see their company. If they want respect, they have to create a good image. How they talk with others will determine how successful the business will be.

Business leaders who understand High Ticket Closing are more likely to succeed. They know how to use influence and persuasion to close. Instead of using pushy sales tactics, they use psychology. This lets them cater to emotions. As a result, High Ticket Closers make great business leaders. 

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