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An international best-selling author of over 12 books, which have been published in 9 languages that teach marketing, sales, & entrepreneurial skills – There is a lot to learn from him.

Dan’s Bookshelf

10 Books Dan is Reading Right Now​
  • My Life and Work by Henry Ford
  • The Lords of Strategy by Walter Kiechel
  • The Airbnb Story by Leigh Gallagher
  • Becoming Facebook by Mike Hoefflinger
  • Friction: Passion Brands in the Age of Disruption by Jeff Rosenblum and Jordan Berg
  • Talent Magnet by Mark Miller
  • The Most Important Thing by Howard S. Marks
  • The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle
  • Simplify by Bill Hybels
  • Viralnomics by Jonathan Goodman

10 Most Read Books Recommended by Dan

  • The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer
  • Principles of work and life by Ray Dalio
  • Three Kingdoms: A Historical Novel Abridiged by Luo Guanzhong
  • The Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee
  • The art of war by Sun Tzu
  • The Ten Roads to Riches by Ken Fisher
  • How to Sell Your Way through life by Napoleon Hill
  • The 80/20 Principle by Richard Kock
  • Powerhouse Principles: The Ultimate Blueprint For real-state success in a Ever-Changing Market by Bill Hybels
  • Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
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