Imagine this: your smartphone is generating you an income through phone sales, whether you’re looking for a side hustle or a full-time gig.

The average American spends 3.5 hours a day on their smartphone, checking messages, online shopping, reading, and making posts.

Why not add “generate side income” to the list of what your phone can do for you?

Table of Contents

  • How To Mine The Big Money
  • Why Choose Phone Sales Over Other Choices?
  • Why Businesses Need Closers On The Phone
  • Making $1000 A Day As A Closer With Your Smartphone
  • Who Can Be Successful At High Ticket Phone Sales?

Online marketing and e-commerce are now the norm.

According to a study, 44 million Americans have a side hustle, earning them $12,609 per year, or $25 per hour.

These side hustles include starting an online business, selling on eBay, Amazon, or Shopify.

Others are making money on their phones by filling out surveys, playing video games, or getting cashback on a purchase. But you don’t make much money with those last few options.

At least, not enough to replace your job if that’s your goal. If you’re looking for a stable way to make some extra money, or even replace your job, there’s another way to make that extra income.

How To Mine The Big Money

Phone sales, or closing deals over the phone, is the new way to “mine the big money,” to use an analogy. People have been looking for ways to make more money long before “side hustle” became an everyday term.

Entrepreneurs back in 1849 tried to strike it rich during the gold rush. It’s a different era, but the concept is the same.

There were two types of entrepreneurs at the time.

The first type is the miners that wanted to strike it rich by mining the gold.

They would buy tools and equipment, find the perfect site and time, hire the people, and hopefully hit the jackpot. A lot of them failed.

The miners are like our modern-day e-commerce entrepreneurs who set up their businesses and spend money on marketing and products.

A lot of them struggle to make money and never reach their dreams of becoming wealthy.

The second type of entrepreneur was the shovel sellers who made five, six figure incomes… even multi-millionaire incomes… by selling tools to the miners.

Now, which type of entrepreneur would you want to be?

You would want to be one of the tool sellers — our modern-day closers who make money with their smartphones.

The business is already set up for them; they just come in and close the deal. So what can you do to avoid being a miner and make money as a tool seller?

Watch how you can make an income with your smartphone.

Why Choose Phone Sales Over Other Choices? 

If you’re looking to work from home, or you’re trying to find a remote or freelance job, phone sales is a solid income alternative.

Here’s why. Similar to making money during the gold rush, you could be the miner or the shovel seller.

Trading and Crypto Requires Perfect Timing

You could make money online by day trading or cryptocurrency. But what you’re doing is speculating. You want to buy low and sell high. If you time it perfectly, you might make a thousand bucks in one day.

That kind of income would be great, but can you continue to make a thousand bucks a day every day, for a whole month by speculating?

How about a whole year? What if you don’t make any money trading? Or what if you have a bad trade and you lose half your capital? How easily can you sustain this type of income?

E-commerce Requires a Lot of Sales

It’s not for everyone because it’s so speculative.

Another option is starting an e-commerce business or online business because it’s less speculative. You can source the products, get them shipped, and sell them through Amazon or Shopify.

You drive traffic to it, and if it works, you make enough of a margin to make a thousand bucks a day in revenue. But that amount is revenue.

How many online sales would you need to make a day to have a thousand in cash in your pocket?

Say you have a competitor on Amazon that sells a similar product at a lower price. What would you do then? Would you lower your price?

According to an online marketplace seller survey, 39.6% of sellers make $100K to 1 million per year on Amazon, and 26.5% make that income bracket on eBay.

Those numbers sound pretty decent until you consider the next statistic: “55% have a profit margin above 20%” and “6% of them are lucky enough to have margins over 50%”.

Will the lucky 6% include your business? Fierce competition and lower overheads are driving profit margins into the ground when it comes to marketplace selling.

How many sales would you need to make a day at the lower price to make a thousand? It will take you longer to make the same income.

An Influencer Requires An Offer, A-Team, And Branding

Another option is you could be an influencer like me, selling your own products and services and building your own brand online. You’re an expert in your industry, and you have fans and followers. 

To establish and maintain your credibility, you’ll need to be active on social media. You’ll need to have a blog, guest post on a blog, create some videos, or publish a book or two.

Then you’ll need to engage your followers by interacting with social media posts.

And on top of all that, you’ll need to network, either online or in person. It will also build your brand if you do some public speaking.

Most importantly, on top of creating all that content, you’ll need to manage a team, and drive traffic to make money.

How much effort would that take? Would you have the resources to put in the effort that it requires to achieve the results you want?

Can you get one of these as an influencer? You absolutely could, with a lot of hard work.

But, what if there’s a way for you to make $1000 a day by being a shovel seller, without having to manage a team and drive traffic?

Why Businesses Need Closers On The Phone

Phone sales are taking on an increasingly important role in closing sales for businesses.

This is where you, as a shovel seller, can mine the big money. Average entrepreneurs and influencers are busy running their businesses.

They are creating content, building funnels, and going to interviews. It’s part of the business model in a competitive market.

It costs more to attract customers than ever before. Businesses are spending money on social media ads to be in front of people and attract more customers.

The good old days of making money with low price programs and services are over. There’s no money to be made with those offers.

All the money is made after the initial sale. The low ticket initial offer is designed to build trust and a relationship with new customers.

All the money is made after that with the high ticket offers, starting from $3000, going up to $25,000.

Here is the challenge with the high-ticket offers. It’s almost impossible to close those sales through a video, a website, or web page. They need to be closed over the phone.

The prospect needs to be on the phone to walk them through the process and to educate them. If you’re investing in a program between 3 to 10 thousand dollars, wouldn’t you want to talk to somebody?

That’s where the shovel seller making a thousand bucks a day comes in.

Making $1000 A Day As A Closer With Your Smartphone

This is where you, as a high ticket closer, come into the picture, by closing these deals for businesses with these phone sales.

Imagine an influencer with a $10,000 offer who is busy running their business. An influencer is a business owner, a coach with a business, or a celebrity.

They’re managing their team, driving traffic, but not making any money on their high-ticket offers.

They need a high-ticket closer to get on the phone and close the prospect on a high-ticket offer of $3000 to $10,000.

The prospect is not likely to pay that kind of money after watching a webinar.

The influencer is very happy to pay the closer 10 to 15 percent on every sale the closer makes.

A $10,000 offer at 10 percent commission is $1000 in one single phone call – or one inbound sales call.

The closer is the shovel seller selling tools to the influencers to help them mine more gold.

Who Can Be Successful At High Ticket Phone Sales?

Imagine making $1000 a day from phone sales, working from home, without cold calling or doing any outbound sales. It’s the perfect setup for someone looking for a high-end career in the gig economy or freelance economy.

Graduates of my program include entrepreneurs, employees looking for a side hustle, and stay at home parents, stay at home moms who want to re-enter the workforce. You don’t need previous sales experience to be successful as a closer.

If you want to be successful at high ticket closing, you need to use the same sales strategies as for consultative selling.

After watching a webinar, a prospect isn’t likely to pay $3000 for a program. But if they can book a call with a closer, then they will have an opportunity to ask any questions or voice any objections they have about the offer.

The closer works from home, and answers pre-booked calls from the influencer or business using CRM software.

Good Listeners Who Want To Help People

According to Hubspot, 69% of buyers want sales pros to “Listen to my needs” and 61% say, “Don’t be pushy” and “give me relevant information.” Buyers want salespeople who are good listeners, who care about what they want, and aren't aggressive about making a sale. Click To Tweet

I train my closers to ask questions to find the prospect’s pain points and to find out if the prospect is a good fit for the offer.

Their phone call will sound like a regular conversation, with questions sprinkled throughout the call and the closer doing most of the listening.

If the offer isn’t the solution that the prospect needs, then the closer denies the prospect the sale.

Women closers are very successful at high ticket sales because women have a 11% advantage when it comes to closing deals.

One reason is their supportive personality – they excel at building rapport with prospects. I have several successful female closers on my team.


If you want to be a smart entrepreneur, an-out-of-the-box thinker, don’t just look at the trends.

Yes, it’s possible to make money with trends like cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and startups. It’s possible to make a lot of money with ecommerce.

Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma, for example, made a fortune in ecommerce.

Businesses selling high ticket offers online aren’t likely to make a sale with one webinar.

To close deals that are $3000 to $10,000 or more, they need a high ticket closer to get on a call with the prospect.

They can close B2C, B2B, or enterprise deals, depending on their closing experience and who they choose to close for.

With this high income skill, people who want a side hustle, a freelance gig, or a new career after re-entering the workforce can close part time or full time for an influencer or business.