How many hours a day do you spend at work? And how much of that time is for actual work-related tasks?

If you’re like most people, not all of your hours are equally productive.

As the CEO of a fast-moving, global business, I need every hour of my day to be as productive as possible. I can’t afford to waste time on tasks that don’t generate money for my organization.

To maximize my efficiency, I plan out each hour of my entire day. I also reflect on how quickly and efficiently I get things done, and always look for ways to do things better.

Over time, I’ve learned a lot of ways to stay organized. Today I’m going to share three of these tips for improving your productivity and income as an entrepreneur.

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1. Improve Task Efficiency


As a leader, my goal is not to do the job but to make sure the job gets done. I delegate tasks to my team, and the most capable team members complete each task as efficiently and quickly as possible.

My role is to look at the big picture. For my team to be as productive as possible, I come up with the strategies and how the process will work. The team implements the plan and puts the pieces together like a puzzle.

Anyone on my team knows I don’t want to be told about the labour pains, I just want the baby. The details and the process don’t matter. I just want to see the result.

As a leader, I have to be comfortable with my people making mistakes. I don’t take their head off every time they make a mistake. Otherwise they stop learning and I have to go back to finish the job. I have to let them do the job and if they don’t do it exactly the way I want, it’s okay.

When I delegate tasks and let go of the details, my organization becomes more productive.

2. Make Money When You Have the Opportunity

Many years ago when I was still doing copywriting and transitioning into consulting, I was always helping people whenever I could.

One time, I was in my home office when this gentlemen called me up and asked me a million questions. We spent a good hour on the phone and I gave him some of my best ideas and strategies and he said thanks before getting off the phone.

My girlfriend at the time overheard the conversation and couldn’t believe how stupid I was. She pointed out that I paid my mentor for his advice. I paid money to learn at seminars. But why was I giving my advice away for free if my mentors didn’t? Giving free advice when I was building my business wasn’t the best use of my time.

What she said made a lot of sense, so when the next gentlemen called and asked his questions, I told him about my consulting fee. He said, “Oh, okay, well how much do you charge?”

I took my time to reply. Then we agreed on a price and that’s how I got my first official consulting client.

3. Script Your Day To Maximize Productivity

When I talk about scripting your day, I’m not talking about becoming an actor and following a script. Scripting your day means planning the whole day out the day before. For every hour of the following day, you decide what you’ll be doing, where, and when.

As the CEO of a global organization, I have to attend meetings, teach programs, and still have personal time. Some days, I have meetings back to back. I have to watch the time because I can be late to another meeting, or not have enough time to prepare for a class.

By scripting your day, you are creating a to-do list. What are your goals for the day, and what absolutely needs to be finished before the day ends? When you think about your day as a finite block of time to complete a set of tasks, then you prioritize what’s most important for your business and your personal time.

Here is a bonus tip for planning out your day. Think about your mission, or your goal for your business. When you script out your day, you want to plan out tasks that get you closer to achieving your mission.

Your time, knowledge, and energy are your most valuable commodities. Customers are replaceable, money is replaceable, everything in your business is replaceable, but time is not.

In fact, the minute you spent reading this is gone forever.

What is one thing you can do to improve your productivity? Comment below.