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Want To Sell More and Close Bigger Deals?

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If you want to sell more and close bigger deals, there is one thing you can do: Stop selling and start closing. There is a very
big difference between selling and closing that only a few people know about.

How are they different from each other? Think about it this way. When you are thinking about a regular salesperson which images do pop up in your head? Chances are you are imagining a pushy, slimy used-car salesman. They are usually very aggressive and “push” the prospect. Closers, however, sell in a “pull” way, which makes the prospect say “thank you” after they bought. You help them make an important decision.

When you want to sell more and close bigger deals, wouldn’t it make sense for you to learn the art of closing? With closing, you are able to persuade others and handle their objections professionally. You never have to chase prospects again as you only work with people who are ready to buy.

How do you earn money as a closer?

Usually, you would work with businesses and get paid a commission. You focus on the last 1% of the sale – the actual close. 99% have already been done by marketing experts. Still, they need closers because they can’t do it themselves. So, as a
closer you are the hero who brings in the money. The best part: closing is a learnable skill that anyone can acquire.

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