The most powerful way to tell a lesson is to use a story. Those who have mastered the art of storytelling secrets, can captivate the attention of it’s listeners.

I remember many years ago, I was speaking at an internet marketing conference that lasted for two days. We had a group of amazing speakers – and I was the first speaker on day one. I remember giving my presentation on stage, going through my speech and when I was finished, I sat down in the front row of the audience and would continue to pay attention and take notes.

When the second speaker went onto the stage and began his presentation, I did something no one had ever seen. Halfway into his presentation, I got up from my seat and walked to the back of the room. I could feel the eyes of the audience staring at me as I walked down the aisle. In my head I could already guess what they were thinking.

“Is Dan leaving so soon?” 

“Where could he possibly be going?”

“Is he going back to his hotel room?”

These were good guesses, but that was not the answer. You see, I got up from my seat and walked down that aisle during that presentation, for only one very specific reason:

I wanted to sign up for his offer.

Here Is My Credit Card, Please Take It

Dan, are you crazy? He hasn’t even finished his presentation, you don’t even know what you’re buying! 

That’s exactly what the staff member at the back of the room said to me, as I gave him my credit card and once again repeated my request to him – “It doesn’t matter, I want to sign up for his offer. Here is my credit card.”

Bewildered, he hesitated but did what I asked. After finishing up all of the paperwork, signing my signature and ensuring everything was in place, I walked back to the front of the room and sat back down in my seat. For the rest of that day, I repeated that same process. Every time a new speaker went up on stage, I would walk down the aisle once again, ask the staff member at the back of the room to sign me up for that speaker’s offer, and once again hand them my credit card. Every time I did this, the staff member looked more and more confused, as he tried to figure out exactly what I was thinking. 

Why I Maxed Out My Credit Card In One Day

At the end of the day, I ended up buying into everyone’s offer. Unable to contain his curiosity any longer, the staff member approached me and asked me what I had sensed on his mind the entire time.

“Dan, I don’t understand… why are you investing and buying all these courses? I mean, you’re an expert on the subject of internet marketing, you just gave a whole presentation on it! I saw your presentation and the screenshots of how you make millions of dollars online! Why are you buying all of these courses?”

It was a good question. A question that everyone in the audience, and the speaker’s would want to know. So I turned to this young man, and looked at him for a second – a sly smile on my face.

“You know, that’s a very good question, one that many people have asked. Let me ask you a question in return – how do you think I got to become successful?” 

His reaction was priceless. And in that moment, I had taught that young man a lesson, one that was more valuable than any of the presentations he had heard that day. I taught him the value of investing in yourself.


3 Secrets To Brilliant Storytelling

You see, one of the best ways to share lessons with other people is by telling a story. If you have something that you want to tell others, instead of directly telling them what they should do, it’s much more effective to put it into a story.

There are 3 important parts to any good story. And today, I’m going to share with you 3 storytelling secrets on how to tell a good story, so that you too can draw people in and influence them to listen to your every word.

1) Time and Location

With any good story, there is a time and place. Take for example storybooks – they always start the story with “Once upon a time”.

Take your listeners to a place and time when this happens, to set the tone and stage of where it occurs. Be specific with when it happens – don’t say ‘a few years ago’, use concrete numbers such as ‘2 years ago’ to really paint that image into your listener’s mind.

In the story I shared with you, I began by telling you a time and place. “Many years ago, I was speaking at an internet marketing conference”. This allows you to visualize the setting and environment that I was in. Some of you may be imagining that I am on stage, speaking to a large group of people. That is setting the stage by naming a time and location.

2) Be Very Specific In Your Story

One of the most powerful storytelling secrets is to use dialogue. Dialogue is powerful – in storytelling, it pulls the listener into the middle of the scenario where the action is. When you read the story I shared, were you able to visualize me talking to someone in the back of the room? Could you picture the emotions and expressions that young man had, as he asked me that question? That’s the power dialogue has.

Instead of simply listening to a story, dialogue allows the listener to feel as though they are in that moment. They can picture themselves in the shoes of the people you are talking about, and imagine the emotions, environment, and setting of everything around them. Imaginations are powerful – leverage the one your listener has to tell a great story.

3) What’s The Moral of The Story?

With any good story, there is a moral. What’s the transformation? What’s the one take-away that you want the listener to have?

In the story I shared, it’s about investing in yourself. But to really get the moral across, I take it even further – it’s about investing in yourself when you don’t even have to. That’s the key between someone who is unsuccessful and someone who is successful.

Over the years I’ve learned that people who need information the most, aren’t the ones who are actively trying to seek it. It’s those that are struggling financially, that need financial information the most but are the least likely to seek it out. Whereas successful people are always investing in themselves. They are actively trying to seek information, and are always trying to learn something new even though they don’t have to.

There was no reason for me to invest in those courses and programs. But I knew the value of investing in myself, which is something most people do not. That is the reason why I am financially successful. This is where the popular phrase “You have to spend money to make money” comes from. If you aren’t spending money to invest in yourself, you won’t have the knowledge and skills to be able to make it.

Draw Them In, Make Them Listen, And Then…

You’ve set the stage for your story. Drawn them in with intriguing dialogue so they’re right in the middle of the action. And ended the story with a deep and compelling lesson that speaks directly to their heart.

Now what?

And that’s the problem. Because there are good storytellers, and then there are good businessmen. The difference is that good storytellers are liked for their ability to tell interesting tales, whereas good businessmen know how to use those storytelling secrets to get people to take action.

Let’s say you just heard a story about a man who went from living on the streets to becoming the richest man in the country. A true rags to riches story about how he was able to start his own business without an internet connection, without a roof over his head, and without any startup money – because he had none. At the end of the story, a storyteller would’ve told you how he went from zero to hero. But a businessman would ask if you’d like to achieve the same thing.