We are transitioning into an era of millennials taking over the job market. Many people, having worked their whole lives, are now retiring. It’s time for the new generation of workers to step in and change the world. It is now your responsibility to market your product in new and intriguing ways that appeal to millennials. Tactics that have worked in the past might not work today. What, then, are the secrets for marketing to millennials?

Millennials are defined as people between the ages of 23 and 38. They are currently either entering the job market, or have some years of experience in their respected fields. Millennials require types of marketing different from those used to sell your product to older generations.

Let’s compare the millennial market with the Generation X market. Generation X are the people between the ages of 56-76. How would you market your product differently?

The millennial market grew with the internet. Millennials are familiar with current technologies and rely heavily on their smartphones. They receive news through social media and use dating apps. Job hunting today is primarily an online activity, with LinkedIn as a core platform. 

Generation X includes people who are typically not as familiar with the internet or modern technology. Their main sources of news are either TV or a local newspaper. They prioritize good education and are often skeptical about marketed products or services. 

 This distinction is not meant to stereotype people, but is rather a way of presenting the differences in marketing strategies used for millennials and for Generation X. You always have to identify your buyers in order to ensure you can successfully market your products to them.

Let’s now explore a few tactics for marketing to millennials.

The Basis of Marketing to Millennials

So you might be thinking, why is marketing to millennials so important?

Millennials comprise about 25% of the world’s population. 25% of these people are currently parents, while 53% are living with children. This means that one in every four people you meet is most likely a millennial. 

Millennials have a mindset of breaking away with traditions. They want a way to change the world and try to do so by building companies or developing brands. Their motives are found more around an entrepreneurial spirit, rather than the traditional 9-5 jobs.

On social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, you’ll likely see millennial-owned clothing brands. This is one of their ways for showcasing authenticity and uniqueness. 

Millennials are also reported to be the highest educated people on the planet. Almost one-third of millennials hold a 4-year college degree, and are largely go-getters in search of success.

You have to keep all this in mind as you determine strategies to appeal to a millennial market.

Keeping On Trend

Millennials tend to gravitate towards attention-grabbing areas. They tend to share their opinions and stay up to date with the world’s news. One of the best ways for marketing to millennials is by creating advertisements that relate to a current trend. But how do you keep up with everything going on in the world?

One of the most powerful ways to keep up with the news is to follow influencers and organizations on social media. These could include NASA, CBC or Fox News. You can check their feed throughout the day and gather information that might appeal to a millennial audience, such as, for example, NASA launching a newly designed rocket. 

Another way to keep up with trends is by subscribing to top business blogs. These are blogs such as Mashable and Fast Company who stay up to date with trends in the digital world. There is also Forbes: a group of entrepreneurs who give valuable information for small business owners. 

Always ensure the source is reputable, as the information used in your advertisements is an indicator of your company’s knowledge.

One powerful strategy for keeping up with trends is through Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows you to see the top searches in the world. You can also access search history over multiple years, and determine which industries have a steady market. 

Social Media Platforms

Given the rising influence of technology, it’s important to understand the platforms millennials are attracted to. Even more important, are the ways to connect with millennials on various platforms.

Millennials are the largest group of smartphone users in the world. Nearly 100% of them know how to use the internet, with 90.4% of millennials being active on social media. They check their phones around 150 times a day, and have introduced a new way of messaging through the use of emojis and visuals. What are all these platforms used for?

There are four main platforms which are currently in high demand: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube. All of these have different purposes. 

Instagram is the current go-to platform for millennials to find information and news. There are over 1 billion active monthly users, and 500 million use the platform every day. As of today, Instagram is one of the most in-demand social media platforms. Advertising on this platform requires you to stay up to date with relevant information.

Facebook is the current go-to platform for millennials to connect with friends and families. It’s also a way for them to create groups and connect with like-minded individuals. Facebook currently has 2.6 billion active users. Keep in mind that Facebook has restricted rules for advertising, so make sure to refer to their policies before getting started.

LinkedIn is the current go-to platform for professional networking and portfolio-building. It’s a space for millennials to connect with colleagues and present themselves for employees to see. There are currently 87 million millennials on Linkedin

YouTube is the current go-to platform for videos and educational content. There are hundreds of hours of tutorials as well as videos for entertainment, enjoyment and relaxation. The trick to being successful on this platform is by marketing your product on channels that reach millennial audiences. 

Advertise Where They Go

The best way to advertise to any market is by showcasing your product where the attention lies. Think about it as a morning ride to work. How many people are sitting in traffic? Hundreds. Wouldn’t it be smart, then, to advertise your product while you have their attention? Billboards, in this case, are the best way to market your product.

So how does this work on millennials? 

Majority of millennials are users of public transit such as the subway or a local bus. This is because they gravitate towards urban environments. 

Places such as subway stops and local bus shelters are great places to advertise your product. You can hang up posters or give free samples to people who walk by. Keep in mind that it might be difficult to get people’s attention, as many tend to rush to their next destination. This is why you have to create headlines and messages that catch people’s attention; we will discuss this in detail later.

Now, keep in mind that cities and areas have restrictions for putting up posters and advertisements. It’s always recommended to check in with the authorities and ask about policies prior to getting started. 

The other place to advertise is around vastly popular coffee shops such as Tim Hortons or Starbucks. Millennials are fond of to-go coffees to start their day. Again, you might have to work with companies to see if you can advertise your product around their franchise. 

Provide Information First

Millennials are always in search of new information and tips to help them grow. One of the best ways for marketing to millennials is by giving free information before offering your product. This could be in the form of a PDF, YouTube video or email. 

Let’s say your product is exercise equipment. You can bring attention to your brand by giving exercise tips to help millennials get in shape. These could also include lucrative workout routines for building muscle. Millennials are fond of staying in shape, and value their appearance greatly. 

You could offer this free information through a PDF and advertise it on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to build your marketing campaign around the age and characteristics of millennials. From this, you can sign them up for your email list. The key element here is building your trust with the marketplace, as millennials are aware of numerous scans and mischievous activities on the internet.

You could also give free information in the form of a video. This could be an educational video or a tutorial demonstrating how to do something. 

For example, in advertising a healthy lifestyle you could create a free 20 minute at-home workout for people to follow. You could also show people how to make healthy meals at home with minimal cost and time. You don’t need a professional film crew, as the best videos are often recorded with your phone camera. 

Ask For Their Opinion

Companies are able to connect with millennials by getting their feedback on various products or services. One of the best ways to seek out feedback is by providing multiple products to choose from. 

Let’s say you were creating a new digital course. You could ask millennials about the type of course you should create, and ask them to select the option they like best. 

For example:

Which digital course should I create next?

  1. Money management
  2. Building wealth
  3. Investing in your future
  4. Finding your passion

The audience can select the option they like best. This can give you a sense of which product will sell most, and can help you engage with your audience on a deeper level. User-generated content has a higher conversion compared to company-generated constant.

Starbucks uses a similar strategy for creating new flavours. Here is one of their posts:

Which name should go on the 1st official Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season:

  1. Lil Spookie
  2. Gourdy
  3. Fall’icia
  4. Jeff

You could also present this question through your Instagram story. You can ask the question and use a fill in the blank square to get opinions. What other people say about your brand is more important than what you say.

What other people say about your brand is more important than what you can say. Click To Tweet

Show Recent Reviews

Millennials respond better to products which have been reviewed by other people. This is their way of seeing if the offered good holds up to the desired expectation. Think about the last item you purchased online. Did you read the reviews before making a purchase? Most likely the reviews gave you an idea of what’s expected.

Including reviews in your landing page, email, or product description is a powerful marketing technique. Most millennials look for a second opinion before buying a product, and good reviews build a sense of trustworthiness.

Reviews can take on a variety of forms, two most common ones being video or a written comment . You can ask your customers for a small video describing their experience with your product. In return, you can offer a coupon or promo to apply to their next purchase. You can also ask for a small written testimonial. Trustability increases if you are able to use their photo, but always ask for consent before disclosing any such information.

The other method of securing reviews is through platforms such as Facebook and Google to build your rapport. Your product should be readily available for review and shouldn’t be hard to find online. 

Let’s say your company’s name is Company Y, and you are selling a marketing course. If someone Googles “Company Y marketing course review”, they should immediately see reviews of your product. 

The more positive reviews you have the better, so don’t be afraid to ask your customers for their opinion. Your reviews should also be no older than 3 months. Outdated reviews might indicate your product is outdated.

As Tom Knighton once said. “Customer experience is the next competitive battleground. It’s where businesses are won or lost.”

Customer experience is the next competitive battleground. It’s where businesses are won or lost. Click To Tweet

Use Influencers To Boost Your Credibility

Influencers hold a prestigious status in today’s world. They’re classified as people who have achieved great success and are regarded highly by people all across the world. Influencers are present in all industries and niches, and have a role in shaping the marketplace. 

Millennials are often influenced by successful people. If someone sees an entrepreneur driving a Rolls Royce, they aspire to become that entrepreneur. If someone sees a rapper performing on stage, they aspire to become the rapper.. Why don’t you use this power to market your product?

A powerful method of marketing to millennials is by using an influencer to endorse your product. 

Picture this in your head: 

There are two advertisements in front of you. One advertisement shows a picture of a soccer ball with a guy, endorsed by your brand, standing by it. The other picture shows the same image; except this time, Christiano Ronaldo is holding the ball. Which one would you gravitate towards? Probably the one with Christiano Ronaldo. 

Influencers have a magical power to drive people towards your product or service. Consumers are more likely to trust a product if the recommendation is by someone well-known. If you use influencers in your marketing message, you could potentially see upwards of 650% in ROI. 

Keep in mind that you will need to pay the influencer a royalty for using their name. Always ensure that the influencer is well known and has a track record that resonates with your company’s beliefs.

Support A Cause

Supporting a cause is a great way to show millennials that you give back to the less fortunate. If you present as someone who wants to make the world a better place,millennials see you as someone they want to do business with.

One of the best ways for marketing to millennials is by offering a small donation for every purchase made on your website. Let’s say you are offering a $20.00 blanket on your website. You can market your product in a few different ways.

The first is offering a $1.00 donation for every blanket purchased, while the other could be a blanket donated for every blanket purchased. You could also do this in the form of a social media interaction: . r every share of your Instagram post means a blanket for a child in need. 

Millennials are inclined to want to make the world a better place. If they see their purchase is helping, they have an easier buying experience.

Learning How To Market

Creating messages that appeal to millennials might seem like a challenge. You have to learn how to craft intriguing headlines and develop powerful slogans that will align with their likings. What if there was a way for you to learn lucrative writing techniques to attract millennials to your website?

Sifu Dan has put together a course on copywriting. Copywriting is defined as the use of written words to persuade someone to take action. Think about the last time you saw an ad that appealed to your likings. Why were you tempted to take action? Was the slogan catchy? Did the message appeal to you? You see, there is a copywriter behind every ad that grabs your attention. What if you could learn these same techniques?

The course is an on-demand training which dives into proven techniques for developing copy. You’ll learn strategies for and a unique technique of generating generous-recurring and windfall income. 

Copywriting is the number one skill every business needs in order to succeed. Your company needs sales to strive, and copywriters are some of the only people who connect with millennials on a deeper level.

You might be thinking, how long does it take to become a master? Similar to playing a sport or learning an art, you become better with practice and hard work. Copywriting has a secret cheat sheet known as a swipe file. It’s a collection of past sales letters and emails which have a track record of converting.

You, as a copywriter, can use these proven formulas to craft a sales page suitable for your company. You take the idea, rewrite it according to your own likings, and post it for the world to see. There is no element of creativity, so you don’t have to spend hours generating ideas.

Start Selling to Millennials

Copywriting is a very powerful skill that can persuade virtually anyone to take action. Because of this, we do not want you to use this skill to convince people into doing wrong. You must promise to use this skill to sell your product ethically and without mischief. 

If you plan on attending this session, we advise bringing a pen and notepad as there is a lot of information. Feel free to watch the lessons at your leisure. But remember, the more you learn the faster you’ll grow.

So if you are ready to develop powerful marketing messages for millennials and are ready to take your company to the next level, click here to get started.