The copywriter career path differs from that of the 9-5 corporate world. Being a copywriter allows you to avoid traditional systems and processes. You don’t have to prepare for interviews, comply with company rules, or take orders from a boss. Many people become copywriters because they want the freedom to set their own schedules and rates.

The copywriter career path allows people to take charge of their own lives. However, this path is not necessarily easy. Not everyone can become a copywriter: some may lack business acumen or have a tendency to quit when things get tough. As a result, the copywriter career path has its own set of problems.

For example, many beginner copywriters find it difficult to get clients. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to getting clients, meaning no one knows the answer. Copywriters need to use their own skills and resources to find clients. The problem is, if you’ve never done it before, where do you begin?

Sifu Dan faced the same problem when he decided to become an entrepreneur. But, once he learned the principle of providing value first, he started acquiring clients left and right. He offered his services for free, and asked for payment afterwards. In the business world, this is known as a “free trial”.

A free trial is one of the most effective ways to get new clients when you first start copywriting. By providing value first, you show them that you can produce results. This is why big companies like Netflix and Amazon offer free trials. They know it’s one of the best ways to acquire loyal customers for life.

You can use this same principle to get clients. Read on to learn how you can get recurring copywriting contracts using free trials.

How Sifu Dan Started His First Business

Sifu Dan got into entrepreneurship at a young age, and he too struggled to get clients. He would go to networking events, meetups, and even prospect for clients door-to-door. But, at the end of the day, he had nothing to show for his efforts.

That was until he came across a house with a large front lawn. He noticed that the owner had not cut their grass for some time. Sensing a business opportunity, he mowed the person’s lawn, and then patiently waited for their return.

As he stood under the heat of the evening sun, an expensive car pulled up into the driveway. Inside this luxurious car was the owner, who was met with shock at what they were seeing.

“Did you do this?” they asked Sifu Dan.

Smiling, Sifu Dan repeated what he had been thinking all this time:

“I was mowing your neighbor’s lawn when I noticed you had not cut your grass in some time. So I mowed your lawn as well since I assume you are a busy person and have little time to tend to things like this.”

The owner of the house was so happy about what Sifu Dan had done that they gave him $100.

“Take this for your hard work, young man. Do you think you could cut my grass from now on as well?”

On that day, Sifu Dan learned a valuable lesson: deliver value first.

The First Rule of Business: Deliver Value First

Those who have been following our work for some time may have heard this story before. Before he asked for money, Sifu Dan delivered value first to show he could produce results.

He then used this principle to grow his client base, one by one. Eventually, everyone in that neighborhood wanted to pay him to mow their lawn. By providing others with value, he was able to kick-start his lawn mowing business.

On your copywriter career path, you may want to use this principle. Find people or businesses that use copywriting in their marketing;  approach them and offer your services for free. If you are good at what you do, your efforts are likely to produce results. Once you have proven to your prospect that you can produce results, they’ll happily pay you to write their copy for them.

Most copywriters struggle to get clients because they do not provide value first. They do not realize that not everyone understands what copywriting is. Instead, they might approach a business owner and say “I’ll write your emails for you if you pay me.”

If you were a business owner, how would you feel if a stranger said that to you? You’d most likely think: “Why should I?” This is because you do not yet see the value of their service.

Many business owners have the same mindset. If they cannot see the value of your service, they will not pay you. You want to deliver value first and prove you are valuable. Then, when the time comes to talk about payment, they will be ready to buy.

If you’re struggling to get clients, you’ll want to provide value first – then ask for payment. You can’t expect people to pay you unless you’ve shown them why they should invest in your services.

How Netflix Leverages Free Trials In Their Marketing Strategy

Big companies understand the value of providing value first. 

In fact, Netflix is one of the best examples of how effective free trials can be. About 9% of its customer base at any time is free trial users. This would be considered small, except for the fact that the conversion rate for these users is a whopping 93%. This means that Netflix is able to convert a majority of its free trial users into paying customers by offering value first. 

On top of that, becoming a monthly subscriber is very convenient. People that opt into the free trial are required to input their payment information. As a result, if these people decide to become customers after the trial ends, they don’t have to do anything. Everything is already set up. 

Netflix’s marketing strategy is an example of how effective providing value first is. This principle has helped them to become who they are today, with a net worth of $125 billion.

Pre-qualify Your Prospects: Stop Selling To Poor People

Like all strategies,  providing value first also comes with flaws. The promise of something “free” will draw many people towards you. Whether these people are the ones you are looking for is another story.

As a copywriter, you will meet people that want to take advantage of you. The whole reason you want to provide value first is to get lifelong customers. But, not everyone is interested in a long term business relationship. Many people will gladly leverage you for the free trial, only to dump you afterward.

To avoid this, set expectations between you and your prospect. Let’s say you approach a business owner and want to write their emails for them. In exchange, ask them for a testimonial. This way you can weed out the tire kickers from your true prospects. Even if you don’t get the contract, you have a testimonial you can add to your portfolio.

Remember Sifu Dan’s advice: stop selling to people who have no money. Offering a free trial of your service is a great way to turn prospects into lifelong customers. However, if your prospects cannot afford to pay you afterward, what’s the point? Instead of wasting your time and energy on people with no money, find those that can actually afford your services.

This is why it is important to pre-qualify your prospects. Before you agree to a free trial, you want to know if they can pay you. How much revenue do they make in a year? What product or service are they offering? How well is their business doing? These are all questions that will give you hints  whether they can afford to pay you.

Why Prospecting For Big Fish Should Be Your Focus

On your copywriter career path, focus on chasing after big fish. These are the people you can deliver the most value to. Many of them are people who already have established businesses and are quite successful.

Finding someone who can afford your services benefits everyone involved.  Let’s say you meet an entrepreneur that generates 7 figures a year in revenue. You offer them a week’s free trial of your copywriting services, and you help them generate $5,000 in revenue.

In one week, you have generated $5,000 in sales. Not only can this person now afford to pay you –  you are also doing them a valuable service. The more revenue you can generate, the faster their business grows. And the more value you can provide, the more you can charge them. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Compare that to a struggling entrepreneur making only $3,000 a month. What are the chances you can help them double their revenue? Not very likely. By choosing to work with less successful prospects, you limit your own earning potential. Even if you can generate $1,000 in sales, they can only afford to pay you a small percentage. Compared to the 7-figure entrepreneur, the value you are providing is much lesser. As a result, your services are not seen as valuable in the eyes of the struggling entrepreneur.

Most copywriters starting on their copywriter career path do not realize this. They are eager to get clients, so they work with anyone they can find. If you want to become a highly paid copywriter, you need to have high standards. There should be certain requirements that your prospects must have in order for you to do business with them. If they don’t meet those requirements, move on.

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The Copywriter Career Path Is Filled With Prospects That Are Waiting For You

Another important principle when it comes to getting clients is awareness of your time. How much time does it take for you to get clients? If you’ve spent weeks on a prospect and they’re still skeptical, it might be time to move on.

The more time you spend on a prospect, the better your ROI should be. Let’s say you agree to a month’s free trial. That means you are spending 30 days worth of time to get one client. At the end of the trial, you should be expecting to charge them a month’s worth of salary if you choose to work together.

Your time is precious. If it takes you a lot of time to get a client, the reward should make up for it. If it doesn’t, simply move on. Most copywriters do not value their time at the beginning of their careers. They get so caught up trying to close a single prospect,  they forget there are many more out there.

copywriter career path

When it comes to getting clients, you want to cultivate an abundance-oriented mindset. If a prospect is unwilling to agree to your terms, find someone else who will. Have the confidence to walk away.  Remember that copywriting is a skill that is in high demand. There will always be someone who wants your services. 

Don’t get so caught up with one prospect that you forget about everyone else. The copywriter career path is filled with awaiting prospects. These are prospects that are waiting for you to find them. They can afford your services and are looking to build a long term business relationship. 

The question is: will the copywriter they work with be you, or someone else?

How You Can Leverage Successful People To Become Successful

To succeed in business, you need leverage. The best type of leverage is one that is already proven to be successful.

This is why you want to chase after big fish. These are people that are already successful and have established businesses. By providing these people with value, you are not opening just one door of opportunity – you could be opening hundreds or even thousands of doors.

As you may already know, successful people tend to have large networks. They also tend to hang out with other successful people. If you are struggling to find prospects that can afford your services, the best way to connect with them is through their friends.

The problem is that successful people are very strict about who they allow into their inner circle. They avoid people with a poor mindset because all they do is take. But if you provide value first, you are demonstrating you are not like other people. You respect them for who they are, not for their money. That will earn you their respect, and their potential business.

copywriter career path

Now, what do you think will happen if you can provide value to one successful person? They will refer you to their friends that need your services. And those people will refer you to their friends, and so on. You could theoretically build your entire copywriting business purely off referrals. The best part is that you know all these people are successful – you do not have to spend time pre-qualifying.

Leverage successful people to kick-start your copywriter career path. By providing value first, you can gain access to their vast network. 

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Become A High Income Copywriter Today

The copywriter career path is unlike most paths. It requires skill, creativity, and a commitment to success – and, at the end of this long and perilous journey is a life most people only dream about. Copywriters determine who they work with, and what they should charge. They gain what most people strive for but rarely achieve – freedom and control over their lives. 

A person aiming to become a highly paid copywriter first needs to learn how to get clients. Providing value to others first is a very effective way to build your client base. Companies like Netflix use this strategy to get people’s attention. They offer a free trial to get people’s attention and to draw them in. Once they’re hooked on their favorite TV shows, these users become lifelong customers.

Finding the right people is key to building a large client base. People who are starting on their copywriter career path should look for big fish. These are people that are already successful and can afford to pay you what you’re worth. They are the kind of people you want to do business with because they have a large network of other highly successful people. If you can get into their inner circle, you can access their network and gain valuable business connections.

Copywriting is a High Income Skill that can generate a lot of income. Many copywriters work from the comfort of their homes and set their own schedules. They have financial confidence because they know their skills are in high demand.

In fact, many of our students are earning a full-time income from copywriting – some are even making 6 figures a year, or more. If you want to get started on your copywriter career path, learn how to become a High Income Copywriter today.