Struggling to create your sales funnel? Wondering how you can grab your audience’s attention right from the get go? What you may not realize is that behind every successful sales funnel, is a formula for success. And knowing this formula is the difference between a thriving sales funnel and a dead one.

There are many factors that contribute to a successful sales funnel. These are things such as the copy on the page, quality of leads and  However, every profitable sales funnel has at least four things.

Without these four things, you just have another boring sales page. If you want to build a profitable sales funnel, you need to know how to combine these four things together. Individually, each one of these things has a minimal impact. But by combining these four together into one sales funnel, you can achieve exponential results.

If you want to learn the hidden formula to a profitable sales funnel and how to use it in your own business, read on.

Copywriting and The AIDA Principle 

If you are familiar with the term ‘copywriting’, you may already be aware of the AIDA principle. This stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. These four principles dictate the flow of your sales funnel. And every successful sales funnel out there today utilizes these principles extremely well.

The first principle ‘Attention’ focuses on getting and keeping your reader’s attention. Given that the attention span of a human being is around 8 seconds, that means you have very little time to work with. In order to get your reader’s attention, you need to have what people call ‘the big hook.’

The big hook is also known as a unique selling proposition. You present a unique idea to the reader that immediately hooks them in and grabs their attention. Once you’ve got their attention, you need to hang onto it until the bottom of the page. 

The First Principle: Attention

Think of your target audience like fish in an ocean. Each fish contains money that you want for yourself. In order to get their money, you need to somehow get them to you. 

If you’ve ever seen fish in water, you’ll notice that fish do not pay any attention to humans. In order to get them to come to you, you need their attention. You need something that they’re interested in, something that’ll draw them in without suspicion.

You need bait.

This is where the first principle of Attention comes in. In order to get those fish to come to you, you need a hook with bait on it. And the only way to get the biggest and freshest fish is to use the best bait possible.

You can think of your sales funnel the same way. When crafting a sales page for your sales funnel, think of it like fishing. You need a unique idea that’ll hook your reader the minute they begin reading so that you can reel them in. But if your bait isn’t adequate, they’ll release the hook and swim away. 

This is why crafting a unique selling proposition and grabbing the reader’s attention is so important. Because the attention span of a human is shorter than a goldfish, you need to ensure those few precious moments are put to good use. 

Good things come to those who bait. – Unknown

The Second Principle: Interest

Once you’ve got their attention, you can move onto the second principle – ‘Interest’.

At this point your audience should be hooked onto whatever you are saying. The race to reel them in has begun, and now you need to ensure they stay on that hook. In order to do this, you escalate their interest in the product you have to offer.

Going back to the fishing example, let’s imagine a fish has taken your bait and clamped down on your hook. However, these are smart fish. At any moment they could open their mouths, release themselves from the hook and swim away. 

To ensure they keep their mouth closed and allow you to continue reeling them in, you need to maintain their interest. This can be done by dropping another fishing hook with bait into the water or jerking the rod up and down. Doing so makes them less likely to open their mouths because they’re being distracted.

Your goal after the audience has taken the bait is to keep their attention span focused on your sales page. You want to increase their interest in what you have to offer through subtle means. You can do this by continuing to drop interesting facts about your unique selling proposition (more bait), or by changing their perspective on something they believe in (jerking your rod).

By escalating your audience’s interest, you increase the length of time they’ll stay on your sales funnel page. The more time you can get them to spend on it, the more likely you’ll get what you want.

The Third Principle: Desire

The third principle behind a profitable sales funnel is ‘Desire’. This is about making your audience want what you have to offer.

If you’ve ever seen a sales funnel page with a list of benefits, that’s an example of how to create desire. You state a list of positive things your product can help them with. This could be things like how to lose weight, build muscle, or earn an extra $10,000 a month.

In order to get humans to desire what you have, you must show them the value of your product.

Going back to fishing, let’s imagine that the fish on your hook is a gigantic 1,000-pound goliath. As a result, it is absolutely impossible for you to reel them in because they are too heavy.

Now because of the fact that this is a special fish that possesses intellect, you are able to speak to them. So you tell this fish:

“Hey Goliath, you are too heavy for me to lift up. I have here hundreds of worms in a bucket for you to eat. All you need to do is jump up.”

Now let’s assume the fish understands what you said. The fish now has a desire to do what you’ve told them to because there’s a reward. They see the value in jumping up onto the dock because there is a bucket full of worms.

Your sales funnel should create a desire in a similar way. State very clearly to your audience what they have to gain by doing what you tell them. Show them the value and benefits behind following your advice. Entice them with desire.

Done properly, you won’t even have to lift a finger. Your audience will literally ‘jump’ to the desired result by themselves.

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The Fourth Principle: Action

The fourth and last principle to building a profitable sales funnel is ‘Action’. Without action, it doesn’t matter how great your product and benefits are or how big your fish is. If you cannot get your audience past that finish line, it doesn’t mean sh**.

Taking action means getting your audience to pull out their credit card and give you money.

Unless that step is taken, your audience has not taken action. If your audience does not take action, you do not make money. And if you do not make money, you do not have a profitable sales funnel, you have a dead one.

In most cases, a lack of action is due to a lack of reasons to do so. To effectively make your audience take action, you need to give them a reason to do so NOW.

Imagine that the gigantic 1,000-pound goliath fish is now bobbing up and down in the water. Right now, it’s debating whether or not it should take action to leap up beside you. In its mind are doubtful thoughts such as:

“Is this a trap?”

“Should I do it?”

In this state of mind, there is hesitancy. There is doubt in the fish’s mind. Unless you can quell that doubt quickly, that doubt will grow until it eventually talks itself out of doing it. And when that happens, it’ll release the hook and swim away. 

In order to override that hesitation and doubt, give it a reason to jump NOW.

“Hey fish, I forgot to mention I have some fresh seaweed in the bucket as well. It’s going to spoil if you don’t eat it within the next 10 minutes.”

Using Urgency To Entice Them To Take Action

All of a sudden, you’ve given the fish on your hook 10 minutes to make a decision. You’ve given it a reason to take action NOW. That’s principle #4.

Unless you give your audience a reason to take action NOW, they will most likely never do it. Their family or friends will talk them out of it. They’ll say that those benefits are too good to be true, that it is a scam. And as a result, they will not buy because of their doubt.

The more time you let your audience procrastinate, the more likely they will say no. This is why one of the closing principles we teach our High Ticket Closer’s™ is to get the prospect to make a decision at that moment. If the prospect wants to ‘think about it’, most likely it means no. 

Oftentimes people want to say yes to an offer. But because of past experiences, they have doubts. Or they’re afraid of making the wrong decision. They talk themselves out of saying yes because by doing so they won’t make a mistake. However, as a business owner with a sales funnel, that’s the last thing you want to happen.

Overcome your audience’s doubt and hesitancy by giving them reasons to take action now. Some effective methods of doing this are with discounts, a countdown clock, limited-time bonuses or limited spots available. 

Use urgency as a way to entice your readers to take action in that specific moment. Give your audience a reason as to why they should make a decision there and then. The best methods to do so are with rewards – either to gain or lose one.

No One Pays Attention When They’re Bored – Shock Them To Get Their Attention

Another principle that is effective at gaining and keeping your audience’s attention is to shock them. This is done by sharing information that is controversial, or a truth that goes against common beliefs. For example, if I told you that the richest people on Earth do not value money, they value their skills – would you believe me?

The above statement is an example of something controversial or shocking. You are sharing something that goes against conventional wisdom, that sounds like it is crazy. This allows you to grab the attention of your readers because they want to find out why or how it is true.

Human beings are naturally curious creatures. When we are presented with something that piques our interest, we naturally want to gather or learn more information about that topic. This is why the media commonly uses terms like “breaking news” in their headlines. They understand the psychology behind how humans tick and use it to their advantage.

This means that if you want to build a profitable sales funnel, you need to know how to make use of this principle. You need to shock your audience with something controversial and new, in order to get them invested in your sales page. By mixing up your sales copy with something sensational every now and then, you can maintain their interest and attention.

The Four Principles To A Profitable Sales Funnel

The hidden formula to a profitable sales funnel is the following four principles: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. 

Attention focuses on grabbing the audience’s attention, as that is the first step towards influencing them. 

Once you’ve grabbed their attention, you move onto escalating it with Interest. You can do this by stating benefits or showing them the value of your product. You want to ensure you can gain their continued attention, by listing things that will gain their approval.

The third principle – Desire – occurs once they are invested in your product. Use Desire by showing them the perks of your product. Show them the ways it can provide them with value.

To make their lives easier, or more convenient. If there is a Desire in your audience, there will be a higher chance for them to take action.

The last and fourth principle is Action. Action focuses on why your audience should say yes at that moment. You can do this by stimulating sudden desires or limited time offers. Bonuses and rewards are also useful in enticing them to make a decision sooner than later. Remember that the longer a prospect takes before making a decision, the more likely they are to say no. Their opinion may be influenced by their friends or family, instilling doubt and hesitancy.

As a result, they talk themselves out of saying yes. Overcome this by giving your audience many reasons to take action NOW. Urgency, limited-time discounts, and bonuses are methods you can use to achieve this. It’ll also give them a sense that they’re being rewarded for their decision to take action. This is another principle, which can be used to turn them into loyal customers. 

Get Award-Winning Sales Copy In Just Seconds

Behind every profitable sales funnel are the four principles embedded in a unique way. 

The most successful sales funnels know how to utilize these four factors to capture and maintain attention. By doing so, they can then further their interest through something shocking or sensational. 

Once they are further invested, they now escalate it into a desire. This is done through benefits and demonstrating to the audience how or why it is valuable. Common reasons are the convenience of time, money saved or earned, and rewards that can be gained. 

Lastly, you encourage them to take action immediately. This is done through discounts, limited time offers and scarcity. Give them a reason to take action now. This will prevent them from ‘thinking about it’ only to say no at the end. 

If you’re looking to build a profitable sales funnel, you need to know these four hidden principles. By following this hidden formula in order, you will be able to tap into the inner psychology of humans. You’ll be able to grab their attention and influence them to buy into your product. 

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