Making money online is possible. But it’s neither fast nor easy.

Yet, countless programs are promising you fast and easy money. That’s probably why making money online is one of the most controversial topics.

There is seldom a topic as perplexing as this one. You either hear marketing messages telling you to make money online guaranteed, or you come across the critics who tell you it’s all a “scam”. There seems to be no middle ground.

That’s why, in this article, we want to present an honest view on making money online. We want to address how it gets hyped up and why. We’ll also discuss why many people don’t see results from programs they signed up for – especially from the trainings that promise quick money online.

If you had bought a program before and didn’t get any results, this might explain why that happened. It’s likely not your fault. Rather, it was an overhyped marketing message that made you expect the wrong thing; we will discuss this later on.

There is a proper reason why making money on the web is often misperceived as easy. It’s because it’s detached from physical locations: you don’t need to spend hours in an office or at another work site.

In fact, if you learn how, you can live life on your terms by generating income online. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll sit on the beach and drink cocktails every day;  making money online doesn’t mean you get to be passive.

To make money, you need to offer value to the marketplace. So, even if you do so online, it’s still work and not an overnight rise to success. Den Pena said it best: “I’m a 50-year overnight success.”

The REAL Reasons Why A Make -Money -Online Program Is Not Working For You



So, you signed up for a program but you never actually got any results. What is the real reason for that? There are, essentially, two: the format of the program and the expectations you have towards it.

Let’s have a look at the format first. The thing is, most trainings provide only tools and tactics.

For example, if you buy a dropshipping program, you’d get all the tools you need to open up a dropshipping store.

But, something is missing – your mindset and your habits. To successfully make money, you need an appropriate mindset. In addition, you need the right habits to set yourself up for success.

Maybe you want to join a program and become an entrepreneur. Or, maybe you want to earn a side income; either way, mindset, and habits are fundamental. Most programs completely overlook these essential bits. 

They spend too little time on the basics and teach rather too many tactics. There is a problem with that. All the tactics and techniques in the world won’t help you if you do not master the fundamentals first. That’s why you don’t see any results.

Now, if you invested in a program and it didn’t change your mindset, it’s not your fault. Change is hard, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Keep in mind, however, what a great program is supposed to do: help you develop high-performance habits and mentalities.

For example, a good program teaches you how to deal with mental roadblocks and limiting beliefs; it doesn’t leave you alone with these things.

How Can A Making Money Online Program Change People?

As we said, changing somebody is hard. For most people, it takes months to break old habits. But why?

As humans, we have a tendency to fall back into our “default mode” – our natural behavior.  Maybe you’ve experienced it before? You developed a new habit and it went well for a few weeks, but one day you just went back to your old way of operating.

If the change isn’t deeply ingrained,  it won’t be permanent. If the change isn’t deeply ingrained, it won’t be permanent. Click To Tweet

That’s why all of Dan Lok’s programs follow a certain structure. The first week is always focused on mindset, and that is what the following classes return to again and again.

Dan Lok also sets the right expectations early on. Don’t expect success to fall in your lap: how much you get out of the training depends on how much you put in.

Dan Lok also gives assignments that deepen your learnings. This kind of format of the program ensures a deep change in habits and mentality.

For the whole seven weeks, you are being held accountable for developing new habits. You learn how to become a high performer. By the time the program is over, this new way of thinking and acting is already part of you.

So, the results you get depend greatly on how the program is structured. It’s easy to just give you the tools and techniques, but a successful program goes beyond this. Pay attention to that before you invest in a program.

Why Do Some People Get Results While Others Don’t?


By now you might be wondering how some people still get results when some don’t. Even if the program doesn’t address mindset at all, some people still make it. They get results – but why?

Because they had a great mindset to begin with.

Maybe they’ve been an entrepreneur before, or have previously invested in other programs.  They already have the fundamentals, so they can apply the tactics.

They already know not to expect quick success. And they put in their work and implement what they learn, then see success follow their actions.

The creator of the program might go ahead and use these people and their success stories. They fail to see that a majority of their buyers don’t get results and instead showcase the few who did.

That’s exactly how the making money online niche got so hyped up. Instead of showcasing the real results, they show off the best of the best.

For example, if 80% of the students don’t make any money with dropshipping but a few people make $10K, would that suggest a great program? Likely not, but they hype it up by advertising with those few people who made $10K.

Marketing like that is problematic and deceptive. It’s too extreme and hides the real picture.

Showing Off Wealth Gains Attention

So, why do making money online programs get hyped up? The thing is – showing off wealth gets attention in the marketplace.

Almost everybody would like to be wealthier. The idea of earning a lot of money online appeals to people who are tired of pouring their time into a job.


According to SWNS, 63% of Americans have been scammed online before. What’s more, every 7th American doesn’t feel competent to spot a scam. Seeing crazy success stories gets their attention, and they think it’s worth a try.

Again, it’s not their fault. The problem is marketing. Saying that a program would get you these crazy results creates wrong expectations: people start to think that making money online is automatically simple and easy.  In reality, it still requires work.

If you learn a high-income skill from Dan, for example, then it potentially earns you a high income. But it does so only if you know to put in the work. Sadly, too many online “gurus” make it sound like earning money on the web is completely effortless.

Usually, you should expect to work hard for 6-12 months before you get results. You need that time to learn and implement everything the course gives you.

Many people give up too early: they want immediate results and don’t stay persistent. Again, we can’t blame them as they simply expected fast results because of the hype.

Look For Skills Rather Than For Tools

Dropshipping, affiliate marketing, eCommerce – these are all tools for making money online. But,  they have one flaw.

What you learn in these programs can’t be transferred to other niches. If something happens in your niche if a trend dies down or the industry gets disrupted   you are left with no income.

That’s why learning a skill is probably better than acquiring tools.  There are many skills you can pick up online: consulting, copywriting, funnel building, graphic design, and many more.

Developing a skill goes hand in hand with developing new habits: it changes your thought process. So, programs that show you how to make money with skills will get you better results.

Skills are transferable over industries, niches, and verticals. It takes time to hone and master them, but with skills you’ll make more money than those with only tools and techniques.

Making money online is a marathon, not a sprint. Click To Tweet2419.

The results you’ll get will greatly depend on your focus.  If you make money online by selling antique dolls, it will get you to a certain point. But there might be other, more lucrative ways.

In general, it’s best to start with a skill and start an actual online business later. Combined with high return investments, you generate wealth by following the wealth triangle.

No More Extremes


We want you to get one thing out of this article:  there are two extreme opinions about making money online, and the truth is somewhere in between.

Hyped up marketing for any program will ultimately backfire. People will realize that others don’t get results, and the message will spread.

If you see a program being aggressively advertised, here’s what you can do: find people who took the course before and ask them about their experience. Ask them if the program addresses mindset and habits and how long it took them to get results; how much time did they put in? Were their expectations met?

If a program is being advertised with student’s success stories, that’s completely okay. Showing stories in itself isn’t a problem. The problem occurs if the stories are too hyped up or fake.

To put making money online into perspective: it is possible. In fact, 1 in 4 Americans already makes money online, according to Pew Research Center. About 60% of people said the money to earn online is significant for them. When asked why they want to work online, 68% said it gives them more flexibility.

The internet is here to stay and the opportunities to make money online will likely increase.

Qualifying People

Another problem with hyped up courses is that it attracts the wrong people. If something is advertised as quick and easy,  certain customers will be attracted to it.

These people have a certain mentality and work ethic that is probably not beneficial for making money online.

Honest marketing qualifies the prospects: it attracts the right customers and repels the wrong ones.

Dan Lok, for example, is extremely mindful about which people he allows in his programs. He isn’t afraid to remove or deny someone if they aren’t the right fit.

This kind of threshold improves the overall quality of the program. Having success-oriented people by your side as you learn can have a huge impact on your results.

Dan Lok’s programs specifically emphasize community-oriented learning. This prevents you from falling off the grid, as you have like-minded people to talk to and exchange with.

How To Qualify A Making Money Online Program

If you are looking to invest in a program, you want to make sure your expectations are met. Here are a few steps you can take to qualify the program before you sign up.


The first thing to look at is the marketing message. Is it believable or too hyped? Does it make outrageous claims about how much money you make? Is it a “get rich quick” program?

Those are red flags and you should stay away from such programs.

The second thing to check is if the person or business who is selling the program has any free content. Do they have a YouTube or maybe a blog? Do they offer any value for free? If they don’t, that’s another red flag.

Many hyped programs are very focused on sales. They care more about marketing than about you – the customer. If the program is too focused on selling, its content will suffer.

They might have a fancy funnel with 3 upsells and everything in place;  the moment you enter the program, the content under-delivers.

When you look at a good program, here’s what you notice: deep care about the success of every single student. The content is amazing and can be instantly implemented.

Business owners who offer great trainings usually also have extremely valuable free content. It basically makes you wonder: If their free content is this good, how great will their paid product be?

Finally, you can also look at their past students. Are they happy and did they get the results they wanted? As we already suggested –  reach out and ask about their experience.

Why The Hyped Up Making Money Online Industry Isn’t The Future

Now, it is unfortunate that hyped up programs still exist. But, they certainly won’t be around for long. If students don’t get results, the news will spread and others will be less likely to invest in the program.

Gary V. said it best: You can never get away from your reputation on the internet.

The online world is often an unforgiving place. A business owner or an influencer can destroy their reputation by doing shady things, and is likely to have a hard time recovering from it.

That’s why hyped marketing and scamming people isn’t worth it, and it’s certainly not the future. Prospects are more educated than ever before. They are tired of manipulative marketing and look for honest solutions.

This creates an interesting transformation in the marketplace. At its core, the program simply has to be good. It’s not enough anymore to have a mediocre program and make it look better by advertising in a manipulative way. By now, people see through that.

Get Informed And Never Get Left Behind

Dan Lok has seen the problem of hyped marketing early on. He still uses success stories to attract attention to his programs. However,  those stories are never outrageous. They showcase real, tangible results his students made.

If you want more advice from Dan, his YouTube channel is the best place to go.  He covers topics from business growth to mindset building.

Before you even invest in any of his programs, you can get thousands of hours of free content. The videos on mindset and high-performance habits will help you later on too. Discover all the value on the Dan Lok YouTube channel here.