Knowing the top content marketing trends is essential to growing your brand and staying ahead of your competition. Especially in today’s world where your customers are absolutely flooded with social media content and blog content, you need to ensure what you put out is relevant to their needs.

A marketing trend is a pattern of behavior that is popularized in your market. For example, when Facebook first became popular, the top content marketing trends were about sharing your personal story with others. When Instagram came out, the top content marketing trends shifted to videos and captioned images. These content marketing trends are dictated by what your consumers want. In order to keep your brand relevant to your consumers, you’ll need to know what the top content marketing trends currently are. As consumer tastes change, so should your marketing strategy.

If you want your brand to stand out, read these top content marketing trends of 2020:


Video has always been one of the most popular content marketing trends. Going into 2020, the popularity of this form of content is only increasing. Statistics show that videos are the consumers’ favorite choice when it comes to social media content, with users watching an average of 6 hours and 48 minutes of video content weekly. 

Video is powerful because there are a lot of human elements involved. You can see the emotion on their face. The passion that is incorporated in their actions. And how sincere their voice sounds. When you can see someone’s face, how they move and hear the tonality in their voice, it makes the audience feel connected to the brand or influencer, and that there is transparency between them and you. And in the world of digital marketing, transparency is the bridge that builds trust and relationships.

As well, it caters to both your visual and auditory senses. Just like some people are visual learners and prefer images over listening to words, some people prefer listening over reading. Video can also incorporate almost every type of content out there, including text, photo’s, links, sounds and images. Because of how versatile video is, it’s one of the most popular content marketing trends that people love.

Video is considered to be one of, if not the most powerful content marketing trends out there. Take YouTube for example, that focuses purely on video content. Today, it is still considered the largest and most popular platform to view videos on. And as the years go by, it’s popularity is only growing. As technology evolves even further and more social media platforms arise, video will most likely continue to be the consumer’s #1 choice of content.


Some examples of where chatbots are being used are on Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, and Instagram. Chatbots are increasingly used as a way to automatically inform followers about your brand and automatically answer common questions. Similar to how email works, chatbots are private messages sent between you and your audience. If you have special promotions or discounts you want to make sure your customers know about, you can let them know with a message.

Chatbots can also be personalized to cater to your customer’s preferences. This makes your customer experience even better. For example, your support team may occasionally have bad days and respond in a hostile manner. Chatbots however, are always friendly and represent your brand in the best light. They also cut down on processing and wait times, by being able to answer FAQ and provide more information automatically.

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An example of how chatbots are changing the market, is a local restaurant I know of that runs a monthly promotion. They give out digital vouchers that can be redeemed for free food, and they use Facebook chatbots in order to let their customers know whenever a coupon is ready to be redeemed. All the customer has to do is tap Yes to redeem their voucher, and show it to their waiter when they visit the restaurant.

Chatbots are an effective way to keep in touch and communicate with your customers. Because everything is automated, businesses like restaurants don’t have to spend as much time running their campaigns or putting out content. The enticing offer of a free food voucher discount encourages customers to spread the word, bringing in more business overtime.


Podcasts are rising in popularity as one of the top content marketing trends in 2020. Similar to video, podcasts are a popular type of content people often watch because of the ability to see a person’s face and body language.

As brands and influencers become increasingly popular, more and more people want to know how they got started. Podcasts are a way for brands and influencers to share their story, and build a deeper connection with their audience. Answering questions in a Q&A livestream podcast helps improve their reputation, and address any concerns their consumers may have.

The difference between podcasts and video content, is that podcasts are more in-depth. Users want to tune into podcasts because they delve deeper into a topic. Compared to video’s, which give a brief overview on a topic, podcasts go deep into a subject and can get very emotional. Podcasts are an effective way to cater to philosophers and people that dislike shallow small talk. They allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper level and give them an in-depth look into your brand.

When your audience has an emotional connection with you, they are going to be much more likely to trust you and keep themselves up to date with what’s going on. Going into 2020, the top content marketing trends are slowly shifting towards genuine, heartfelt content that tells a deeper story. If you want to turn your audience into raving fans that’ll follow you for life, host podcasts.

Using Storytelling in your Content Marketing Trends

When it comes to sharing facts, the most effective way to get your message across is through storytelling. Storytelling has secured its spot as one of the top content marketing trends of 2020. It’s ability to captivate an audience and paint a picture appeals to many people. Telling a story allows brands to incorporate emotion and passion into their words, which means a lot more people resonate with what’s being said.

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A good story has 3 key parts to it:

  1. Time and Location
  2. Dialogue
  3. A moral

Time and location allows you to set the stage of when something happened. If you want to tell a story about how you built your brand, provide a time and location. It’ll help create the setting in which the story takes place.

“It was 2008 in the US, and the great recession had just hit.”

From there, include details that will make the story stand out. What were the thoughts going through your head? What kind of problems did you encounter? Who were the people that you met? Details and dialogue allow your listener to visualize what’s going on. When they can immerse themselves in the story, it makes the experience more real.

“I lost my job, my house, and almost everything I had spent my entire life building. I was in denial – there’s no way this was real.”

The last thing a good story has, is a moral. What message are you trying to share with your audience? What should they keep in mind going forward? How can they learn from your mistakes and failures? A good moral summarizes all the learning experiences and obstacles. If people can remember the lesson behind a story, that’s a good moral.

“Remember: Always be grateful for what you have. You can’t predict the future, nor can you control it. The only thing you can do, is do what we as humans have done for millions of years – adapt to change.”

If you want people to remember you, tell stories that evoke emotions and share deep lessons.

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Data and Statistics

Another option among the top content marketing trends: Data and statistics backed content. This has been shown to be well-liked by consumers, and this type of content builds trust. For an audience that love numbers and percentages, statistics is the way to go.

A lot of things you come across on the internet these days have no evidence. Anyone can post anything, which means no one is ever sure if something is actually true. Content that is backed up by research or hard data, builds trust with your consumer’s because you are demonstrating that you have done your research. You have a link to the actual source where you got the information from, which makes you credible.

This is most evident with big name brands. What they do, is they will make up a claim that cannot be proven to be true. For example, bottled water companies may market their water as “naturally purified H20 with proactive enzymes that help maintain and cleanse the body”, when in reality the water is no different than tap water. The mention of proactive enzymes influences customers to buy their water, with the false promise that it has some magical healing properties to keep them younger.

There have been many scandals and reports of false marketing. As a result, consumers are more inclined than ever to seek out information backed by data and statistics. The search for information based on hard truth and statistics, has propelled this type of content to be one of the top content marketing trends that people seek out.

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User-Generated Content

User-generated content is content that is created by your audience. It’s a way for brands to show off their best selling or most popular products, as well as gather valuable feedback from their followers about what they’re looking for. Some examples of user generated content include customer reviews, testimonials, images sent in by fans, and answers and comments.

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The top content marketing trends are starting to shift more and more towards building a connection and relationship with customers. User generated content allows your audience to feel they are being heard, by showcasing the best questions and comments you have received from them. For example, in the Dan Lok organization, we frequently make YouTube videos based on the most liked comments. This is the community’s way of telling us what they want to see more of, and we are more than happy to deliver upon those desires. 

Asking questions that many people can relate to, such as “What would you like to see more of?”, is a very good way to elicit many responses from your audience. You can also host contests and ask followers to send in the best photos of them alongside your products, and post those images as content featuring your brand.

Incorporating user generated content allows your audience to feel you actually care about their input, making them feel valued and increase their loyalty to your brand. The best part is that it’s made by your followers, for your followers. You won’t have to spend any extra resources to create that content.

Topic Focused Content

Focusing your content on a specific topic allows your brand to build a reputation surrounding that niche. The more specific you are about a certain topic, the more followers you will accumulate.  Catering to a very specific need people have, positions your brand as an authority figure. And when people perceive you as an authority figure, they will listen.

For example, when the Dan Lok organization was first created, it focused solely on the topic of business. But as anyone who’s in the business industry will know, business is a very broad topic. So we went deeper, focusing on the topic of sales. Eventually, we narrowed down the niche into closing and how interactions between you and the prospect work. From there, our entire content marketing strategy stemmed from closing and how people interact during sales meetings. These are things such as body language, tonality, psychology behind how people behave, how to overcome objections, and redirect questions.

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Creating topic focused content provides your followers with useful information such as tips and strategies. This gives consumers an opportunity to implement it into their own daily lives. The best way to get people to know, like and trust you is to give them something without anything in return. You’ll be able to build up authority, awareness and people’s trust in your brand, because of the massive amounts of value you are delivering that impact their lives. 

A topic focused content marketing strategy is especially necessary in today’s modern world. There are more brands and influencers today than there ever have been. Unless you are catering to a specific niche in your industry, you are going to be seen as another jack-of-all-trades brand. And someone who is capable of doing everything, is not someone that is highly valued. Ask yourself, who would you perceive as more valued – a brain surgeon, or a family doctor?

Quotes, Advice and Wisdom

Lastly, offering small tidbits of wisdom takes its spot as one of the top content marketing trends of 2020. Especially with influencers, using quotes as part of your content marketing strategy is a great way to give your audience an insight into your mindset and how you perceive the world. It allows them to understand where you are coming from.

Self made millionaires and entrepreneurs think differently than most people do. They have a different way of looking at things, because of their experiences. Quotes are a way for influencers to share the lessons they’ve learned from their own personal experiences, with their audience. It’s an effective way to open up opportunities for communication, because it forces people to think. 

For example, a large majority of people would not believe you if you said money grows on trees. But if you said that to a successful person, they might laugh at what you said, smile and say it is true – because they know where you are coming from. They’ve gone through similar experiences, and can relate to you. They understand an underlying meaning behind your words, that others may not see. That difference in mindset opens up opportunities to engage in communication, because it allows influencers to explain their thought process and why they believe something is true. And if there’s enough interest surrounding a certain topic, you can use it as content and incorporate it into your content marketing strategy. 

If you’re struggling to think of what content to create, use content to create more content. It’s a never-ending cycle you can leverage to keep your content fresh and appealing to your audience.

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