Are you struggling to convert well-qualified buyers into customers? You are getting promising leads, but somehow the sales conversations aren’t that successful? 

If the conversion from lead to sale isn’t working, it can be one of three reasons:

  1. The buyer is not well qualified
  2. Your product or offer is not good enough
  3. The salesperson is doing something wrong.

Let’s assume your product is not the issue. What can you do to improve the lead qualification and sales-techniques? 

First, let’s take a look at your qualification process.

What Are Well Qualified Buyers?

There is a common misconception that a good salesperson can sell anything to anyone. No matter how qualified the buyer is. 

That’s not true. 

You can be the best salesperson or closer in the world – if you talk to the wrong prospect, they won’t buy. 

Would you try to sell steak to a vegan and blame the waiter that they didn’t buy? Probably not. 

So, to set yourself up for success you have to pre-qualify your buyer. This way only the well-qualified ones will actually go into a sales conversation with you. 

At this stage, the buyers are just prospects. They might show interest in your product or they might look for another solution. They have to go through a strategically planned marketing funnel before they get the chance to talk to you.

I would never suggest to talk to a prospect that hasn’t been qualified. The chance of them to become loyal customers is too low. They might become your customers later, but for now, they aren’t closing-ready. 

Get them from “I’m just looking” to “I’m interested” before any sales conversation.


How To Turn Them Into Customers?

So, let’s say you managed to get some well-qualified buyers into your pipeline. Now you might be wondering how you can turn the qualified buyers into loyal customers? 

How do you get them from the stage of “I’m interested” to “yes, I want to buy this!”? 

They showed interest in your product. They went through your funnel and got qualified. They might have booked a call with you. From here on, all you have to do is close them and turn them into happy customers. 

Yes, I’m talking about closing, not selling. 

All my High Ticket Closers know, there is a fundamental difference between selling and closing. Old-school sales methods don’t work on today’s buyers anymore.

So how can you convert a highly qualified buyer into a loyal customer? Stop being a salesperson and do what a closer would do. 

Well now, what would that look like?


Stop Selling and Start Closing

Regular sales methods are outdated. Hard-selling your prospects has become infinitely more difficult. 

So instead, use the art of closing to convert qualified leads into loyal customers. You might be wondering, what exactly are the differences between selling and closing? 

The basic difference is the mindset of the salesperson. 

Mainstream salespeople try to convince the buyer into a deal. Closers go a completely different way. 

They focus less on the sale, they are non-attached. What matters to them is to find the best possible solution for the buyer.

Let me share some of the aspects of High Ticket Closing that are fundamentally different from regular sales. The principles of closing will help you to turn your well-qualified buyers into loyal customers.

Get The Buyer to Respect You

In any sales situation, you want to lead the conversation. Even if the buyer is well qualified and shows interest, don’t let them take the lead.

If you use mainstream sales methods, you can lose the buyer’s respect after the first sentence. Stop asking questions like “how can I help you?” or “do you have a minute?” 

Questions like this trigger avoidance-reactions in the buyer. Think about it, when you enter a store and they ask you “how can I help you?” – how would you respond? 

My guess is,  you would tell them you are just browsing. Even if you are actually looking for something. 

The thing is, most people enjoy buying but they don’t enjoy being sold. That’s why questions like this don’t work anymore.

As a closer, be very mindful of which words you are using. Ideally, your sales conversations don’t feel like sales conversations at all.

Don’t Be Slimy, Pushy or Unethical

That’s another problem with most mainstream sales methods. The salesperson is so attached to making a sale, they would do almost everything to get the buyer to say “yes”. 

As a closer, you don’t have to be pushy. No need to convince the buyer by emphasizing the features and benefits of your product. 

A  closer doesn’t have to be slimy either. They don’t beg for the prospects of sympathy. And of course, closers are never unethical. Don’t trick a well-qualified buyer into buying from you. You will lose all their trust. 

If the leads are pre-qualified, a closer doesn’t have to educate the buyer. Thanks to the qualification process, the closer can better focus on his work. 

Unfortunately, many business owners get bad leads, because they have a poor qualification process or no funnel at all. Then they hire closers, believing that they will fix the lead problem with skill alone. But that isn’t true. As I mentioned before, don’t try to sell steak to vegans. 

How do High Ticket Closers avoid all the things that mainstream salespeople live by? 

Quite simply, they let the prospect do the talking. 

Regular sales-people talk way too much during a sales conversation. That’s why they have to convince and push the prospect.

All my High Ticket Closing students know, that the prospect should do 80% of the talking.

Guide them by asking relevant questions and give them the information they need. Always make the conversation about them. 

Put Yourself in Your Prospects Shoes.

Find out where they are, where they want to be and how your product or service can help them get there. 


Many businesses completely ignore this step at their own peril. They give the same pitch to everyone, no matter where they are in the buyer’s journey. This comes over as a monotonous, stiff and cookie-cutter approach.

Today’s educated buyer wants a personalized experience, focused on their needs. They want to feel like they are your only customer, not one of many that you sell to.

They want to be part of a select, special community, not one insignificant number in your statistics.

A prospect will not react to a pitch the same way as an interested, well-qualified buyer will.

And even if they are pre-qualified buyers, you have to understand them and see, if your product is the right fit.

Closers are never attached to a sale. If they think a prospect isn’t the right fit, they don’t close, it’s as simple as that.

So, what you want to do is care about the prospect. Find out how you can help them. That’s why you never have to push the features and benefits of your product. 

If you guide your well-qualified buyers right, they will come to their own conclusions. They will tell you why your product is perfect for them. Basically, they close themselves. 

Keep Adding Value

If you converted a well-qualified buyer once you will likely be able to sell them again. Once a buyer trusts you and your brand or company, there is no reason why they shouldn’t buy from you again.

If you fail to provide good service, however, they will likely switch to your competitors. 

According to Forbes, recent studies showed that 82% of customers have no problem with switching to competitors – if they feel they would provide a better experience.


Keep in touch with your customers, even after the first sale. Either personally -by calling them for example- or virtually. Have them in your email funnel, give them the newest updates and interesting information. 

Most mainstream salespeople disappear from the buyer’s life after they paid. If you actually show care towards your customers they will remember you forever.

Have Them Climb the Loyalty- Ladder

Once you turned your well-qualified buyers into customers, their journey isn’t over. If you stop moving them up on the ladder of loyalty, you are missing out on a big junk of business opportunities. 

According to studies, it costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep existing ones. 

So you want to turn your well-qualified clients into loyal customers that keep buying from you again and again. A buyer is a buyer is a buyer.

What exactly is the loyalty ladder? 


It describes the journey your prospects go through. From being a lead to becoming your loyal, raving fan. 

For your customers, their next step is to become loyal members of your brand. A member is somebody who continues to buy from you because they like your service. This also applies to businesses that don’t have a membership model per se.

Imagine a hairstylist for example. If they are able to turn a customer into a member, those members won’t change hairstylists every month. They will be willing to put up with longer waiting times, price increases or other smaller inconveniences. 

Now, how do you turn a customer into a member? By building trust and respect. 

Continue to provide value and excellent service to them. Members are already pretty loyal, but some, you can take them even further.

Turn Members Into Raving Fans

Raving fans are the most loyal buyers amongst all of your customers. They are fans of what you do and simply can’t stop talking about you and your products or services. 

Not all members will become raving fans, but those who do will promote you to others.


Reward them for being loyal by giving them special deals, VIP offers and show them how much you appreciate their continuous support.

Make them feel validated and give them a sense of belonging so they can identify with you and your brand.

If your product or service has become part of their daily lives or even of who they are, you have achieved your goal.

Some companies have implemented this concept masterfully. Their customers line up weeks in advance to buy their newest product and share their experience on social media.

How would you feel if your customers are your biggest brand advocates and proud to buy from you?

This is a result you will get when you invest in improving the experience for your buyers.

The most important thing is that you give them a full experience, from the first contact to ongoing business relationships.

Your ads can be amazing but an unmotivated salesperson can scare the prospect away.

If your advertising and closers are great, but the checkout process is too complicated, you also detract from their experience.

You can imagine their journey to have certain milestones and only if they reached one checkpoint, they will proceed to the next.

So constantly keep adding value to strengthen the relationship.



To turn well-qualified buyers into loyal customers you have to say goodbye to old school sales-methods. 

Instead, become a closer that truly cares about their prospect’s needs. Lead them all the way from being a prospect to becoming a raving fan. 

Have a funnel that pre-qualifies your prospects. Close them in a sales conversation and finally move them up the loyalty ladder.

Quit Unknowingly Scaring-Off Qualified Buyers!

Learn Our Secret Closing Techniques

If you are a salesperson with traditional, mainstream education you might feel stuck. You noticed that the pushy sales techniques that you learned stopped working. 

It is not your fault. In the old days, those methods worked well. Most people fail to see that the sales sector is developing. 

Nowadays customers can inform themselves by a quick google search. They are constantly confronted with offers and great deals. That’s why they are more alert than ever and don’t need salespeople telling them about features and benefits. 

The good news is, High Ticket Closing is a learnable skill. 

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