The headline is the key to every ad, and is not easy to come up with – but, should you use a headline generator? After reading this article, you’ll know what the best choice for you is. Especially if you want to increase your sales consistently. 

David Ogilvy, one of the greatest copywriters ever,  said that the headline is 80% of every ad. This means much research goes into a headline that is sure to hit the right audience. Typically, copywriters spend weeks coming up with the perfect headline that gets your ads clicked, emails opened, and products sold.

This research will allow you to create compelling copy. Without knowing whom to sell to, can you guarantee the ad’s success? Probably not. Steaks don’t sell well to vegans, do they? But, if you’re not a professional copywriter, how do you know how to do this precise research?

How can you come up with compelling headlines that get your customers into a buying frenzy? In this article, you will discover a copywriting secret that’s almost been lost. You see, there is a great difference between copywriting and academic writing.

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The worst thing that you can hear about an ad is oh that’s funny/interesting/clever; this means people like to read it, but don’t take any action.

Yes, the words might change to fit the target group, but certain principles are always the same. You don’t have to study for years to get those principles down or pay someone to do it.

In a minute, we’ll show you this efficient and powerful headline generator. But before that, let’s talk about why you would want to use one in the first place. 

Why A Headline Generator Can Save You Time And Money

If you think about it, copy is the backbone of sales. Without ads, you won’t get any customers;  without customers, you have no sales. Yet, not all copy is created equal. If you look at it, it’s just words. 

Yet, if someone carefully chooses the words to reach the ideal audience, nothing short of magic happens. Professional copywriters can do this with intensive research. This is how they gain a deep understanding of their niche,  product and audience. 

Let’s say you want to sell steak. What kind of steak? Which type of meat? Where does it come from?  Where do you want to sell it and at what price point? Is it perfect for athletes during their preparation, or is it a culinary gem for affluent gourmets? If athletes:  what kind? Olympics, or hobby athletes? If gourmets: where do they live, how affluent are they? You see, those questions are just the tip of the iceberg.

But if you miss questions like these, you might end up using the best copy ever to sell your steaks to vegans. The result? No one would buy any.  Copy is most effective if you have the product to satisfy existing demand. Then you can sell this product in a  language suited to the ideal audience.  Use the language they respond to the most: 

(Demand + product) x language ^ niche and market = winning copy.

If this sounds confusing to you and you’d rather hire someone to do it, you’re not alone. 

But after the initial crisis, you might have to be budget conscious and do the ads yourself. A handy piece of software can be invaluable in this situation. So, what does a headline generator have to do to help you create those effective ads? First of all, don’t just look for a loose collection of catchy lines;  look for two things:

  1. Segmented Copy

The formula above doesn’t perfectly describe how copy works,  but it is a reasonable estimate. In short:  copy works best if it is concrete in its choice of audience, market and niche.

Just as important as the audience, though, is the format. For example, a Facebook ad needs a different approach than a landing page. You see, every medium has different communication rules. 

You might have noticed that people communicate differently on Linkedin than on Instagram. If you are looking for a headline or copy generator,  make sure it has different segments.

Segments can be mediums like Facebook ads, LinkedIn bios, or landing pages.

Also, look if the headline generator can generate copy for different topics. Popular topics are those such as health, relationships or business products. The more extensive the array of various topics and mediums, the better.

Can it produce articles, ads, landing pages, website copy, and more?  Does it provide only templates, or can it also produce only certain parts of copy? Does it have what makes an excellent copy so powerful?

Templates are especially useful if you know how to write copy. This way, you can spice your writing up with proven-to-work copy connectors or headlines. This is also great if you need a very specialized copy that no template can represent properly. In a nutshell:  the more specialization the headline generator allows, the better it is.

2. Proven Sources That Work Today

Now, if you have the right niche and medium, make sure you got copy templates that are proven to work. However, not every copy that ever worked is useful today. For example, some phrases, motives, and ideas worked perfectly in the ’80s; yet, they will seem stale and overused today. 

For example, you may hear:  All the cool kids want to have it! The cool kids of today might roll their eyes and think it sounds lame. But the cool kids of the past thought it sounded cool and compelling.

Imagine an ad that says: The good housewife of today gives her husband [brandname] ‘s [product] so he feels at home. Some might find this ad sexist, as it implies women only to be housewives.

One hundred years ago, however, this might have sold many products. That’s why we recommend looking for a headline generator with proven models.  Today,  we primarily refer to buyer psychology. It’s not enough anymore to have copy templates based on successful sales letters.

Most of those letters come from times where buyers didn’t have the internet. That means they had less experience with outrageous promises than we do today.

Imagine you had to test, find, and create all this by yourself! With the specific headline generator, we’ll show you today, you only need to choose and click. Answer questions on your niche and topic, and you’ll get your message. One click, and it’s in a proven-to-work form adapted for buyers today.

How do we know that? Because we are using it ourselves. With this, we save time in producing these articles, our ads, landing pages and more. You’re getting A-grade copy in a proven-to-work framework. No theory, but straight from a business that eats its own cooking.

Why Even Copywriters Are Using This Headline Generator

You might think that a good copywriter won’t need a copy generator. They are better than this, right? Wrong!

The very best copywriters know the value of leveraging proven work. Dan often says that good copywriters copy, great copywriters steal. Why would they try and come up with certain segments on their own? If they know a specific line will work in this niche, why not use it? If it’s already there on demand, they can just fill in their research and save a lot of time. 

For copywriters, more than most professions, time equals a lot of money. The more copy they produce, the more money they make. Isn’t it true in your business as well? If you could put out more content and more service – your revenue would skyrocket, wouldn’t it?

That’s why the best copywriters are not shy about leveraging technology. In fact, our very own copywriters and Dan’s students said that doing so reduced their writing time by about 80%.  

Imagine this: A landing page that used to take 10 hours to write suddenly only takes 2 hours. That’s four landing pages in one workday instead of one. This reduction means the writers are quadrupling their income. 

And this speed doesn’t come at the cost of quality. With this power at your hands, what could you do? You already know your clients best, you have your research in your daily business… 

Now you can get the most powerful copywriting secrets delivered with a few clicks.

The Power Of Up-To-Date Copywriting In A Headline Generator

This point is one of the most important things to consider before diving into this smart copy software. There is a lot of copywriting software out there that is based on the successful sales letters of the past. And yes, some of those lines still apply. But not all of them. 

Imagine you heard a sentence like “the wise man of today invests in his knowledge”- what would be your thoughts? It was a successful sentence back then. Today, however,  it might raise some eyebrows over the lack of gender equality. That’s why we chose to show you a headline generator that creates copy based on principles. What principles? Every human being, for example, wants health, good relationships, wealth. 

Everyone is driven by desires. If a copywriter leverages what works on everyone and designs it for a specific product… Why wouldn’t that work great? Now, you don’t need years to study these desires. 

This headline generator already got those down. But is it up-to-date? See for yourself:  every month, thousands of new scripts get uploaded. Not 10; not 100 –  thousands. How is this possible? 

The creators of this headline generator have a special privilege: access to one of the world’s most exclusive copywriting vaults: Dan Lok’s private collection. He owns sales letters and books about principles long out of print. His campaigns created 10-figure businesses within as little as eight months.

All those experiences and materials flow into this generator and more. Dan convinced and paid hundreds of professional copywriters to get on board. These people generate millions for their clients year in and year out; now they also contribute to this generator every month. 

The result? A powerful tool for any business owner, marketer or not, to give them the extra edge today.

Meet Instant Scripts- The Only Headline Generator You’ll Ever Need

Now that you know what to look for in a headline generator, let’s put it to the test. Can Instant Scripts hold its own under those strict criteria?

Does it have more than some catchy lines? 

Yes, it has single copy pieces like copy connectors, which make your copy flow like water. But it also has complete templates that will make your research just fall into place. 

One click after filling out the template,  you have a converting copy crafted for your target audience and utilizing their preferred medium.

Is it up-to-date?

Yes. Every month we are adding thousands of successful scripts and templates to the vault: some that have been successful over time, and new ones that are proven to work today. Also, a very important note: Facebook ads are compliant. 

 What does this mean? Facebook has increasingly strict guidelines to follow if you want converting ads. If someone fails to meet those guidelines, there are grave consequences: the ads get banned, more expensive or can get you removed from Facebook altogether. 

Since the biggest sponsors of Instant Scripts are Dan Lok and his team, you’re in luck. They heavily rely on Facebook, which means you can trust the Facebook ad templates fully. What’s the result of this?

Your Facebook ads cost less; they convert more and run longer without issue. In conclusion, this leads to more revenue at less cost.

Can it target different segments and niches?

Yes. Be it the fitness industry, business, or relationships – you got it. We include Facebook ads, landing pages, email sequences and much, much more. 

If you need copy to convert now, click on which medium you need and you’re set. Imagine how much time you’re saving by modelling what successful 8,9 and 10-figure businesses used. They maximized their revenue – what could just 2% of that do for you? 

What about researching your audience? Good question. Of course, you’re the one who knows your target clientele best. Still,  you’ll find great value in the precise categories Instant Scripts gives you. 

Those templates include suggestions based on our experience. But not only that: We also threw in the research of hundreds of professional copywriters. Add your own expertise to it, and you’ll be a significant step ahead of your competition. 

Are you really saving and making money with this?

That depends on how you use this software. Ask yourself- are the ads you have right now making you money? If not, do you believe that a software full of proven systems, run by people who use them successfully, can improve your campaigns? If you’re a copywriter, you already know what to do. Is it of value to be able to complete your work significantly faster with only a few clicks?

If any of those answers resonate with you, you might get much value from Instant scripts.

What’s the investment?

For now, we are offering the software at $29.95 per month – that’s less than $1 a day. It’s also less than the average daily ad budget of any serious company. If you leverage it right, you’ll make your investment back multiple times in a few days.

How do you know this really works?

Every copywriter working with us uses this software. Not because we force them, but because they want to. We create campaigns and blogs with it. 

We eat our own cooking and only release a script if we know it’s converting in the marketplace. That’s why hundreds of people are working on this every day, week and month. If it gets results, it’s in here.


As David Ogilvy said: 

If I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it creative. I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product. 

It’s not about having creative ads, or fancy headlines. It’s about creating effective ads with captivating headlines. Using a headline generator does not indicate a lack of skill: it’s rather leveraging technology for faster success. 

To find the right headline generator, look out for three things: 

  1. A wide array of segments and topics/niches
  1. Proven to work copy and templates
  2. Up to date examples adapted to our current society

Instant Scripts has all those and more. It’s also updated with thousands of scripts monthly by copywriters that actively use them. 

Because of Dan Lok’s sponsoring, Instant Scripts has access to persuasive copy for today’s buyer.

Besides, you will get four exclusive bonuses. Those include cart tweaks to get more eCommerce products sold. Or also help to get more emails opened and much, much more… 

Does all of this sound useful and valuable to you? Then check out your bonuses and the Instant Scripts headline generator here.