What does a copywriter do, and why is this type of writing so lucrative? The first thing you should know is that not all writers are created equal. There are many different types of writers out there. Some writers make a lot of money, and some writers are barely scraping by. 

Copywriting happens to be a well-paid type of writing that is in high demand. Freelance writers who have chosen to focus on freelance copywriting typically make the most money.

Copywriters are salespeople in print, and they specialize in persuasive writing that compels the reader to take action. Rather than selling over the phone or in person, they sell with their written words. This requires strategy, closing skills, understanding of human emotions, a grasp of human psychology, and research skills to tap into their audience’s mindset.

Written copy can close a prospect on its own, without any further sales call, informational video or in-person meeting. If a business owner has a well-written piece of persuasive copy on their website’s landing page, written by a professional copywriter, they’ll make money in their sleep. Their landing page copy will convert website visitors into paying customers while they snooze. That’s why great copywriters are in demand.

But what does a professional copywriter actually do on a day-to-day basis?

The Silent Rainmakers

Have you ever seen a TV infomercial? A brochure? A promotional email? Magazine catalog? A website landing page? How about a giant billboard, as you’re driving along the highway? All of these things were written by a copywriter. That’s why a day in the life of a copywriter can be very different each day. There’s a ton of variety when it comes to projects and assignments for copywriters.

Billboard ad vacation

A copywriter wrote the copy on that billboard that got you to laugh while you were driving. It was a copywriter who wrote the product description that convinced you to buy that blazer from that magazine catalog. The email newsletters you’re receiving in your inbox each morning are being written by a copywriter, as is the copy on the Facebook ads you scroll past in your news feed. Copywriters even write the scripts for infomercials.

I like to describe copywriters as the silent rainmakers. They are silently using their written words to compel people to take an action such as purchase something, subscribe to an email list, book a consultation, etc. 

These silent rainmakers are turning words into cold, hard, cash. This is a very powerful skill. 

Copywriters know that it isn’t the pillow they’re selling. They’re selling the health benefits of getting a good night’s sleep, and that amazing feeling of being well-rested. They know how to speak their target audience’s language, by triggering emotions and hitting pain points. Since approximately 85% of our purchasing decisions are driven by emotion, copywriters often sell a feeling, not a product. 

Purchasing decisions are based off emotion

What Are Copywriters Really Selling?

We just discussed that a well-written ad often involves selling a feeling. According to Joanna Wiebe, master copywriter and founder of Copyhackers, it’s much more than that: “Here’s the only thing you’re selling, no matter what business you’re in and what you ship: you’re selling your prospects a better version of themselves.” 

Emotional girl on ipad

As Joanna Wiebe points out, copywriters sell prospects the idea that this particular product or service will help them better themselves, or help pave the way to a better life. 

As a matter of fact, ultra-famous copywriter Gary Halbert agrees that those who are trying to better themselves are the perfect prospects to speak to in your writing. “It has long been my belief that a lot of money can be made by making offers to people who are at an emotional turning point in their lives,” said Halbert.

In other words, great copywriters know how to tap into the reader’s innermost desires, hopes, fears, and struggles. They push all the right emotional buttons with their written words, and sometimes this is all it takes to compel the reader to take action.

Don’t Confuse Content Writing With Copywriting

Content writers write to inform or educate. Content writers sometimes even just write to rant, vent, or provide their opinion on a topic. Copywriters have completely different goals. Copywriters write to persuade someone, they write to influence, and they write to sell.

In the copywriting world, you must have a very good understanding of human nature and human psychology. You must understand which specific emotions persuade people to buy.

What motivates people to take action? You might not know, but a professional copywriter knows.

This is not an easy skill to master, and that’s why it’s such a valuable skill. 

Content writers VS copywriters

Every single company in the world needs copywriters. That’s why it’s a trillion-dollar industry. If you want to advertise your product or service, you shouldn’t do it without the help of a copywriter writing that ad copy. If you write your own ads, you most likely won’t generate nearly as much revenue as you would if you delegated that task to a copywriter.

The Rise of Social Media Has Increased the Need for Copywriters

Because of the popularity of social media, the demand for copywriters has been exploding. Due to the expansion of social media and the growing user base of various social media platforms, there is now an endless demand for content and copy.

Whether it’s an ad on Facebook, a compelling Instagram caption, or a persuasive blog post, social media copy matters. Every company needs a good copywriter, and that’s why they’re in such high demand.

What Does a Copywriter Do When it Comes to Social Media?

What does a copywriter do when it comes to social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook? Well, most business owners are aware that social media followers often convert to real customers. They understand that they’d be leaving money on the table if they didn’t have a social media account for their business. It’s becoming more common than ever before for business owners to realize that they’re also leaving money on the table by not hiring copywriters to write their social media copy. To truly maximize the potential of converting social media fans to real-life customers, they’ll need the help of a skilled social media copywriter.

In fact, while it is quite common for businesses to hire a Social Media Manager, the best Social Media Managers are adept in copywriting. After all, what you write on social media matters just as much as the image you post.

Man writing resume

Qualifications to Become a Copywriter

You might be wondering, What does a copywriter do in order to become a copywriter? Did you know that most copywriters don’t have a degree? In some cases, the best copywriters haven’t even finished high school yet. I have students in my copywriting program who are as young as 17 years old, and haven’t graduated high school yet. I also have students who are stay-at-home moms, and students who are retired and want to be part-time copywriters from home.

Many of my copywriting students have quit their corporate jobs and learned copywriting so that they can work from home, because they’re sick of the commute to work, and sick of office politics. Now they can spend more time with their family, working from home.

You can become a copywriter with no experience. You don’t need a degree to become a copywriter, and you don’t need qualifications. What you need is someone to show you how it’s done. You simply need to learn the skill from a master.

Furthermore, once you learn the skill of copywriting from a mentor, you can practice your newfound skill by doing copywriting exercises. Here are some copywriting exercises you can do right now, to improve your copywriting skills.

The companies who hire copywriters don’t care about your degree. They just care about the results. Can you write something that actually sells their offer? Are you able to write something that persuades their prospects to take action? That’s what they care about. And let me tell you a secret: It doesn’t take years to learn how to do this. In fact, it could only take you a few weeks or a few months to master the skill of copywriting and start being a silent rainmaker.

Testimonials Matter More Than Qualifications

If your resume or portfolio comes with testimonials from satisfied clients, you’ll be even more in demand as a copywriter. Imagine that as a new copywriter, a happy client writes a testimonial about you. They saw their sales double or triple after they hired you to write their copy, so they are highly recommending you. You’ll get way more jobs with testimonials like these than you would with qualifications, experience, or a college degree.

In the copywriting world, testimonials and your reputation matter much more than qualifications, experience, or a college degree.

You’re Already a Copywriter

You’re already a copywriter, you just don’t know it yet. Have you ever sent an email to convince someone of something? What about social media – have you ever posted something on social media? Have you ever private messaged a friend on social media?

The difference between you and a professional copywriter is that you don’t get paid to write those things, and professional copywriters do. Copywriters get paid hundreds of dollars to write an email. You’re already doing it. You already know how. You just aren’t being paid for it yet, and you haven’t been trained by a master copywriter yet.

I want you to think of a time you had to convince someone of something in writing. Perhaps you had to convince a friend to do a favor for you. Or, maybe you needed to convince a business owner to make a special exception for you. If you’ve ever persuaded someone to do something simply using your written words, that proves you could be a copywriter.

The Half-Hour Workday

What if there was a way for you to earn a full-time income, working less than 30 minutes per day? I know that sounds too good to be true, but remember when I pointed out that many copywriters are getting paid hundreds of dollars to write one email for their client? It often takes less than 30 minutes to write a sales email. And that’s just one example of how a copywriter can make hundreds of dollars in less than 30 minutes.

What if there was a way for you to learn this lucrative skill of copywriting in mere weeks – not years – and without any student debt? Luckily for you, there is a way to do exactly this.

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