Are you still wondering what the difference is between a high income job and a high-income skill? 

Let’s say you’re a Chief Executive in profession that is providing you with a six-figure income. That is considered a high income job and you may not have full control over certain things in life. 

Whereas, a High-Income skill is determined by the marketplace. The amount of value you are able to deliver – a skill that if it’s mastered – you can charge a lot of money to deliver. 

A High-Income skill is a specialty that makes you a minimum of $10,000 a month. By the looks of it, it’s a healthy six-figure income – assuming, it’s similar to your high income job.

But you must be thinking – “I make more than $10,000 per month”

You are absolutely right. As a Chief Executive, you would be making more than $10,000 a month. 

It is High-Income, but the problem is – it’s still a job. Your income is determined by your corporation, your supervisor or your boss – not by the marketplace. 

At the end of it, you’re trading your hours to dollars and the worse thing is you can’t determine how much to charge when you deliver your value – especially when you dedicate your time fully.  

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Even if you’ve thought about it, what are the chances of you walking straight to your boss’s room and say this: 

“ I want a 20% pay raise by next month”. 

And for the fear that if the next great recession takes place – what happens when you no longer have that high income job? 

The only way to determine your own income is to learn a new skill and be your own boss.

Now do you see the difference between a high income job vs high-income skill.

This is why today; in this article, I’m going to focus on the 4 controls that will significantly Impact the 4 things in your life. 

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With this in mind, first, you have to understand the difference between a high-income job vs a high-income skill. If you’ve watched the video above, you would’ve come across the 4 things that will have a significant impact in your life. 

And knowing how to take control of it is the key to your success. 

Control #1 – Income

You’re in control of how much you make. As mentioned earlier – you have a high-income job, however, your income is still determined by your boss and your corporation. 

Before you think about making money – think about growing your talents and skills.

Figure out what you’re passionate about and discovering them will give you more clarity.

So, what are some of the skill set you can offer the marketplace?

And how does this impact your life? 

You see, if you have a high income job, you only have the income – but not the freedom you’ve always dreamed of and the time to spend with your family and loved ones. 

What happens when the economy crashes again? – Thousands of people lose their job – your income can be at risk. A statistic by U.S Bureau of labor – During the 2007-09 recession, the unemployment rate increased by 5.3% since November 2007 to 10% in October 2009.

More than 15 million people were unemployed. It was the highest unemployment rate since 1982. 

Therefore, whatever the skill is – if it’s valuable to the marketplace, you can charge a high price. On top of that, if you want to work only for a couple of hours, it’s your choice. 

Above all, it gives you control towards a financial confidence.

Since you control your own income, the more hours you put in – the more money you make.

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Now, let’s talk about how your high-income skill gives you control of your time. 

Control #2 – Time

Can your high income job offer you the time whenever you want? I’m sure you’ve gone through some real-life stories where companies overwork their employees to death. 

No overtime being compensated and it’s unbelievably horrific. Upper management tend to pressure and squeeze every ounce of their employee’s time.

It’s almost to no work-life balance

The purpose of having a high-income skill is able to free up your time to do the things you want. And because you have a valuable skill, you can generate your desired income and have more time with your loved ones. 

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Let’s say by spending only a few hours a day doing what you’re most passionate about and then – you’re free to do anything you want to do. 

For instance, spending time with your family or a loved one, relaxing on the beach while reading your favorite book or you can even reward yourself with some play station time. 

Compared to your day to day job – you have no control of your time. You have no choice in choosing whether you want to attend that meeting or not – and you have to commute to meet your clients. 

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This brings us to the next point. With control of your time – you also have the liberty to work remotely.

Control #3 – Location

The beauty about having any kind of high-income skill – is that, It gives you the opportunity to work remotely. May it be on the beach, while traveling with your family or in the comfort of your own home on your favorite couch. 

Not to mention, without any geographical restriction.

As long as you have your laptop or your mobile phone with you. You can even be in a coffee house doing your work while you enjoy a good cup of coffee – my favorite place is a hotel coffee lounge – it’s one of the best environments. 

My point is…

When you’ve mastered a high-income skill, it allows you to work wherever you want - remotely without any restriction. Click To Tweet

Although, with your high income job – you can still travel and enjoy the things you want to do. However, your time is limited and if you take more time – your income can be reduced – or worse, at risk. 

Therefore, understanding the difference of having a high income job vs high-income skill is of the utmost importance because, by finding your answer to that question – influences your destiny 

Control #4 – Destiny

Overall, a high-income Skill gives you control of your destiny and it’s transferable. What I mean is – it suits any industry, at any time – globally. On top of that, as mentioned in the beginning about recession – It can happen again. 

Maybe, the corporation that you’re working in is going through some tough times. With the fluctuation of the economy, they are not generating healthy revenue – therefore, they’re downsizing and going through restructuring. 

What’s worse is, industries that’s based on seasonal – and that has nothing to do with you. 

Let’s be more precise, all that factor can jeopardize your income. If that happens, what do you do then? 

One day you have a high income job and the next day you’re unemployed. 

And if you have to transition – your first choice would be a different company, but what’s more unsettling is working in a different industry – with absolutely no knowledge.

You see what I mean? 

You now have no income, and with that said, it’s impacting on your life. As I said in the beginning, about the 4 things that significantly impacts your life – freedom, income, family and financial future – hence for the Chinese saying about number 4 – “Die”

Given all the points, high-income skills give you control of these four main factors. 

What is the ideal High-Income Skill I should develop?  

If you’re a freelancer or currently looking for a job now – I highly suggest you think of developing a high-income skill that can bring you anywhere you go. 

Like I mentioned earlier, a high-income skill is transferable – suits any industry, at any time – globally. 

When you have a high-income skill, may it be a copywriter, consulting, a graphic designer – anything that delivers more value to the marketplace. You’ll completely gain control of your destiny. 

When you’re better at what you do, you can charge a high price – and that dictates your income.

My first high-income skill I learn is copywriting – let’s take copywriting as an example, have you ever wondered how much does a copywriter make?

A great copywriter dictates its own value in the market. They can name their price at any time and work at any time they want. However, it depends on how great of a copywriter’s strategy with how they use their written words

If you’ve mastered a specific high-income skill, you’ll figure out what career is right for you – with the right path. 

You may have a high income job – but it may not be a skill that you can bring it with you. 

Before you start your 3 mins quiz. Watch this video, it’ll show you how I developed my high-income skills. 

But then again, not everyone has the ability to acquire a high-income skill. So as to know what’s the ideal high-income skill you should develop – is for you to find out yourself. Click this link to start your quiz. Discover your ideal high-income skill.