It’s hard to be in a relationship as an entrepreneur. If you are an entrepreneur then you probably experienced it too. Some days your relationship is everything you wanted. The next day it’s so hard to balance your work and your love life. Maybe you thought before that you are just not made for relationships. Maybe you even considered yourself  “undateable.”

It’s not that you aren’t made for relationships. It’s that you picked a tough lifestyle. You decided to leave the world of recurring income and do something risky instead. As an entrepreneur, you must take risks. It’s part of your job description. But the thing is your partner or spouse might not be on the same page.

Maybe they don’t understand at all what it is like to work for yourself. They don’t understand why you’d rather sit at your desk working instead of going out for drinks. Since they don’t understand it, they think you don’t care about them. They start to question your priorities.

Yes, it’s hard to be in a relationship as an entrepreneur because being an entrepreneur itself is hard. When you decide to live life on your terms you also decide to give up a lot of things. Freedom comes with a price tag.  Below, you’ll find more about the relationship challenges you could face as an entrepreneur and what you can do about it.


You Have Different Lifestyles

It’s hard to be in a relationship as an entrepreneur if you and your significant other have different lifestyles. You might find yourself staying up late working. Instead of watching TV, you read books and instead of going out, you’d rather finish your projects. But maybe your significant other has a completely different idea of what life should look like. Maybe they work 9-5 and the evenings belong to them and their hobbies. Maybe they can’t even imagine working on weekends.

Whatever it might be, relationships are hard when your lifestyle is very different. It makes it harder because you don’t naturally get in a flow together. Instead, you have to think about how you can make time for each other. Whereas, when you have similar lifestyles you can work together, eat together, and spend quality time when work is done.

This is all even more difficult because, as an entrepreneur, you are likely a high-performance individual. You have big goals and you are actively going after them. But the majority of the population doesn’t think this way. They’d rather complain about things they can’t change and blame others for everything in their life. Is your partner a person who complains all the time without doing anything to address their issues? If that’s the case, problems are bound to come up.

You Have A Different Idea Of Fun

As an entrepreneur, you might find yourself prioritizing work over free-time. Maybe it’s because you feel you always have to be “on.” Or maybe you simply enjoy your work and there’s nothing else you’d rather do. To other people, it looks like you are constantly working. And if you have some free time, you read, workout, or focus on a creative hobby. There is no sitting on the couch and mindlessly consuming TV. There’s no hanging out in a bar with friends every Friday night. Your idea of fun is completely different from most people.

It becomes a problem when your significant other has a different idea of fun. Maybe they keep asking you to go out with their friends or to enjoy a movie with them? Even if you deeply care about your spouse constantly forcing yourself to do things you don’t enjoy is tough. If you can’t find a way to spend meaningful and fun time together then it’s hard to be in a relationship. If your time together becomes more of a responsibility then something you enjoy…it becomes unsustainable.


You Grow Faster Than Them

Another obstacle that entrepreneurs face in a relationship is that they grow differently from their partners. In any long term relationship, the partners will grow, evolve, and change. Some grow together and some grow apart.

Now the thing is, as an entrepreneur you are likely a person who wants to grow – and wants to grow fast. It’s part of your mindset because you know that you have to perform well to survive in the business world. If your spouse isn’t an entrepreneur than they might have trouble keeping up with you. Perhaps they don’t intend to, but they might even slow you down.

They could see you change into a completely new human being and it might scare them. You see, most people think that when a person changes they might lose that person. Seeing you grow can be stressful for your partner. What if you grow so much so that you also outgrow the relationship?

Even if there’s no reason to think like this, your significant other might be scared to lose you. That’s why they tear you down – maybe even subconsciously. Instead of supporting you, they nag because you don’t have more time… Instead of respecting your time and work, they start to make you feel guilty. It adds additional pressure to your life as you already have a hard time balancing everything.

Different Expectations From The Relationship

When it becomes hard to be in a relationship as an entrepreneur, it’s often because you and your partner have different expectations. Maybe your significant other’s expectation is to have a typical relationship where both partners work during the day and in the evening you spend time together. Or maybe they expect you to drop your work and be focused on them the moment they finished their work.

Probably the best way to overcome this is to talk about each other’s expectations. Tell them directly what you need from them and actively ask what they expect from you. If you have been following Dan Lok on one of his social media channels, then you probably know how supportive his relationship with his wife Jennie is. Have you ever wondered what their secret is? How can they be so happy together?

Well, a big part of it is that they talked about each other’s expectations early on in the relationship. Dan was already an entrepreneur at the time. Early in their relationship, they would fight a lot. Then Dan realized that it leads nowhere, and he told Jennie exactly what she can expect from him and what he can give her as a partner. How he isn’t the typical romantic boyfriend. He told her he has huge goals and needs a spouse who can support him in it. In return, he also asked what Jennie wants from her life and he promised her to make her dreams come true. This is a true partnership.

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The Feeling Of Drifting Apart

When you get deeper into a relationship, the feelings change from butterflies and crushing on each other to a deep understanding of each other. It’s natural that emotions don’t stay exactly the same but evolve. But this is also where relationships go sour.

If your relationship is based on passion alone you actually don’t have much in common it will be hard when the initial feelings get more mature. Your relationship needs passion but also mutual understanding, common goals, constant support for each other and so much more. So, while your relationship is based on feelings initially, make sure to also build common interests and goals.

Decisions On Family Life

A further obstacle in relationships as an entrepreneur is personal questions about family life. This is especially true when it comes to the question of you wanting children or not. Only you yourself can answer this question but it’s definitely difficult if you and your spouse have different ideas about it.

If you already have children, it’s even harder to balance your business, your family life, and quality time with your significant other. Not having time for family triggers a huge wave of guilt for most entrepreneurs. Imagine missing your child’s birthday because you have to make money. Even if the whole family relies on your income they probably won’t understand how you could miss a birthday. Family situations can make it especially hard to be in a relationship as an entrepreneur.


Financial Struggles

Another aspect that takes a toll on almost any relationship is financial issues. Especially when you run your own business there will be periods when money is tight. Unforeseen things are bound to happen.

As an entrepreneur, you might see it as your duty to financially care for your loved ones. Not being able to live up to that is tough. Maybe your significant other is relying on your income because that’s how you chose to structure the relationship?  Being the financial support of the family is challenging.

Even if your spouse is working in their own job, their pay will likely be less than the money you make as a business owner. So if something goes wrong in your business and you need money, your significant other might not be able to help. The truth is, whatever it is, any kind of financial tension creates friction in a relationship. But if you’re an entrepreneur, you might also feel guilt for not living up to your own expectations and letting your family down because you didn’t pursue a more conventional career path.

You Suspect They Only Stay For Your Money

But perhaps it’s the opposite… Maybe you are financially well off but now you are not sure if your spouse is with you because of your money?  This question makes it hard to be in a relationship as an entrepreneur if you are very successful. When you enter a relationship with someone you are always on the fence. You look for signs and clues if the other person might be a gold digger. 

The thing is, sometimes you won’t notice until you are deep into the relationship. You can’t always see what’s going on in the other person’s mind. But there are some clues to look for early on to see if they are genuine. Even if you’ve been in a relationship for years, it can be that the other person is staying because of the money. Maybe you drifted apart along the line, but your spouse is holding onto you because of your money. It’s not an easy pill to swallow.


Being Partners In Everything

At the core, everything that makes it hard to be in a relationship as an entrepreneur comes down to this – you and your significant other aren’t partners in everything. Maybe you are partners in a romantic relationship, but there are aspects in life where you aren’t partners (yet). As a business owner, you need someone on your side who can support you in anything and everything.

Maybe they decide to work with you and help you in your business. Jennie did that for Dan Lok. But even if they are doing their own thing, you need to be able to count on their support. To count on the fact that your partner is patient enough and understands where your behavior comes from.

To make that possible you need to let them know what you want from the relationship. Do so as soon as you can. Don’t get them invested in a relationship just to find out that they aren’t ready for what you need from them. And make sure that you are also able to give them what they need.

Open communication about everything will allow you two to be partners in everything. It makes being in a relationship as an entrepreneur much easier.

How To Make It Easier

Now, there are so many facets to why it’s hard to be in a relationship as an entrepreneur – but there are also some things you can do to make it easier. As we already explained, clear and open communication is one of the things to make it easier. You know your priorities, but your partner might not know them. So, talk about it. Don’t leave them in the dark about your intentions.

What’s more, schedule time together. It could be 20 minutes a day, or 3 hours every Saturday – whatever it is, make your time together a priority. During that time – be fully present with them, give them your attention and enjoy time as a couple. Another great thing to do is to be grateful for each other and state it often. For example, tell them every night before you go to bed why you are grateful for them. Don’t take each other for granted.

If you and your significant other’s idea is of fun is very different then it definitely helps to learn more about the other’s hobbies. Even if you think you don’t like it, at least try to get into it. Because chances are it will allow you to understand your partner much better. Ask yourself why they like it and how you can incorporate more of it into your life.

Maybe you find yourself in a situation where you grow much faster than your spouse. What can you do about it? Don’t pressure them to keep up with you, it will cause frustration. Instead, show them what they can do for the relationship on their current level and show them how to grow at their pace. Instead of trying to shape them – appreciate them.


Unlock Your Personal Power

Where do relationship problems come from in the first place? You could say, it’s because you lack information. Maybe you lack information about how your significant other really feels. Or maybe you lack information on how you really feel and how to communicate your feelings. Something is blocking you on your road to happiness.

The solution you need is likely outside of the things you know. Because if you knew the solution you wouldn’t have a problem, right? If you find it hard to be in a relationship as an entrepreneur and you want to overcome it, then it’s a good idea to look at other entrepreneurs for advice.

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