If your employees are lazy and if your customers aren’t buying, one of the first things you should look at is how effective your organization’s leadership communication is.

The art of communication is the language of leadership. All great leaders are great communicators because that’s how you inspire. You have mastered the power of the spoken word to influence people to support your cause and follow you wherever you go.

If you want to motivate your employees, increase your sales, and grow your business, follow this advice on ways to improve your public speaking skills.

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Problems Originate From Poor Communication

When you’re a strong leader, you can take people where they want to go, even if they don’t necessarily want to go where they should. So that means as a leader, when we are communicating, we have to push and challenge people a little bit.

Very often employee problems are the result of lack of communication. Lack of employee performance is also from lack of communication.You need to have a system in place to check on the performance of your employees: what are their strengths, their accomplishments, their challenges. If you aren’t aware of their struggles, how can you help them improve?

Similarly, if you want to shift the direction of a company to make it better or to grow it, don’t focus on the company itself. Work on you, the CEO, and the other leaders of the company. Paint a clear vision and mission for everyone to follow.

If I shift the leaders, I shift the company. It’s like when you’re driving a big ship. If you turn the wheel by a small degree, the entire ship will turn.

Lack of sales in the company, like poor employee performance, is also from lack of communication, starting from the company to the marketplace.

As the leader, it’s your role to motivate your sales team. How can you inspire them to close deals, to improve their skills, and understand why selling your products is so important? It’s not just about making money. What can you do to change the company’s marketing so that your customers and your sales team understand the value that you’re bringing to the marketplace?

Strong communication skills are vital in leadership. Eventually you will develop your own leadership and communication style to motivate them. Some people may not like, it, so you’ll have to accept that not everyone will agree with you or like your style. You know what’s best for them.

Poor Communication Means Poor Sales

When I am selling something, my internal dialogue is so strong I can sell someone something they didn’t even know they wanted yet. But when I’m done selling, they say, “Thank you.” That’s not a bad internal dialogue to have. That’s how much conviction you need to have.

So what is an internal dialogue? It’s you understanding the mindset of the person you’re speaking to. Your prospect can be your employee or a potential customer.

As you’re speaking, you anticipate and you react to what they’re saying. It’s part of sales psychology to understand what’s going on in their mind. Your conviction needs to be so strong that you sell the other party on whatever you want, whether it’s an idea or a physical item.

So my question to you is, how strong a belief do you have when it comes to your products and services? Your conviction makes a difference. If it’s only 50%, how is it affecting your results?

You might think your prospects don’t know, but I guarantee you, they know. They know the minute you open your mouth. It’s all at a subconscious level. They pick up on your tonality, the words you use, and the way you control the conversation.

We can’t force people to move forward with us, but our passion can motivate and inspire them.

Conviction Drives Business Forward

As a communicator, as a leader, your energy has to be high. If you’re a five on the energy scale, your audience is going to be a one. If you want them to be at an eight or nine, you had better be at a ten. It’s the same with employees. If they’re unmotivated and low in energy, it’s because of you.

The most important person you have to influence is yourself. And you’ll need to do that all the time. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have the luxury to relax. When you chose this path, you gave that up. Your energy always has to be high to motivate yourself, your employees, and your prospects.

Ideally if you want to raise the energy level of others up to an eight or a nine, you need to get yourself up to a ten or eleven. You don’t have to be loud or outrageous like a highly animated person on a stage.

You just have to have a little bit more conviction. People crave certainty. Your employees need to know that they can lean on you for courage and solid decision making. When you walk into the room, they will stop what they are doing and pay attention. Your voice is clear, positive, enthusiastic, and authoritative when you speak.

You will need that high energy level when you deal with your customers. You need to be at a ten, because if you aren’t confident in yourself, your company, and your product, how can you sell to your customers? And if you can’t sell to your customers, how can you help them?

So confidence and conviction need to be in your voice and your attitude.

You might think that you want to be nice so you don’t offend anyone, but no transaction will take place. No one is doing business with anybody. Customers are not benefiting from your products and services. Even if you deliver great value, they might never find out if they don’t buy.

If you want to be a great leader of a company, then start with strong communication skills. You will motivate employees to perform well and customers to buy your products.

Begin your leadership by inspiring yourself.

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