Are you struggling to create interesting and engaging Instagram posts? There are plenty of ways to create an interesting post, even if you’re selling a digital product that’s impossible to visualize or something that’s not glamorous. 

If you’re using Instagram to grow your business, it’s essential to grow your audience and keep them engaged on your page, but how do you create interesting Instagram posts that could help you grow your business? 

With over a billion people active on Instagram monthly, it’s crucial to know how to use it effectively. Instagram has become one of the favorite social media channels for many people. As you know, Instagram is a photo-sharing platform. They have 500 million daily active stories users worldwide in 2019. 

If you can create interesting Instagram posts, it is a platform to grow your audience fast. So how do we do that?

For some businesses, it makes sense to establish a presence if you want to monetize on this platform. It has become a very competitive platform for those who are aiming to grow their audiences. You need to constantly find innovative ways to keep them interested. Only then, you can keep people engaged on your page.

A good and shareable post means you need to have a compelling caption. Why? Because a compelling caption draws your audience to share and stay on the page. In this article, I will share with you my Instagram secrets and on how you can create interesting Instagram posts that hook people to stay on your page.

Create Compelling Caption for Instagram Posts

Instagram is all about visuals. Not only good quality photos will capture the eyes of your audiences, but also a compelling caption will make them stay. While a good photo exhibits your brand instantly, a compelling caption explains what the photo is about and tells your audience to take action. 

With that said, there are many ways to create compelling captions. It’s either you do a lot of research about your competitors and other brands, enroll in a course, or borrow ideas from other online sources. However, coming up with great ideas to generate compelling captions can be very easy. 

To create compelling captions is a learnable skill. Even for someone without a digital marketing background can do this – as long as it’s relatable to your brand. It may sound easier said than done because not only does it have to be relatable, it needs to look good to be able to capture your audience’s attention as I said earlier.

If Instagram is for you and your business, watch this video on how you can grow your followers organically.

Now you must be wondering how to create compelling captions.  

Are You Offering Value or Persuading Your Readers?

Like any other skill you learn, it’s either from enroll for a course, engage a mentor to teach you, learn from tutorial videos, read blog articles, or read some books on how to create interesting Instagram posts.

To be able to write something that’s so compelling is not an overnight success. For those that have been creating captions for social media, they are experts in digital marketing and if you’re one, you can relate to this. 

Now, what if you’re a copywriter who wants to learn content writing? Or you would like to learn more about copywriting?

As a copywriter, first you have to understand the difference between copywriting and content writing. Both are important to know for marketing as they have different purposes, but the differences have a fine line between them. 

Content writing is about offering value while copywriting is about persuading the reader.  So, knowing the difference will be able to help keep people on your page, depending on your brand and niche.

As I said earlier, like any other skill, you can always learn copywriting if you want to venture into online business. Maybe you have an interesting product that you want to share with the world. But you have little to no knowledge about Instagram. Honestly, I know how you feel, and I can relate to that. That’s why, in this article, I’m going to share some Instagram secrets that got me from zero to 1.5 million followers.

Using Hashtags Is One Interesting Way to Get Attention

Don’t neglect using hashtags. One interesting way to get attention and gain new followers is by using relevant hashtags. With that said, you’ll not only get to keep your organic followers on your page but also new people. Although you can basically hashtag any word that comes out of your mind, if you’re marketing for a certain brand or company, doing research is an important factor to find out what’s the top trending hashtags. Of course, you want to find out what’s related to your topic or brand.

Hashtags have great connectivity element which connects users who aren’t connected to one another. Click To Tweet

No matter how interesting a hashtag can be, limit to 4 hashtags. You don’t want to flood your audience with too many hashtags. It has to tie with the conversation of different users into one stream. So, if your account is public, anyone who searched for that particular hashtag may find your Instagram post. 

Hashtags have a great connectivity element. It connects users who aren’t connected to one another. This means people who are interested in the same topics, brands, meetings, and events. They will be able to find you through a hashtag. 

Now, why limit to 4 hashtags? If you use a string of hashtags, people will notice and they might think you’re just looking to gain new followers (it’s like spamming). They would get the wrong idea so use it sparingly.

Use High Quality Images

Stock images are probably the easiest and fastest way to find high quality images. Even though they have a bit of a bad reputation recently, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use stock images. However, not all stock images are perfect for your niche. Although some can help you create a varied feed, if it’s not given a prime spot to your feed, they can be bad for your branding if that is the case.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. Click To Tweet

When you’re looking for ideas online, be aware of the differences between commercial and editorial licensing. Especially when you download an image with a quote or a caption. Legal action can be taken against you, so beware of using an image improperly. That’s why understanding all of the rules is important. Many digital marketers neglect to understand the danger of acquiring stock images, even though most of them are easily downloadable for free. 

According to HubSpot. High quality stock photos don’t have to come hand-in-hand with a hassle of a high price tag. They’ve compiled 20 of the best free stock photo sites for you to use in 2020. 

Here is the list of the best 20.

  • Negative Space
  • Death to Stock
  • Picjumbo
  • Stokpic
  • Kaboompics
  • Startup Stock Photos
  • Freerange
  • LibreShot
  • Fancy Crave
  • Unsplash
  • SplitShire
  • Life of Pix
  • HubSpot
  • Pexels
  • Gratisography
  • Jay Mantri
  • ISO Republic
  • New Old Stock
  • Pixabay

If you have a bit of budget to spend, you can get better quality images and have access to a wider variety. But bear in mind, the recommended dimensions of an Instagram post, it’s at least 1080p and aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4.5.


Post Consistently At The Right Times

If you’ve watched the video I shared in the beginning, I said to post at least once a day or maybe 2. Don’t over-post as that is a surefire way to turn off your existing followers. You want to stay fresh and relevant to your audience. 

On top of that, it’s critical to know when the best time is to do what kind of post on Instagram. With the recent growth to one billion monthly active users on Instagram, the median engagement rate is 1.6%. More and more people are leaning towards segmentation, because it provides a more satisfying journey to your customers. So, to fully understand your market when creating your Instagram post is crucial. 

Now, you might have this question in mind, “why do I need to segment my audience?” Well, segmenting your audience will provide you more focus and authenticity. This gives a more personal experience because the Instagram algorithm prioritizes certain posts. With that said, you’ll want to know those key statistics on the best time for your Instagram post.

Use Instagram Stories

As I said in the beginning, 500 million people use Instagram stories daily and we’re talking about worldwide. So, can you imagine, the traffic in an hour? I have 1.5 million followers, that’s only 0.003% of the total number of people. 

So, if you can create an interesting and compelling Instagram post, people would share your post across and in addition, it keeps them on your page. Instagram stories have become very popular. Not only is it interesting, but it’s also attracting people in an engaging way. Why? Because stories that are on Instagram only last for 24 hours on your page and usually, people are always curious about what you’re up to. Especially when you have a new product and service. 

The reason behind people’s curiosity is that they don’t want to feel left out. That’s why it’s interesting. 

When you tell your audience what you’re up to. It shows more authenticity and builds trust among your audience. By doing that, it’ll help you increase the number of followers and engagement rates. 

Having said that, when creating Instagram stories. Tell stories instead of preaching marketing missives. Because if you want to keep people on your page. You should captivate your audience through compelling stories, images, videos, and words. Become a storyteller. 

People are mostly curious, and they don’t like to be left out. So, telling stories is one of the best ways to keep people engaged on your page.

Be Consistent On Your Feed Visually

As you know, Instagram is all about visuals and to create interesting Instagram posts, keep your visuals consistent. Experiment with profile colors, it’s the simplest and most popular way to make a stylish account. On top of that, it’s incredibly effective. 

You can repeat the same color theme in different ways using objects and filters. Or background color but post photos in one colored theme as it reflects on your brand. You could change your theme anytime you want, as long as you are consistent with your feed. Besides that, you’re giving your followers a fresh new look at your products. 

Users prefer to experience authentic expression and diverse perspectives. Which means, people today want to see something that’s more natural-looking. For example, replace your high-saturation filters and perfectly positioned item with candid shots.

Instagram is all about visuals. Create interesting Instagram posts by experimenting with profile colors. Click To Tweet

Again, keep your feed visually consistent. So, to achieve a consistent look, using photo editing apps is the key. Here are some of the best photo editing apps.

  1. Snapped
  2. Afterlight 2
  3. Prisma Photo Editor
  4. Adobe Photoshop Express
  5. Foodie
  6. Adobe Lightroom CC
  7. Canva
  8. Adobe Photoshop Fix
  9. Visage
  10. Enlight Photofox

Now, I’ve shared some of the best photo editing apps. Did you know that videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021? This means you could also add a couple of videos on your feed. 

Leverage Instagram Video Formats

From Instagram stories to standalone 60-minute videos, consider Instagram stories’ live video options. Maybe a sneak peek about your new products or service. This will add authenticity to your Instagram posts which will also keep people on your page. 

While video continues to dominate the online space, according to Instagram, 60% of stories are viewed with sound on. So, what does this mean? When 40% are viewed without the sound on, subtitles have become essential for marketers. Now, having subtitles delivered alongside your visuals would enable your core message to your audience. 

Knowing the difference between copywriting and content writing for a copywriter is important. On top of that, captioning a video increases average video view time by 12% (Research from Facebook)

Although it’s not part of Instagram’s best practices for stories, it’s more about how compelling your caption is that keeps people on your page.

Use Emoji With Instagram Post

Emojis are used by most people across online platforms. Such as, messaging apps, social media and so on. Even for emojis, you need to create a strategy on how to use it effectively but when it comes to Instagram posts, use emojis because it catches people’s attention and it has a more fun engagement.

The power of compelling words extends to “Emojis.” Click To Tweet 

Emojis can sum up a sentence with a dash of personality. In fact, little emojis can make a huge difference when you’re trying to convey a message. On top of that, it can also increase your click-through rates and engagement levels.

Include a Call-To-Action (CTA)

On any social media platform, always include a call-to-action. This gives your audience the answer to what’s next? If you don’t have a call to action or some form of a close, you’re most likely to lose a potential customer or further engagement. 

Your whole point of creating an interesting Instagram post is to keep people on your page as long as you can. As a result, they continue scrolling on your profile or visit your website (if you have one on your bio) and they could share some of your content across other channels. 

Followers may love your Instagram ads and share your content but make sure you lead them to the most powerful action. With that said, this last action is the most direct way to increase interaction. This means, you’ve managed to keep your audience right to the end of your goal and it’s time to let your audience make a decision.

So, a clear and concise call-to-action is critical to tell your audience what they have to do next. A call-to-action can be leading them to your profile or a certain landing page. It can also be a website, a comment or even a request for an emoji.

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