Kickstart Your Copy Career With AI

AI is literally taking over the online space…

In recent times we’ve seen AI write sales copy…

Create amazing images…

Create music, and much more.

In fact, I’ve been using AI in my business for a long time in the form of chatbots and other software apps.

But today, we’ll focus on what AI can do for your copy career.

If you’re already a copywriter this email will help you use AI so you can do market research and finish copy projects faster.

If you’re not a copywriter yet, but want to get started, this newsletter will open your eyes to the possibilities of what AI can do…

And I’m also going to help you get the AI to write you simple forms of copy you can give to prospects to kickstart your copy career.

But first…

What Is ChatGPT?

There are many AI softwares online that can help you write copy, but one of the most well known is ChatGPT.

I’m almost certain you’ve heard of it by now, but if you haven’t, it reached 100 million users just two months after launch.

ChatGPT is trained to follow instructions, and this is why you want to pay close attention to this newsletter.

Because if you give it the wrong or bad instructions the information or copy it gives you won’t be any good.

Why ChatGPT is a Trap For Young Players

So can ChatGPT really produce mountains of copy faster than a human can write one email?

Yes, but as I mentioned above, you have to know what you’re doing.

I can see a lot of people wanting to get into copywriting and thinking the AI will do all the work for them…

So they log into it, ask it to write a few emails and give them to their new client, only to find out the emails didn’t perform well.

You must know how to write good copy BEFORE you use ChatGPT, or you’ll never know if your copy is any good.

But that doesn’t mean if you’re brand new to copy, you can’t play around with the AI and see how it works, etc.

How To Use ChatGPT For Market Research

Before you start any copy project you must know your market inside out.

You must know their goals, aspirations, pains, problems, roadblocks, and obstacles, and more.

And while in the past you may have had to search the internet for hours looking at forums, Facebook groups, online reviews, etc, ChatGPT is a very easy way of finding out the important info in mere minutes.

In this video you’ll discover >>

  • How to use ChatGPT to find out where the biggest demand for products is in the digital marketing space…
  • How to identify the ideal customer for the digital marketing space…
  • How to figure out the biggest pains and problems of people in the digital marketing space…
  • What the biggest trends are in the digital marketing space…

Now, there are an endless number of things you can instruct the AI to do for you, but…

You can literally copy the prompts used in the video, and switch out ‘Digital Marketing’ for a niche of your choice.

PRO TIP: A lot of copywriters hate market research, and just want to start writing, but market research is the most important step. Without the right information, you won’t know what to write and your copy won’t convert.

How To Use ChatGPT To Write Social Media Posts

Now you’ve got the right information about your target audience, you can begin asking the AI to write copy for you.

Ensure you’re still in the same window because the AI remembers everything you’ve asked it.

When you’re ready, click here to watch how to create Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts >>

Prompt the AI to write the posts for you and you’re welcome to keep what you like and change what you don’t. 

How To use ChatGPT To Write Sales Emails

Whether they be sales or value emails, every online business needs email.

And now you know how to use AI to write social media captions (another form of copy every online business needs)…

In a moment you’ll discover how to write a sales email using the AI.

As with social media and other forms of copy, there are many prompts you can give the AI, but as you’ll see in this video, the prompts don’t need to be complicated.

These videos are mainly to serve as a guide to give you ideas on what to ask the AI.

How To Write High Converting Cold Emails With ChatGPT

If you plan on reaching out to businesses with your free copy work tailored to their business…

You’ll need to know how to write great cold emails that get opened and responded to.

In this video the presenter gives various prompts to produce a good cold email he’d be happy to send out >>

It also shows you how to prompt the AI to keep what you like and change what you don’t and shorten the email so it’s easier to read.

He also covers how to get the AI to write subject lines.

In closing…

There are some writers who should be very scared of AI, and some who will always have a job.

Ultimately the AI is programmed by humans, and although it can learn a lot and very fast, there are some things it likely will NEVER be able to do.

For instance, it will never truly understand the pain your target prospect is going through day to day.

It simply can’t relate to that, and that’s not the only thing it can’t do.

I wish you all the best in your current or future copy career.

To your success,

Dan Lok

P.S. – FAIR WARNING: Your time for getting into copywriting could be running out.
If you don’t act soon and begin developing the copywriting skill, by the time you do, AI will be light years ahead. 

This will make it even more difficult to get into the industry.

If you want to ensure you’ll always have a job as a copywriter, click here to check out our range of copywriting training >>

Why Group Coaching Eats 1-on-1 For Breakfast

Today you’ll discover how to increase your revenue to hit your first $100K or add an extra $100K to your coaching/consulting business.

HEADS UP: If you already run group coaching sessions with amazing results, then the majority of this article won’t apply to you.

So, if you’re looking to scale your business to $100K/month…

Click here to find out why most coaches will NEVER hit $100K/month and how to ensure you do >>

How Group Coaching Saved My Business & My Sanity

When I first started in the coaching space, I’d already had a successful copywriting/consulting business.

So, it didn’t take me long to hit my first $10K month as a coach.

But, that’s where my coaching business stayed for years.

I couldn’t work out how to move beyond $10K.

I’d heard about group coaching before but I had my doubts.

My main concern was not being able to give my clients the attention they needed.

That’s when I discovered the 7 successful coaching and consulting secrets >>

Make sure you pay close attention to models 2 and 3 as they will be most relevant to you if you want to begin or take your group coaching to the next level.

After implementing group coaching into my business, I saw my revenue skyrocket.

That’s no exaggeration.

If you’d like a quick explanation as to why group coaching works so effectively, then click the link below to check out the short podcast episode where I break it all down.

Discover how to leverage your time and make more money with fewer hours and far less effort >>

Because contrary to popular belief, you can make or add $100K to your business without working harder.

And if you’re wondering how many clients you’ll need at your current price point to hit your business goals…

Then I reveal the best way to add $100K in 30 days as a coach or consultant here >>

Each of these links I’m giving you is different, but if you invest a small amount of time today to review them and implement the teachings, I promise you’ll see massive results in your business FAST.

7 Reasons Why Your Clients Will Love Group Coaching

  1. Group coaching is one of the most powerful things you could ever install in your business, for many reasons.
  2. People like being part of a group, even more so, they like being part of a like-minded group of people with similar goals and roadblocks.
  3. Group coaching environments have a greater impact in less time.
  4. Your clients learn the insights and “a-ha” moments of their peers.
  5. It improves accountability.
  6. It can make your services more affordable to a wider range of clients.
  7. With individual coaching, each time you help solve a problem for one of your clients, another client goes through the same problem a few weeks later. You wish you could have had both clients in the same place at the same time.

This is why it makes sense to run group coaching sessions.

But what if you’ve never run group coaching calls before?

I got you covered.

I recorded you a quick podcast episode where I teach you exactly how to run group coaching calls >>

How To Create A Group Coaching Program

Everything you know about creating a coaching program for a client can be applied to creating a group coaching program…

But if the idea of group coaching is new to you, or you already have a group coaching program but you feel it could be improved upon, then click here to watch this video >>

How To Sell Effortlessly By Leveraging “Irresistible Offers” 

Group coaching is the holy grail for scaling your coaching business.

But to pull it off you need an irresistible offer.

It doesn’t matter how good your marketing or sales process is if your offer lacks punch.

Your offer must speak to your prospect’s problems.

You want them to think “it’s as if his offer was created just for me”.

Here’s a simple example.

No one can sell meat to a vegan.

It doesn’t matter how good the sales copy is, or how persuasive the salesperson is.

But when vegans see a sign that reads… 

“Vegan Food Here” they know the offer was created for them.

The offer is very direct and if the food looks good, they’ll buy it on the spot.

If you want to know how to create an irresistible high ticket offer, then you’ll want to watch this video >> 

Here’s another video for creating an irresistible offer that goes into more detail I think you’ll get a lot out of >>

Why It Pays To Have Less Offers In Your Business

I know people who have countless offers in their business.

This may seem like a good idea, but in my experience, it pays to keep things simple.

Now, although my business has evolved and I have many offers now, when you really break it down I’ve got front-end offers and back-end higher ticket offers.

That’s how I’ve always done things, and this video shows you how I built a million dollar coaching business with just two offers >>

The Best People To Sell To (That’ll Pay You $5k, $10k, even $25k)…

Once you’ve created your high ticket offer, and decided on a group coaching model, there’s ONE type of person who will buy from you.

They’ll happily pay you what you’re worth…

They’ll be easy to work with…

They’ll love everything you do and refer their friends to you.

These people won’t give you price objections or take weeks to think about it, and your sales calls will be effortless.

Once you start selling to this specific type of person, your business will NEVER be the same.

If you want to find out exactly who these people are then you’ll want to watch this video right now >> 


So now you know how to build a business that pays you tens of thousands extra every year without any extra work, just making a few small tweaks to how you do things.

Even if you implement a fraction of it, you’ll be shocked at what you can accomplish.

Till next time,

Dan Lok

P.S. – If you already run group coaching sessions but want to scale your business to $100K per month and fast then click here to watch my Advanced Expert on-demand training >>