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Could AI Steal Your Job? (Read This)

There’s an AI art craze sweeping Instagram as I write this…

Some artists say AI will destroy their livelihood.

Some say AI will help the industry and won’t be as bad as expected.

Personally, I’m not in that industry, so I haven’t looked into it much.

Now, I don’t want to alarm you…

But here’s an important question you should ask yourself….

“Is my job at risk?”

Many jobs have already been replaced by computers or AI…

Just look at self-checkouts at supermarkets and self-ordering at McDonalds.

As a business owner, I’m always looking for ways to do the same job, faster and cheaper, and other companies are no different.

So where does that leave you?

I recorded you a quick 9 min video, where I break down the types of jobs that will disappear in the next 20 years, both low and high income jobs >>

Some of them have already begun disappearing as I mentioned above, but more are on the horizon.

After watching that video, I realize the thought of AI taking over is scary…

But in just a moment, you’ll discover why…

Why AI Doesn’t Spell The End Of all Jobs

It makes sense that computers can do complex tasks in high volumes much faster and more accurately than a human can.

We’ll never be able to compete at that level, but humans have abilities computers don’t.

And if you want to know what kinds of tasks you’ll do far better than any computer, then click here >> 

This is a breath of fresh air for anyone thinking they’ll be unemployed in the future.

As you saw in the video above, humans are far better at solving certain problems than computers are.

Furthermore, not every company will be able to afford the type of AI that can short cut their time invested.

How to Not Only Survive But Thrive During Automation

If you remember the first video you watched above, I mentioned a high income skill is a great alternative to your current job if it’s in danger of being automated.

The skill I was referring to in that video was High Ticket Closing or high ticket sales.

The reason why this can’t be replaced by AI is that closing is emotional.

Sure, in theory, you could program AI to say the right thing every time a prospect answers a question.

But the prospect knows AI doesn’t care about them.

The AI’s sole objective is to get the sale.

That’s why closers will ALWAYS have a job.

Another high income skill I teach is copywriting.

Now, this is different to closing as AI can write sales copy and articles, etc.

But AI does have limitations.

What if your client wants a style of copy or writing that isn’t programmed into the AI?

AI can’t think of all the things prospects want to see in an irresistible offer.

But a human can.

If you want to to know why I think AI won’t replace copywriters, click here to watch this quick 4 min video >>

Recently, I put some AI software to the test and gave my expert opinion on the piece of copy it produced, so if you want to see how well the AI performed, then watch this quick video >> 

So there you have it.

Automation is nothing to be afraid of if you’re willing to evolve and adapt to change.

If you embrace change rather than run from it, you’ll be fine.

To your success,

Dan Lok

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Kickstart Your Copy Career With AI

AI is literally taking over the online space…

In recent times we’ve seen AI write sales copy…

Create amazing images…

Create music, and much more.

In fact, I’ve been using AI in my business for a long time in the form of chatbots and other software apps.

But today, we’ll focus on what AI can do for your copy career.

If you’re already a copywriter this email will help you use AI so you can do market research and finish copy projects faster.

If you’re not a copywriter yet, but want to get started, this newsletter will open your eyes to the possibilities of what AI can do…

And I’m also going to help you get the AI to write you simple forms of copy you can give to prospects to kickstart your copy career.

But first…

What Is ChatGPT?

There are many AI softwares online that can help you write copy, but one of the most well known is ChatGPT.

I’m almost certain you’ve heard of it by now, but if you haven’t, it reached 100 million users just two months after launch.

ChatGPT is trained to follow instructions, and this is why you want to pay close attention to this newsletter.

Because if you give it the wrong or bad instructions the information or copy it gives you won’t be any good.

Why ChatGPT is a Trap For Young Players

So can ChatGPT really produce mountains of copy faster than a human can write one email?

Yes, but as I mentioned above, you have to know what you’re doing.

I can see a lot of people wanting to get into copywriting and thinking the AI will do all the work for them…

So they log into it, ask it to write a few emails and give them to their new client, only to find out the emails didn’t perform well.

You must know how to write good copy BEFORE you use ChatGPT, or you’ll never know if your copy is any good.

But that doesn’t mean if you’re brand new to copy, you can’t play around with the AI and see how it works, etc.

How To Use ChatGPT For Market Research

Before you start any copy project you must know your market inside out.

You must know their goals, aspirations, pains, problems, roadblocks, and obstacles, and more.

And while in the past you may have had to search the internet for hours looking at forums, Facebook groups, online reviews, etc, ChatGPT is a very easy way of finding out the important info in mere minutes.

In this video you’ll discover >>

  • How to use ChatGPT to find out where the biggest demand for products is in the digital marketing space…
  • How to identify the ideal customer for the digital marketing space…
  • How to figure out the biggest pains and problems of people in the digital marketing space…
  • What the biggest trends are in the digital marketing space…

Now, there are an endless number of things you can instruct the AI to do for you, but…

You can literally copy the prompts used in the video, and switch out ‘Digital Marketing’ for a niche of your choice.

PRO TIP: A lot of copywriters hate market research, and just want to start writing, but market research is the most important step. Without the right information, you won’t know what to write and your copy won’t convert.

How To Use ChatGPT To Write Social Media Posts

Now you’ve got the right information about your target audience, you can begin asking the AI to write copy for you.

Ensure you’re still in the same window because the AI remembers everything you’ve asked it.

When you’re ready, click here to watch how to create Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts >>

Prompt the AI to write the posts for you and you’re welcome to keep what you like and change what you don’t. 

How To use ChatGPT To Write Sales Emails

Whether they be sales or value emails, every online business needs email.

And now you know how to use AI to write social media captions (another form of copy every online business needs)…

In a moment you’ll discover how to write a sales email using the AI.

As with social media and other forms of copy, there are many prompts you can give the AI, but as you’ll see in this video, the prompts don’t need to be complicated.

These videos are mainly to serve as a guide to give you ideas on what to ask the AI.

How To Write High Converting Cold Emails With ChatGPT

If you plan on reaching out to businesses with your free copy work tailored to their business…

You’ll need to know how to write great cold emails that get opened and responded to.

In this video the presenter gives various prompts to produce a good cold email he’d be happy to send out >>

It also shows you how to prompt the AI to keep what you like and change what you don’t and shorten the email so it’s easier to read.

He also covers how to get the AI to write subject lines.

In closing…

There are some writers who should be very scared of AI, and some who will always have a job.

Ultimately the AI is programmed by humans, and although it can learn a lot and very fast, there are some things it likely will NEVER be able to do.

For instance, it will never truly understand the pain your target prospect is going through day to day.

It simply can’t relate to that, and that’s not the only thing it can’t do.

I wish you all the best in your current or future copy career.

To your success,

Dan Lok

P.S. – FAIR WARNING: Your time for getting into copywriting could be running out.
If you don’t act soon and begin developing the copywriting skill, by the time you do, AI will be light years ahead. 

This will make it even more difficult to get into the industry.

If you want to ensure you’ll always have a job as a copywriter, click here to check out our range of copywriting training >>

Secret Currency Pays You Over And Over?

You may have heard the line “attention is the new currency”

Well, it’s very true.

You can’t expect anyone to pay you if they don’t first pay you attention.

And with so many coaches, consultants, and experts out there, you must have a way of winning attention, and converting that attention into sales.

So in this week’s newsletter, you’ll discover.

How to start and build a thriving community that supports each other and takes action on your offers.

When we ran our High Ticket Closer Certification™ as a business opportunity, we built an amazing community in our private Facebook group.

People loved being there, and although the intention of the group was more for student development than to make sales, the members were engaged and very supportive of each other.

We kicked anyone out who we deemed “bad apples” who didn’t follow our guidelines, but I digress.

Let’s start with…

5 Benefits Of Building A Thriving Community

This list is not exhaustive, but if you can build a thriving community, you’re automatically more in touch with your members.

You’ll gain valuable feedback to help make the community the best it can be.

You can create a safe place for your prospects to share their learnings and takeaways, where they feel understood and can relate to one another.

You can build amazing relationships with your prospects, which in turn creates high levels of loyalty and retention when they finally become clients.

The Difference Between an Audience and A Community

There are pros and cons of each of the above, and here are some of them.

With an audience your pros are your ability to reach more people.

People can share your content… and you can connect with people on platforms that they’re familiar with.

Some cons include, you could fall victim to algorithm changes, you’re competing for your audiences’ attention, and you have no control over the platform.

If you say something the platform doesn’t like, you could be removed forever.

With a community, you have people’s full attention, you can create a private space for your members free from ridicule from non-members, and you have a higher level of control of the platform.

Some cons may include, it’s more difficult to be discovered, your content is only sharable amongst your members, and your members may not spend much time on the platform, which can make things difficult for them.

Overall however, your community should be more about the people than the platform.

The Most Two Important Questions You Must Know The Answer To

Whether your community is free or paid, you must be able to answer these questions.

Why would anyone want to join your community, and why would they stay?

Your goal for your community should be to give immense value no one else in your niche is offering.

You’re creating a community people would pay to be a member of, even if it’s free.

Help them solve problems… level up in their life… share their wins, and many other things.

But don’t give them access to your best stuff.

If you help them level up, eventually they’ll run into more problems, and to solve those problems, they’ll need to invest in themselves at a higher level.

And who do you think they’ll want to help them? You, or someone they’re not familiar with?

The answer is obvious.

What Platforms Are Best For Your Community?

You wouldn’t be running this type of community, but gamers would prefer platforms like Twitch or Discord, because that’s where they spend most of their time.

You want the platform you choose to be as easy to access as possible for your community members.

Some popular choices are Facebook, Discord, Telegram, Slack, plus a host of others.

Initially we used Facebook for our S.M.A.R.T. Challenges, business events, and Dan on Demand etc…

But in recent years we’ve switched to Telegram.


Because the reach in Facebook groups isn’t what it used to be…

And most people use Telegram on their phone, which means they’re far more likely to see the messages and interact with the group.

So, do some research on the platform you think would be best for your members.

How To Grow Your Community

There are many ways to grow your community.

You can promote on your social platforms or podcasts to your current audience.

To ensure you get the best prospects inside your group, you may want them to hit certain criteria before they’re approved to enter, because you don’t want a community of tyre kickers.

You can set up paid ads to reach a wider audience, and you can also set up chatbots on your IG or FB pages to funnel people into your group.

There are many other ways to promote it, but these are just a few examples.

How to Never Run Out Of Content To Post

As you’re building a community around your products and services, you should already have a solid idea about who your ideal prospect is.

With that in mind, you want to think of as many things as possible that are important to them.

What are their goals and aspirations?

What are the common roadblocks, obstacles, and problems they’d like to avoid?

Then you want to brainstorm how your products and services help them either reach their goals or avoid common roadblocks.

Then you can pick one and create content around it and relate it back to your products and services every now and then so when they’re ready to achieve more, they know where to go.

You want a high value to pitch ratio, so 1 pitch for every 4 value posts is a good place to start.

That’s not to say your pitch posts won’t contain any value at all, you can mix the two together.

In closing…

Building a community is a great way of setting yourself aside from your competition and building trust, which translates into greater impact and of course more sales.

Until next time, go high ticket,

Dan Lok

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Not Sexy, But VITAL For Your Biz Growth…

It’s time we talk about one of the least sexy parts of business…

Everyone online always talks about sales, revenue, and cash in the bank.

But what about the numbers that drive those figures?

I’m talking about marketing metrics.

As you may know, marketing online can get confusing.

You’ve got email marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, sales page conversions, and the list goes on.

So, today you’ll discover some of the most important metrics to pay attention to regarding the marketing channels above…

In the hope that you can improve your marketing so you can see even better results in your business.

Let’s get started

How to Tell If Your Email Marketing Is Hitting Or Falling Flat

Since you’re reading an email newsletter let’s start with email metrics.

Your ‘Open rate’ will give you a clear indication of how your subject lines are performing.

According to, the industry average for all industries is 21.33%. 

You should always aim to improve your open rates, and you can do this by split testing two subject lines at once.

There are a few ways to split test, and your email software should do this automatically for you. 

Essentially, you’re testing two subject lines to see which has better open rates, by sending to only half the list, then the software sends the remainder of the emails to your subscribers with the better-performing subject line.

Over time, you should have a good idea about what your audience responds to, so you can maintain high open rates.

If you’d like a list of eye-watering subject lines that compell your readers to open your emails, then click here >>

You should also keep an eye on how many people unsubscribe, so you know how your content resonates with your audience.

The second metric to monitor is the Click Through Rate (CTR).

This will be the percentage of people who click on the links in your emails. states the average CTR across all industries for emails is 2.91%.

This metric achieves two things…

Firstly, it helps you to know whether your Calls To Action are good enough for your audience to take action on.

Secondly, it lets you know how compelling the body of your email is, so they actually read far enough to read the CTA.

Now, you may not know which needs improving straight away, but at least you’ll know something needs improving and you can slowly optimize your emails to increase your CTR.

If you’d like some tips to improve your email CTR, then watch this quick 1-minute video >>

How To Track Paid Marketing Metrics

Paid ads can be a great tool in an entrepreneur’s toolbelt for growing their business.

As far as Facebook is concerned, there are multiple objectives you can choose to achieve with your paid ads.

These include getting more traffic to your offers, increased engagement on your boosted posts or ads, increased video views, and lead generation amongst others.

Your metrics here will really depend on the objective you’ve set out for your ads.

For instance, a conversion could mean you make a sale, but it could also mean you acquire a new lead.

For paid ads, common metrics to monitor are Click Through Rate (CTR) and conversions.

As with email marketing, the CTR is the percentage of people who click the link on the ad, out of everyone who views it.

According to, the average CTR for Facebook ads is 0.9% across 18 industries. 

Here’s a video that will help you increase your paid CTR so you can pay far less per click >>

How To Make Your Ads Pay

To ensure your paid ads are profitable, you must know your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

This is how much revenue your business makes for each dollar it invests in ads.

This metric is even more important than your conversion rate because you could have high conversions, but if your margins aren’t high, then your ROAS will be low.

Done incorrectly, paid ads are a good way to burn cash and FAST!

Done correctly, paid ads will become your license to print money!

So, click here if you want to know how to increase your ROAS on your Facebook ads >>

While we’re talking about ROAS, there are three more very important numbers you MUST know if you want to scale.

These numbers are your Cost of Acquisition (CAC) per customer, your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), and your cost per lead (CPL).

I shot you a quick video where I break down these numbers and why they’re so important >>

How To Get The Best Bang For Your Buck With Social Media Marketing

Even though social media marketing is free, you shouldn’t underestimate its power.

I know organic reach may not be as wide as it used to be, but there are still benefits of social media marketing, especially if you use TikTok which still has phenomenal organic reach.

Social media metrics give you a good understanding of your brand awareness and referral traffic to your website.

Engagement is key on social media, so even though it’s free, it pays to put a good amount of time and effort into your content.

Key metrics are likes, comments, and shares.

These are commonly known as vanity metrics, but they’re important if you want to know how engaged your audience is.  

Many believe free marketing like Facebook and Instagram is dead, but there are still ways you can increase your engagement on those platforms.

Here is a great video to increase your engagement on IG in 2022 >>

And if you want to increase your Facebook engagement, then you’ll want to watch this video here >>

In the interest of time, I don’t want to make this newsletter too long.

There are other marketing metrics you could consider concerning your Search Engine Optimisation, your sales pages, and your website.

Perhaps, I’ll save those for another newsletter, but I believe you have enough here to help you optimize key areas of your business to see HUGE results.

And of course, you’re welcome to do your own research for ways to improve a specific area of your marketing.

Until next time, go high ticket,

Dan Lok

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