Dan Lok

ONE Habit To Change Your Life

There’s ONE thing that will make or break your success…

So, if you’ve ever wondered what separates the successful from the non-successful, then read this newsletter very carefully…

Because if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I’m a big believer in the power of habits.

I always say “You’ll never make $100K with $50K habits”... and it’s true.

So before I get into the habits of highly successful people and how you can begin to embody them…

I’m going to share with you how to break any bad habits you may have.

Because in order to install newer successful habits, you’ve first got to break old habits that don’t serve you.

How To Break Bad Habits

When I grew up we didn’t have a lot of money.

My father had a successful business but one day his partner backstabbed him and left him millions in debt.

This killed my father financially and I remember getting home from school one day and seeing the look of hopelessness on my mom’s face after she heard the bad news. 

He could no longer send us money.

We were so broke we had to buy food from the near-expired section of the supermarket.

This greatly affected me in later life…

And when I started making money I didn’t know at first, but I had this terrible money habit >> 

If I hadn’t become aware of it, it wouldn’t matter how much money I made, I’d still be broke.

I recommend watching the video above to discover what this habit is in case you have it because left unchecked it will keep you broke.

So, how do you break bad habits holding you back from the success you desire?

Well, it’s simple but not easy, but I explain exactly how here >>

Why You’ll Never Out-Perform Your Internal Self-image

Your self-image is the way you see yourself.

You could see yourself as confident, a go-getter, productive, smart with your money, etc…

Or you could see yourself as someone who doesn’t go after what they want, watches a lot of TV, and drinks too much alcohol, etc.

Your habits come from your self-image, which is why you’ll never outperform your internal self-image.

This is a profound concept made famous by Maxwell Maltz, who wrote the book Psycho-cybernetics.

A few years ago I did a TEDx talk on self-image, and why it’s so powerful.

If you want to know how to hack your mind to upgrade your self-image, then click here >> 

Why Habits Aren’t Always Actions

Habits can take the form of words you speak to yourself.

I’m willing to bet, that every day you have a certain number of words you use pretty much all the time.

This includes the words you say to yourself.

If you’re constantly speaking negative words to yourself without knowing it, this sabotages your success.

Here I share 3 words that will keep you poor >>

Take a few minutes to watch that video, so you can catch yourself before you use any of these words ever again.

How To Build Productive Habits

So, now you know how to break bad habits and upgrade your self-image, so you make way for more successful habits.

This next section will teach you some of the habits of the rich.

It’s no secret successful people are more productive than unsuccessful people.

I and others I know can get more done in 30 days than most people get done in a year.

It’s not because we’re superhuman, it’s because we’ve developed productive habits.

So, if you want to know the 7 habits for a more productive life, then click here >>

One of the best books I’ve read is the 7 Habits Of Highly Successful People by Stephen Covey.

If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you do.

1 Habit That Will Change Your World

When I speak to people who want things they don’t have, I get them to do a simple exercise.

After they’ve done this exercise, they know why they don’t have the things they want.

Then I ask, “what’s one habit you could begin doing, in order to get the things you want?”

Suddenly a lightbulb goes off, and they know what to do.

I truly believe this ONE thing will change your world if you let it >>

How to Develop The Habits Of the Rich

By now you’ve seen multiple examples of why habits shape your world, life, and success.

But I’m sure you’re wondering what are the habits of the rich.

How can I begin taking the actions that rich people take?

Well, you’re about to find out.

When I started my first business, I learned a very profound lesson.

It’s something I believe every self-made millionaire does that most people overlook.

It’s very simple, and if you begin doing this ONE thing, over time, you’ll see your wealth skyrocket >>

How To Take Responsibility For Your Results

One of the most powerful habits of the rich is the ability to take responsibility for their life and results.

It doesn’t matter if your results are good or bad, they are always your responsibility.

This is just one of 7 things that the rich do that poor people don’t.

Here you’ll get 6 more rich habits you can install into your life >>

How To Get Exactly What You Want

I believe that most people don’t get what they want out of life, because they don’t know what they want.

It may sound funny, but it’s true.

Successful people are crystal clear on what they want, and then they set out to achieve it.

They also visualize their success often, which is one of the secrets I share in this video >>

There are 9 other habits of highly successful people in that video, and I recommend you watch it and begin implementing them into your life if you want to achieve the success you deserve.

Always remember, You don’t decide your future, you decide your habits, and your habits decide your future.

To your success,

Dan Lok

P.S.If you want to install the productivity secrets of millionaires into your mind, then click here to check out my program Millionaire Productivity Secrets >>

Inside you’ll get my secrets for greater productivity and more free time, by focusing on income-producing activities in your business.

How To Hire Your Next Superstar

This is something every expert, coach, consultant, or business owner should do, as the more value you give the more comes back to you in time.

So, today you’ll discover how to hire the right people for your team and how to build a powerful team of A players.

How To Build A Powerful Team

Business is a team sport, and as you know, you can only do so much as the CEO of your company.

I truly believe in hiring people who have greater skills than you in their area of expertise.

Because if you’re the most productive, smartest, and best-skilled person on your team, you’ll ALWAYS be the bottleneck.

Before you even think about hiring anyone, you must get CRYSTAL CLEAR on these 3 things >> 

One of the best ways I’ve found to build a powerful team is by finding out what your team members’ goals are.

What are they motivated by?

Figure this out and you’ll get the best out of your team.

How To Hire The Right People 

Once you’re clear on your vision, mission, and culture, you’re ready to find the people who’ll fit that culture and help you achieve your vision and mission.

After all, your business will never reach its full potential if your team doesn’t believe in what you do or fit the business culture.

I adopt a very unorthodox way of hiring talent.

In fact, I NEVER look at resumes.

I don’t care about their past, I care about their future.

I also care about attitude and culture fit.

I don’t even hire for skills necessarily…

In fact, a lot of my team members didn’t start out in their current roles.

I like to promote from within, so a few years after someone joins my team, they could be working in a completely different role.

If you want to know exactly how to build a high-performance team then click here to check out this in-depth video >> 


Why You Always Want To Hire People More Capable Than You

One thing I’ve noticed a lot is CEOs hire based on their insecurities.

Here’s what I mean.

If you’re always hiring people who aren’t as skilled as you because you think they’ll be easy to control, your company will find it hard to grow.

I mentioned earlier that you’d always be the bottleneck, but it’s far deeper than that.

Your job as the CEO isn’t to do each task better than your employees.

Your job is to be the captain of the ship…

The visionary…

The person who puts everything together and directs your employees to help you build the company’s vision.

That’s why you hire people who are experts in their field because it’s unlikely you have all the skills needed to build your vision.

Click here for a counter-intuitive insight into why you DON’T want to motivate your team, and what to do instead >>


How To Differentiate Between a Superstar and a Super-talker

When you’re looking for A players, here’s one thing I’ve learned.

There are people who talk a big game, and there are those who can deliver a big game.

Let’s pretend you’ve hired someone you believe will be a huge asset to your team.

Here’s how you find out which category they’re in.

You give them what I call a lame horse.

If they produce great results with the lame horse, only then do you upgrade their horse and watch them soar.

Click here to discover how to give your next team member a lame horse so you can monitor their progress and upgrade the horse when the time is right >>


How CEOs Communicate Effectively To Their Team

Here’s something that trips up a lot of CEOs, including me, [Name].

You see, it doesn’t matter how clear you are on your vision and mission and how high-performance your team members are…

If you can’t communicate with them effectively, the tasks you give them won’t be executed with precision.

I’ve had moments in my business where I was absolutely crystal clear on what I wanted the project to look like…

But when I received the first version, it was nothing like I thought I’d explained it.

I realized that I was the issue.

I needed to get better at explaining how I wanted the project to look.

Communication is the message sent, message received, and message acted upon.

If you’d like to see a roleplay of how to communicate effectively with your team members, then watch this video here >>


How to Get Crystal Clear On Where Your Business Is Headed, So You Can Lead Your Team To Victory

Before we wrap this up, I wanted to share with you a powerful way to gain clarity on your vision, mission, and business so you and your team can operate at the highest levels possible.

I know it’s not related to hiring a team member, but as we’ve moved on to getting the best out of your team members, I think it’s relevant.

The secret lies in what I call “think time”.

Every day I set aside a certain amount of time to think about where my business is at.

I ask myself 3 simple yet powerful questions >>

These questions allow me to figure out the best next steps forward and much much more.

Every successful person I know allocates time to think time.

Because you’re busy every day, you don’t have time to sit down and think about things.

That’s why think time is so important.

In closing, the word “clarity” has come up a lot in this newsletter.

Getting crystal clear as often as possible will help you in every aspect of your business from making key decisions to hiring the right people and more.

Until next time, go high ticket,

Dan Lok

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Reinvent Yourself & Accelerate Your Success (Tips Inside)…

I want to share with you something I believe is very important for your growth and success…

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “what got you here won’t get you there”.

Well, it’s very true.

Your current identity has got you everything you’ve achieved so far.

And if you look back on your life and think about your achievements…

You’ll see key moments where you stepped into a brand new identity to achieve something you never had.

The problem I see with many who are chasing success is they suffer from huge amounts of self-doubt.

I always say “never doubt yourself, doubt your skills”

And if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I believe high-income skills are the key to changing your life.

But if you’ve been working on your high-income skills for while and still haven’t seen the results you desire…

Then click here to watch this motivational video I created for you >>

How to Believe in Yourself

So how do you build self-belief?

You can start by watching this 3-minute video here >>

Self-belief is built on results.

But you won’t get to the stage of achieving those results until you jump in with both feet.

We all know people who say they’re going to achieve this and that, and although they seem to be putting in work…

They never actually PULL THE TRIGGER on what they’re doing.


My guess is they’re either afraid of failure or success, or even both.

If you’re afraid of failure to the point you don’t pull the trigger, you’ve ALREADY failed.

If you’re afraid of failure, then click here to watch this video where I’ll show you how to eliminate this fear >>

How to Overcome the Fear Of Success

You wouldn’t believe this could be a real thing, but it is.

Many people are afraid of success because it means their life will change dramatically.

If they fail, that’s okay, nothing changes…

But humans dislike change, and success means change.

Success also means better health, better relationships, and more money amongst other things.

If you have a fear of success you’d like to overcome, then click here to watch this video >>

So now you know how to believe in yourself, and overcome the fears of success, and failure.

“But Dan, how do I reinvent myself?”

Good question.

Throughout my career, I’ve had to reinvent myself many times.

From being a failed wantrepreneur to a successful copywriter and marketing consultant to an internet entrepreneur to a speaker to a sales trainer to a business coach, and the list goes on.

The problem I faced was letting go of things that previously worked for me in order to get to the next level.

Letting go of things that don’t serve you is far easier than letting go of things that do.

But if you want to reach the next level, eventually you have to let go.

So, I shot you a video where you’ll discover exactly how to reinvent yourself so you can progress to new heights >>

We’ve come full circle in this post.

By the time you’ve consumed this content, you should be a few steps closer to reinventing yourself and achieving your dreams.

To your success,

Dan Lok

P.S. – If after reading this newsletter you came to the realization that self-confidence and self-belief are the building blocks of success, you’d be right.

In my personal experience, self-confidence is a skill like any other you can develop and hone.

This is why I created the short course Unlock Your Confidence.

So, if you want to build ice code confidence before the year is out, then click here to check out Unlock Your Confidence >>

Not Sexy, But VITAL For Your Biz Growth…

It’s time we talk about one of the least sexy parts of business…

Everyone online always talks about sales, revenue, and cash in the bank.

But what about the numbers that drive those figures?

I’m talking about marketing metrics.

As you may know, marketing online can get confusing.

You’ve got email marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, sales page conversions, and the list goes on.

So, today you’ll discover some of the most important metrics to pay attention to regarding the marketing channels above…

In the hope that you can improve your marketing so you can see even better results in your business.

Let’s get started

How to Tell If Your Email Marketing Is Hitting Or Falling Flat

Since you’re reading an email newsletter let’s start with email metrics.

Your ‘Open rate’ will give you a clear indication of how your subject lines are performing.

According to mailchimp.com, the industry average for all industries is 21.33%. 

You should always aim to improve your open rates, and you can do this by split testing two subject lines at once.

There are a few ways to split test, and your email software should do this automatically for you. 

Essentially, you’re testing two subject lines to see which has better open rates, by sending to only half the list, then the software sends the remainder of the emails to your subscribers with the better-performing subject line.

Over time, you should have a good idea about what your audience responds to, so you can maintain high open rates.

If you’d like a list of eye-watering subject lines that compell your readers to open your emails, then click here >>

You should also keep an eye on how many people unsubscribe, so you know how your content resonates with your audience.

The second metric to monitor is the Click Through Rate (CTR).

This will be the percentage of people who click on the links in your emails.

Mailchimp.com states the average CTR across all industries for emails is 2.91%.

This metric achieves two things…

Firstly, it helps you to know whether your Calls To Action are good enough for your audience to take action on.

Secondly, it lets you know how compelling the body of your email is, so they actually read far enough to read the CTA.

Now, you may not know which needs improving straight away, but at least you’ll know something needs improving and you can slowly optimize your emails to increase your CTR.

If you’d like some tips to improve your email CTR, then watch this quick 1-minute video >>

How To Track Paid Marketing Metrics

Paid ads can be a great tool in an entrepreneur’s toolbelt for growing their business.

As far as Facebook is concerned, there are multiple objectives you can choose to achieve with your paid ads.

These include getting more traffic to your offers, increased engagement on your boosted posts or ads, increased video views, and lead generation amongst others.

Your metrics here will really depend on the objective you’ve set out for your ads.

For instance, a conversion could mean you make a sale, but it could also mean you acquire a new lead.

For paid ads, common metrics to monitor are Click Through Rate (CTR) and conversions.

As with email marketing, the CTR is the percentage of people who click the link on the ad, out of everyone who views it.

According to growthmarketingengine.com, the average CTR for Facebook ads is 0.9% across 18 industries. 

Here’s a video that will help you increase your paid CTR so you can pay far less per click >>

How To Make Your Ads Pay

To ensure your paid ads are profitable, you must know your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

This is how much revenue your business makes for each dollar it invests in ads.

This metric is even more important than your conversion rate because you could have high conversions, but if your margins aren’t high, then your ROAS will be low.

Done incorrectly, paid ads are a good way to burn cash and FAST!

Done correctly, paid ads will become your license to print money!

So, click here if you want to know how to increase your ROAS on your Facebook ads >>

While we’re talking about ROAS, there are three more very important numbers you MUST know if you want to scale.

These numbers are your Cost of Acquisition (CAC) per customer, your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), and your cost per lead (CPL).

I shot you a quick video where I break down these numbers and why they’re so important >>

How To Get The Best Bang For Your Buck With Social Media Marketing

Even though social media marketing is free, you shouldn’t underestimate its power.

I know organic reach may not be as wide as it used to be, but there are still benefits of social media marketing, especially if you use TikTok which still has phenomenal organic reach.

Social media metrics give you a good understanding of your brand awareness and referral traffic to your website.

Engagement is key on social media, so even though it’s free, it pays to put a good amount of time and effort into your content.

Key metrics are likes, comments, and shares.

These are commonly known as vanity metrics, but they’re important if you want to know how engaged your audience is.  

Many believe free marketing like Facebook and Instagram is dead, but there are still ways you can increase your engagement on those platforms.

Here is a great video to increase your engagement on IG in 2022 >>

And if you want to increase your Facebook engagement, then you’ll want to watch this video here >>

In the interest of time, I don’t want to make this newsletter too long.

There are other marketing metrics you could consider concerning your Search Engine Optimisation, your sales pages, and your website.

Perhaps, I’ll save those for another newsletter, but I believe you have enough here to help you optimize key areas of your business to see HUGE results.

And of course, you’re welcome to do your own research for ways to improve a specific area of your marketing.

Until next time, go high ticket,

Dan Lok

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How to Increase Credibility in High-Ticket Conversion?

You learned that COI or cause of inaction is important in high ticket conversion. It will ensure that you will have a view of the current state of your business. You have to learn strategies to sustain growth. 

ROI or return on investment sees the future of your enterprise. It is important as businesses must gain capital and profit. COI values the present and what course of action will make your high ticket business progress.

In this article, I will be teaching you how to succeed at high-ticket sales maximizing feedback coming from clients. You will know how credibility is effective in its low-cost marketing. Then, I will suggest strategies that you can apply in uplifting your credibility.

How High-Ticket Products and Services Sustained by Credibility?

One of the keys to having a progressive sales venture is to earn the trust of your market or the customers. High ticket funnels are your tool to reach your goals in the end and in the means. It improves the sales that every business wishes to have.

Many luxury brands, like expensive bags, keep their reputation good. They make use of credibility boosters that serve as funnels to remain marketable. The main problem they face is the presence of products having the same design but cost cheaper and low quality. 

You can emulate the way they monitor the trend of their sales and market. You should see why there is a change of digits. It would be alarming to see a decline or stagnation of data for a long period of time.

How to Boost Credibility in Increasing High Ticket Funnel Conversion?

Credibility is an ideal marketing strategy that is effective for persuading possible clients that will avail you of your product or services. Clients will have a better chance to choose your brand as there are many competitors out there engaging in high ticket conversion.

Besides, the quality of products satisfies people and they can spread the word. This implies lesser marketing costs. For example, they can recommend your services through chats or talks. 

Customers are expected to invest more in the products that they want to use in a lasting sense. It will take a long time for them to buy again or upgrade. So, it is a cheaper alternative than buying new. 

Steps in Establishing and Developing Credibility 

  1. It is better to value satisfied customers as they say things about your product or services. What they say becomes the rating that you will have. A professional design will make it more credible. 
  2. You have to make sure that people are talking about your brand. What they testify must have the quality result that you are offering. The more testimony you will have, the more you become credible. 
  3. Good reviews are also serving an advantage. It will help build trust in minor provisions you provide as a high ticket business. 
  4. A case study is a success anecdote that shows how you cater to the primary need of people or the high ticket products you are selling. You have to ask your promising clients as you can assure quality feedback. 
  5. You have to include data and statistics to prove your value claim. You can use problem-solution information to increase credibility. It can complement the lack of anecdotes or testimonials in start-up high ticket enterprises.  

For more in-depth training on positioning check out the  Authority Positioning Secrets™.

Where you are right now.

You are now a step ahead in starting the development of your brand in a high-ticket sales venture. All you need is to continue to reach effective profit gain and investment through external reputation. This blog gave you the importance of credibility in high ticket conversion.

The importance of COI is to keep track of every action that will affect the return on investment. Credibility in high-ticket sales helps your acts go to the goals you set. You should not be stagnant in growing your business. You must continue to learn through high-ticket coaching. 

Knowing how to increase sales is possible for you too. I can help you with your journey toward business success as we share the goal of progress. You can master business via ideas and practice. Learn more about increasing credibility and high-ticket conversion at the High Ticket Mastery™ event. 

How High-Ticket Retention Invigorates Your Business

The Ritz Carlton is famous for its incredible service. From high thread count sheets to high-end amenities, their brand stands for high-end luxury. What really makes it stand out, however, is the staff’s attention to detail. They go above and beyond to make sure their guests have a great experience, resulting in high-ticket retention.

Why does a customer choose to stay in a high-end hotel and not just any ol’ place? The answer, from a business standpoint, is value. By providing an exceptional level of service and value, high-ticket retention practices can keep your customers coming back time and time again.

So how do you go about implementing high-ticket retention practices?

Focus on Building Value

Customers who return again and again to their favorite luxury brands know one thing: these brands provide quality and value. There is a significant difference between a Prada purse and a high-end knockoff.

The same is true for high-ticket services and products. Customers must feel that they are getting a high-level product or service to keep them coming back. Having a quality guarantee in place can go a long way towards instilling customer loyalty and confidence.

Invest in Highly Knowledgeable and Conscientious Staff

The quality of your staff’s service will directly impact the level of high-ticket retention you can achieve. Investing in high-level customer service training and hiring high quality, knowledgeable staff is key to providing high-ticket retention services.

Your staff should be well informed on the products and services you offer, as well as your company’s values and mission. They should also be prepared to go above and beyond for customers to ensure their satisfaction.

Retention is all about creating meaningful relationships with high-value customers and providing them with the best possible service. A high-ticket customer should feel special and valued by your staff. Take the time to get to know your customers, understand their needs and preferences, and provide them with personalized service. Creating lasting relationships will ensure high-ticket retention and foster customer loyalty.

Create an Atmosphere of Provision

What is the first thing the staff does when you walk into a high-end store? They give you a bottle of water. This is the perfect example of the principle of reciprocity. When we are given something, even a small gesture such as a bottle of water, it creates an atmosphere of provision. This atmosphere signals to your customer that you are invested in them, which will encourage high-ticket retention. Some other ways to build rapport and create a high-end atmosphere of provision include providing high-level customer service, complimentary snacks or beverages, free Wi-Fi, and high-end amenities.

Final Thoughts

High-ticket retention is a powerful way for businesses to keep high-value customers coming back again and again.  When done correctly, it can help you boost revenue and keep customers loyal for the long term. By investing in high-quality staff, creating an atmosphere of provision, and offering high-level customer service and value, businesses can ensure high-ticket retention and an increased bottom line. With the right high-ticket retention strategy, you can invigorate your business and take it to new heights.

For more information on how to implement high-customer retention strategies, take a look at the High Ticket Mastery™ event so you can learn the top principles for providing your customers with the best quality service.