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Face These 5 Common Biz Struggles?

At any time as a coach, consultant, expert, or trainer you face multiple BIG challenges in your business…

As I searched the internet for a topic for this week’s newsletter, I stumbled across an article that outlined 100 common challenges faced by coaches and consultants.

So, I thought I’d take 5 challenges and help you overcome them, whether you’re facing them now or will in future.

The end result of course is you solving the BIGGEST problem most coaches and consultants face, which is…

They struggle to find and close new clients.

FAIR WARNING: I’m only scratching the surface here, as there were 100 to begin with and I’m sure there are many more than that.

If you can work through these, over time, your business will be unrecognizable from where it is today, and you’ll generate more revenue, and improve your business and life overall.

Let’s go.

Why Coaches Or Consultants Can’t Articulate Their Value

Have you ever felt unaware of how amazing you are and the value you give?

If so, you’re not alone.

Because you’ve worked so hard to attain your skills, and they come as second nature to you now…

It’s easy to think that everyone can do what you do, but they can’t.

And if you’re unaware of how amazing you are, you’ll find it difficult to articulate your value.

QUICK TIP: Write down all the things you can do related to your business and the results your clients get.

This will help you get crystal clear on the value you give so you can see how impactful your work truly is.

This helps you get clear on…

Your Core Offer

Creating an irresistible/no-brainer offer is vital to the success of your business.

You want an offer people feel stupid saying “no” to.

There are 7 traits of an irresistible offer, and they are…

  1. It must be easy to understand…
  2. It’s highly desirable…
  3. It has high perceived value
  4. It’s easy to get…
  5. It must be believable and credible…
  6. It must have low or no risk…
  7. There must be a reason to buy NOW…

If you’d like clarity on each of these traits, I cover them all in detail here >>

Once you have an irresistible offer, it helps you…

Differentiate Yourself From Other Coaches And Consultants

Have you ever been in a sales interaction where the salesperson tried to tell you why their product was BETTER than their competitors?

If you’re constantly trying to justify your value, you’re in a losing battle.

Sure you want your product/service to be better, but you also want it to be DIFFERENT.

And guess what…

Once you’ve created an irresistible offer, your offer will not only be better than your competitors but it will be VERY different too.

There are many ways you can differentiate yourself from your competition, and it all starts with studying them.

You want to know them better than they know themselves.

In this video I cover 3 ways to beat your competition, one of which I’ve just mentioned >>.

Another two ways you can differentiate yourself is with your story.

Your story is unique to you, and no other company, coach, or consultant can replicate it.

I wrote about this in a previous newsletter, but sharing your story is a VERY powerful tactic in business.

Having a unique selling proposition (USP) is also KEY to differentiating yourself from your competitors.

Your USP could be as simple as getting to work with you versus working with a big company who hires a college graduate to serve their clients.

Finding your USP will require some brainstorming, but once you find it your business becomes more robust and unique.

Why You NEVER Want To Trade Time For Money

Even if you raise your prices often, scaling your business is impossible if you trade time for money.

It blows my mind how many coaches and consultants I see who can’t escape the time for money trap.

But when you’ve nailed your irresistible offer and its delivery, you’ll no longer trade time for money and you can take your business to brand new heights.

That’s why I’ve set my hourly rate so high.

Because if I limit the number of people who can make that investment, it protects my time.

And I suggest you do the same.

You don’t need to charge what I charge, but you should make sure only the most serious and committed clients get your time.

This brings me to the next problem I see often, which is…

Having No Systems In Place

You may have heard me say this before…

But systems are VITAL to scaling your business, and escaping the time for money trap.

I always say, “You don’t manage people, you create systems that manage people.”

Once you have the right systems and processes in place your employees can follow…

There’s no uncertainty in your business…

They free up time…

And things run more smoothly, and most importantly…

Your employees can do a great job and feel good about coming to work.

The good thing is you don’t have to wait until your business reaches a certain size before you create systems.

You can create systems now that will serve you for years to come.

If you’d like to know how I created some of the systems in my businesses, then you’ll love this video >>

In Closing…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

Fix these issues and your business will be like night and day from where it is now…

You’ll have more free time, better clients, and more money, and who doesn’t want all those things?

Till next time, go high ticket,

Dan Lok

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This is an event not to miss if you want to take your business to new heights but don’t know how.

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Customer Support and Communication on Kajabi

Well done, you have made it this far! Today, we’re delving into the crucial world of customer support and communication on Kajabi. 

As successful entrepreneurs, we understand that keeping our students happy is the key to long-term success. 

So, let’s explore the best practices for setting up top-notch support systems, responding to inquiries promptly, and establishing effective communication channels to engage with our valued students.

The Importance of Excellent Customer Support

Delivering exceptional customer support is not just a checkbox; it’s the heart of our course business. When our students feel supported and heard, they’re more likely to thrive in our courses and recommend us to others. 

Make sure to prioritize their needs and concerns, and let’s get started on building those strong connections.

Setting Up Support Systems

On Kajabi, setting up support systems is a breeze..

Utilize the Help Center feature to create a knowledge base where students can find answers to common questions. Provide detailed documentation and tutorials for seamless self-help. 

Additionally, make sure to offer contact options like email or a ticket system for personalized support.

Responding Promptly

Time is precious, and prompt responses matter. Aim to answer student inquiries as quickly as possible. Even if you don’t have an immediate solution, acknowledge their message and let them know you’re working on it. 

Your attentiveness will earn you trust and respect.

Utilizing Kajabi Support Resources

Kajabi has your back when it comes to support. They offer 24/7 support through chat and email to assist with any technical or platform-related issues. 

Don’t hesitate to leverage their resources and take advantage of the extensive support they provide.

Communication Channels for Updates and Engagement

Keeping your students informed and engaged is a game-changer. 

Use Kajabi’s communication tools, like email campaigns and announcements, to provide updates on course content, events, and special offers. Regular engagement builds a sense of community and excitement around your courses.

Creating a Community Forum

Fostering a sense of community among your students is invaluable. Consider setting up a private community forum on Kajabi where students can interact, share insights, and support each other on their learning journey. 

A thriving community leads to higher engagement and satisfaction.


Congratulations! You’ve now unlocked the secrets to providing top-notch customer support and establishing effective communication on Kajabi. By setting up support systems, responding promptly, and engaging with your students, you’re taking your course business to the next level. Remember, happy students lead to thriving businesses.

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►► And grab a FREE trial of Kajabi + $5,995.00 of FREE bonuses here: https://danlok.com/kajabi/

Let’s create an exceptional learning experience together!

To your unstoppable success,

Dan Lok

Is Closing The Skill For You?

In business, nothing happens until a sale is made…

This is why I believe sales is the #1 business skill.

So, in this week’s newsletter we’ll talk all about closing sales.

My goal with this newsletter is to help you decide whether closing is the skill for you to develop this year, so you can go on to impact businesses with your skills…

And in doing so, create a financially successful, location independent life you love.

So to kick this newsletter off, click here to watch this video on the Art of Closing Sales >>

When you watch it, you’ll discover the 3 things you could get from a sales interaction, and how to use a “No” to your advantage.

The 3 Levels of Closing

When you hear the word ‘closing’, what comes to mind?

Perhaps you think of someone selling over the phone.

Perhaps it’s someone selling to a small group of people.

Or perhaps they’re selling from the stage to a large crowd.

Whatever you think closing is right now…

I want you to watch this video so you get an idea of the 3 levels of closing and where you should get started >> …

And why even if you have aspirations to get to level 3, you shouldn’t skip any steps. 

How To Close At The Beginning Of The Call

How you start your sales call is very important.

But you may be surprised to know that the closing process starts BEFORE you even get on the phone with your prospect.

Now some of the things you’ll discover in a moment may be out of your control as a closer…

Because the business owner will have to take care of them.

But imagine how invaluable you’ll be to a business you close for if you make some of these suggestions?

If you want to know how to “pre-sell” your prospects before you get on the phone, then click here to watch this powerful video >>

This video will also give you a good idea of what to look for in a potential client, so you know who you should do business with.

5 Powerful Questions To Ask Your Prospects

If you’ve been following my work for a while, you’ll know I think old school sales methods are out of date and no longer work.

With that said, there are still salespeople who use these methods, and all they do is talk AT the prospect.

They get through the entire presentation without knowing anything about their prospect.

What sets average salespeople apart from high ticket closers are questions.

So, here’s a VERY compelling video for you >>

As you watch, don’t underestimate the POWER of these simple questions.

How To Use Reverse Psychology and Catch Your Prospect Off Guard

When you speak with prospects, you’re not always going to get people who are 10 out of 10 and ready to take action on your offer.

Oftentimes, people know they have a problem that needs solving so they book in a call…

But they’re not too keen on giving you the info you need, let alone taking action to solve their problem.


Because the thought of things being different to what they’re used to scares them.

So in order to get your prospect’s needs from below a 5 to above a 5, you must use what I call reverse psychology.

Reverse psychology is a high level technique that catches your prospect off guard and almost forces them to tell you the truth.

Because if you didn’t know, PROSPECTS LIE all the time.

Click here to arm yourself with the skill of using reverse psychology >>

How To Master Your Vocal Tonality and Close More Sales

Whether you’re selling in person, over zoom, on the phone or on stage, your vocal tonality is KEY to your success.

But if you’re selling on the phone where they can’t see you, then your vocal tone is EVERYTHING.

So how to ensure you inject emotion into your closing calls and speak with the right tonality that makes your prospects want to buy?

Luckily, I’ve got you covered.

There are countless things you NEVER want to say in a closing call, but the bottom line is this…

Never sound like a typical salesperson.

If you do, you’ll lose the sale in the first few seconds.

For an example of what NOT to sound like, watch this short video >>

As far as vocal tone goes, there are many tones you could use at different times during your sales calls.

I can’t possibly address them all here, but if you want to know how to inject emotion with tonality into your sales calls, then you’ll love this video >>

What To Do When The Prospect Says No 

As you may have seen in the first video of the newsletter, there are 3 things you can get out of a sales call.

  1. A Yes
  2. A No
  3. A Lesson

Now, a “no” isn’t always a bad thing, especially if you’re speaking with a prospect you think would be a nightmare client.

But what if they are someone you’d like to work with?

Then you can do what I suggest in this video >>

If you implement this tactic, you’ll gain more business over time and make more money, and you’ll see why when you watch the video.

One Secret To Close More On The Phone 

I’ve been closing on the phone for over a decade, and out of all the tricks and tactics I’ve learned in that time…

There is one secret that makes the biggest difference in your sales calls.

This trick switches your frame from the salesperson to the expert, and completely changes the game.

It’s easy to implement and if you want to know what it is, then click here >>

If I could give you just ONE secret that makes the BIGGEST difference to your sales calls, it would be the one in this video >>

In Closing…

There’s a lot that goes into the perfect closing call.

What I’ve given you here merely scratches the surface, but if you’d like to see me do a live sales roleplay then you’re in luck.

Click here for a roleplay I did with one of our audience members at a recent event of ours and get ready to take notes >>

I hope this newsletter has helped you decide whether you’d like to become a high ticket closer or not.

To your success,

Dan Lok

P.S. – I almost forgot, if you think closing is the skill for you, then feel free to check out my closing trainings at the Dan Lok Shop >>

Secrets For Biz Growth At Any Level..

No matter where you’re at in your business, you’ll hit challenges and roadblocks stopping you from getting to the next level…

Nothing groundbreaking there…

But unless you’ve invested in high level coaching, it’s unlikely you’ll know exactly what to do to grow.

So, in this week’s newsletter, I’ve got countless strategies for you.

No matter if you’re just getting started… want to hit your first 6 figures… or you want to go from 6 to 7 figures and beyond.

So please keep reading if you’d like strategies and business insights that have generated over $100 million in revenue in just a few years.

Before we get started, you may like to get a feel for the different revenue levels of $100K, $1 million, $10 million+ and some of the challenges at each level >>

How To Start a Coaching/Consulting Business 

If you’re been thinking about starting a high ticket business there are a few things you MUST have in place before you even think about marketing and sales.

I’ll assume you already have expertise people would be willing to pay for, because if not, you’ll need to develop that first.

But if you do, then your first step is to identify your niche.

Without complete clarity on who you serve, you’ll never have succinct marketing that speaks to your avatar.

If you need some help defining your niche, then click here >>

And even if you already know your niche, then the video above may help you dive deeper into your niche.

It will pay you to choose a high income niche so you’re selling to people with money, because the riches are in the niches.

How To Develop A Business Plan

Before you start your business it’s wise you have a solid business plan.

I wrote a whole newsletter about how to create a business plan.

The title was Got a biz plan yet? 

So, please refer to that newsletter if you’d like an indepth look at creating a business plan.

But in short, your business plan needs an Executive Summary, Marketing Plan, Financial Projections, and you must identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

If you like the idea of a business plan but think it could be a lot of work, then you may like to watch this Valuetainment video about writing a 1 page business plan >>

How To Hit Your First 6 Figures

Assuming you’ve chosen a high income niche and you’re clear on who you serve…

I’ve already mentioned some things that will help you hit 6 figures, but in short these three things will get you to 6 figures fast.

A solid lead generation system >>

Solid phone closing skills >>

Raising your prices >>

Let’s pretend your high ticket program sells for $5K.

You only need 20 sales per year to make $100K.

Which is less than 2 sales per month.

With that in mind you can now work out how many leads you’ll need so you can hit your revenue goals.

If your closing rate is just 10%, so you close one in ten people.

You’ll need 200 leads each year to hit $100K.

Obviously you’ll need more leads if your program is less than $5K and more leads if it’s higher.

But as your closing skill improves you’ll close more clients and make more money.

How To Grow From 6 to Multiple 6 Figures

If you’ve achieved 6 figures in your business, then you’re in a select group of entrepreneurs.

According to the Kauffman Foundation, only 6% of all entrepreneurs ever create a 6 figure business.

Now, 6 figures is great, but if you’re not going forwards you’re going backwards…

So you’re probably wondering, how you can hit multiple 6 figure or even 7 figure status.

Well, there are many things you can do to get there, one of which is creating repeatable revenue streams in your business.

I actually received this exact question from a fan which I answered in my ‘Boss in the Bentley’ series on YouTube.

Click here if you want to know the 3 things I shared that will help you grow your business to multiple 6 figures >>

How To Go From 6 To 7 Figures

Many years ago, I was making multiple 6 figures as a Copywriter and marketing consultant.

Eventually I started coaching people on their businesses and I remember feeling stuck at a 6 figure coaching business.

Sure, I knew I could raise my prices but eventually, I’d still feel stuck, because my mindset around the delivery of my service held me back.

As soon as I put my ego aside, my mindset shifted and I was able to blow past 6 figures and create a 7 figure coaching business.

And in this video I share with you exactly how I did it >>

It’s far simpler than you think, but it will take some personal growth on your part if you’re stuck like I was.

Why Your Greatest Strength Will Become Your Biggest Weakness As You Grow

Unless you can find great employees and team members to work for commission only, you must be very strong at sales and marketing in the early stages of your business.

But as you grow past 7 figures toward 8, less of your time will be invested in sales and marketing.

You’ll have teams to lead and important business decisions to make.

If you’ve always been the strongest at sales and marketing, you’ll need to find people stronger than you if you want to keep growing.

I made this and many other mistakes as I grew to 8 figures, and I want to share some of them with you here >>

In Closing…

This is a brief overview of what it takes to go from 0 to 8 figures and beyond.

Of course, there is far more to it than that, but no matter which level you’re at there is something here to help you make some headway in your business.

Until next time… go high ticket,

Dan Lok

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If you’re ready to borrow my business playbook and use the secrets and strategies that have generated over $100 million in sales in just a few years, then the S.M.A.R.T. Challenge™ is for you.

I believe the next recession is just around the corner, so if you want to know how to weather the storm and SCALE, SYSTEMIZE, and SUSTAIN your business through the next period of economic uncertainty, click here for the full scoop >>

Unsure What Skill To Develop?

The world is changing rapidly…

And it’s a good idea to stay up to date with skills in high demand.

So in this week’s newsletter, I’ll share some of the skills I believe are the best to develop in 2023 and beyond.

FAIR WARNING: This list is not exhaustive, and there are many more skills you could develop if none of these excite you.

Due to the explosion of online businesses, we’ll focus on online skills you can do independent of your location, so you can design your life exactly how you want.

The Day My Client Told Me I Was Full Of Sh*t

In the early 2000’s I was on the phone with a marketing prospect, doing my thing, when suddenly he said…


We’ve only been speaking for a few minutes and you’ve already made multiple grammatical errors, and you speak with a thick accent…

And you think you’re going to write my marketing campaign?

I think you’re full of sh*t!”

Then he hung up on me, and I was left feeling confused and inadequate.

Why would this man would attack me, when all I wanted to do was do a good job and provide for my mom.

It was at that moment, I decided to develop what I believe is the most important skill in business.

I’m talking about closing.

If you love talking to people and you’re more of an extrovert, then closing could be the skill for you.

And personally, I don’t think AI will replace this skill.

People want to talk to humans, not computers or robots.

Why Video Editing Is a Highly Sought After Skill

With 2.68 billion users and 3.7 million videos uploaded to Youtube EVERY DAY, the platform is showing no sign of slowing down.

TikTok has over 1.5 billion users and continues to grow, and Instagram has over 2.35 billion users.

Facebook is now pushing video ads more than picture ads, so it’s safe to say that the demand for video has exploded and will continue to grow for years to come.

If you love making videos or video editing, then there’s no reason you can’t edit videos for online businesses or offline businesses who realize they need an online presence to stay relevant.

Why Copywriting Is Still in High Demand

As you may know, Copywriting was my first high income skill, taught to me by my first mentor, Alan Jacques.

I used this skill to hit my first 6 figures and pay back $150K of debt.

With the rise of AI, some business owners are using ChatGPT to write their own copy, but here’s the thing, [Name].

Most of them aren’t copywriters, and most don’t know how to use the AI properly.

That’s where you come in.

If you’re ready to take action, and get into copywriting then this is your chance.

Because it always pays to stay ahead of the curve.

A copywriter who uses AI to streamline their research process and get the copy to 80% complete before they add the finishing touches, will outperform writers who don’t use it.

In this video I give the AI prompts to write about high ticket sales and then I rate it out of 10, so if you’d like to see my final thoughts on whether it will replace copywriters, click here >> 

As I mentioned in a previous newsletter, you must know how to write good copy, before you use the AI or you’ll run into problems.

Why Digital Marketing Is The Skill To Develop

The term digital marketing can be confusing at times, because while it’s simply marketing online, there are multiple skills that come under the digital marketing umbrella.

So let’s break down some of them for you so you can identify which skill you think would best suit you.

DISCLAIMER: While you could develop all these skills, it’s wise that you focus on one for a few years before you stack on another skill.

How To Give Your Future Clients Free Google Traffic

Search Engine Optimization or SEO uses website content, keywords and backlinks to drive free traffic from search engines like Google to websites.

It’s vital for businesses who want to be discovered organically, which is a dream come true for every business.

Of course the traffic the business receives is free, but they’ll pay you handsomely for your ability to help them rank on the first page of Google.

If you like the idea of research and strategizing with your clients about how to drive more traffic to their website, SEO could be for you.

Why Social Media Marketing Is The Future of Ecommerce

Many years ago, I partnered with an Ecomm business that sold Pandora bracelet charms.

I helped them with their digital marketing, and in 2012 we were named the ‘Online Retailer of The Year’ by Canada Post.

In 2022, shopping on social media really exploded and this trend is set to continue.

But it’s not just EComm businesses that advertise on social media.

Any business owner who’s smart knows a good portion of their customers can be found on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

If you think advertising could be interesting then starting a social media advertising agency, or becoming a media buyer (someone who buys advertising space online) may be something to look at.

And with this skill, you’ll also develop your Copywriting skills, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Now that doesn’t mean you should learn every type of copy, you’ll only focus on writing ads for social media.

Why Email Isn’t Dead

Email continues to be an effective way to generate revenue for companies of all sizes.

Many think email is dead, but if you can build a strong relationship for the email list of the businesses you work with, it will be very lucrative for you and your clients.

You could focus on email copywriting and also develop the skill of email marketing/list management at the same time, and you’ll make a very good income.

In Closing…

As I mentioned, this list is not exhaustive.

Other skills you could develop include funnel building, web design, cyber security, coding, and blockchain programming, just to name a few.

I hope you’ve found this newsletter valuable, and you’ll take action on one of these skills.

Because, in a few years you’ll look back on this moment, and say one of two things.

Either “I’m glad I got started when I did, because now I’m financially secure, and living my best life.”

OR “I wish I’d got started back then.”

The choice is yours.

To Your success,

Dan Lok

P.S. – While I don’t have trainings on all the high income skills I mentioned above, if you’d like to check out some of my trainings and ignite your income, then click here to visit the Dan Lok Shop >>

Why Success Is Possible At Any Age

At times success seems like a nearly impossible feat, doesn’t it?

I remember when I was in my late teens, I’d tried 13 businesses.

All of them failed.

I’d amassed $150K in debt, and to say I’d dug myself a big hole would have been a huge understatement.

But, I went on to create a 6 figure income and multiple 7 and 8-figure online businesses over a 20+ year business career.

So in this week’s newsletter, I want to give you a few stories of entrepreneurs who saw success at a very early age.

The aim of this newsletter is to show you that you already have what it takes to succeed, you just need to tap into it…

And to prove to you, no matter how old you are, success is possible for you.

And if you read until the end, you’ll discover the unlikely success story of two Englishmen who beat all odds to succeed in the music industry.

Let’s dive in.

How a 16-Year-Old High School Student Became a Candy-Selling Kingpin

Hailing from Walthamstow, Nathan John-Baptiste ran a candy-selling operation across 3 schools, employing 12 friends.

Buying wholesale, he undercut supermarkets by selling every item for just 50 pence or 1 pound.

Using social media to spread the word, he soon became inundated with customers.

His daily takings were around 200-300 pounds per day, clearing him over 1000 pounds per week.

To get a glimpse into the mindset of a 16-year-old entrepreneur and what drove him to start a business, click here >>

How Two “Sisterpreneurs” Built a Multi-8-Figure Bath Bomb Empire

Launched in 2015, Da Bomb Bath Fizzers started in the basement of the family home of Isabel & Caroline Bercaw.

The huge bath bomb fans were saddened by the fact bath bombs disappeared when they finished dissolving, so they created their own line of bath bombs that contained a fun surprise inside.

Only 10 and 11 years old at the time, their bath bomb business has since grown to more than $20 million in annual revenue.

They juggled the running of their business while attending high school with their parents’ help.

For the full scoop on the now 18 and 19-year-old entrepreneurs, and what it takes to run a $20 million business click here >>

Is This Kid From California Richard Branson’s Youngest Business Partner?

Frustrated at the size of his school locker, Carson Kropfl reinvented the skateboard so he could ride it to school, and locker size was no longer an issue.

What started out as a means to an end, quickly became popular amongst his friends and school peers.

Carson was featured on Shark Tank at age 11, and received funding from none other than Sir Richard Branson to mass produce the “lockerboard”.

His company is valued at over $300,000 and he sells his boards online and in local retailers.

To find out how Carson gives back to the community and discover more about this 13-year-old CEO, click here >>

Click here if you’d like to see how Carson performed and negotiated with the sharks on Shark Tank >>

Why You Should Take a Page From This High School Football Player’s Playbook

Christon “Truth” Jones is a 14 year old author, speaker, and investor.

He wrote his first book at age 8 and made $5,000 in 90 days.

He then learned to trade the stock market and grew his portfolio from $3,000 or $1 million in two years.

Today, he speaks at events, continues to trade the markets, and teaches others how to win.

He has aspirations of playing professional football and continues making money in order to achieve his lofty income goals.

Click here for a glimpse of a day in the life of a teenage millionaire and to discover what he’d like to achieve by age 20 >>

How A College Dropout Became The World’s Youngest Billionaire

I could write a laundry list of people who dropped out of college and university and went on to achieve wild success…

And more than likely you would know many if not all their names.

The simple reason for this is that college doesn’t teach you about money, and business, period.

Now that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for college, but if you want to live the life of your dreams, and make an abundance of money…

A college degree isn’t likely to help you get there unless you use it as a stepping stone to go on to bigger and better things.

Enter Alexandr Wang, a college dropout and CEO of Scale AI…

A start-up he co-founded in 2016 that helps companies put their raw data to work for AI and machine learning.

He owns 15% of Scale AI which is valued at $7.3 billion USD, and works with some of the biggest companies in the world such as Paypal, General Motors, and Flexport.

Click here to discover some of Alexandr’s valuable life lessons and what makes his company sit on the cutting edge of the future of the world >>

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

How Two 70-Year-Old English Rappers Found Huge Success In Their Retirement Years

They say the music industry is the toughest industry to find success in.

In the pre-internet days, being signed to a major record label was pretty much the only way to find success.

But these days, the music industry is a different ball game… one any musician can play.

This makes it possible for two retired Englishmen who rap about beer and cigarettes to find wild success.

And that’s what Pete and Bas have done.

They’ve come a long way from releasing their first single online to gaining over 800K Instagram followers, and over 400K listeners on Spotify, to playing sold-out shows.

Don’t believe me?

Click here to check out their Instagram >>

Why Anyone Can Achieve Success

So there you have it…

People from all walks of life achieve success at different stages of their lives.

You’re more than capable of making something happen for yourself.

I believe in you.

To your success,

Dan Lok

P.S. – Your skills always determine your success.

So, if you want to set your own schedule and work from anywhere in the world, I can’t think of a better way than a high-income skill.

That way, you don’t have a business with all the expenses and stress.

You’re responsible for one thing only, and that is usually generating revenue with your skill.

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